VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 43

Corridor Crew

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    Niko, Wren, and Sam are joined by Godzilla vs. Kong visual effects supervisor Bryan Hirota to discuss some amazing Hollywood VFX!

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    1. Brandon Hayward

      Legend had some cool Special Effects...

    2. Lyly Bennett

      That boat would probably have broken in multiple parts within in few minutes from all that weight...

    3. Chicken Rings Onion Wings

      Jacked up movies: Chillerama has a sequence with a gigantic sperm wreaking havoc on a city. its cgi and its ridiculous! Love watching you guys, keep up the great work

    4. sammuelkain

      And the award goes to... a a a Stick, yeah a Stick 🙄 {edit: post-mortem award}! ✌️😆🤭👍



    6. BobbyStl

      These episodes are for some reason interesting😭😭

    7. edward williams

      You guys are doing a real service to us movie geeks..thank you so much. Being an older viewer my appreciation is just staggered by the wealth of knowledge and physical where with all at the fingers of the movie industry. I mean I've lived thru.... the giant claw,plan 9 from outer space,the original Godzilla. Movies now, border on art and magic with the technology. The genie is out of the bottle...while I love it all, yet the pendulum has to swing back to the other direction. Emotional/humanitarian films has to have a seat at the table..the pie is big enough for Weta/ILM and Spike Lee. Kudos to your channel..this has given the nerd kingdom a look behind the curtain...THANKS.

    8. Agust Edvardsson

      Please make a breakdown off the Warcraft movie!

    9. Barbi Johnson

      If you think Kong is better, like this comment.

    10. Rinze Vant

      Starship troopers

    11. himanshu _225

      Do react on passenger movie.... Please

    12. Jacob Pienkowski

      Kung Fury

    13. Kenneth Coe

      I swear Sam and his floating head... Im starring to think You guys comp it in!

    14. Teigan Allen

      Can you guys please show us how they did the animation on the 7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958!?!?!?

    15. Nicholas Marshall

      4:51 Wren has give away an industry secret. You guys are werewolves aren't you? That's why you work a werehouse.

    16. JB's Short Videos

      Jaws 1975

    17. Lopita Majumdar

      GVK looks so real

      1. M. G. S headquarter

        It looks real but there are some glitches in the movie

    18. Vivek Anand J

      It's rare to see the crew in fan boy mode! I love it 😘

    19. Call Me Summers

      Underworld Lycan Transformation

    20. Alex

      Have you seen the movie the other guys? The scene where they hang out at the bar and the camera pans to a bunch of still scene was awesome

    21. master Cooper

      THANK YOU for adding Godzilla oh and I have watch Godzilla vs Kong

    22. Best Carlz

      Can you make a video about we make Kong vs Godzilla 18+

    23. Ethan C.

      Yes! I recommended this one!!!!

    24. Generic Scottish Channel

      Poor man has dogshit videocall quality

    25. tserink punkchuk

      Wren loud mouth thinking real stick to cg after all these years into industry!! 🤔🤔

    26. Salvage Monster

      Did anyone else wonder why Kong wasn’t hanging dong? And why they don’t crap when fighting? I mean I have organized a lot of wild animal fights. Bear vs conger eel. Elk vs Penguin. Eagle vs Alligator etc etc. And one thing is they always poop when fighting

    27. TheAngryDanishViking

      I always felt that VFX isn't about 'make it realistic', it's about making it interesting to watch while circumventing the brain's uncanny valley reaction to it. For example - big hulking monsters fighting ontop a Carrier ship. No one really goes 'oh that carrier is unrealistically holding up their weight and it remains intact through the first couple of smacks and falls on it'.... because we have giant-ass-hell MONSTERS in the shot duking it out with fistycuffs. It's about making everything on screen look like it's there, not that it's realistic for real reality.

    28. squareoaky stewart

      Here's a movie that I feel was revolutionary but often slept on; Walking With Dinosaurs. This was such a great show with really great CGi meets practical work.

    29. John Ford

      That fake enthusiasm is really grating.

    30. Tristan Martin

      i’ve never done vfx in my life and i feel like watching these reacts i’m learning so much !!!

    31. Sarah Broom

      80s movies effects: The Abyss (the NTIs, the water ‘snake’, when the water splits in the alien ship and Bud ‘flying’ with the alien) Terminator Flight of the Navigator

    32. Kofi Kyei

      It's godzilla vs Kong not godzilla vs king kong

    33. Almighty Sosa

      Old movies that hold up: Christine, Poltergeist, Total Recall, The Exorcist, The Thing, Water world(sea monster scene), Earthquake, And the dam breaking scene from the old superman.

