VFX Artists DEBUNK Pentagon UFO Videos

Corridor Crew

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    Niko and Sam attempt to use their visual effects artist's eyes to break down and explain the recent UFO videos released by the Pentagon.

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    1. rpuls

      lol. two hipsters sitting leaned back in their office chairs smelling each others farts while laughing with raised eyebrows; "uhhh ohhh uhhh it's an ALIEN muhahahahah" while showing clips of people being interviewed about their sightings. I have happened to see all of those clips in their true context, and not a single one of them implies anything about aliens what so ever, it's just people who saw stuff they can't explain. very good job at forcing a baloney narrative onto those people. douche bags.

    2. VicsClips

      How does parallax motion prove that it's not a ufo? Do ufos have to fly fast? Therefore it can't be a ufo because of the parallax motion? That's not a debunk. You haven't proven that the object isn't a ufo.

    3. Enkii Muto

      Can you guys do a sequel to that after checking Lemmino's video on it? It would ne fun

    4. Xinqus

      5:41 theory of relativity bby

    5. AMBA Tarboosh Records

      Look up Mick West and Thunderf00t on youtube.... they have great explainations of these so called 'UFO' footage...

    6. Daddy Gensler

      The thermal camera literally shows that the air around it is colder than the rest of the air, if its something highly reflective then its giving off heat and thats not being shown in the surrounding air.

    7. Daddy Gensler

      The tictac footage is legit footage from a military craft, released and confirmed by the military as theirs and unedited. Why would they start lying about them being real after saying they don't exist for over 70 years.

    8. Saedris

      9:10 this sound is in a lot of songs and videos

    9. Brad Ivany

      the CIA must be great sponsors!

    10. Tyler_The_Man12

      9:38 Looks like they are circling it, and it would make sense for it to be a weather balloon.

    11. Penry Pooch

      The universe is massive, its really difficult to comprehend how big in fact. It would take approximately 148,000 years to travel to the nearest star to our solar system (travelling a 5 miles/sec). I have no doubt there is 'alien life' in the universe due to its size and simple probability, however this also means its virtually impossible that two life forms will ever meet simply due to the inconceivable distances between them. I would also suggest if a life form had travelled for hundreds of thousands years to visit us it would probably stick around for a while maybe? (i.e there would be indisputable evidence at least). If faster than light travel was to be possible then the Fermi paradox crops up.

    12. Adam Glazier

      Ball lightning!

    13. imicca

      I have seen UFOs. Unless you can “VFX” the real life, I am believing whAt I see

    14. Kevin G

      I get the bird theory. But they were way to high up for a bird to be that big on the camera. Look at the altimeter. It's on that screen

    15. Sarah-Jane Lambert

      The Fermi paradox is very relevant here. Everything we know about the origin of life and the sheer numbers of homes in the galaxy for that life says that it should be ubiquitous. We should be receiving regular visitors and so far none has been confirmed. Perhaps instead of being surprised when we see something which could be an alien probe, we should be surprised when we *don't* see anything.

    16. AFWcrew

      This case is more about the witness statements of commander Fravor and his crew who saw these UAPs. Thats whats interesting together with the footage.

    17. Matthew Mulrine

      The debunking of the triangle UFO was compelling, and it does seem like Bokeh. The tic tac footage debunking was not compelling. They explained why the footage looks the way it does with parallax but ignored the context of multiple sightings from both aircraft and radar, that it jammed their weapon systems (I don't think birds can do that, unless they've levelled up) and was tracked by advanced weapon systems moving at speeds beyond US Defence knowledge of current human technology capability.

      1. Aidan Mays

        @FlashBacker That actually is from the pentagon

      2. FlashBacker

        Would you like to give your source there bud? Cuz if it's not from the pentagon, ya know, the people who released it, then it's an opinion, not a factual explanation. But hey, who knows, maybe it IS aliens, and maybe birds are fake too

    18. FendrZwag

      I'd love to believe some of these alien sightings are real but I won't believe it until I come across one that's filmed in at least 1440p, that's filmed close by the ufo, filmed from more than 20 different angles by totally different people

    19. Progi

      I love the "WOW" at 0:00

    20. Markus Wallin

      Thunderfoot has been going through this stuff and debunking it for years. And he is NOT charitable to the people who get fooled by this stuff, birds, bokeh etc.

