Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 26 (ft. SCOTT ADKINS)

Corridor Crew

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    FINALLY! The Crew is joined by the legendary Martial Artist, Actor, and Filmmaker Scott Adkins to break down some of the best fight scenes ever committed to film!

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    1. Gawi Audette

      GET JACKIE CHAN/ tony jaa / Keanu Reaves

    2. KiritoEzio

      I can already imagine the best Batman fight choreography with Scott Adkins

    3. someone ghvjvj

      I wanna see Jackie Chan

    4. J.P. Canonigo

      You should do a Julio Valiente reaction video guys -

    5. Samuel Medeiros

      Without A Paddle (2004) - White Water Rapids Scene I was blown away to see 3 grown men dangerously going down crazy rapids without any flotations. I need to know how they filmed that stunt. Also at the end when the characters fall down a waterfall. Surely someone got hurt filming this stunt

    6. Bruise

      So lucky to meet Scott! Crazy stuff

    7. Plump Potato Rump

      "Sammo Hung known for hitting guys pretty hard." Cut to a guy getting ALMOST decapitated by Summo Hung's leg. ): That editing was top tier comedy levels but nothing about the kick was funny... it was just violent.

    8. taf

      You guys should get Jackie Chan on here

    9. KVP Vu

      where the Bolka accent brruhhh

    10. Scully

      It's been very interesting to follow the stunt style and technique progressions in films and to see we're slowly going back to the old school hardcore fighting presence.

    11. Ninja Wacker

      Wow he's a cool dude!

    12. drummer2k5

      Need to some how get Cynthia Rothrock. She's worked with all the legends during their prime in the 80s and 90s

    13. Hushito Asümi

      Please! We want Jackie Chan on the couch 🙏

    14. wouldnt uliketoknow

      So, yeah, I was wrestling with this medic when we were in Iraq, for shits and giggles. I had him in the rear naked choke, so, he sneaks his thumb towards my ass hole. Dude, used so much force, I thought he was going to tear the fabric of ACU's. I let go immediately, took the fight right out of me. Never underestimate the effectiveness of threatening the anus in a fight.

    15. Clark Gregg

      Freddy's laugh should be the default for over the top laughter, like the Wilhelm Scream to sreaming.

    16. Google User

      God I would love to meet Scott Adkins!!

    17. Guillermo Vaccarezza

      Yuri Boika in the flesh, DAMN IT!

    18. Meat Hook

      I've liked his work for a long time, and had no idea he was an encyclopedia of old action movies.

    19. Aaron Valdes

      We want Ray Park!!!!

    20. Ariel RG

      Stunt: I'll take it. Scott: G8 M8

    21. ididedit

      have some jackass guys to go through the procees of their stunts

    22. Kiel Taylor

      Always good watching the react videos from Corridor. Daniel Bernhardt would be an awesome guest for this stunt series.

    23. madara

      I know him he is boyka 😌

    24. Red Button TV1

      ok, looks like a good guy. enjoyable video:)

    25. Ahmad Murshid

      Undisputed pls

    26. Hermann Pretorius

      He's like a tall, muscular Rob Brydon.

    27. Rob Lewis

      Daniel O'neill would be an interesting guest. He has a beautiful, flowing style of martial arts.

    28. Shubham Chakraborty

      Huge fan of Scott Adkins, most underrated Action star. Please make him Barman 🙏

    29. Nevaeh Phobia

      Someone cast Scott Atkins as James Bond already

    30. stanley staklight

      I hope he comes back love this guy

    31. Tanya Loves Titties

      Scott Adkins is much like Nick Cage in the respect that they both love to work and do on average 4 movies a year their entire career.

    32. Ahmad Abdillah

      How about Japanese movies? compare Crow Zero 1,2 final fight scene and High and low final fight scene

    33. seanhelling

      I would like Keanu Reeves to manifest himself through the comments. Please?

    34. Mubashir Mahi

      He looks like if Ryan Reynolds was Hugh Jackman.