    34. Shaun McGrath

      I would love to see you guys talk about The Shadow, 1994 with Alec Baldwin, Tim Curry, and Ian MacKellan!

    35. Lyndon Baptiste

      I could see it on merch. "The stick is real".

    36. Oro

      when they were reviewing the godzilla vs kong vfx i didnt want to spoil the movie for myself so that moment i went and watched the whole movie, came back and watched the vfx proccess. lol call me crazy

    37. TyeTateCinemaster

      14:21 Bro, Wren looks high as fuck! 😂😂

    38. Aza-Industries

      Damn.. I forgot how much I enjoyed Godzilla vs Kong. The colour scheme is AMAZING, I hope to watch it on a OLED/MicroLED/etc TV in the future. And yeah, you really got to see the detail because of how it was shot.

    39. Nolan Cruz

      Sam is zooted for sure lol

    40. Tom Frost

      I like wrens words of radiance reference 💪

    41. Kenny

      Love+Death & Robots DOOO IT!!!

    42. Kenny

      Love+Death & Robots DOOO IT!!!

    43. Closed Eye Visuals

      Its crazy how much actors and directors get credit when the element that makes you beleive what the director is offering you and what the actors are portraying is real are the VFX guys.

    44. pmcbee1

      Have you looked at Real Steel

    45. Doggy

      You should see the cgi in the Philippines they are the worst

    46. Michael B

      I find it a bit naive to think that a chunk of us has seen Godzilla vs Kong. HBO max only exist in the USA. I postponed this video so i could go and watch the movie at the cinema. Thank goodness they have opened here in Sweden. Think it was the right choose because this is a movie you should see on the big screen!

    47. Nathan tubera

      The fascinated trumpet sequentially puncture because guilty unexpectedly waste inside a loose view. ten, exultant dahlia

    48. Aashir Siddiqui

      please react to the bad cgi in rudraksh its a bollywood movie made in 2004

    49. Tim Adams

      React to Love Death Robots.

    50. WhiteCloud

      Just watched Evolution (from 2001), had some cheesy VFX in it, as well as some really well done ones. Worth checking out :)

    51. PROF*SNAKE

      Rudraksh - This Bollywood Movie is full of CGI you people will definately love it ;)

    52. Mario Villalobos

      Kung pow enter the fist!

    53. Heat Plays

      Please do an Animator Reacts to the Chika Dance from Kaguya-sama: Love is War. Just saw this and was astounded to find out there is no 3D work or cloth simulation done. Blew my mind. Apparently was partially rotoscoped, mainly the dress, which is jaw droppingly realistic and all hand drawn. Sadly, I cannot find a solid HD clip, but did find some that had a neutral background and a medium quality clip. I need to see what you guys think of this as I cannot stop watching it. Medium Quality: hraero.info/contact/toKqqoVnu5KuzKY/video White Background: hraero.info/contact/x2WYkmefyp2ytpk/video Green Screen Background: hraero.info/contact/tX2r02yik6660Lo/video This is special! Key Animation + Live Animation hraero.info/contact/xI-jkpaDjriSvqo/video Lastly, I watch full episodes on this site which seems to be legit and not torrented: Episode 3 @ 22:22 www.anime-planet.com/anime/kaguya-sama-love-is-war/videos/229892

    54. Butterfly Guy

      Me: when they start reacting I open up a bag of chips

    55. ZINC FIlms

      Some Buffy the Vampire Slayer reactions would be great! Stunts, VFX all of the above!

    56. Casper Malmborg

      more like Steppenstick amirite?

    57. B L T

      You guys should do the Shin Godzilla "atomic death" scene. If you aint seen it, it's pretty nuts

    58. Luca Seresina

      these 2 monsters could not scientifically exist. too big to exist

    59. Connor Smith

      Am i the only one who thought Beowulf from 2003 was all live action? And not CG. Weird movie but damn the CGI was Good!

    60. Flash Man

      Guys, please React to the new Unreal Engine 5 Showcase video called "Welcome to Unreal Engine 5 Early Access" I wanna know how vfx artists would react on some advanced game engine...

