Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons 3

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    Niko and Wren sit down once again with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst animation in pop culture today.

    Follow Alex and his adventures in the world of animation ► snowmation

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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 3 mjeseci


    1. Eternal Rinnegan

      Please do attack on Titan

    2. David Mclean

      If we talking Anime we have to mention the big dog "Naruto".

    3. Andrew Osterhaus

      Boku No Pico chain?

    4. Kombat Wombat

      None of these were bad cartoons... I wanna see them react to trash animation like 7 Deadly Sins 🤣

    5. Ben Roseberry

      Maybe not super pretty but my favorite is yuyu Hakusho which is almost frame by frame from the manga

    6. Red Onyx

      Watch Wolf’s Rain.

    7. DreamToon Asia

      Remember, it's just a bad day, not a bad life. Keep smiling everyone :) 😜😜😀

    8. Andres Vallecillo

      6:24 holy I am a nerd but that isn’t iron man 2, it’s avengers

    9. Juliann Winfree Please review the Time Keepers in Loki! Hand animated.

    10. spider brain

      Avatar was such a beautifully orchestrated masterpiece that went completely over my head as a kid. I only watched it for the cool fights and such, yet I never really appreciated just how much effort went into creating the show until I watched it again multiple times in the last few years now that I'm older. Avatar is not just a 'kids show,' no, it's a work of art. The story was brilliant and the animation was really well done. So thank you to M. Night Shyamalan for completely disgracing that work of art by blowing the contents of his rectum all over it.

      1. spider brain

        wow it feels good to get that off my shoulders

    11. ansir

      invincable is not anime

    12. Isaac Fowler

      this was just one big advert

    13. 13strong

      I'd love to see you react to some of the best student work to come out of Gobelins

    14. Montserrat Trujillo

      Can you react to wolfwalkers???

    15. M4NJI

      oh you can react on demon slayer aka kimetsu no yaiba . it has very beautiful animation . i think every anime fan will love it.

    16. Valis Mortimer

      Neon Genesis Evangelion

    17. Zach Ward

      I personally like Naruto a lot but also haven't checked out many other anime's but Demon Slayer and attack on Titan are pretty sweet it's all about preference though

    18. Deegster

      1:50 Wren's face!!!! XD HAhahahahah

    19. EM Creations


    20. GMAN

      Should've done some of the fights from the boondocks/afro samurai. Also wouldn't mind them breaking down gargoyles

    21. Timur Nakhipov

      OnePunchMan DEATH NOTE

    22. Afterimage

      Definitely check out death note

    23. Red Wolves

      At 13:11 i couldn't tell if you meant that's when god of high school was first serialized on webtoons which it was or if you mistook it for the year it was animated which wasn't tell 2020

    24. Offishalxptv

      Jackie Chan's Fantasia has some of the most....let's say interesting animation I've ever seen 🤣

    25. EDS Kepler

      Drifters is my favorite

    26. Tagoo

      Bleach or Hunter x Hunter

    27. Gizmo

      Attack on Titan

    28. sammuelkain

      No doubt, no mumbling, no pain no gain 😑. The best ANIME is & always will be... Ghost in the Shell 🐚🤖! ✌️😎

    29. Y Pe

      This guy is my absolute favourite that you’ve brought on ur channel do more!

    30. Devvy Jackson

      If you're looking for anime and shows to look at, try Steamboy, I recommend the reveal of the Steam Castle

    31. Ryan

      Demon Slayer is hard to beat. I'm not bashing Avatar, but I couldn't get into it. Probably because I watched actual anime before I saw any of ATLA

    32. dods 331

      You should watch akira an old but great anime.

    33. Asger rasmussen

      best anime: Full metal alchemist brotherhood.

    34. 殺してください

      While i wouldn’t say it’s “the best anime” ever some of the fight scenes in one piece, especially in the wano arc are exceptionally animated

    35. najtrows

      Neon Genesis Evangelion is my favourite and especially from a visual standpoint.

    36. Mohamed Hassan

      Kotji is fire what happened?

    37. Billy Mitchell

      One Punch Man

    38. Broster

      *clicked this out of interest* *recognizes Niko from Node* I’m truly going full circle on HRaero this year.

    39. bleed2blue1

      Best Anime: Steins;Gate but not a fighting Anime so not really intressting for visual reasons. Second best for me is Code Geass

    40. Emile Caelen


    41. RangrR RangrR

      how no one talking about how awesome koji looks

    42. youknow whoiam

      Avatar was the first animation that actually makes me so hype.