    35. Jared Rivard

      Please react to any Jackass stunts! Would love to know what they think about anyone of them!

    36. Louie's Digital Lounge

      Would love to see a reaction to the Night Comes for Us starring Joe Taslim

    37. mrsplosh999

      JACKIE CHAN!! :) never realised Scott was such a chilled dude off screen. :)

    38. Edward Valenzuela

      All I will say is that the Crew hasn't looked at both the VFX and Stunts of The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)! One can only dream....

    39. ingfis

      Can you have someone review the party beat-up scene in the movie Alpha Dog? It's really brutal, and feels incredibly real.

    40. robertoxborrow

      Gotta do ‘Home Alone’. Just watched the making and it is brutal. The stuntmen are saying large self throw falls were coined “home alone’s” in the industry after release.

    41. Vishok GP

      Please do tenet!

    42. naterade

      I would love to see you guys watch this old fight scene.

    43. Imperfect Gods

      I would love to see a reaction on Local Kung Fu 1 and 2 fight scenes. It's a regional film from India.

    44. Deltics

      Dunno if this is the right place to make these suggestions: Banshee (TV series) starting NZ's own Anthony Starr, was famous for it's fight scenes. The one that stuck in my mind was Nola vs Burton, Season 3 Episode 3. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Is it as special as it feels or is it something other than the fight choreography (and careful cutting) that makes it so impactful?

    45. Tony Alieno

      Can I suggest "Let the bullet fly" 2011? The action thriller with action scenes that "just put there" to make this movie action. I hope you guys try once.

    46. Dreah Gaspar

      They should do Godzilla Final Wars!! That has some good fighting and stunts in there. Including a motorcycle fight and mob fights and one on one battles 😊😊😊

    47. Bubka

      You guys should react to deathproof. That would be dope

    48. Nemez Who

      KILL BILL come on!

    49. Michael Best

      Would it be impossible to get Jackie Chan on the show?

    50. glenn haukeli

      The whater monster

    51. Alfred Enriquez

      My idol! The most complete fighter in the world!

    52. Alex Sender

      Check out "Nobody" 2021

    53. Aeonat

      If you're looking for some funny "stunts" check out the live action Action Man from the UK: for example 6min 50sec in

    54. tom cool

      Enough talk, enough shit put Scott Adkins to be the next The Punisher

    55. John Kuruc

      Buster Keaton bails out of a moving car in Steamboat Bill (1928) around 56 minutes in, and he just walks it off. Do you think he had any kind of padding on? He plays it so casually

      1. John Kuruc

        How TF do they make the buildings collapse around him?!?!?

      2. John Kuruc

        And a guy gets drug away by a driver-less car not long after! Crazy!

    56. Joel Evans

      Freddy looking like the Garou: Mark of The Wolves version of Freddy Wong.

    57. BloodylocksBathory

      Any chance of getting Richard Cetrone to visit, or is he too Hollywood right now thanks to Scott Snyder?

    58. Brayden Kinder

      I want to see them try to get ray park on here

    59. Danielle Ducourneau

      Please react to the first fight scene in Charlie's Angels 2000 when they flip the guy and you can see the padding on his back on the outside of his jacket.

    60. Josh Martin

      Suggestion: The rooftop fight from the 1998 Jackie Chan film Who Am I? (Fun Fact: One of the fighters is Bradley James Allan, who would later become the second unit director/fight coordinator for the Kingsmen films and for the upcoming Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.)

    61. Desert 786

      i recommend Invanhoe (1952) ending fight. really cool medieval fighting on horseback. it legit 2 guys(actors/stuntmen) bashing each other with a flail, axe and shields

    62. Akuno

      Blacklist S8 E15 right at the beginning 4 people get sufficatet with plastic bags. I have no idea how they would do that whitout it beeing very dangerous. You can take any example if you think there are betther then blacklist. :)

    63. Heidolf

      freddys laugh is a national treasure

    64. Eistira Saleh

      React to Rush Hour 3 Jackie and Hiro fight. Or anything Hiroyuki Sanada really. My man need to be featured on this channel 😆

    65. Nathan Stotts

      This episode flew by too fast.

