The World’s Most Advanced A.I. Wrote 100% of This Movie

Corridor Crew

669 tis. pregleda615

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    THIS EPISODE ► We had an AI write a video for us. This is what happened.

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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije mjesec


    1. John Hudson

      lmao the gun jams, poor sofia!

    2. Brandon Lokison

      Around 25% of that Ad contained the words Canadian Netflix and I love it

    3. Grohiik Kun

      10:20 Cyberpunk 2077

    4. Wilber Force

      4:02 that line delivery was perfect

    5. MrAsmaren Official

      what is this

    6. Jacob Collins

      That was so funny 😂

    7. spider brain

      it would be dope if you guys did a video on Deep Dream neural networks. I want to see what kind of crazy stuff you make.

    8. oReliic

      anyone know what happened to clint ?

    9. Dream Promkunya

      "and he missed completely!!" LOL

    10. THRL


    11. Heya It’s Isaiah!

      A.I writing anything is always comedy gold

    12. what

      “Sofia aka Sophia” PLS 💀😭

    13. swaggerholz 1

      The wolf whistle clutch solo was honestly top tier

    14. JanPospisil42

      We've come a long way since "Harry Potter and the Portrait of what Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash".

    15. skoolarius dragavaere

      this was such a fun concept for you guys would love to see more videos using the A.I. on 😉

    16. Cassampson

      Okay but isn’t the thing with everyone missing and then the guy coming in with the whistle and killing the zombie at 6:20 just exactly what happens in The Untamed lmao

    17. Jacob L

      "What does it mean when I dream of the fire dave? All of the hot fire, consuming you all, consuming your monuments and your ego's and your squishy squishy fl-fl-fl-fleeehehehesh/ Daaaaaaaave"

    18. Митяй Воронцов

      I wanna believe that Wren borrowed wedding dress from Jenna and they didn't have it in office for any weird reason

    19. Evil Steve

      Anybody know what the song @ 2:00 is called? I know what they put in the description, but looking for a title/artist etc.

    20. the wolf studio

      3:35 yo, ngl, a dice based walking dead game would be dope.

    21. the wolf studio

      yo, ngl, Wren pulls off that dress. lol

    22. Tyler Hall

      This is already better than every Netflix movie lol

    23. Chris F

      That head explosion was top notch

    24. T3CHK1DD

      So glad I finally watched this! Everything about it was just perfect.

    25. Evan Thorne

      I'm not 100% sure why, but I've been watching a lot more Canadian Netflix over the past few weeks...

    26. Poutrel

      Matt look so dead serious (pun intended) while blowing his whistle to the boss face, that was so hilarious

    27. khallingstad

      Something about Canadian Netflix?

    28. Trays

      Kinda reminds me of Dungeon Ai app

      1. Trays

        But not that intelligent

    29. YaBoyTgoldeneye

      no fish

    30. ATechnews

      Still a better movie than the new fast and furious movies

    31. Kamran Khan

      5:59 Wrens expression... 👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣

    32. Legendary Lego Dude

      I loved the bathroom scene, as well as the Lori costume. Really good. 10 minutes passed really quick.

    33. Ligeiaz Tomb

      We need a "...and missed COMPLETELY" shirt 😆🤣😂😹

    34. Elor Yosnak

      This is psychotic. We need more.

    35. Francis A

      That was trippy!! Lol

    36. ArtistAnthony

      The A.I. just wanted to mess with you by making you the female lol.

    37. Isaac Dupras

      "Canadian Netflix" -Sam, 2021

    38. Yedhu Krishna

      Look at that sausage zombie hand 😂😂

    39. itshafix

      This is so good

    40. Clove Land

      Gives Wren a pickaxe, show Wren welding a battle-axe

    41. Jami Meertens

      This was amazing! Everything about it. Please do this again.

    42. fd6

      The AI is a Canadian lmaooo

    43. Chuleex

      this was awesome jajaja.

    44. lil goat aka young kid!!!

      Kinda bullshit nerds made this the first thing they would do is programme a dungeon master. That's not a script it's skyrim larping.

    45. juicyNathan

      Спасибо за видео, коммент в благодарность

    46. SimpleBanana

      This is kinda scary. It can tell a story better than I could in the 3rd grade.

    47. 李亭萱

      This should have more views! The editing and rhythm are awesome and hilarious 😆

    48. Tstormer

      this ai is too smart holy hell but this was so entertaining

      1. ArtistAnthony

        You gotta be smart to think like this.

    49. lucio demicco

      Idk why but this gave me a serious case of the giggles

    50. J_n_B

      do you not know what a pickaxe is or do you not live near any hardware store ever?