    61. Chris Soto

      SUGGESTION: Bladerunner 2049 any scene, that would be great bro. Love you guys btw.

    62. Asher Moore

      Why does this play like a well made apology video

    63. Simoneyann

      Do super 8

    64. Trevor Peña

      007 SKYFALL, when Javier Bardem removes his facial prosthetic in from of M, it's WILD!


      React to Music VideoClips

    66. mynameisray

      You replaced one fucking plonker with another.

    67. Sammie Jaimez

      This guy is like the person who takes credit for the team and has no idea how it was made..

      1. jessy ne mike


    68. Podsun

      Hey, I would love to see a Corridor reacts episode or series looking at music videos. Would be cool to see music videos that exceed the normal expectations for that genre. With cool cinematic stories, good use of vfx/cgi tricks, or stunning visuals that line up with their respective song perfectly. My personal suggestion of an interesting music video to react to is “Time” by NF.

    69. Cammila Collar

      PLEASE do the helicopter crash at the end of Sudden Death (1995). I can never tell wtf I'm looking at but I love everything about it

    70. bassamarea

      "I am a stick! " Loved that Stormlight Archive reference ❤

    71. Mil Mi-24 Hind

      The knowledge I gain about CGI is from this channel lol

    72. Vishanthfishy .R

      I bet you Anything 1:54 Wrens little "I am a Stick!" was a reference to the stormlight archive seeing how much of a fan he is of the cosmere

    73. Niranjan sahoo

      Watch Krrish 3

    74. Michael Kubler

      "Episode 1 Salad Mug - Dynamo Dream" This is some of the best visuals I've seen in ages, especially for a short film. You definitely need to check it out. Also, maybe you could get Captain Disillusion on as I swear he's the voice of a flying robot and likely helped with it? hraero.info/contact/rat4u5Jps9qslqI/video&ab_channel=IanHubert

    75. Jacob Tanchez

      Does anyone know the song in the background at 5:00

    76. Luis Bobadilla

      POV: I just came from Godzilla vs Kong. Just kidding

    77. braham trejo

      React to the darkknight rises; the cg with the “bat” the flying thing he uses

    78. Kenzo Mizumoto

      I would love to see some Sound Designing for the Godzilla vs Kong movie 🤓

    79. Ahran Ghani Majid

      Who thinks they should react to video games. And if they do I recommend looking at Ghost Of Tsushima

    80. Chip

      The Thing and Alien are two films from early 80s late 70s where the practical effects still stand up as they did a "less is more" on the creature effects (barring a dodgy baby alien running off.)

    81. Jonah Kaplan

      someone forgot to grade that shot at 5 minutes 😂😂😂

    82. Mando Mike

      Speaking of neck... Dude on the left... Where's yours?

    83. TheEnchantedGamer

      the thumbnail changed

    84. aola wili

      Honestly I would really like to see some of the camera work in musicals considering most of the dance/song numbers are usually uncut shots.

    85. Shawn Hubbard

      I wanna see them react to Chronicle, the 2012 movie. Some of the VFX are questionable.

    86. Tbone Murray

      Mecca Ghiddora is the GOAT

    87. ZAZ

      React to American Gods intro scene and scene transitions.

      1. aola wili

        Honestly I would really like to see some of the camera work in musicals considering most of the dance/song numbers are usually uncut shots.

    88. Arabella Carter

      Please react to some Ray Harryhausen films!!!!!!

    89. VikMar 00

      Can you guys react to Dragonball super tournament of power

    90. NickeeGeeTV

      New challenge: who can make the best fake stick

    91. Big Jack Gameplays

      "I love the wet sand"

    92. Mighty Ash

      Matching shoes

    93. Zachary Hartley

      I a littlest like this video

    94. Guttermouse

      Do small soldiers please 😊

    95. Optimistic Pasta

      react to kung fury bro, u wont regret it

    96. dolita windo

      Let's talk about the first slow mo gun fight in Dredd (2012): flesh, blood, sparkling lights everywhere.

    97. Newton Mast

      The bawdy riddle bodily license because century latterly ski beneath a learned smile. drab, fantastic iron

    98. T Gosselin

      Is it weird that I didn't hear anything wrong with "VFX warehouse"

    99. Blake Chisholm

      Can y’all react to wandavision

      1. dolita windo

        A monster calls 2016 please it have one of the best cgi I have seen

    100. Edminas Dabušinskas

      I Wanted your reactions to "Wanted" movie!