    21. slightlyjamaicanman

      hraero.info/contact/o5Bkt4eektqz1tg/video can you debunk this please!!! It's supposed to be the best quality UFO footage out there

    22. Husky

      In terms of UFOs, these are real (literally in the name, we don't know what it is, but it's flying) But aliens? My man, cutscenes from Halo CE look more convincing than this

    23. Space Cadet

      Aliens are REAL. No Joke. Every week one of them comes to mow my grass. I pay him monthly.

    24. Space Cadet

      @1:19 This guy is DEFINITELY an alien. 😄

    25. Robert de Forest

      Thank you for making this video. I just wish I'd had the discipline to avoid looking into the comments. What a waste of my time that was.

    26. L Filipe

      Et bilu mandou um salve

    27. FullMetal Atheist

      For the last two or three ones, your theories don't quite work due to radar they have of the objects apparently.

    28. Bryan Ortiz

      Look at the skinny bob videos then please

    29. Squishy

      The "bird" was engaged, it was locked on to by the craft. The other craft in the area confirmed it, and it showed up on radar. It also reappeared at their rendezvous which was highly classified. Their equipment tracked it doing some improbable things. So, despite this being a potato-cam degraded 8mm rip of a low res ccd from a long time ago, the thing was apparently weird enough to weird out a lot of very well trained people. I mean, I seen a lot of very well trained people fall for stupid things, but its still a cool story if you dig into it.

    30. Luke_catt_23

      awww, whyd'ja have to ruin the fun?

    31. ettoo

      It could be a tiny alien moving at the speed of a bird

    32. Dylan Hooton

      12:05 LOL, no such thing as vampires. XD

    33. Sweet Sour

      I love you guys but you flunked this one. You need to do research before you do a segment on a topic. You failed to understand the context of these videos. No, I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's not the explanations you gave, either, except for the bokeh. But that video is just the media doing a terrible job. It was a UFO and likely a new kind of military drone that the navy is very concerned about. The fact that it was out of focus should not have been the focal point (heh) of the story. The last video has a lot of interesting context that you completely missed.

    34. pot fox

      How are camera errors and effects accounting for pilots reporting near misses with these objects? visual and radar contact! Even the man in charge of our “UFO investigation program” admitted these are the most least convincing videos there are photos out that are more convincing and equally credible! This phenomenon goes back to the 50s btw!

      1. pot fox

        @CurlyO no fuck em! I’m burning this propaganda man🔥THEY aRe eating bagels with Joe Biden!

      2. CurlyO

        They are just debunking the videos and showing us that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions

    35. TheSlicingSword

      13:10 The alien behind the door rn: *profusely sweating*

    36. Randy McMullin

      clever sponsered section ;)

    37. Blake

      Watch the 60minutes UAP video where the pilots describe seeing one with there eyes!

    38. Cristian Reyes

      Kind of nuts that some vfx guys have given the most likely accurate explanation of what the ufos are. Kind of a bummer, but very informative!

      1. Space Cadet

        I don't think truth is much of a bummer, I rather joy in it.

    39. Brooklyn

      Everyone should take a moment to read up on the "Tic-Tac" encounter. Highly credible and entirely fascinating. LEMMINO has a great video explaining it in detail here on HRaero as well.

    40. theydrewfire

      The ‘bird’ footage according to David Fravor’s wingman - er.. wing woman (as it were) is documented in her eyewitness testimony debriefing statement - the craft appeared to be a black six foot cube within a shimmering sphere. The pentagon has not released any true video footage of the object in the visual spectrum. These are still classified for all of the clips discussed.

      1. chriss790

        And as long as it's classified, it doesn't exist.

    41. DrMaxwell and MineCD DP

      ✝️Fellowship invite

    42. Brain Sync

      What makes you think the Pentagon would fake its own official UFO sighting videos?

    43. Robert Marsh


    44. Brandon Bishop

      Imagine if VFX artists filmed a real alien no one would believe them.