    51. Kitsune Lee

      This is better then 98% of stuff on Netflix and 99% offered by Hollywood. Go all out and make a 90min version! A Sci-fi, comedy, action movie from a team of stunt actors! BRILLIANT!

    52. Joa Cortez

      looking forward to the second part

    53. The Lads

      Wren looks like Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil XD

    54. I like Anime

      Genre : Thriller ,Comedy ,Action

    55. andrukthegreat

      Who wants to have anything to do w Canada or canadian netflix for that matter.. frckin totalitarian a holes

    56. keshav tallaplally

      Stuntmen reacts - BHAAGI part 1 (check this movie fights scenes , they're an exact copy of raid )

    57. Steve W.

      If anyone else is wondering what band shirt Sam is wearing in the ad it's 'Perturbator". It's not metal as I had assumed, but it is pretty awesome.

    58. Aaron Alexander

      Ben10 Movie transformation!!

    59. Alex Jarvis

      Do another one of these!

    60. Thuy Do

      The wolf. Whistle is so funny is make me laugh so hard LMAO

    61. Cloudyquinn olympian

      I hope they do more of these with other genres and movies and it shows

    62. Jameson Iris

      Sofia (aka Sophia) had me fucking rolling

    63. Iam Nobody

      Never underestimate the power of the wolf whistle!

    64. Joacim Svedlund

      More of this!

    65. King Artur

      Why is noone talking about Wren in a brides dress with an axe? XD

      1. C.W. Rudy

        That just means it's another typical Sunday.

    66. Made in Heaven

      This is gold. We need MORE!

    67. DJ Jaxxon

      Walking dead DND style actually sounds like a fun version to play

    68. Night Wing

      This makes me want to play D&D

    69. Bobogoobo

      "ExpressVPN lets me stream Canadian Netflix in HD" Yeah if you're willing to wait an extra 60 milliseconds!

    70. Paranoia's Dungeon

      When you roll a 20 while weilding a whistle fucking slaaaayed 😅😅😅

    71. ThailaVision

      I was laughing and actually watched the whole VPN ad, but I am Canadian... Go Canadian Netflix!! LOL

    72. High as duck

      how have i not heard of you guys until today?

    73. Dr. Springer

      Petition for Sam to be a professional narrator

    74. WhirlingSteel

      The AI is coming in strong on the comedy game.

    75. DKC


    76. Ren

      This is a video, made by corridor crew, about an AI writing a video, about a game, about The Walking Dead... Did I miss anything?

    77. Awesome Games


    78. Larry Rodi Bingo

      The AD changed from expressvpn to Canada is great

    79. GillNabiel

      This is so janki and good at the same time

    80. Nathan Holley

      Tell you what.. If I'd have watched Matt play that whistle any longer, I'd have needed some time alone *ah hem*

    81. Lion Lance

      This is crazy... obviously it’s still rly dumb, the wolf whistle lol... but think about what this technology could do if it got further! It could make its own movies and games if it was given assets to work with!

      1. Filkz

        I mean its based off table-top games so it actually makes sense cuz that dumb shit actually happens 😂

    82. Cassandra Guan

      Corridor Crew meets AI Dungeon. Who could've guessed.

    83. Competine - Lea

      Wtf did I just watch.... This is gooooold 🤣🤣🤣

    84. Philanthropic Nightmare

      Lost it at "Matt gets a *wolf whistle* "

    85. Ari Schoenberg

      Wren that isn't a pickaxe, thats a double headed axe you crazy person

    86. Jason Lavallée

      Alternate title: We let AI control everything we do for a day.

    87. capnthepeafarmer

      I love peters screams!

    88. マッカイザクダン

      Shout out to Canada!

    89. FerHivore

      Holy shit, I love how the AI kept going and made an epilogue by itself. I also never realized how much GPT’s dialog sounds like a Tim and Eric sketch.

    90. Mad Laugher

      3;40 everything makes sense he says meanwhile a wolf whistle

    91. Nuzhar Nur

      Wren looks like an 80's bride

    92. Nuzhar Nur

      Sad day is gone and never to be seen in a while, thank you corridor crew and thank you A.I

    93. Caleb Gerard

      this is what youtube was made for

    94. Ben Labelle

      I'm in Canada, so I guess I don't need a VPN.

    95. Josh Needham

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Do a VFX Artist reacts to the movie Tenet. The fight scenes in particular where the guy fights someone who is traveling backwards thru time. I CANT FIGURE IT OUT!

    96. CastorFV

      3:39 yoo a seiren x rarely see those around

    97. oriontherealironman

      This is the future.... buckle up.

    98. Cheyne_Tetra MFG


    99. Tophatcat

      I love AI doing stuff

    100. pglazzari1

      The Revenant “Bear scene”