VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 52 (ft. SETH ROGEN)

Corridor Crew

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    In today’s episode Seth Rogen joins us to tell tales of his experiences working with effects as a producer, ditector, and Actor. Thank you for joining us Seth!

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    1. IdealSound & Performance

      @14:00 I totally caught that first time 😳

    2. Ezonial

      Channing Tatum is a LEGEND for that scene.

    3. The Jersey Ninja

      Surprised they didn’t point out the very obvious issue with the first clip. The tank round still has the casing attached to the bullet, it’s not just the bullet, it’s got the casing on it too. And a tank round would have simply just punched a hole into the side of the helicopter then MAYBE detonated on the inside or once it hit the inside wall but it wouldn’t have ripped the front open like that on its way in

    4. CJGamr01

      this is a great episode but oh my god seths laugh is so terrible

    5. Presumptuous Pseudonym

      Yeah that alternate version of the Interviews Kim death is... errr, crap... thing is the more graphic version is the only one ive seen until now, yet they seem to indicate that version is gone or never made it to release?.. yet the graphic version i saw was on the TV when i watched it 5 or so years back, so *shrug*. I mean it was pretty graphic with Kims face being torn to pieces in slow motion... but definitely something the real Kim would deserve.

    6. Raymond Craig

      Given how many great effects are in Future Man I'm kind of surprised you guys didn't go into any of those. Would love to hear some behind the scene stories on that show with how many nods to other classic Sci-Fi movies there are

    7. Carm Carm


    8. Samyadeep Purkayastha

      That laugh is disgusting ... couldn't even watch the video for that

    9. theREAL Dingø

      Seth’s laugh is epic.

    10. Major SwiftArrow

      Is Wren wearing a Bridge 4 shirt?

    11. Benjamin Morey

      If Tarantino guested none of you guys would be able to get a word in.

    12. Dr Roric

      His hair............. it's just weird to see him without hair

    13. vash47

      this guy has the most annoying laugh ever

    14. MightyManotaur22

      This is insane. Seth Rogen is on your show.

    15. Derrick Santos

      0:26 that laugh, in case you wanna hear it over and over.

    16. Erudito __-_-__


    17. Erudito __-_-__


    18. EuRopa 777

      SETH is such an awesome guest! i was expecting he'd also talk about the movie PAUL

    19. Cody Hall

      What's the movie with the baby in his stomach? 15:24

    20. Aethelwulf

      Props for using the Rival Documentaries sketch from Flying Circus.

    21. SmokeyOwOs

      Who would've thought that studios kill off creativity

    22. SmokeyOwOs

      Sometimes I forget that Seth is actually not just the heh heh heh guy. Hes actually a seasoned vet that knows what he's talking about in the industry he's in.

    23. Rock girl

      Seth's laugh is like getting wierd soothing hicups while drinking a bottle of water. Heheheheh oh!!! Glup... i need another bottle plisss.... 😂😂

    24. flippert0

      Whoa, I didn't know human beings could laugh this way.

    25. Michele Frusi

      Such a legend! You guys are killing it!!!

    26. DON_T Panic 🅥

      That laugh

    27. Nogard

      These guys are oke at CGI, but there are better. Still not bad though

      1. Rock girl

        I didn't want this video to end.

    28. Eric Armstrong

      wow this is great info

    29. Gal Naim

      Hi Corridor crew! We love the channel 💓 Please react to all the James Bond opening title sequences in VFX artists react. Thanks! Gal, Yuval and E'yal from Israel in the Middle East.

    30. Draith z

      love Wren stormlight shirt

    31. Tstormer

      God I hate his laugh Jesus crust . I haven't watched anything he's been in , in years woof

    32. Woozy Palooza

      His laugh will live in my mind forever 😀

    33. Dallin Parker

      Srens got the bridge four shirt. Dope

    34. - جبّر الله حزن الأيام 💙


    35. K Pack

      3:25 interesting that Obama would say that while allowing China to censor most of our media.

    36. Paul Chia

      Dude laughs like mr krabs

    37. Troy

      Seth looks great looking slimmer

    38. Intrepido


    39. Luis Garcia

      I need to see the original climax scene edit of of "The Interview!" 🤣

    40. Hirograph FX

      Smoke some blunts :) great episode!

    41. Alex Glass

      I didn't want this video to end.

    42. Han Park

      Seth Rogen has a One Piece laugh

    43. Derek Morais

      Ever since y’all had Beeple on I think more and more high profile people will be coming to the studio CDigital studio.

