Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons 4

Corridor Crew

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    Niko and Wren are back with Veteran Animator and Director Eric Koenig to break down some of the best and worst animations throughout history.

    Make sure to check out "HouseBroken" on Hulu and Mondays @9/8 Central on Fox!
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    1. Lynx B

      Tbh I never liked much of the Family guy like animation and Indian cartoons. So I still prefer watching loony tunes & tom & jerry

    2. Filip Krasilnikoff

      REACT TO YUKI 7 - GO!

    3. Head Quarters

      Wiley Coyote and roadrunner was always my favorite. Amazing story telling with only actions

    4. Ben Williams

      Hearing Eric talk about how he builds and uses his team reminds me of how construction crews can be run. I've had foremen that give their workers freedom to solve their own problems and participate in the design, and I've had bullies that demand only what they've created. The former is not only easier to work under, but also lends to better final products because it doesn't rely on one person's 100% all of the time

    5. funstuffq

      Do a dive into the "series" of Tom on toonami! That would be cool to see the evolution of seeing him over the years it was on!

    6. Braddah Leeks

      I said hi to Eric outside of Chick-Fil-A last Friday!!!

    7. Rebel Down

      If Eric ever has any internship opportunities available to learn to work with a professional studio, please make sure to let us know!

    8. M H

      I only wanted to see the mistake and watched the whole video. 😑

    9. Jeop

      “Thing” idk why but Eric doesn’t sound very intelligent when he uses the word Thing he uses it a lot and it makes him sound like he cant describe it properly

    10. lemonshik

      Do Primal! Genndy Tartakovsky is a genius!

    11. Brian Martin


    12. Rob Little

      Classic cartoons of the 80's that I loved as a kid.. But today's standards are horrible.. But then we didn't know any better!!! Lol

    13. Taner Archibald

      To me one of the most impressive animated sequences is Pink Elephants on Parade in Dumbo

    14. Jim Mulvaney

      Adult Swim animation that needs more recognition: Super Jail

    15. yoinkhaha

      A lot of the poses, even Chuck Jones', are Marx Brothers inspired.

    16. Ben Wilms

      So Jordan is it.... ? Super hot!

    17. Davin Da Geek

      HouseBroken was great, hope it gets picked up for another season.

    18. AF-AF Tech

      The lav audio is always muffled. Just a few dbs of some high end would be sick as fuck. Maybe a boom mic?

    19. VulcanFaux

      Would skull girls count? It's a fighting game sure but the way it's animated is just amazing

    20. Colton Standifird

      I know it's a small detail, but....STOP CALLING HIM "TEXT" AVERY!!! It's "Tex." Thank you.

    21. HamHamLunchbox

      Saber Rider!!!!

    22. Zan

      With Housebroken, the designs of the animals and the writing is so unappealing at a glance. It seems to obvious to that it's not going to work, except to those working on it.

    23. sexysexybicycle

      Adult Swim suggestion: Home Movies! So simple, but works so well for the improvisational, character driven comedy.

    24. Valentino Lasso

      Hey I actually worked on that show "House Broken" and I cleaned that background! 13:43 :D so cool to watch the other parts of the process!!

    25. El Zizar

      Daffy Duck's voice sounds much better in latinamerican spanish. Change my mind.

    26. Arbaz Khan

      Can you react to work of director Makoto Shinkai anime movies. Specially The Garden of Words movie.

    27. Sisil Dave

      please do "What if"

    28. Neon Havok

      please react to HALO WARS 1 CUSTSCENES

    29. YourTipicalGeek

      I just love episodes with Eric

    30. mineyourbrains \{•-•}/

      Ngl That show looks like Brickleberry Why do adult animated shows always gotta go for either bookleg family guy style or Rick and morty style

    31. StarKitten007

      There are few things that are completely certain in this world. Chuck Jones being an animation genius is definitely one of them! 💖

    32. ScotLAD

      The backing track that sometimes plays sounds like the guts theme

    33. william kl

      You guys need to react to Redline

    34. Carlos D.

      You should take a look at Klaus. Insane 2D animation that looks like 3D

    35. theonlymegumegu

      just watched this fan animation for Hollow Knight that came up in my feed and it looks amazing! you should put it in your next animators react ^_^

    36. let's go

      Huel sucks

    37. Arka Prasun Gupta

      Could you guys cover the action scenes in "Devil is a part timer"?

