A.i. Turned Our Childhood Photos into Nightmares

Corridor Crew

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    Niko has been messing with a new Ai program that allows you to age or de-age photos, so the crew decides to put it to the test and see how accurately it can predict their futures.

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    1. J.P. Canonigo

      Meth wren...

    2. Caustic Liberal

      AI website link?

    3. Rafael Alódio

      Face app pretty much do the same thing

    4. Con Vex

      That app is accurate. Just wait for a few more years.

    5. Daniel Grunow

      Does anyone know where the sound effect at 4:37 is from?

    6. Pink Impala

      4:52 Chris Redfield

    7. Hunter Perry

      Tom Hanks would not have diabetes if this ai could just Change his weight on camera.

    8. Charles P.

      4:38 Kris Kristofferson 😂😂😂

    9. Grichka Bogdanoff

      Do giga and beta versions.

    10. Grichka Bogdanoff

      Sam’s voice reminds me of Nick Rochforte.

    11. SebSha

      Huh why was there a depressed Danny at the beginning?

    12. Beggom

      Old man griffin is just Brian David Gilbert

    13. Jeremy MCSSJ • 69 years ago - edited

      Please give me a link to that

    14. VinylicEagle

      If i wanted to do this, where do i get the code from to make it happen?

    15. Ruben Hinze

      Imagine walking into work one day and your boss is like Wren, I need a picture of you when you were a child by tommorow.

    16. Eldridge Felder

      What is the software you're using to the AI?

    17. Musso Games

      You can change the title and thumbnail all you want... but pepridge farms remembers.

    18. Shrek

      They changed the thumbnail and title again

    19. Matt Thompson

      Therapist: Relax, Shrimp Nick is not real and he can’t hurt you.

    20. shmini shmeat

      i wish i could do this for work remodeling sucks

    21. Exself

      I can already feel the final war between man and machine

    22. double T

      What would be interesting is if you could also add pics of both parents into the AI. It might help. It might add too many variables.

    23. 🍑🚔

      It's official, I have a crush on Jordan and niko lol

    24. jeffrey spinner

      Uh, I don't see the link for the AI program you guys used. What a great omission! Did I miss it right in front of my face? Can I find this on "Two Minute Papers" channel? How could you NOT include the link to the program, bruh!

    25. Zach Barker

      This is how they made Mark Zuckerberg

    26. aPpYe

      okay, this looks like it is being done in a web browser. What url?

      1. Monk0 Playz

        pause at 1:28

    27. RighteousAlarm

      12:01 "Do the roar"

    28. Viktoras K.

      Video starts at 4:00

    29. sportykev

      Korean Matt looks like Jon Gosselin

    30. Temp

      7:04 "I'll turn up the fisherman values" Of course

    31. Smit Shah

      What's the name of this website or software?

    32. Shaniel Oemraw

      12.30 i love jesus

    33. Teigan Allen

      Can you guys please show us how they did the animation on the 7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958!?!?!?

    34. Spenser Lopez

      Wren's teeth were too nice to be a meth addict.

    35. ItsFridayYesItIs


    36. Kangsate

      Day 0 of upload Me: okay, I'm gonna prepare myself Day 6 of upload Me: I'M READY TO RELOAD!

    37. Gaming Oracle

      I for one can't even look at a character creator without a meth usage slider so this ai gets a thumbs up from me!

    38. Krusty

      11:19 Looks like a anorexic mark hamill lol

    39. Nicholas Walker

      What girl from your team wore the "I Love Jesus" shirt? I love Jesus too!

    40. J M

      “Sam with gunshot wound to the face, but from a bullet made out of Niko’s face”

    41. Mar Hen

      The thumbnail gave me Ned Luke vibes

    42. Power Core Gamer

      Looks like something me and my bro can have fun with

    43. Sachin Animatormer 2.O

      Please react indian movie vfx . React to these bollywood movie . 1.i(aai) 2 kriss 3 Kriss 3 4 2.o 5 Doom 3 6 K.G.F 7 simbha 8 Race 1 9 Race 2 10Flight 11 koi mil Gaya . 12. Uri: the serjical strike 13 tanhaji 14 Jallikattu . 15 tik tik tik 77777 Kibba & kibbi . This channel help you to find VFX clip 777 Please one more reaction .

    44. TheDuncsMusic


    45. Headless Onion

      If you guys are interested in similiar manipulation of faces and other things, I would recommend checking out "ArtBreeder". You can get pretty surprising effects as well.

    46. Din Babwa

      I wonder how much the A.I. understands that children's faces proportionally are different from adult faces. Does the A.I. accomodate for these proportional differences?

    47. Miguel Angel

      "My eyebrows are starting to connect slowly but surely" Anyone want to tell him, they already are.....

    48. Rick Robinson

      Wren's gentle sales pitch sold me on the website. Way to go Wren

    49. Silence

      7:42 my mans looks like an underdeveloped melon with hair and elephant ears lol 😂😂😂

    50. Tschele Presents


      1. Jude the dude

        That's what I'm wondering

    51. Jacob Mills

      Wren’a older face was him and Shia la beouf

    52. Scott Reichert

      We are definitely in a simulation.