    45. Rhettorical

      Lemmino did a video on the middle two videos a while ago, they aren't new videos at all. I was surprised that people were freaked out like they were new shots. The parallax shot seems reasonable. The third shot has a lot of weird context to it that makes it more suspicious. There are certainly explanations that don't involve UFOs but the credible witnesses confirm that if it was a terrestrial occurrence, it's still disconcerting. It's not just a lens artefact.

    46. blueissocool

      A lot of super super rich drug dealers have people create all types of devices to transport there drugs overseas. They're a couple shows that show all of the different water crafts and air crafts that have been made for drug runners. It's a always adapting market.

    47. Ashok

      It was my fart lmao

    48. its10:32 pm

      Monetized the hell outa this video. I didn't even bother watching because of all the annoying adds. What kind of p.o.c do you have to be to already collect revenue from your videos and to add more advertising.

    49. PP MAN

      Oh my god why are people so volatile about them only looking at the footage and not the stories? They aren't (as far as I know) body language experts or human lie detectors. Chill out, homies, dang 😂

    50. lauren Elohim

      You are some arrogant men. You have no idea.

      1. lauren Elohim

        @dubbleplusgood experts 🤣 have you ever had a close encounter? Have you used the CE5 contact? Have they gone out to Eceti ranch. No. They’re far from experts buddy.

      2. dubbleplusgood

        What exactly is the arrogance? They're experts at how cameras work. They know how optics work. Everything they explained is known information and exactly how lenses work. Once again, what is the arrogance you're accusing them of?


      Just because you can recreate these phenomena does not "prove" thats its false information

      1. IMMORTAL JELLYFISH studio

        @CurlyO furthermore I'm pretty sure all other reasonable things it could be HAVE been exhausted which is why we are here now, even the government is at a loss for words and excuses.

      2. IMMORTAL JELLYFISH studio

        @CurlyO i agree for the most part, but even Carl Sagan believed in interdementional beings and aliens which could be the same thing, but its equally as true that science has become overly arrogant to say that just because they can't measure or prove the existence of extordinary things, does not mean that they don't exist and to say otherwise is so anti- science.

      3. CurlyO

        @IMMORTAL JELLYFISH studio a lot of people just want to believe that these things are true, it’s the same with ghosts, god etc. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I don’t deny what the witnesses saw, it’s just illogical to me to jump to the conclusion of extraterrestrials when it could be literally ANYTHING else.

      4. IMMORTAL JELLYFISH studio

        @CurlyO it just makes these vfx artists pretty ok at doing vfx...although it doesn't seem to hard to recreate grainy videos. And it doesn't account for all the hundreds of first hand witnesses to things they have seen, myself included. And trust me im a science based logical person with a healthy dose of skepticism but the shit going on and what i have personally seen is making me question the version of reality that materialist science would have everyone believe....well that and the more I get into the world of quantum mechanics lolol

      5. IMMORTAL JELLYFISH studio

        @CurlyO uuuuh not really

    52. NoCultist

      I don't think flying dots come from Earth.

    53. Bombo' clado

      PLEASE debunk the "Spider-Man No Way Home LEAKED Video" with Andrew Garfield 🤳

    54. Abhijit Kamble


    55. André Tavares

      Every UFO or paranormal footage look as if the pictures were captured by a potato, so I'll rest my case: It's magic - potatoes don't film or take pictures

    56. Mr New

      Dude, the last one is literally without doubt a fckn blimp bro. Look at the shape. It's a sub sandwich with a slice of pizza on top and a juice box underneath. A blimp.

      1. Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko

        Sounds like some good lunch. I could go for some apple juice.

    57. jay bee

      It's nice you guys understand cameras, but do you guys actually understand the sensors they use?

    58. jay bee

      Ha you guys have not taken altitude in to account for your experiment that is not a fair representation of what was captured the higher the altitude you are the less the camera has to pan to follow the object, and I can see the ripples in the water so it can't be to bad detail.

    59. Ocean3404k

      These guys are ruining my hopes and dreams and I’m not mad about it

    60. Gene Hormigoso

      New "triangular" UFO footage was captured but this time in China. Looks realistic but would love to see the Corridor Scooby Gang review and provide opinions.

    61. Winchester Stewart

      Mick West debunks all of these over on his channel in great detail, you should check him out. Or combine forces.

