Our Producer Thought VFX Were Easy so he Hired Himself

Corridor Crew

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    The Crew meets their new VFX hire, and challenge him to complete a shot for Wren's upcoming video.

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    1. Kevin Wong

      I see their ads as commercials these are amazing and seamless

    2. LordLimburger

      Because cops always say “freeze” and then and shoot the guy in the head without even giving them a full second to freeze.

    3. Luciferias Rex

      Honestly, this video is very wholesome

    4. Sunny

      I really appreciate the way they work as a team. Also the healthy atmosphere they have at office makes the work as an enjoyment rather than a dangling sword to finish the job

    5. Numbah 274

      You should of used this tutorial for your short m.hraero.info/contact/x4F9qGSBl8yvptQ/video

    6. Numbah 274

      You should of got Niko to do the ad on this one

    7. Ethan Forsyth

      I was thinking this video was fake, seeing (insert name here) and not have a sponsor play was tricking me

    8. sammuelkain

      No one can fill 4 Clint shoes (🤔 maybe P-🙄) & this was a Jake move 🤭 but... when the "moving" part sounds, a cold resonance got down the spine & kicked his shivering booty 😆! ✌️😎🦜

    9. Arslan Ali

      Jake's an inspiration for all of us.

    10. notspreed

      The excitement in Jake's face when he shows everyone what he's proud of is soo wholesomee🥺🥺

    11. Nicholas Taylor

      What a great shot, Jake. It had me rolling with laughter.

    12. MADagain

      What happened to Freddie Wong?

    13. Mark Ziemba

      Flowers for Jake

    14. Sküünt Cunthørpe

      0:37 an injury you could only have in california

    15. r3stl3ss

      i have a whole new appreciation for jake

    16. ChillDude

      When jake comes in Me: Skip skip skip

    17. Titanic Titan

      S M R T! I mean S M A R T!

    18. Machine Spirit Miami

      I love how Jake can’t resist constantly shouting out sponsors and embedding them into his convos whenever he can lmao

    19. Alexander Ciprian

      Nick has mastered the art of Camera-flouge

    20. 🍑🚔

      Well done Jake

    21. Cassie Berlin

      I went into this expecting to have some laughs, but this was actually oddly....inspiring?

    22. Iamlettuce

      Wren should learn to protect himself.

    23. TK-422

      “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one” - Emperor Peter

    24. BapE

      Hire me!

    25. K1R1N

      I love that intro for jake * does an Italian chef's kiss *

    26. Jay Smith

      I love all the work you guys do I just started getting into your videos the last month and I'm trying to learn how to make videos with kinemaster LoL and even that's pretty challenging and sometimes so I can't imagine how it is making videos like you guys do keep up the good work.

    27. ItsUnpug


    28. Pixel panther

      1:39 don’t drop the phone pls. 📞

    29. Sol RC

      4 wheels, way smarter 😉. You are boss to work so busted 🤙

    30. Pokéchew

      Such a great working environment I mean who wouldn’t want to apply?!

    31. Dee Jaay

      4:45 razer deathadder

    32. PamPamTamTam

      Could we see a full release of "muzzle" on the Corridor channel?

    33. akarsh singh

      Man we miss CLINT..

    34. DamageMaximo

      10:36 "Because he is so hot" "t e m p e r a t u r e w i s e" lmfao

    35. PotatoNado

      Wren’s situation is like the animators of Do The Bartman. Those animators had 12 minutes to animate an entire music video.

    36. Dylan Minecraft

      "im gonna try doing this without asking them anything..." litterally the next sentence: "is this a new computer?"

    37. LightningMcMeth

      "It's got 3 3090s, whatever that means" Just hurt my soul

    38. Nikolas Dove

      I forgot this video came out a month ago and I just realized that it got me into trying 3D for VFX and video. It's been fun.

    39. The Simple Game Developer

      When I saw the title I assumed this video was going to be a long ass comercial of several products. Don’t get me wrong, we all love Jake and his inconspicuous product placement that keep the channel alive, but once I saw him doing actual VFX this video actually made my day lol. I hope you guys give him more shots to tackle, it would be awesome to do a mini series of Jake VFX, but the twist is that the product placement is always done trough Wren. Also as a game developer I love when you do stuff with unreal engine and blender, looking forward to a video game specific video. Love the channel guys, grea work !!!

    40. Primate Gang

      Clint left???? Nooooooooooo!!!!

    41. bg

      Now make Wren produce a video

    42. AmirGTR

      I have so much more respect for Jake after this. Reminds me of myself, the guy who isn't an expert but can pull off just about anything.

    43. ValirAmaril

      big vessie shoes?

    44. Jonaz Beatz

      I'd really like to see more of Jake doing VFX Shots and not just commenting the sponsored section and being never seen otherwise in those videos.

    45. B MSG

      Is that Vessi really that good?

    46. Gaming Cthulhu 31


    47. Internet Explorer

      This gave me a regular player being taught by eSports pros kinda vibe

    48. Fernanda Carvalho

      "Literally, watch a tutorial" thats me talking to myself at any given time in any simulation lab

      1. Fernanda Carvalho

        Also it is actually kind of cool and inspiring and WHOLESOME AS HECK seeing jake learning a bit of vfx :)

    49. iisupermanii

      i wonder what the muzzle downloads are

    50. Christian Nicholas

      looking at Jake's happy face at 14:45 is just so wholesome.

