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Corridor Crew

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    In commemoration of a decade of viral success on HRaero, the VFX Crew tasks themselves with creating digital art inspired by their favorite Corridor Digital shorts.

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    1. Makel

      Everyone else: *tries to be better than the rest and show off* Nico: *talks about trees, flowers and mountains and how beautiful they are*

    2. Jac All

      ive just got to say that you guys make some really relaxing and interesting content

    3. Valentin Brunn

      good excuse to make some NFTs ;)

    4. Thorns

      This was such a cute video!

    5. sammuelkain

      I'm starting 2 hate U guys 4 all this heartbreaking, mind-blowing & yolo sad vibes bcs, now I'm a young account here but after my only 2.2 years I've started 2 miss Clint & remember I only know him from his golden age, the work U done should have a movie just 2 forget about all the sheet "our" generations are accused 4 & last but not least is why only on Market sale... why not on normal non-coin bitcrap stores or something 😑! 😡💛🥶 U ✌️😋

    6. Dane Roberts

      I still remember my first Corridor video was the VFX Artists react to recreating dead actors in Rogue One. Until recently I had no idea the channel had been going for so long!

    7. Hess Royale

      Beautiful video legends

    8. Patrick Pimentel

      Linus we need some massive Storage in here!!!!!!!!

    9. Dude bro McDude

      20:07 WRENDERED

    10. the wolf studio

      Man, it's been a ride... Bloody A, it has been ten years... Man, what a ride it's been for you guys. Meanwhile, the biggest thing I accomplished was one of my games rearing it's head on steam *Once.* lol To you guys I say thanks for the great times for the past ten years and to all else who is watching this video who happens to find this comment, remember this, it's never to late to create. You'll never know where the times will lead you. I myself should also get back to work, I have myself have finally began to work on my first full length game sooo this'll be fun. and to the next ten years, let the good times come. 2021 is almost over and I am tired of bad news.

    11. the wolf studio

      15:25 hahaaaa, nice.

    12. Okami Otoko

      damn i was 7 when Minecraft: the last minecart came out and i remember watching it and thinking it was so awesome. im so happy ive been able to follow you guys for so long i cant wait to see what you guys make next!!

    13. Commander Kruge

      Dear Corridor people: Hooray! :D

    14. MD FAE

      Is Peter 9/10 years old?🎹

    15. Jake Potter

      you guys need to make a bosstown dynamics 3

    16. Judah Buxton

      one could say wrens shot wrendered pretty well

    17. Muhammad Ashraf

      Hello I love you corder true remember when I told you about her try your best do you know I’m not the weird stocker on HRaero I’m not that weird stocker on HRaero I have videos no I’m not kidding you see how long the way I’m talking it’s explains I’m not the weird stocker by the way you see you see OK whatever so I love you got a crew the microphone is just so tricky right now bye

    18. Enamul Haque Nayeem

      React on some Satyajit Ray's films please

    19. Travis Takamori

      Did they stop playing “the game of life?”

    20. Austin Savage

      I love everyone here hard to believe the first video i ever watched from you guys was the last minecart it doesnt even feel like the same channel you guys have come so far

    21. eduardo solorzano

      I knew this would be an NFT

    22. MrJay

      if you want to learn more about mineways, mcprep, blockbench, aesprite, worldmachine, worldedit, loft, voxelsniper, gopaint, gobrush, and so on, hit me up. my discord is MrJay#7775

    23. John Canniff

      @ 3:29 Easy kids, we've already maxed out our chair budget for this month.

    24. Leonardo Martins

      NFT.. i knew it at 01:00

    25. Damer Flynn's Gin

      Love the work! Your pursuit of knowledge and new skills is inspiring. This homage felt right, and also shows just how far you've come!! Thanks Corridor

    26. Emilio Hernández

      Niko gon make me cry

    27. PamPamTamTam

      19:35 Subtle Artistry

    28. Mavrick Light

      How old is Peter actually

    29. Trustin Neo

      hraero.info/contact/q6J-uqaNwKvBtro/video Do check out NIGHTs opening cinematic from 2007

    30. TheMarvelLegoMaster

      I love how Niko's mid-work sections just turned into a Bob Ross tutorial.

    31. Yamz

      i remember watching you guys way back from the frozen crossing and tether days because my brothers introduced me to you and i never stopped watching, i loved everything you made since then and was always a fan, thank you guys for being an important part of my childhood.

    32. Rayaan Faiz

      One last render? Why is it Clint's Last?

    33. yBrine

      Minecraft: The Last Minecart surprised me when I was younger, now I'm 20, 8 years have passed and now I wanna venture myself in 3D, rendering. I started working with AE, the next step is Cinema 4D and Blender, but I want to make a career out of this, maybe one day I will get to make my own game or work on a gaming company idk

    34. Kri

      This is more satisfying than their satisfying videos series

    35. Harsh Mishra

      I just noticed at 11:04 that peter is literally just behind wren standing there and talking on the phone

    36. khal

      a nostalgic trip to the classics. glad im growing up watching these guys. *u get my point*

    37. Juan Vicente Nuñez Aponte

      Congrants!! very emotive video... very nice!!

