I Will Make the BEST DnD Show on the Internet

Corridor Crew

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    Sam pushes the technological limits of virtual production in order to make the best D&D show on the internet: Son of a Dungeon.

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    1. Rafael Torres

      Where is the next episode!

    2. Josue Sepulveda

      This is very cool!

    3. Jose Nell Andrew Tumulak


    4. MrVipitis

      I really enjoy getting BTS filmmaking videos again. But I usually watch the full video before I watch the BTS or VFX breakdown (like we had 10 years ago with Sam and Niko on Corridor and Brandon on freddiew). Perhaps I find a way to enjoy the BTS videos

    5. RobeRonin

      do we get any of sonof a dungeon on youtube at some point or is it only for the corridor website?

      1. RobeRonin

        @John N oh thats good news ty so much

      2. John N

        Eventually I suppose yes. It will be released 29th on the website.

    6. TheOrganicartist

      this is awesome

    7. Conner Sima

      This is reminiscent of Viva La Dirt League D&D but the effects level is over 9000

    8. Nikolas Johnson

      i hope the dungeon master appears over everything like the watcher in the what if series XD

    9. Brian Newman

      Please do something about Wren's wig.

    10. Jebu911

      Viva la dirt league has been putting themselves into dnd games via greenscreen for years but its fun to see someone else trying that too. I mean they do cutaways to greenscreen and then standard table gameplay with miniatures.

    11. The unAmazing Rando

      I'd love to join you in this! It ALL looks like fun!

    12. Ghalaghor McAllistor

      Onwards, to waffles!

    13. James Aguilar

      They need to feature Critical Role and All For One.

      1. Jebu911

        I think viva la dirt league d&d is also great. I mean they have been green screening themselves into their dnd games for years.

    14. GM Bryant

      So excited for the series

    15. Kevin Ross

      This is so cool

    16. the_murarder_captain

      can someone please tell me where and whos scream is at 3.50 its had me dying of laughter for a solid day or 2

      1. xXCamOnCameraXx

        Oh Ive got you.! its sam from waaay back when HRaero started demonetizing for cursing. so they took a bunch of clips from the crew. Its an old video but that scream is indeed sam lol

    17. Ronin

      JANK rules

    18. Ronin

      You guys look like idiots with those masks on

      1. Jebu911

        Especially because they take them off between shots. Might as well not wear one at all.

    19. Pikajim

      Jealous ♾+

    20. Pikajim

      Will I be able to watch this?

    21. SilverWingKezho

      Will it be in the first or Last days of september?

    22. Your Conscience

      If you are partnering up with DwarvenForge, why you dont get the 3D models of the tiles from them? (Which they should btw sell or make them available as Unity or Unreal Assets.. then we could also do this stuff)

    23. robertpal9

      When does this come out ??

    24. Sariah poulsen

      I love this so much 😭🥰🥰🥰

    25. Ravi Zacharias

      I hope it's based in the Forgotten Realms setting

    26. eric peterson

      When is this going to happen?

    27. Kamil Özdemir


    28. Rostogames Lester

      Can Not Wait!

    29. Centdotstudios

      This type of talent could be used in lajka studios

    30. Bonnie Nooj

      How do we watch it?

    31. Raggedy Adams

      Niko stepping in and giving a frustrated Sam the support and straightshooter advice he needs to deal with the camera system being jank is, for real, so wholesome. CMike is right - those two make such a good team and it's the mood I need to see more of. Look forward to seeing this come to fruition. :)

    32. Alec Miller

      I always love seeing D on corridor stuff

    33. Ignacio

      Very cool, but know what, nothing will beat imagination render time

    34. Kole Cotter

      this is insane

    35. Mitchell McKinney

      Sam is starting to look like Chris sabbat

    36. Samsby

      *laughs in VLDL*

    37. cdub1900

      Your tech combined with the writing of the Mann Shorts channel would be unbelievable good.

