VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 46

Corridor Crew

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    Sam, Niko, and Wren sit down to break down the best (and worst) VFX in your favorite Hollywood movies!

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    1. Alisson Alves de Araújo

      You could invite some practical effect artist to react. Someone like Adam Savage. It would be very nice!

    2. Monsterjip117

      So why was the actor replaced?

    3. Jarik C-Bol

      Why did they replace an actor?

    4. Random Gaming

      8:51 I mean there are already softwares before UNREAL's nantite that can display trillions of polygons without any lag, lookdev softwares like Katana and Clarisse are known for that. There are similar things like nanite that have existed ij different softwares before, Blender has adaptive subdivision which basically does similar thing, reduces subdivision levels of your mesh based on how far it is from the camera, but there's a big catch nantite that they haven't figured it out yet which is, it doesn't work for deforming meshes, it only works with static meshes. Remember there's no perfect tool in the world and before unreal, there are other relatime engines in like eevee which Blender already had before for animation and cg general and not games.

    5. Ninjycoon

      I got a pair of Vessies. The waterproofing is legit. They do soak up water if submerged but only the outer layer. It won't get inside the shoe. They don't offer half sizes so mine are a bit too big for my feet. Mine don't seem to be anymore breathable then my past shoes though. Overall a good shoe but if you don't care about waterproofing then i'd say they're standard.

    6. Zutraxi

      Why did they have to place a person in the to begin with

    7. tlrmcknnn

      Not just any actress, Tig Notaro, one of the best comedians alive!

    8. Christian Schmude

      What they just described, the "groundbreaking technique that will change video games forever" with Unreal 5.... that's Spyro the Dragon. The backgrounds of those games were all untextured untextured until you started to get close to it they would actually load the textures while you got up to them, so it was easy to render such a wide open level and sorta gave the realistic allusion of objects becoming more clear the closer you get to them. I know I sound cranky here and I don't like being negative, but I'm a bit cynical at the idea of massive AAA industry salivating at photorealism that'll never look good as good as it did when it first came out while claiming the innovation implemented by of the "terrible graphics" of a literal cartoon on the Playstation 1! Also guys, I love you, but comparing anything to that piece of cinematic necromancy is not a compliment to anyone.

    9. Matthew Carson

      You could do an entire episode on Jim Henson.

    10. Martin Andersson

      Hehe 6.07 did you se the hand enyone?

    11. Yuri

      Ray Harryhausen pls show his effects and talk about him. he was amazing it may not looking impressive today (for me it is great ) but he was a legend ...

    12. Dumb Dead Bih


    13. jstuckless

      Don't forget when they put Tig Notaro into the movie they also had to pull Chris D'Elia out of the movie. I know its easier to remove Chris than to add Tig, but it's worth mentioning that they didn't just add a character, they replaced him with her.

    14. MrStoukaph

      If you were to remake an old classic like Ghostbusters or similar, would you do modern CGI or would you put the extra effort in to do special effects like they created back in the day?

    15. Michael Young

      Please do a full episode on fury road sfx and stunt work

    16. Weston Yager

      Whyd they replace the actor?

      1. Nixx

        because the original one was accused of sexual harassment

    17. Kakashi

      Why did they even replace her in Army of the dead?

    18. brandon haner

      Do central intelligence opening

    19. OB1KXB

      bad suggestion: compare the car transformations from the show Viper to Knight Rider 2008. there is like 14 years between them but the quality is about the same

    20. Shannon Rose

      I loooved Final Fantasy: Spirits Within as a kid. That movie was like an amazing mind blowing thing to me

    21. ART3MIS X


    22. sammuelkain

      Nice one, oh my childhood was so simple & fun back then 😊... so about the sfx try 2 make the shape-shifting transactions one's 😜! 😉👍

    23. Egert Kanep

      I feel like the virtual production with UE is still far off as it is being talked about with nanite and what not. I think a big part of how a movie is going to look and what is even happening there happens in post. No one will ever be able to solve the whole movio on set with some screens. They will still end up cutting out actors and what not

