This 30-Year-Old Terminator VFX BLEW OUR MINDS!

Corridor Crew

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    Wren and Peter take a deep dive into the VFX of Terminator: Judgement Day.

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    1. SirWrender

      To everyone saying "sorry, but the original shot looks better": Haha we know! Isn't that amazing though? It proves that nothing beats talent, craftsmanship, and a good eye when it comes to making art. The tools are secondary. I really wish I had more time time make a V2. I learned so much from my first attempt that I feel confident I could make it much better if I tried again. Still though, nothing but MAD RESPECT for the original artists!

      1. Kirby Re-Action!!!

        amen new follower here

      2. Warren King

        Good work guys this was really interesting and entertaining. Love it, keep it up. Much props broskis. Lol

      3. Raggie


      4. NinjaNezumi

        Wren, yours is better. The other one looks like Jell-O man. To answer your question, the original shot does not have the depressions go deep. They are very shallow and just kinda move around the bars. You guys have the bars make huge depressions into the body before reforming.

      5. محمد Hex

        And am saying to every one saying @the oirginalshotisbetter" u make it.

    2. Marcel Enzo Carelse

      terminator 2

    3. Farshad Sadri

      Dude, your techniques were impressive, however I still think the original shot is far better. The mercury wouldn't bounce like that. I think there was a time dedication limit you had to recreate this one.

    4. Sumanjit Rajbongshi

      Still that 30 years movie VFX wins, imagine how hard they tried with limited technology compare to present days

    5. Arman Bestcheaprc

      that frekin great cool vfx, awesome

    6. Duck _

      Watching this makes me feel smart :) Thanks i don't usually get this feeling.

    7. Richard Jones

      At the 8:57 you referred to Robert Patrick as Sir Patrick Stewart by the way.

    8. soberhippie

      Why would a thing made out of liquid metal have translucent-red ears?

    9. Katie Donovan

      21:10 Remember; just because you CAN make it look exactly like real life, that DOESN'T necessarily mean you should in the mask. How to get the face to come back together more smoothly: convert each point of the edge of the division to a magnet. Ensure the poles are opposite on the opposite sides. Tweak the "power" of the magnets to achieve the desired "stickiness." That is the stickiness they were referring to, you know.

    10. BB- Bryzon

      13:53 Is that Terminator or Pinocchio movie? 😂😂😂

    11. llr3zall

      The movie still looks fucking amazing!

    12. KMM _HKG

      Never give up

    13. NoCultist

      Original feels like it's made of metaballs voxels

    14. NoCultist

      Do it again. Fusion of techiques.

    15. pixill4ted


    16. Static Eclipse

      First time ive ever actually watched a whole sponsor segment


      1991 👍

    18. dannyphan2832

      You had to make head moving up and down beacause when it walk it actually going up and down little bit

    19. si_fbs

      Yooooo Just realized terminator 2 came out on my birthday

    20. OKeyEng

      Not even close. But nice try.

    21. Rikorage

      Goes to show the dedication and imagination that went into these shots. Really must have been an amazing time for creators who could figure it out.

    22. Alex

      "I've never seen Terminator 2" WTF?!?!?!?

    23. Bobby K

      First sponsor video I've actually watched! Well done.

    24. flippert0

      Let's you appreciate the work of ILM 30 years ago even more, I guess. Nevertheless kudos to Wren and Peter for doing this practically overnight.

    25. clairvoyant

      Wait wait wait, you think this is a vfx? THAT HAPPENED FOR REAL BRO! They exist! Go Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate effects they're amazing

    26. T H A A E R S H A A B O

      its could done using frame by frame 2d liquified the actor with some shadows and highlight ,masking cg cage

    27. Squig Rattlehead

      Now I wanna see Patrick Stewart as a terminator

    28. CDMAIN

      Nice! Thanks for reminding me I’ll be 30 in a couple months. 🥸😛

    29. Andrew Robinson

      Ghost busters

    30. taoqlee



      ..a-ha, 30 years ago this shot managed better .. old school rules!!

    32. Rashed Atmos

      I think old video is great then new...

    33. bobbofly

      The eye movement was creepy AF. Reminded me of Angus Scrimm's "Tall Man" Character from the Phantasm movies - that same twitchy, psychotic vibe.

    34. Alysa Fajard

      at 14:24 ever thought of using Boolean?

    35. Krzysztof Szuprytowski

      3d scanning? Ask MetaHERO ,)

    36. Ko_ a

      I need me one of those McStickies

    37. J Ma

      Like it but looked too bouncy. Needs to be like goo. When you make it pass thru a colander it should reform quick without bounce

    38. Kelly Pagano

      That movie had so many amazing effects shots it’s crazy. You guys did a great job in a short time trying to replicate it. Well done.

    39. Jay Jacob

      So, I might be the only one to think this, but I would love to see them do like a CGI fight scene from Deadliest Warrior. I mean, the show itself was good but I would like to see the real battle wounds inflicted. Anyone else think this too or just me?