    38. Jonathan Bayley

      You guys should react to the evolution of “red vs blue”’s animation and effects

    39. JayRog

      They should react to helluva boss

    40. The All Right Show

      Love the channel! I just watched a computer animated short called Garden Party from 2019. I think y'all would be very impressed by the animation and story.

    41. Noel De Leon

      Please check out Gundam Hathaway next.


      That's why old cartoon is much better than nowadays cartoon, I'm lucky to watch this kind of cartoon when I was a kid, so sad for nowadays kid,they doesn't even get to know about this kind of cartoon.


      My favourite cartoon, Daffy🤩

    44. diskob0

      Was Ninja Scroll a thing on this channel before? The animation of the fight with the double blade demon is so intens and full of energy. 15 Years old me just, wtf i just watched? Btw. we called our internet VHS back then. Still stunned. But maybe it's too much R-rated content to review?🤣 idk...Please consider of a recreation of the double blade scraping through the forest in search for victims. That would be awesome R-rated content. If trench run is possible in one day, i'm waiting for my blades👺

    45. Joseph Angulo

      Would love to see an animators react to the Castlevania Trevor vs Alucard fight

    46. iAMxMandiyah

      I can’t remember if y’all have reacted to Rick and Morty. But I think y’all should.

    47. Panos kanos

      This is cool and all but we want fucking anime

    48. EpIcChEeSeMaN

      Need to check out episode 7 of Violet Evergarden, it has the greatest animation sequence I've ever seen. Also worth it to check out Saber Alter vs. Rider and Shirou and Saber Alter vs. Berserker, both fights from Fate Heaven's Feel.

    49. CoolGuyAnubis

      Can y’all react to gilded guy? Especially his Vs Oxob video

    50. Joey

      You should react to Batman: Gotham Knight

    51. Andrew Looney

      Hey guys, I hope you see this. @TheFightBible on youtube are ripping you guys off. They do some reaction videos with your thumbnail design. The whole thing is pretty much a complete rip off from your “Stuntmen React” videos, even down to the movies they react too. And they are BRAGGING about it, saying “their plan worked” after being called out in comments by Corridor Crew supporters. I dont want to copy+paste a link from them bc i dont want to spread their videos but its a blatant rip off.

    52. Carl Nordenskjöld

      Would love to see some Ren & Stimpy!

    53. Artistic Gamer

      Tom and Jerry😼🐭

    54. Wordsman2104

      Animators react to Violet Evergarden please!

    55. ponukumati sivaram

      Hi Corridor crew please do react on Dragonball series, there are several series and it evolved very much over time.

    56. Sandman10372

      Hope he enjoys the work environment of a show completely run by women because it won't last long. House Broken sucks ass. I'd be shocked if it lasts a full season.

    57. Colt Hoskins

      I'd be interested in seeing you guys react to Nova Seed, a little-known independent animated movie from a few years ago, which was largely a labor of love from a single dude. It'd be cool to see more international animation as well - Russia made some truly impressive cartoons in the 70s/80s (their interpretations of Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh are something to behold), and something like China's The Legend of Lucky Pie is fascinating as a weird little off-brand Adventure Time.

    58. willt.coleman

      Animators react to wipeout

    59. Ashish Chopra

      Any disney show which animation you like the most

    60. LadyLaffALot04

      Please react to this anime TIE fighters short. It. Is. Amazing:

    61. Steven Stanton

      Would you guys do a stop-frame episode e.g. Wallace and Grommit?

    62. Dan Lynch

      I know it's not quite the same thing, but I'd love to see you guys talk about/react to Thunderbirds (1964). Maybe puppets is a whole other series? idk...

    63. edgedeep

      Would love to see an Animators React for "Bonkers" an animated show from 1993. The animation was strong for TV of the era - The Animaniacs would poke fun on it (even though Bonkers was better animated, IMO).

    64. Blaze14ZX

      Thanks for doing this episode Chuck Jones and Tex Avery are some of my favorite animators I love their cartoons

    65. Bertram

      17:21 I petty the kind of brownies you have had throughout your miserable life Jordan. The flavour is very ARTIFICIAL and not in a good way.

    66. Jason Ficcone

      Am I the only one who hears Text Avery?

    67. Skillya

      Jujutsu kaisen?

    68. SD

      The Warner Bros cartoons have never been surpassed. The greatest cartoons ever.