    43. SuGaRrUsH cTl AT.

      Best anime is One piece für Worldbuilding, Charakter Design , Art Style with improvements over Time , the way they create intense fights and how they introduce themes and Charakters

    44. Marcus Peña

      Fate series animation is amazing

    45. Nothingmuch


    46. Spagettiagentti

      One punch man

    47. Eat_ Donuts

      Not like the best anime and I’m not an avid anime watcher but one of my favorite anime’s is “the time I got reincarnated as a slime”

    48. Stephen Lozuaway

      Dragon ball super broly Demon slayer

    49. Boden L.


    50. Grim's Vault streaming

      the problem here is once you watch anime all the show you just covered look like trash

    51. Grim's Vault streaming

      avatar is such an overrated shit show

    52. Evan Waters

      Full metal alchemist is the best anime 🚫🧢

    53. JirafaJuian

      On piece animation pleaseee

    54. Teekeshwar sinha

      Haikyuu is the best anime

    55. Jacque Ro

      Haikyu, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Attack on Titan, and Tokyo Ghoul!

    56. Lachlancopeland

      Saitama vs Genos from One Punch

    57. Lefteris Mplanas

      Demon slayer. Just demon slayer

    58. John Bishop

      seven deadly sins season 4/5...

    59. destroyer vern

      Do treasure planet next

    60. Shubham Bansal

      I'd like to suggest an Indian animated movie called arjun the warrior price for you guys to make a reaction video on it if you like. Thanks for this video really enjoyed it.

    61. John Ringhisen

      An under-represented anime I love and feel deserves some attention is ARMITAGE. Anime was just starting to cross the Pacific in the mid 90's with Ghost in the Shell, SAC and Dragonball on Toonami and ARMITAGE was my first introduction to the genre. It had a huge, all-star voice talent roster and I really enjoyed the story.

    62. bajsamedvargar

      Best anime? well it doesn't exist, it's subjective. BUUUUUT it's Violet Evergarden.

    63. Teodorescu Emanuel C.

      One Piece, Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Naruto Shippuden

    64. mrikgaming

      Tokyos revengers

    65. Ken Hattouni

      Hunter X Hunter

    66. Vishwanath Shetty

      Avatar the best anime of all time

    67. デアレックス

      All of one piece

    68. Lily Darrow

      Avatar the last airbender is my favorite tv show and the legend of Korra isn’t necessarily my 2nd favorite tv show I do have things I like more that it but it is up there

    69. onetimeduke

      You should watch mushoku tensei

    70. JTwiggleTRON

      "we haven't seen a lot of adult animation in the US" what am I missing here? Has adult swim been a figment of my imagination for the last 20 yrs? Anime you should check out = scissor seven on Netflix (original language = Mandarin Chinese; Cantonese). I may be the only person to mention this anime here but it's amazingly funny and the animation manages to be extremely simple and the complicated at the same time. Animation I would like to see reactions to = Primal, adventure time, close enough (or regular show)

    71. Crabmain

      There is no such thing as the best anime, but the ones i would recommend are "Mob Psycho 100" and "One Punch Man".

    72. Life of Animation

      One Piece is the best anime

    73. extrapobro

      New and exciting way!... 10:53 yeah, yeah

    74. Nathan Choi

      Watch BNHA a great starter anime

    75. Simpleshuji

      Wren watch neon genesis evangelion You will TOTALLY not be scarred

    76. Q cumber

      Violet Evergarden Your name Fire Force Jujutsu Kaisen Demon Slayer

    77. TomBlazeIt

      man looks like adam sandler

    78. Rump Buffalo

      Recently re-watched Cowboy Bebop and it was glorious.

    79. Danny Mon


    80. Speedlashgames


    81. Brendan Lynch

      Recommendation - Berserk 1998. Go in blind (if you haven't already been spoiled on it.) and get some good headphones or speakers. The music is fantastic, especially Gut's theme. I have yet to hear another piece of music that portrays both extreme hope and sadness. With the story, I can safely say that it is one of the greatest of all time. #thankyoumiura

    82. Leena Bennetto

      Invincible looks like The Boys animated

    83. KillerShadow115

      Jujutsu Kaisen

    84. Jakub Panchártek

      In anime try Princes and Pilot

    85. Mattix Parson

      You should watch Haikyu!! It's a volleyball🏐 anime 🏐

    86. Z E P H Y R S

      Demon slayer for animation. Attack on titan for best. FMAB for solid extra.

    87. aaclover n

      Tower of god!!

    88. Allan Ngaruiya

      I've lived watching Naruto since I was 3 yrs old☺

    89. Denet

      Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    90. JC Art

      Jo jo mama

    91. Prince Langa

      The Best Anime is Attack On Titan

    92. Nicholas Hansen

      Not sure from an animation perspective (i liked it), but the writing in Shinsekai Yori (From the New World) is fantastic. Slow build, but really well done.

    93. StormTrooperEX

      mob psycho 100 best anime by far

    94. XBOW LFT

      I would recommend one piece but it’s definitely not the best anime to start with so I would highly encourage you to watch death note

    95. Azraf Rahman

      And then there is Narutos infamous random pause frames

    96. Matthew Kurzydlo

      Naruto and seven deadly sins

    97. jellyfishsii

      Fml is best. Just gotta say it. Both of them.

    98. Aathmashankara Ganesan

      You should react to tower of god and demon slayer KIMETSU NO YAIBA

    99. Mash709

      Kotji give me monster hunter vibes!

    100. Elchinodiabolero

      That original Koji trailer looked so good. The shorter one