    53. As it is films

      Coz God uses a different kinda render engine.

    54. Enamul Haque Nayeem

      React on some Satyajit Ray's films please

    55. Hari's Vlog

      Does somebody have this program to use

    56. O Morfeas Paizei

      WAIT I'M GREEK!(like no joke i'm actually Greek)

    57. averagepainter

      disgusting. but also scary to think what the future holds in store.

    58. Late

      4:33 Holy shit that looks like George W. Bush

    59. Dudeman9339

      it's absurd how much baby Niko looks exactly like adult baby Niko

    60. Ningnomaningnong

      A.I's are super smart. A.I's are also super dumb.

    61. Morgan Grant

      "..me as a toddler...well not a toddler, 3 to 4 years old" ...so a toddler

    62. X- Wolf

      They should try using pictures of young Ian McKellen, that way they can get an accurate end goal in mind.

    63. leaguen

      where do i find this

    64. Brianna C Reacts

      I see we decided to change the thumbnail.

    65. Cyberstorm64DD

      GANs! Such a great thing

    66. john sawyer

      1:17 he turns into William Osman

    67. Whoeverhitme

      Not Niko Notnico

    68. xXPumpTheGamerXx

      Can someone please tell me what the A.I. Is?

    69. lorddeimos2000


    70. FoggyDesigner

      Just realized that Griffin looks like beard from hotline miami

    71. Lebrie Jirving

      We are actually teaching computers... How to replicate the human stature now?

    72. Kyle Reynhart

      Nick's aged face looks like Eric Bana had a child with Chris Pratt 😂 Edit: I'm talking abt his bearded version

    73. Unofficial_Gamer

      5:23 Griffith!!!

    74. SuperLalulalu

      @5:55 That Niko looks like Hasbulla with beard lol

    75. Shiratori

      0:38 Bad ending

    76. Nick W

      I wonder if anything would change if you switched those 'correction' words to the other side and inverted them. As in, instead of having "baby face" and "skinny adult face", what if you had "fat baby face" and just "adult face"? EDIT: I also wonder how well it would de-age your current faces into baby faces. Would the AI baby faces be similar to the real baby photos? You'd probably need to specify "fat baby face" for that conversion, too...

    77. OnThe DL

      That was a good laugh. No lie though A.I. has millions of miles to go til it gets accurate. Which honestly, I'm happy about. The world will get way more scary confusing when A.I. gets perfect.

    78. HypercatZ

      Does that thing have an "anthropomorphic character face" option?

    79. Andrew Looney

      Baby Sam with a bowl of cereal looks just like *Augustus Gloop* from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and now i cant unsee it

    80. Andres Loza

      Where can I find that code or application? Wanna try it with my friends

    81. Nix Flix

      11:23 looks like shaggy from live action scooby doo

    82. Nix Flix

      6:44 lol he looks like willem dafoe 😂

    83. Junrei Wang

      Dean Norris

    84. David Nuttall

      Nick, your "adult face" reminds me of David Phelps, a famous tenor singer, but not yourself that much.

    85. juicyNathan

      Спасибо за видео, комментарий в поддержку вашей работы

    86. Caleb

      Wren seems to get too serious about stuff sometimes. Like he really wanted everyone else to have to do the meth pictures just cuz he got one. Dead ass took it personally lol

    87. Pulp Ted

      I thought they were going to say “There is no sponsor on today’s video because we mentioned meth 20xs” 😂😂😂

    88. DrZonic

      So Wren on meth is also Tony Hawk on meth?

    89. Stefan Morris

      Just a thought maybe if the ai could accept the parents face aswell it could predict better

    90. Womble

      please give a link to the AI I wanna put Bob The Builder on crack

    91. Stacy Muya

      The funniest thing is just how much these adult men are enjoying this.

    92. Meat Bag

      Why do I feel like this technology will be used by the government for nefarious reasons

    93. peter campbell

      Brilliant episode 👏👏👍

    94. J!MMY 0615

      The fake Niko is Noki

    95. Maks Bereski

      Wren on meth looks like Tony Hawk

    96. ZomBro_BOSS

      I did not think that baby Niko on the thumbnail was actually baby niko

    97. Bibbus 06

      Im sorry was griffin eating cereal out of a glass?

    98. Ian Zainea

      I've always been interested in this comparison, except slightly differently. Police sketches and police "what they look like now" aging up sketches. Like, have someone describe their brother to a sketch artist and then see if it looks similar, and have someone describe someone they just met that day and see if that is better or worse. Also, just do what you have here, except having a person age someone up. Or like, when they do facial reconstructions for mummies or (sadly) murdered people, using their skulls. I would be interested in seeing someone getting a CT scan done or MRI or w/e to get a 3D model of their skull, 3D print that out, and then having someone do a facial reconstruction on the 3D print and see how close they get.

    99. MaxxLovesMilk

      Nicks pictures just look like jim cary

    100. Vincent

      Where can I download StyleCLIP or what is the official website to use StyleCLIP?