We Compete to Make the Most SATISFYING CGi #2

Corridor Crew

1,7 mil. pregleda738

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    Artists referenced in the episode:
    Andreas Wannerstedt: @wannerstedt on Instagram
    ARC4g: @ARC4G on Instagram
    Ryan Guy
    Chris LaBrooy

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    Sam, Niko, Wren and Peter compete to create some seriously satisfying CG renders!

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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 mjeseci


    1. vraj desai

      I am Satisfied!!!!

    2. The Person


    3. Carla Sparks

      16:21 OOF yep finish in time

    4. DarkLeviathan8

      I'm happy these guys get so many views.

    5. The Dude

      Wren satisfied more the 25 million people on TikTok. 😂

    6. Massid


    7. Moist MuMkey

      I think Peter should win

    8. Memnation

      Bro just get some more time and make it perfect.

    9. Ozijak

      Wren that was incredibly amazing. Satisfied.

    10. John Jijicha

      The way Niko laughs is satisfying.

    11. Kyle Francis


    12. Kremit05

      I am beyond a level of satisfied I have never felt 😌

    13. Chris Rakkestad

      Finish that hedgehogs house. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Zone

      Saw the puzzle thing on tiktok

    15. Pele316


    16. Aaron Sherrill


    17. Rohit Lall

      Amazing Wrender ⚡

    18. POZHILAN S

      i liked wren's render. but here i'd like to say #releasethepetercut

    19. sammuelkain

      Wren is the main man 👌😁👍 no doubt, but please, release the Peter Cut... we hope U try 2 satisfy even the YT subscribers 🤭! ✌️😉

    20. Michał Żyła

      I am SO satisfied

    21. Cesar Corona

      Okay but why did Sam look like fat Thor?

    22. Sama Amas

      Clicked on this video, saw a face, heard a voice, looked at a description... Wren... Wrenthereaper, its a been a while since I heard that name. Glad to see he is doing great. Watched his old vids back in the day and occasionally wondered what happened to him. Moving on to bigger and better things I see 😁

    23. thatspineappletastic

      Love that Niko is wearing a Racka Racka shirt

    24. ArduinoBen

      Types url into Google search bar lol

    25. Alexis Mann

      I DESPERATELY need to see the rest of Peter’s short film

    26. Mind Milk

      Let that small boy finish his film. It looked incredible

    27. Bua Jettha

      I'm totally satisfied...

    28. Wendifur

      The first one was awful. It looked really cool but I wanted to rip my ears off hearing that horrible sound.

    29. SSS SSS

      He didn't just win the contest, its the best simple animatin EVER

    30. Avlon Rodrigues


    31. Fredbull

      It’s the 40th anniversary of raiders of the lost ark!!! Please do an Indiana Jones video!!! A video with Amy Johnson covering Karen Allen would be awesome considering Marion has a higher kill count than Indy and a scene in Henry sr.’s apartment cause parts are obviously fake. You guys are the best

    32. Joe Watts

      Video idea: you should do an episode where you make unsatisfying renders.

    33. Paulo Samurai

      There is a lesson here: make it simple

    34. m1lkman

      Eat a scorpion Wren, do it!

    35. Ryan Cooper


    36. Derek Furst

      To this day they still for some reason are wrongfully equating "calming" or "relaxing" with satisfying. Wren got it. It has nothing to do with being soothing. You may be relaxed when you are satisfied, but that's just a byproduct. It's about making your ocd happy. Clean cuts, perfection, seamless lines. That's satisfying. Metal bowls and sticks is calming not satisfying

    37. Confused Cat

      Nothing is more satisfying than pealing plastic out of expensive pc parts

    38. Priyanshu Mallick

      We want to see Peter complete his PIXAR movie

    39. Catairo123

      I think I’ve seen Wren’s on Reddit before.

    40. Akahoshi

      PETER! Those couples shots were amazing! PLEASE finish it. Personally, I think that render could hold it’s own against any Disney short.

    41. Salvi Almighty

      I need a cigarette, Wren satisfied me so good~ (Also that hedgehog house was so cool, wow 150%)

    42. bakshi (ronbakshi)

      ruls of the ground

    43. Tony Booth

      The noise of cutting that foam is horrendous 🤢

    44. Tony Booth

      Omg satisfied haha the videos give me anxiety

    45. Miguel Capetillo


    46. Kylo4Ever

      wren's was def the best

    47. SomeOddUsername

      How are this guys still wholly unable to properly follow the prompt?? I can give you the formula Less then 3 second loop Smooth surfaces and straight lines Create, dont destroy Make every movement have a purpose

      1. SomeOddUsername

        The puzzle peices are the only ones that succeeded

    48. MrVipitis

      Can't wait for the Peter Cut

    49. PixxelGG

      Tbh there was nothing satisfying in Sam's video

    50. Syed Rayyan Gamer

      Satisfied 😍

    51. Robert Dennys

      interesting challenge, but it was intruded on by the most awkward sponsor bit ever.