    40. Alex k

      Those things were not available in t2 times

    41. Andrew Taylor

      very cool

    42. Arvin Peopleinlove

      T2 is one of the rare movies that are better than their first version. Plus the movie itself is faultless. People who worked on this masterpiece are absolute geniuses!!!!!

    43. Tin Kos

      U guys made a small but big mistake. U see.. In ur animations u let the bars push the "characters" "material" aka liquid metal backwards and stretched it as if it was made of slime or play doh and that is why u got those warping effects if u look closely into the original "movie scene" u will notice that T1000 let's bars cut through him and as soon as the bars pass completely it starts putting..... gluing idk back together in normal face and we'll all body. So try to do like butter and knife efect.... And as soon knife cuts into the butter it's like u lightly press both sides of butter together.... Makes any sense??

    44. Neptune Centari

      T2 is my second favorite movie of all time. I've watched it hundreds of times. Never gets old.

      1. Malachi Roberts

        What’s your first?

    45. Adrian Tufita

      looks more organic then the T1000,like a living entity.i found this really awesome!!

    46. Mayer June

      watching this is so cool. i want to do 3d rendering so bad 😩

    47. Валерий Жмышенко

      Игорь Линк прекрасен в роли Т-1000😍

    48. fractalife

      fractalife 1 second ago I think you should use fluid simulation

    49. Vyero

      Sir Patrick Stewart hahahaha...


      For me... T2 1991 was the best movie and epic.

    51. Lloyd

      I think you could have done the face morphing around the bars using a blend shapes or whatever the alternative in blender is to make the skin appear to reform like it does in in the original shot.

    52. A S

      Nice work ✅ Salute from India 🇮🇳 😊

    53. Breve Stule

      Make sticky and blender would be great for rendering levels in fps games.

    54. Swapnil Borgaonkar

      In the camera mapped version, the movement of walking is missing, I feel.

    55. Osman Safian Baharuddin

      Do you consider inviting Steve Spaz Williams? He did T2 and Jurassic Park.

    56. Jay

      only youtube channel i watch the entire 20+ min including adds🤣you guys are captivating

    57. Sapientia Delphic Imperium R&D

      Why don't you guys shoot Moses parting tha red sea

    58. pen of inspiration

      T2 graphics are a masterpiece, way better than every effect on every terminator movie that came after. Problem with new tech is, lack of talent.

      1. VK's ASDgaming

        Terminator 2 used whole plethora of special effects. There was everything from CGI to miniatures and stuntwork. It feels more like they don't create suspension any more. Trick just happens (good VFX can be invisible to viewer) and viewer is expected to get awed by it is followed by new trick. It just meshes together to form a blur of spectacle. I personally find recreation of young Schwarzenegger in Genesys really good because it had that suspense in it. And it was really well done effect.

    59. Eyemonster Studios

      Hey Corridor Crew, care to comment on render times for these two guys? Engines?

    60. Lewis Chacon

      I was born July 29th 1991 dammm

    61. Denver Starkey

      umm they are wrong uv mapping DID exist before T2 , t2 came out in 91 , 3dmax a program for 3d was created in 88 or 89.

    62. Shane Hughes

      I still think Terminator 2 and the first two jurrasic park films ended up with effects that you can believe far more than the recent sequels over the past decade. They seem to glossed over and clean to be believable. The CGI is almosg too perfect if that can make sense?

      1. VK's ASDgaming

        I think the trick is in fact they used lots of different effects to their full effect in those films. There were real-size rex heads and actors/technicians walking around with raptor attachments. Nowadays with big effect sequences there never seems to be anything physical for actors. Christopher Nolan deserves credit of making things as real as possible.

    63. darren rutland

      Can guy do a video where you undo the visual effects of a film by using vfx to show what was taken out?

    64. Goi Dogoi

      It started with The Landmower Man.

    65. Allirog Gorilla

      Ok. Love the channel. A similar effect was done in an even earlier film ... the original nightmare on elm Street... freddy kruger walks through the bars of a jail cell in a dream sequence. I know they didn't use cgi back then but it was so flawless and convincing that for a film before cgi really made for an incredible effect.

    66. Cyan Blackflower

      I am 57 years of age. Can I presume you know what that "means"? What I'm attempting to say? 57. No. I never presume ANYTHING. Not anymore. If I consider, that when I was a kid and FYI -I have no biological kids that I am aware of. But I know kids very well because I actually WAS one once! Yeah, It's true...I think. Way back then, when the Bow & Arrow? ? Was THEE TOP SECRET GLOBAL GAME CHAnger...WEAPON!! BAAAH ! The word/term "MODERN" used in the same context...No not "text" Contex t.. FFS! Back then the term "Modern" actually was commonly used in differentiating the major changes in centres of power, or technological progress which always had blurry boundaries. Simply put: Back then "MODERN" meant "Not in Ancient Rome" In contemporary times? "Modern" now - at least to these guys - and many others, "MODERN" Means "Not before last month". I do not presume You the reader will find the many layers of humour here. While obsolescence may appear almost at conception, clearly wisdom and intelligence does NOT. One of the biggest flaws Humanity has in effect right NOW - Can be seen from ANY perspective outside the one you are likely using on a daily basis. "Wake up DUM FUK! LOOK! SEE! ? !! With astonishing velocity we move!! BUT...Look You FOOLS!!The wagon is in front of the Horses Man!!