    24. Helen Rowlett-Barbu

      i never even heard of the Doolittle movie, even tho i was a fan of the books as a kid. no wonder it flopped

    25. H T

      WOOH FPS

    26. Archaic Method

      My moms best friend / mentor is Zak Snyders go to script supervisor. Maybe I could get the message across! :) My little sister went on a hike with zak and his family a while ago. And apparently he asked for my opinion on the Snyder cut cuz my moms friend told him I'm a comic fan lol

    27. Weyoun Six

      I love Wren, I always found him really dorky but the more I watch it’s just part of his charm

    28. willgtl

      So Unreal 5 basically has really fancy LOD?

    29. sasparilla

      Was that Grant Imohara in the FF footage?

    30. Ben Pebbles

      I did NOT realise that that one actress was fully put into the movie after the fact. Omg.

    31. 「OctoTrix」 !

      Spirits within was mind blowing?

    32. NookieCrusher

      Lol from 54 right now or 500 dollars WTF. Go away!

    33. Shady Coder

      Ghostbusters creators were so cleverly creative. Mind blown.

    34. EPIC OSG

      Found you guys on Saturday while searching Blender toutorials and have been binging since. Always been interested in movies and the process. Great Channel.

    35. Mark Brennan

      At least start your morning with some nice beer, not piss water Budweiser 😂

    36. YnnatheguardianChannnel

      “it’s saturday morning” me, sitting on the toilet at 12:05 am saturday:

    37. NH

      Sam, is that the second AKIRA shirt I’ve seen you wear in these videos? I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

    38. Zitrox

      one must learn to love to hate maya

    39. 13strong

      For all its technological achievements, Spirits Within was a truly terrible film.

    40. Sol RC

      Near 5 million subs and still begging, its sad. I love the show but I am just going to unsubscribe and get my fx knowledge from someplace else less needy . Cheers

    41. Ariel helwani's nose

      just cut the hair off bro

    42. Cat Lover

      You guys should talk about Mad Max Fury Road? Legend has it that Tom Hardy lost his shit on the set because he didn't know what they were filming.

    43. Cat Lover

      Do you kids even know with Ghostbusters, they threw out the movie they were going to do and made something else up on the spot? Same guys who did Caddyshack and they did the exact same thing, threw out the script and made another movie on the spot.

    44. L T

      Zach Snyder finally comes on Corrider Wren: "Zach! Thank you so much for coming on we really love your work and it is an honor to have you here with us today!" Zach: "Well Thanks Ben, I just want to make it very clear that I am not affiliated in anyway with Corridor Digital or Corridor Crew and I denounce Asian Hate" .... Wren: " Well...thanks, now Suckerpunch?"

    45. Hannah

      The White Witches Ice palace as Edmund enters for the first time in Lion the witch and the wardrobe, they did it as more of a special effect thing than visual but the scattering of the light and the clarity is really neat.

    46. Ranjan Bikash Gogoi Official

      Yess bring Zack Snyder

    47. Joe Siena

      Saul Bass' opening credits for Seconds (1966) use an analog distortion effect a lot like the one from Ghostbusters II. Highly recommend watching those credits as well as the film.

    48. Agust Edvardsson

      Please make a breakdown off the Warcraft movie!

    49. Tyler King

      Why did they replace an actor in Army of the dead?

    50. Lacey Ann

      Waaait, the woman who was cut Into the film is a comedian. I watched some of her standup recently and had some good laughs 😊

    51. Duane Walters

      I'd like to see some Big Trouble in Little China stuff redone

    52. Reiflexx

      @9:20 - Who else tried clicking "interact" thinking it was a new YT 3D feature ... LOL

    53. Maccatron

      Why did they have the replace the women in the zombie film?

    54. MSmithDev

      At 12:22 is the girl in the far back in burgundy weird? you don't see her walking behind she just appears after.