    69. Xavier Torres Vega

      I would love to see a reaction to my absolute favorite [as] show: Moral Orel. Top notch stop motion animation!

    70. aiden evers

      Bro I would love for them to react to the new nightmare of the wolf Witcher movie

    71. Linus L.

      PLEASE take a look at game cinematics from valorant, League of Legends, and Overwatch!!!!

    72. Bob.

      Adult Swim - When I was done dying (Dan Deacon video)

    73. Right in your face

      React to Mushoku tensie

    74. fymal

      i love the sponsor part, i admire the contents

    75. SPV Films

      Can you guys react to Disney's "LONESOME GHOSTS"? It's one of the most pristine and divine examples of the golden age of Disney animation and has some design and effects of a quality that you never see in their rotoscoped feature films of the era.

    76. Eric Nalpas

      I notice another glitch at 5:34

    77. Weird Short

      7:31 flash forward 55 years.... "Boingoingoigoing!" ~ Beavis

    78. Thomas Karneth

      one ii would love to see a reaction to is Atlantis the Lost Empire is a gem of the early 2000 Disney that CGI and hand drawn animation is blended so seamlessly that it still hold up

    79. dervince16

      Look at how the animation changes in long running shows. Simpsons. Naruto. One Piece. Also how things change for doing movies for those shows.

    80. Alexander Blanco

      I rewatched the anime anthology film "Memories" and the third story "Cannon Fodder". You guys should check that one out because it is MIND BLOWING how the entire story is basically one continuous shot. I still have no idea how this was done. I'd love to see your input on it.

    81. Skreamies

      Eric needs to be back for way more episodes!

    82. Mik Burlak

      Damn! Jordan is hot!)

    83. Christian

      Superman (1948) flying animation breakdown?

    84. Andrea Rowe

      Just got back from camping and kayaking, would love Corridor Crew & Co’s thoughts on Disney’s Pocahontas (1995). Some body movements, mainly in the first half, feel/look like motion capture? Also I love the paint brushstroke feel of it all

    85. Ducks4lif3

      I would love it if you guys looked at this action sequence, its flows so perfect to me

    86. Amber Stone

      I really want to suggest the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Fields of Honey". It is not a good episode but it is a BIZARRE trip through various animators' styles. It's jarring in a way that few animated episodes are. You can CLEARLY tell when sequences were given to other animators and they run the gamut from ugly to incredible. It's so strange to see all this with in a single episode, so close together. I would LOVE to see it on the show! It's plagued me for 30 years. Lol

    87. Stefan Slater

      What a great guy

    88. Chris Foster

      5 mill subs….FINALLY! Congrats guys and subbers! Shame on you non subbers….stoopid non subbers!

    89. Travis Clarke

      You guys should react to some of the creations in HRaero's animation community, (Helluva boss , starlight brigade, Night runner, long gone gulch, or any other amazing indie stuff on here) It would be cool to hear a professionals break down of these videos.

    90. Joshua Lim

      The Amazing World of Gumball is pretty interesting with its combination of different types of animation.

    91. riccisantiago

      I think you have to interview Narmak because im really impressed he has made Spongebob anime on his own and let Eric interview him

    92. B Bull

      Would love to see you guys discern the Giants music video by True Damage! Some very fun animation techniques in there

    93. Sasha Fleming

      U should look at how the animation has a evolved from s1 clone wars to the bad Batch, they really nailed lighting and depth of field by the end

    94. ivette Ching

      Hi guys, you guys should watch Vincent, which was painted by hand trying to imitate Van Gough painting style

    95. Kevin Correa

      Animators react the guests aren’t as enthusiastic when they talk. This segment is kinda boring

    96. Jonathan

      You guys should watch some stop motion. Also, you should do an episode where your animation guests break down the 12 Principles and Disney's 9 old men.

    97. malakai2012

      he looks a lot like Ninja Brian

    98. Braddah Leeks

      Also props to Jordan on her first sponsored segment 👍🏼

    99. Braddah Leeks

      When Eric brought up Chuck Jones all my childhood memories of Looney Tunes just came flooding back into my head cuz I’d always see his name in the intro credits of majority of the Looney Tunes cartoon sketches as a kid

    100. Jayson McCullough

      "Batman: The Animated Series" had one of the coolest art designs, and was really dark and brooding for a kids show I grew up watching