    51. Poultry Pants

      Him: 3 3090s, whatever that means Me *3 3090s?!!!!!!!!*

    52. Brittany Armstrong

      Go on Jake! Nicely done!

    53. Jackson Bury

      Wren why do you look like call me kevin

    54. Harryhonsoo

      The adds on this channel are insane.

    55. Blaž Bohinc

      Your producer has a hump of a 60yo. Better get to exercising or he'll soon bump his chin against his nipples without much effort

    56. nikita139a

      Guys, I sent you a request by email, I hope you need a cool vfx artist from Russia to join the team

    57. NE0N XD

      Wholesome VFX

    58. Colton

      I’ll never get over the fact that Jake is corrider’s lawyer, but is absolutely hilarious and a great entertainer, not to mention the acting and producing he does in Corridor videos. Corridor just seems like a blast to work with.

    59. Kevin Nanua

      Can you hire me and ill go on training huhu

    60. William Long

      wren (who is right handed) just casually has an 80 dollar razer viper ambidextrous mouse for video editing

    61. Askejm

      6:34 we all know jake took this job so he could make the smoothest sponsor segue possible

    62. ingest a sachel of richards

      I fucked myself up pretty good with my Onewheel XR also lol. But it's been the most fun 800 miles ever! Everyone should try one!

    63. Reid Williams

      Same with me I also broke my clavicle

    64. tamalee

      dude jake was internally dying from just the sheer lack of verbal understanding when wren and the guy were explaining and yet he just swung number #2 even harder most powerful character seems to be jake but i cant wait to learn more corri-lore to find out

    65. Christian Smith

      The most contrived sponsor segment ever

    66. MrMentalSoul

      I haven't watched Corridor videos in several years. Why did Jake move out to Texas?

    67. Andrew P

      so what brand are that headphones kinda thing that u don't put inside your ear... I need to know

    68. Nuzhar Nur

      Can you imagine if this was sponsored by SkillShare?

    69. the wolf studio

      I love how Wren just completely forgets Nick is standing in front of him. lol

    70. Allen Wadenholm

      The best compliment: "that's a good meme!" - Sam

    71. Ayns Txc.

      Imagine editing while standing.

    72. Niranjan sahoo

      Watch Krrish 3

    73. RockManiacOki

      Please tell me how to make a muzzle flash.

    74. Camden Morris

      How can you hold your phone over that ledge and casually talk.

    75. yash potnis

      Anybody know the table used at 3:36??

    76. Alex Azar

      hraero.info/contact/zYKFpmOMzbqUt9A/video Here’s my muzzle flash video. Is it good?

    77. Jimmyboy

      “They’re using words I don’t even know” Wren: “Square go across screen”

    78. Ashil Shaji

      Corridor to loose both Clint and Wren is like the Straw Hats loosing both Zorro and Sanji.

    79. Matthew Cs

      Peter, LOVE the quote at 2:35! This certainly was “a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.”

    80. GizmosBiceps

      5:54 this gives me so much anxiety how did the glass not fall???

    81. Saksham Jain

      Wren how's your recovery going..any better?...It seems very fatal😕.I wish you recover very soon...we love you buddy and we Honor your love for your work😎🔥🙏

    82. Neighox

      What? Where is clint?

    83. fifoffjfufs

      jake's the best

    84. ToxicNoxic

      "its got 3 3090s, whatever that means" *are you series*

    85. Stabile Vasco

      i have an idea for a video you can make (example) Marvel over dramatic.

    86. Ayrflo Gaming

      11:22 The moment Jake the Vfx “artest” realized he was in over his head

    87. Henry Ramirez

      Wait did Jake dress up as Clint as a joke?😂

    88. Brad J

      Why is Clint still in the end card, but not Peter, Jordan or Nat?

    89. Quietus Plus

      Sigh, I usually like this content, but this was way cringey. From the point Jake got in there. Keep him out, he's been associated with ads for a while now. It's not fun and would rather get ad advice from someone else (I get ads are needed, which is fine, he's not the one to do it though)

    90. Oleg Shebanits

      Are we just going to ignore the fact that Wren is working with an injury like that? >_> Take care of Wren, you only have one of him.

    91. SkittleXero

      I have edited videos on my own and was confused as hell at what I was doing. Was taking about 2 to 3 hours for one video when I first started. After a while I was able to edit 5 to around 10 videos in that same amount of time. Consistency is always key.

    92. MapleJokerRofl

      Do you guys ever work with other than white people only

    93. aamir mdkhan

      The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


      I broke my clavicle skateboarding and all I can say is that the pain is excruciating, even after 10 years I can feel the weather changing.

    95. MakeupByMissLauren


    96. The Hatman MC

      #Jake4JuniorAnimator Doesn't require him to move? Or he could just do some animation stuff of his own, that was actually a great meme/animation he made!

    97. Youtube Sucks

      Oh the ad guy I skip. Who's the man in women's clothing?

    98. Émeric L'Heureux

      ''you gotta spend time, to earn time'' dangg

    99. Tony Bloomberg

      It took me a minute to find Nick too HAHA