    62. Bror

      Here’s the deal: I don’t think we are the only ones alive in this universe, I mean come on we don’t even know every corner of our own galaxy yet so… BUT as much as we want they let us be they want us to let them be as well.

      1. Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko

        Fermi Paradox There are many explanations for it. We might just also be the lucky living organism whose planet hasn't been bombarded with meteors yet or that hasn't been thrown out of the sun's orbit by a passing by star. Kurzgesagt has some good videos with great explanations about it.

    63. ravens like desks

      Just LEMMiNO

    64. Matthew Hall

      You guys didn’t debunk shit. Try jamming a F18 jets radar as what one of these crafts did. Complete shit for brains

    65. Jacob Boy

      IF YOU HAD PUT EFFORT INTO LISTENING TO THE GUY WHO FLEW THE JET THEN YOU WOULD KNOW WHY YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. They have very specific speed data and much more data. Do your damn research before displaying your ignorance on a very important topic

    66. Jacob Boy

      Incorrectly saying debunked for clickbait is pretty gross. Unsubscribing.

    67. SFM S

      Did you guys watch the 60 Minutes segment where they interviewed multiple pilots about the same tic-tac UFO incident?

    68. SFM S

      How do you fake the radar data...

    69. Koanta Mukua

      I actually feel the perspective and expertise on the videos themselves is credible, and could be what is going on in the videos. Because all the videos are documenting, is unidentified flying objects. But the rest of the video is just information warfare. Editing in little snippets of Alex Jones, a hate monger, who tries to get people to believe school shootings and bombings are faked by the liberal government, as being part of the alien belief community, with someone like Dan Aykroyd, who is just a nice guy that has a bunch of alien theories. Then we get to see Sam's condescending remarks at the end. Yeah, I get it that you guys consider yourselves skeptics. But the videos are not related to aliens, or bigfoot, or secret societies, so why included that in. Why? Because of information warfare, which general society loves to indulge in. I unsubscribed, and I love most of your videos.

    70. DCI1005

      i wil ask my frends saterday i am gane make a trip to outerspace with my lsd space ship

    71. Seriously Dude...

      "Glowing orbs, while they are beautiful... and if you ever want to get a beautiful website..." Smooth...

    72. R!Ck DEE.

      Respectfully this is not debunking this guessing based on what you learned in cinematography class..

    73. EL

      You guys are the kings of tricky marketing! To the point it just feels like one continuous commercial

    74. Colonel Burton

      I had a UFO / flying saucer sighting back in 2004. It was only very brief and at a distance, but it was 6 perfectly concentric light sources rotating briefly firing up simultaneously, rotating around the central axis of the disc two or three times as the "disc" shot across the horizon, and then all 6 of them went out at the same time too. The freakiest thing was subsequently, a swarm of geese flew over our heads and I swear we almost sh!t our pants. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I don't know to this day what it is I saw, but these "Pentagon" videos are absolute garbage in comparison to my sighting. I think real weird and inexplicable UAP even UFO sightings take place but I doubt we will ever catch one on camera.

    75. Amateur Wizard

      This video is basically reverse project blue book

    76. Andrea Chamorro

      i skipped thru your stupid commercial fyi lol

    77. Viper MageEX

      I like your videos, and I have no idea what these are videos of, but you did not debunk anything! Debunk is to expose or prove something is false, and you did nothing of the sort and I actually found myself a little annoyed at you guys. All you did was explain possible ways these could have been faked, but if you bothered to do any research into what the military personnel claim, they saw the objects both with their eyes (one supposedly forty feet in length) and on radar. I also understand the witnesses could be lying, but you did not prove they were. Again, I am not claiming I have any clue what is really happening, but you guys are super dismissive and act like you closed the case. It was honestly a little annoying.

    78. B100dyShad0w

      Weren't these confirmed by the pentagon themselves that these are actual legit UAPs/UFOs? There's radar data, pilot witnesses and thermal footage all supporting the claim. Research about it before saying its a bird or a glitch etc.

    79. Bunnydeth

      Its Jesus Christs Property In The Sky ..YOU WILL LEARN!!