    52. Filmi Kurdi فیلمی کوردی

      Why is nobody talking about wren satisfying video got 22m like on tiktok

    53. Vicente Romero

      I definitely heard the satisfaction!! Hi all the way from Chile!

    54. Ashley Burks


    55. AceUpSleeves


    56. tiger400

      Corridor Crew: 3090's are banned I only have two 2080's Me: Cries in 1050 ti

    57. The Sokheng

      Please do this challenge once a month

    58. Harry Hobbs

      Wren and Niko's were my favourite

    59. Shaik Shafaaq Gulsharjan 20BCHR0322


    60. Suraj Kushwaha

      I want that complete video in loop of Wren separately...... 👍🏻

    61. Vorpal Storm

      Wren continues to be adorable.

    62. Yiyang

      satisfy in the comment

    63. Ravery0

      Please make this a series

    64. Pablo Ortiz

      Man, I just love that Sam and Niko bromance... You guys are the best. ❤️

    65. Ryan Tibbetts


    66. Pemba Tamang

      how many times did they say satisfied &| statisfying ?

    67. Tommy Hansen

      damn nice render from wren!

    68. Maron de Sade

      Satisfied (but I'd be more satisfied if you would #ReleaseThePeterCut)

    69. Hugh Keene Design

      release the Peter cut

    70. Kevin Luo

      Wren took the cake for sure

    71. C Davies

      Satisfying count anyone? 🤣

    72. Anandhu Pr


    73. SNF Rudy


    74. Bray Sibley

      Unsatisfied. Need to see hedgehog house. 🦔.

    75. Gustavo Wolski

      We here in south America heard your render! Lol

    76. Abheek Soni


    77. Abheek Soni

      I want to see wren in full beard

    78. Edward Kalif

      Where did Sam get that shirt? I don’t see it in the store.

    79. Dante Alighieri

      Wren definitely deserves the win. Niko's was great, Sam's was not very satisfying in the traditional sense. It wasn't bad by any means whatsoever, I couldn't have done anything these gentleman can do. So no shade thrown at anyone. Peter's seemed brilliant but even if it was finished and polished the way he wanted, I still think Wren would've won. The story of a lonely, cold hedgehog being rescued and given a brand new home is definitely satisfying to us as empathetic people who love and adore animals, especially those in distress, but I believe the key here is quick, simple, creative, and triggers our ennate desire to see problems being solved. Wren's did it for me. Good job everyone and keep up the fantastic job. Much love and respect. Love everything you do.

    80. jem zhang

      I died when Sam said Peter decided to make a whole Pixar film and couldn't complete in the 3 days that we had.

    81. Luddy Aria


    82. Noah Anderson


    83. MAW Gameplays


    84. Adam Reichert

      Didn’t like Sams

    85. Jaded Gamer

      So unreal is amazing, maybe build a world for a video game like a small one but they can put anything they want in it

    86. Aman Bohra


    87. Erik A


    88. PoliteAnimatorGuy

      Peter better win this one



    90. GrumpyWolfman


    91. RS

      The one at 17min could be a cool windows live wallpaper.

    92. InfiniteDarkMass

      I wasn't satisfied with Wren's render, it was cut too short! I need 10 more minutes at least. Make a 1 hour version!

      1. Orange Hand

        I think there's a 10 hour version on YT.

    93. Danial Hocson


    94. ØtAKU BaKA

      17:25 ughhhhhhh

    95. MGlBlaze

      Peter's idea was great but went completely beyond the time constraints. I feel like it had promise with how nicely the plank of wood slid in to place with the scene he did make. I, like many others, would love to see it actually finished. Wren definitely takes it, though. It's similar to the plank scene Peter made but it's focused and loops nicely. Sam's was anti-satisfying to me. I felt like it was far too loud, and having half of the created items being broken and messed up is definitely not a satisfying feeling to me.

    96. Kevin Sugia

      Well done, Wren 👏☺; honestly, really great work, mate. Your final product fit the theme PERFECTLY, and I think it was VERY smart move on your part to start with the sound design 👍. I'll admit: I WOULD, def, like to see the Peter cut -that lil hedgehog story is SUPER adorable & fun.....but, honestly? Even if it was finished, it would be amazing and dtill be on-theme, but.... I think Wren's still meets the contest criteria by far the best: his is the most satisfying, on a fundamental unconscious level, AND also using the most simplistic sort of representation to convey that. Great job, buddy (Wren).

    97. hemantgautam

      Main part starts from 13:21

    98. K K


    99. Edwin Tomane

      Satisfied. 😌

    100. Kabir

      Idk what they mean by satisfying but Sam's sounds design was not it at all.