    38. Eleanor Garrett

      The husky format virtually joke because art morphologically collect underneath a breezy morning. boiling, axiomatic scarf

    39. Nathan DeLange

      When you realize Peter is in the back round when wren called him😮

    40. abhi abhran

      Niko work was my favourite

    41. ECO

      why the hell is there a video of markiplier at 7:10

    42. Fearless Legend

      Damn that Minecraft the last mincart is damn older than me by 11 days I was born on Jan 28th 2011

    43. Lee-Mervin Mentoor

      At the ending when NIKO is talking there is a baby walking around in the backround

    44. abdul ahad

      Wren is very cut

    45. Danner rrr

      Clint, why didn't your steaks have floppiness??

    46. noka dino

      Anyone here remember tether

    47. Love Is The Only Thing

      Peter is always amazing.

    48. 𝔦'𝔪 𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔡 ℑ𝔫𝔰𝔦𝔡𝖊

      Niko's puns is caught me off guard lol, it's pretty good!

    49. Kirbie

      Sam looks like notch

    50. Niño James Tan

      Put a signature Wren: starts drawing men's trophy

    51. SilentCodeLockTC

      god the nostalgia

    52. CrazyWarriorsCatFan


    53. Epic Ari

      These could be sold as nfts

    54. Michał Ferenc

      Sam and Niko in Wren's video look like models from half-life

    55. G M P

      The way Clint jumped out of bed when he heard "render challenge" lol

    56. Plate_Armour999


    57. Brandon Ledford

      Sam's reflecting on his life after his child was born ... =)

    58. Brandon Ledford

      Who's NFT made more???

    59. Bean Art


    60. Kelvin Mwangi


    61. MrVipitis

      Back when they made Corridor Digital videos + VFX breakdowns and other BTS on the Sam and Niko channel.... Best times. I don't mind the Corridor Crew show but I miss the content.

    62. Wocows Wocows

      peter the ten y/o

    63. Angel Ayala

      You guys inspired billions. More than you know ❤️🔥🙏

    64. Tribus

      How are NFT bad for the environment ?

    65. Pantstealer

      Ayee Clint my man

    66. burgula shankar

      Peter is like demi god to blender

    67. Alex Jones

      This is one of your best videos. Love this.

    68. Justin Akers

      How are y’all still wearing masks SMH

    69. Missta Duck

      1:38 present day Sam and Notch look kinda similar

    70. Summor Padilla

      Notch looks like sam and niko had a baby

    71. Nathan tubera

      The smiling divorced correlatively alert because invoice greely yell after a awesome target. holistic, industrious food

    72. Sergio Solórzano

      thats xsense suit could be used for VR 🤔

    73. DJ

      mollywood first superhero movie can you break this vfx @

    74. misterscottintheway

      Refreshing to see a channel where a bunch of young, able bodied, straight, cis, White men say and do things. So important to have the hegemony represented in media.

    75. hafiz sehbaan abbasi

      dude these guys are legends

    76. Toge Inumaki

      16:20 What if the ball went through a portal situated directly at the POV.


      How old is peter

    78. Nicole

      :/ rly, NFTs? After all the info on how resource-heavy and etc?

    79. SpeedrunsTeddy

      can't wait to see part 2 of this video in 10 years

    80. funny animal world

      They want milions like that beeping guy😅

    81. Tombud1000

      Really shows how far they have gone

    82. Eddy checkt!

      Pretty sure they will sell them as NFT's. Absolutely worth it! Edit: just wrote this 10 seconds before they announced it *lol*

    83. kuba

      That NFT solution is nice

    84. Walnut DBD

      This was fucking beautiful.

    85. Diego Becerra

      Realizing i get to ser that hyper light drifter t-shirt one last time :(

    86. MaSoldierSide

      If the Minecraft video is 10 years... I've been watching you guys for 10 years...i was 12, holy shit. Great job, guys!

    87. Lazarus Cain

      i only just realized when wren first goes to sign his piece he drew a dick on it lmfao

    88. Gianni Puface

      That hug hurt me

    89. Niranjan sahoo

      Watch Krrish 3

    90. Dozha Deville

      Ok last comment... All of your growth is amazing! At this rate in a few more years you will be Pixar!

    91. Dozha Deville

      How much for you guys to CGI me actually learning animation?

    92. Dozha Deville

      4:51 Shut your month! U will live to be 437

    93. Oliver Pendleton

      i want the dubstep one as my wallpaper

    94. Philerino Swifterino

      oh boy. nfts. hm.

    95. Jared Hurta

      Frozen Crossing was one of my favorite short films on HRaero and still is. How I found these guys and found what I wanted to do. Thank you corridor

    96. Malte Bernhardsson

      I just realized that I've watched corridor for more than half of my life...

    97. drtyusa iojkleet

      The pleasant shrimp willy float because week happily multiply minus a towering waste. busy, responsible transmission

    98. David Dealaman

      Man, that Minecraft vid brought back so many memories

    99. Jonathan Peters

      Hey, you mispelled "WrenDer"

    100. Adast

      you know even though i didnt really start watching these guys till like 2-3 years ago. I actually did recognize them from their most iconic videos. Its crazy to see how far people have come. Great job Corridor. You made the internet watchable LOL!!