    80. Reforma Portugal

      Bird!!??? ahahahahahhahahahahaha

    81. Shane Muretta

      I also heard that some of the footage is from problems with the it cams themselves

    82. chris musso

      They have no idea what they're talking about especially when trying to explain the FLIR video. That tracker can determine the speed of the object its tracking and the object is traveling faster than any commonly known military aircraft through heavy headwinds without producing a heat source. It is definitely not a bird lmao

      1. Harry Gibbons


    83. Mark Wilson

      What I don't ever understand with these UFO footages of "aliens", is why do they always have such small ships? Space is big, like really really big. So some ET decides he/she/it is going to cross vast distances in a shuttle craft! Show me the mother ship, not the weekend convertible.

    84. Alexander Machado

      I'd like to point out that neither of them know anything about the flir system, radar systems or any other classified tech.

    85. BoyoBoy

      feel like all pentagon files where rushed and faked but doesn't mean there isn't anything out there though

    86. Gerbil King

      " I can make it,therefore it's debunked as fake". Whooooooo. College boys here.

    87. ballsyrocker

      You are wrong dudes. These objects were also picked up on radar and pilots have been seeing them with their own eyes and reporting them. Sorry to bust your imaginary bubbles. Besides. .I have had two close encounters back in 1977 and 1980. You might want to prepare yourselves and find different work. Your special effects work will never equal what I ,my friend, and our dog saw. You won't believe until you have your own true encounters ...up close. My best report at Mufon , is from the Lake Michigan shore, Michigan City ,Indiana late Summer ,1977. Check it out.

    88. ExploreingLife42

      What a great video to disrespect our service members who have been trained to defend our country and we’re up and close to these UAP‘s. I’m not saying you guys have no good takes in your video, but you are not a trained military officer who’s use these million dollar sensors nor is the full data been declassified.

    89. Sam Phillips

      It'd be excellent if you got Commander David Fravor on to chat about this, he's one of the pilots involved with collecting footage about the tic tac UAP. He's given some really good interviews, and I think a healthy discussion/debate with him and you guys would be really good to watch. This video is almost journalistic in nature, and I think it would give you good credibility and integrity to have him share his perspective here. Unfortunately these clips are absolutely devoid of information like you said, and I think you guys have a few knowledge gaps when it comes to jet technology. Love the channel.

      1. Cesar Perez

        The thing is: What if Commander Fravor lied to the army/pentagon?

    90. Levi

      you guys are gonna make a lot of really stupid people angry with this lol

    91. JarrodDSchneider

      So the real conspiracy is that the pentagon released easily debunkable footage...why? Perhaps these videos function as Rorschach tests to gauge the current public sentiment regarding the UFO subject.

      1. JarrodDSchneider

        @Shaun Barratt Yep, agreed.

      2. Shaun Barratt

        Most likely data mining. Testing the public’s response to “alien phenomenon,” as well as their analytical ability and readiness to believe a perceived authority source, etc.

    92. uy

      Y'all have no idea what you're talking about.

    93. Michael Hartman

      I have positive evidence that ... mainstream media will do absolutely anything to get attention, and insist something is true when it's not. Imagine how they might report the news.

    94. Ron


    95. GetnBrains

      obviously u can recreate stuff to look like any video. duh.. and i shut this off after u said the second video was a bird lol. congrats on the views. ur idiots

    96. Saint Nificent

      The dude's hair is purple.......

    97. David

      The problem is that if you can't prove what it is, it is still an UAP. Saying it's not aliens is one thing. Debunking means you CAN prove it's not UAPs. You're pretty much just guessing as anyone else. Was expecting something smart here but only ended up with forcefed advertising. Sigh.

    98. S.P.ᐰ.S Mλdness

      I am sure about two things when it comes to aliens. 1. They exist. The universe is huge, you have to be an egomaniac to think that life only developped here. Even intelligent life, civilisations, etc... 2. We'll never meet. Again, the universe is huge; and no matter how advanced your technology is, you can't break the laws of physics. Even lightspeed would be too slow.

      1. Engi Neer

        Bear in mind that we have no idea what 96% of our universe consists of. So our laws of physics might be sufficient to explain this 4% but overall we still know nothing.

    99. Andrew Read

      Can you guys make a video doing the same thing with Flat Earth theories? I saw a video flat earthers were calling out that is from the south pole and they dont understand how a fisheye lens works.