      1. Cyan Blackflower

        BTW - I'm just goofing around and "fuckin' witcha!" 2 day -I love the video- u got my sublike-a-bel and I KNOW you Can Unnastan DAT - for what it may be worth 2 u. Whaah! It's AwL tru, every wurd I sed.

    67. wajietaus

      18:39 why did textures came back from inside->outside to instead filling up outside and slowly moving towards inside? Cause when you think about it there should be a point when face is no longer deformed but steal bars are still somewhere in his head.

      1. Mayer June

        dang, that's a nice observation. and i agree, it does look very weird and doesn't capture the unsettling yet realistic animation of the original

      2. BZCH II

        Yea and also, his head is way too static. It almost feels like if its just a crop of his face moving from left to right. Doesn’t feel like if he’s walking and its as if he’s floating through space

    68. Craig Feather

      Original way better after all these years..... I guess a big budget and lots of time is the way to go....

    69. Fizz Crisostomo

      What a coincidence I just finished watching T2 then your vid just showed at my recommendation 😳. Btw great vid keep it up

    70. Nikhil Mathew

      And don't get started about recreating Tom and Jerry or Disney movies of 1930s and 40s today :)

    71. Leo Renegade

      You guys say "literally" ALOOOOOOT!

    72. sidharth roy

      Sir.James Cameron is lit🔥

    73. Azzy

      Peter is extremely well spoken. Really a pleasure to listen to people who can speak like they're reading from an interesting script.

    74. MonkeyShaman

      The timeline when the resistance won by making non Jell-O based AI illegal.

    75. MrBodies07

      Guys, I wanna see the hybrid shot you talked about at the end

    76. Nicolás Plaza

      dude: "Patrick Stewart" me: lol *hit like button*

    77. Hector Gomez

      35 years ago they could by using a 32MB of RAM computer :v

    78. Gomgom Plays

      “Hey Sam, you shooting something or…” Actually yes

    79. Povilaz

      This is fucking gold.

    80. Angel X. Moreno

      Most amazing video I've seen. The research is super nerdy and entertaining. Love how it added details of appreciation to an already appreciated and amazing scene.

    81. Geoff Pedder

      lol. yeah not so easy is it guys

    82. Egg Sample

      next level challenge: the 3 of you cannot move out of your computer room for non cgi pictures. do it all cgi that look better than the competition.

    83. Chris Redfield

      Still can't beat the original

    84. Ese Güerito

      Is anyone else confused how anyone could dislike this video???

    85. Mallow Grant


    86. Amrik Singh

      Terminator 2 was incredible

    87. Speed Killer

      original is definetly better

    88. Texan Range

      I love this stuff

    89. johnrduartesgv

      Why dudes voice sound like a 12 year old boy still waiting for puberty to crack his voice. I literally thought it was s voice over since these guys work on videos. Kinda sad, since I realize that's a grown man with a little boy's voice.

    90. Antonio Sartini

      what about using liquid sim with high viscosity?

    91. KY SA

      considering they did this scene in the 90's one have to say it's like a million times better then yours ... so there are 2 questions left; how much time was put into that scene back then compared to yours and how much would those people flex you with todays tech :D

    92. Henry Bartsch

      What does you being as handsome as Sir Patrick Stewart have to do with Terminator 2?

    93. DonElitED

      1:33 this bs was added in extended edition and ruins the movie!

    94. Jovi Prevot

      At 8:58, shout out to Sir Patrick Stewart... haha weong name again guys

    95. Eduardo Alejandro del Corral Lira

      Personally, I like the old school approach. That said, these guys are both incredible.

    96. Smoke Dog

      👉Hey👈 You guys should recreate the original Terminator scenes!

    97. OctoMan PC's

      To think they did those FX back in the day on a Nintendo 64 lol

    98. munnamusa shippuden

      Hey Corridor Crew or any other expert here in the comment sections... The algorithm to reconstruct the 3d object that you are taking a picture of...? What is it? Like what are you using for it...? Can you tell it, if its not proprietary or untellable?

    99. Sam Lives Here

      21:32 I feel like approach would be using VBDs and having the mesh part and encase the bars instead of just stretching back but this was sweet

    100. WR3ND

      Fun factoid I heard: A fair bit of Tron was "rendered," as it were, manually by hand on paper and sent off to be entered into a computer to then draw the corresponding images.