    38. Andrew Looney

      Hey guys, I hope you see this. @TheFightBible on youtube are ripping you guys off. They do some reaction videos with your thumbnail design. The whole thing is pretty much a complete rip off from your “Stuntmen React” videos, even down to the movies they react too. And they are BRAGGING about it, saying “their plan worked” after being called out in comments by Corridor Crew supporters. I dont want to copy+paste a link from them bc i dont want to spread their videos but its a blatant rip off.

    39. drink

      Yo lets go boys

    40. Sam Turner

      Just seeing the thumbnail gave me an idea for a DnD show where we change perspective from the kids playing it, to the model avatars below on the table. So the kids are like, imagining the scene, the DM is explaining what's going on and the kids are getting into it, then we switch to see what's correspondingly occurring on the table, where the pieces somewhat come to life and behave in a kind of pseudo-toy-story manner. It'd be gimmicky AF. but funny. like on e of the kids rolls a 1 on a stealth check, zoom into the rogue character, and he farts and all the goblins see him. Like during a battle, the fighter model could have the heroic music going, doing some sick teamup to give himself a booster jump up to a dragon's face to deal a killing blow, but then we see that the kid rolled a 1, so the music slows down, goes off key slightly, and the fighter goes flying into the dragons mouth. itd be more gimmicky than free guy

    41. Srijan's Studio

      the VFX version of table top time

    42. smite or flight

      Studio with rear projection when? ;)

    43. Caleb M Curby

      Collab with Critical Role. Collab with Critical Role. Collab with Critical Role!!!

    44. Rogue Wave

      Critical Role fans have been summoned; it's the great nerd-off

    45. Josef Faber

      I can't believe that it appears as though (I couldnt find them in the comments) no one else has mentioned the BEST DnD (not quite what you are going for but still very great) show on the internet. Meet VLDL: www.youtube.com/c/VivaLaDirtLeague www.youtube.com/c/VivaLaDirtLeagueDnD Highly recommend it to anyone that loves DnD and video games. They also released a short movie recently that was great. Do check them out! Edit: nm. I see a few comments mentioning them. If you havent heard of them go have a look :)

    46. Phoenix X

      you guys and viva la dirt league need to talk..

    47. Casey Jones

      I just wish it wasn't Corridor crew as the characters in the DnD. It's hard to see them as monster slaying bad asses when they're such soft nerds lol

    48. Martin Pollard

      Can't wait!

    49. Eduardo Kopik

      imagine the critical role cast doing a oneshot with the corridor crew

    50. Neopulse00

      I am looking forward to this.

    51. FumezZ FilmzZ

      Hey so you can do this in vr quest2 can you guys put out a remake of the hover junkers for quest on the topic of vr

    52. Jonathan Lucas

      VR, for the players? Ehh ehh?

    53. The Kilnor

      Could you do this same thing to WarHammer 40K?

    54. Aleksandar S


    55. the Charmer

      Randomly stumbled across this, never even heard of this channel before, but instantly subscribed. This looks amazing

    56. FinnAnimations

      Viva La Dirt League be like: *hold my beer*

    57. Paul-Theodor Bævre

      i love dioramas from ww2 and modren day war

    58. Timeless271

      Cannot wait for this!

    59. sharaden stephens

      U gotta get the matt Mercer in on this

    60. MainGoldDragon

      I was expecting it be 100% CG tbh... still curious tho

    61. 2mesmerized

      when they go to a family gathering and say "lets capture this moment" everyone knows they are not simply talking about a photo

    62. Hatchet House

      This looks like it'll be neat, but upon showing it to my table, we beg to differ. The game "everyone wishes they could play" is not exactly 3 hours of fun followed by 3 months of digital fucking headaches to put it into a movie. Just sayin'. It feels like you guys are saying, "your fun is wrong." We play pretty high end D&D without studios and pallets of Dwarven Forge. And we have a TON of fun. And guess what? When we're finished, we just have memories and more laughs. Whereas you guys get to pull your fucking hair out for weeks on end. So yeah, I look forward to your idea fruition, but calling it "the game everyone wishes they could play" is kinda douchey.

    63. Damien Cardenas

      Thank you 😭😭😭 I remember watching call of the wild and I wanted more then the couple you out out

    64. henning256yt

      The two fingers in the thumbnail always lokk like a booty in my suggested videos...