    66. njål sand

      mortal combat 95 has some great scenes, such as the beginning

    67. Michael Rodriguez

      Gunpowder Milkshake please. Good or bad. Curious on your thoughts. I personally loved it. I wish it was even better with the fight scenes more crisp and less editing but seeing so many bad ass women was a super fun change of pace.

    68. Cynical Anon

      a Movie Villain is judged by how competent his Henchman are. Scott is the kind of Stunt Guy that when i see it in a movie, i know i'm gonna have a good time.

    69. TradenGaming

      I remember hoping he would be Batman back when Batman V Superman was announced. But you know be also got Batfleck but it still would have been cool.

    70. varun bhogle

      bring vidyut jamwal on this show please

    71. Nickolas Hampton

      I was just watching "Once Upon a Time in the West" that old western, and when there's about 35 minutes left, a dude gets "shot" and fall through a roof and directly on his neck. It looks brutal, you guys should react to it next time you do stuntmen react!

    72. Dojo Shaolin Reviews

      as a bond fan i vote scott adkins to be new james bond

    73. Neil Joseph

      Boyka is gonna friking kill ya

    74. Julian Lozano

      Can we please get Keanu Reeves on this show? That would be amazing 🤩

    75. Hamod .K

      Nobody plz

    76. Travis Nelson

      How did they do the Toilet Drop in Boondock Saints?

    77. Jacob Monica

      Can we get a stuntman or women to talk about Buster Keaton?

    78. Amine Yahia Cherif

      Hey guys, I'd love to hear your opinion on Bruce Lee's knuck chuck fights. I wonder if some stunt men took a real hits 😅.

    79. Vicente Nevarez

      Jackie Chan

    80. Francis Null

      The perfect Batman that never was. Shame on you Hollywood. 🤦‍♂️

    81. Night Blood

      You should look at Christian Bail's "gun-fu" in the 2002 film "Equilibrium"

    82. AcademicEndeavor

      Hoping you guys review the stunts in the movie Innerspace that came out in 1987. The stunt scene with Martin Short jumping from a truck to a car in particular. I'm really interested in how that was done.

    83. Braydan Tang

      Please just do any of the clips from Charlie’s Angle stunt scenes, im watching this movie right now and forgot how absurd it is!

    84. LeeC71

      Hollywood couldn't make a decent fight scene if they tried.

    85. Muaz

      God damn that voice tho.

    86. Bryan Rañosa

      Can you please react to Filipino movies

    87. danijela majic

      Humble and very very sexy man....

    88. mafaaz ahamad

      Its like, evertime Scott Adkins upto play a bad guy role, They end him up with broken limb.

    89. bean7065

      You should have them react to the bus fight scene from nobody with bob odenkirk

    90. Yobcis73

      Yuen Biao vs Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham in 'Righting Wrongs(1986)'

    91. Michael DeCuffa

      Let ji! lets set some proper goals here

    92. Eder de Sousa

      People need to start a petition: Scott Adkins the Batman everybody wants.

      1. lgmaster5

        I agree

    93. Maria Krasheninnikova

      Invite Ray Park

    94. rmgibson88

      How about reacting to DC’s Titans???

    95. ProtonAngel 64

      you guys should react to "Nobody" fight scenes

    96. orlandoguvera

      In the TV show "The Expanse; season 5, episode 5 "Down and Out"; at 36:30; there is a crazy suplex throw that went down several stories, stuntwise, it looks crazy. Would love to see this on the next Stuntmen React!

    97. Gal Naim

      Please react to the boat chase from "Face/Off" 🙏🏽

    98. Winters Heart

      I don't know if you guys have covered Rumble in the Bronx yet but the scene towards the end with the hovercraft is absolutely insane!

    99. emil george

      kill bill vol 1 end fights

    100. Magnus Jacobsen

      We need Jackie Chan and keanu reeves 🤘