    44. Ari Flores


    45. JoeSoAwesome

      0:26 that laugh tho

    46. Trevor

      His laugh isn't hahahaha, it's AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH

    47. 46

      Anyone seen the original cut of the kim jong un death scene???

    48. Luke Hardman

      When are you guys reacting to the Andrew garfields "deepfake" leak?

    49. Lynx B

      Press F for "The Guy" who ran 100 times across the room wearing cosmetics & Constumes just to get removed from the Scene & Still being called "The Guy"

    50. Mad Max

      I love Seth's laugh 😂😭

    51. Shane

      that was very fun to watch. invite seth back on the show again!!

    52. XnipesKhianga

      Seth's laugh is like getting wierd soothing hicups while drinking a bottle of water. Heheheheh oh!!! Glup... i need another bottle plisss.... 😂😂

    53. Lounis Production

      so cool they had Seth Rogen in it. hopefully more directors will come too

    54. Yehuda Plotzker

      Is wren wearing a bridge 4 shirt? Life before death

    55. vinayak badadal

      The laugh... 😂👍

    56. Rought Dert

      seth rogen & wren boring af

    57. Matej River Mage Reich - Vegan God Of Water

      That legendary laugh

    58. Matej River Mage Reich - Vegan God Of Water


    59. Marcus Johansson

      I fucking love the green hornet😂💪🏼🤩

    60. skyguy342

      Soo.. You smoked with him, right?

    61. Ellis_YT

      bro the laugh

    62. Md Tanvir

      Seth's laughter sounds like he's mocking every single person around him 🤣

    63. Fish with Legs

      So hyped for SoD

    64. jasper daniels

      Is Seth Rogen sick? He barely 40, looks 80

    65. El Nino

      His laugh though geez

    66. lionhead123

      His laugh though...

    67. Pepe-roni

      What a contagious laugh

    68. Mike Jones

      "Heh hehe heh heh heh".....I'd kill myself if I had to listen to Rogen 'laugh' all day.

    69. GuildOfCalamity

      Seth's laugh sounds like an old machine gun.

    70. VoltageLP

      Fun fact, I had his laugh as a ringtone on my iPhone for years 😂

    71. Paddy Mc

      I HATE his laugh. It's so agitating.

    72. Crowd

      0:26 I love how the reverb effect here 🤣 Really puts an emphasis on his iconic laugh

    73. Mr. Colors

      Rogens laugh is killing me 😂😂😂😂😂

    74. Roni

      That’s a great Seth Rogan deep fake 🤯

    75. Dylan McNulty


    76. Sci-fi Freak

      Seth Rogan is awesome.

    77. FN-1701AgentGodzillaRangerPrime Ω

      Lol at Sony bending over to North Korea

    78. Wawasjohn

      Green hornet is my fav rogen film. Because its not just endless dick jokes.

    79. Mimsy

      Classic Seth Rogen laugh

    80. Mimsy

      Man you got my hopes up talking about lord of the rings

    81. Floopis McFloorpus

      Nobody: Seth Rohan: *Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ*

    82. Bryc33

      (queue vfx scene) seth rogen: HeAh HeAh HeAh HeAh HeAh HeAh HeAh HeAh

    83. Marcus John Smiley

      Nice shirt Wren. Bridge 4

    84. Admin Account

      Why is his voice so high

    85. Vinicius Tavares

      15:04 holy shit, that was a miniature?!

    86. James Bootywolfe

      “Eh heh heh heh heh heh heh” -Seth ‘Joe’ Rogan

    87. Johhny E

      I call him “Channing Tate-yum”

    88. Cloverfield

      No Donnie Darko !!!?

    89. A G

      How ironic, now you say anything that goes against the covid narrative, you get censored.

    90. Flaipie_gamez

      Seth has the best laugh😂😂

    91. Trey Dongz

      If I could buy a ringtone of Seth Rogen’s laugh, I’d buy it 100%

    92. Damien Tonkin

      I used to think that the decompression scenes in total recall were totally unrealistic, then I found out that It had more or less happened to a real astronaut. Live and learn I guess.

    93. Ser Winzzalot

      He wore a green screen jacket!

    94. Matthew Durden


    95. Terrell A'mari

      The ugliest laugh I’ve ever heard

    96. Bernd Bernd

      what a disgusting laugh this guy has

    97. Chloé Lee

      Seth's laugh is kinda odd

    98. Dee Wolf

      I never saw Green Hornet and suddenly I want to. Looks way more interesting than I gave it credit for