    65. Obsidian

      Everyone wants to hear you complain for 75% of the video 👍

    66. An Effortless Smile

      Corridor Crew and Critical Role should most definitely team up. Together they can make something truly incredible.

    67. dopebolo

      this is straight out of a dream

    68. yung nietzsche

      Your only chance to have better DnD show than a lot of them already out there, is to discover a portal to a Forgotten Realms, abduct Matthew Mercer, Brennan Lee Mulligan and Davvy Chappy, take them to the portal and then shoot what will happen. Until that, no mere tricks like this will help you, since you didn't get, that the best part of DnD is each and own imagination. What a schmuck.

    69. 2bored


    70. Aitesedba

      "I will make the best DnD show on the internet" There are shows like Critical Role to contend with, so guess it will be great visual effects versus great improv/voice actors. Though am excited to see a D&D show that has great and expensive visual effects that make you have to do no imagining and seeing it all like a movie... Excited to see what will come

    71. Machenna 56k

      Guys, I just did a virtual production shoot, and I went through the exact same stress. There is no anxiety like virtual production anxiety. Beat for beat, our production story matched up, and I felt very seen. I’ve seriously considered quitting the whole business, and just going back to being a graphic designer fit some law office or something stress free. But I got my footage and my tracked data, and we’ll see how it goes in post!

    72. Austin lewis

      Good luck beating dungeons and daddy’s.

    73. xXWoiserXx /Game for Game

      D&D i love it

    74. Facehunter2003

      Wow I'm jelous, but also I'm happy with what I have currently.

    75. requantum

      wtf is that thumbnail

    76. Attis Rebirth

      hmm well you have to compete with Critical Roll and Arcadum story telling but i have hopes with the production.

    77. Beans420MoreBeans

      Is this going to be a membership exclusive?

    78. Edward Ortega

      Go watch node DnD movie 🔥

    79. Watchworks Studios

      The amount of effort you guys put into every single project is insane and incredible. Cannot wait for the show!

    80. User Unfriendly

      you could have them run on a treadmill and since the treadmill has a set speed you can set the virtual camera's relative speed to that.

    81. That One Cookie

      I LOVE DND!!!

    82. Grey

      Omg finslly!!! But god please just do some more d&d episodes

    83. Chris Medders

      COOL! This is like a dream come true! Been playing since 81 and this is definitely going on my watchlist!

    84. Fulgrim

      I cannot wait to see this it looks so cool, you guys at corridor put so much work into the stuff you make it's awesome!

    85. Elias Bremer

      OH MY GOOOD!!!

    86. John Paul Bernal

      Sam + Niko = The best DUO EVER 💯💯💯

    87. Tom Blakeman

      One moment I'd love to see but never fully understood as I don't play, is Arkhan stealing the hand of vecnar. Joe loves DandD so much he'd probably come in to do it 🤷‍♂️

    88. TBDF12

      He's insane, the amount of work and effort to make this happen is ridiculous but they're going to make it happen.

    89. Ernesto Morselli

      Cant't wait to see the final product!

    90. ace killion

      11:55 you worked on avatar 2 ?

    91. Daniel Newton

      This reminds me of watching Star Wars and Lord of the Rings BTS when I was a kid. Can't wait to see the final thing!

    92. Connor’s Creations


    93. Shepsicle

      When can we watch the film?

    94. TranquilGrape

      Lol I Myself In Sam When He Is Messing With Unreal xD

    95. Chaz Groves

      Is this a huge advertisement for Dwarven Forge? Because if so I am sold!

    96. rscape extreme477

      I really love your guys and the care you put into your projects

    97. rscape extreme477


    98. Daniel Neil

      When is episode 1 supposed to be released?

    99. Reevesi

      This is going to look awesome. Thanks for doing this.

    100. Yoda Biznatz

      This is the optimal way to play. The best format for all fans and the envy of all players..... *Hastily lays cheap looking panels over most of the map and makes the "masterpiece" look like a hurricane passed through.*