    55. Vernon PGros Morne

      @ 6:34 you can actually see Robert Downey Jr's hand come through the left side of the dragons head.

    56. VHS Collector Kyle

      How about watching the scene from the Great Muppet Caper where Kermit and Miss Piggy are riding bikes. Pretty neat special effects there I think. No CGI or Visual Effects.

    57. Krzysztof P

      Check out the explosion from Derailed, 2002 with Van Damme - around 15:30. The CGI elements are completely not needed and are completely, horribly wrong... And the bridge explosion at 01:15:20 - is great to react too :)

    58. Tyler Shelton

      I caught something you guys didnt. @6:34 you can see his hand on the other side of the dragon. No where close to where his actual body is. You can tell they didnt put much effort in that scene. You're welcome

    59. Wojciech Mazurek

      Poking the photons is actually so accurate description :o

    60. 25taylor91

      Dungeons and Dragons (2000). I’ve asked on every video 👎🏻

    61. Teigan Allen

      Can you guys please show us how they did the animation on the 7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958!?!?!?

    62. Ephraim Belnap

      Is NANITE courtesy of Ray Palmer?

    63. TheFigure71

      Most shoes have the age old problem when it comes to waterproofing, there's a hole for your foot to go into 🤷‍♂️

    64. Raafae Zaki

      Zack Snyder did Chris D'Elia so dirty

    65. 20-Muhammad Fikri K-XI MIPA 5

      I'm afraid that the fate of movies in the future will literally be a CG fest that only focused on the VFX and not the plot. Hi Kevin

    66. I miss when jake did other stuff besides sponsorships

    67. Sanele Mwelase

      Is it me or the guy in the middle is acting extra dum just to make the reveal extra special? Just me? Ok maybe it’s just me.

    68. Brian Baer

      No way any of these guys carry enough testosterone to drink a Budweiser

    69. Superhero Verse

      Do those guys make VFX in movies?

    70. Ash Lockheart

      15:12. Knowing fully well that there are way more inappropriate things shown on HRaero that are still up today, I call BS on the adult rating issue. You just want people to go to your website. Good try with the Gotcha though. 😆😂

    71. zlayne

      Comment if you’ve actually bought Vesi shoes 🤔

    72. Hippocrates

      That's why we have no new good ideas any more. Because everyone is focusing on the technology instead of a great story. (and don't bother telling me about a good movie you've watched that you're probably going to forget about in 2 years). New technology is good, but forgettable. Great stories stay forever

    73. MrDorilean

      A good writer should react to Army of the dead. Hahahahaha

    74. Kult Hliba

      Russian cyberpunk farm... ( BIRCHPUNC STUDIO) I think you must see the story...

    75. Paul Cochran

      A couple car stunts you could check out come to mind: The bridge jump in "The Man With The Golden Gun" and the car roll near the end of "McQ".

    76. 7113 Sachin kumar

      We need more videos on Bollywood VFX reacts 🥰🥰

    77. LPTV

      It must be said, when looking at the unreal engine 5 section, I felt like I saw history. Past and present and a glimpse to the future.

    78. Super Chug

      Please react to the last airbender those effects my god

    79. xander smith

      Please please please do grizzly 2

    80. ninjaeris131

      @5:13 Look, I'm an avid lover of of the 2016 reboot, so while yes there was so noticeable uses of CGI for the ghosts in that movie, the vast majority of both them was actually done as practical as possible. All the normal size ghosts were actors in full makeup & costumes with lights on them, with only a digital veil put over them to give the more spooky effect

    81. Richard Mason

      Most intriguing breakdown hidden behind a paywall :(

    82. Henrique Camacho

      Sugestion: The Umbrella Academy

    83. prawny12009

      i thought there was something funny about the interactions with the pilot in army of the dead like she wasn't focused on the other person properly.

    84. Flynn The Redhead

      You didn’t really mention Nanite’s “shortcomings” where it doesn’t work with flexible meshes, only rigid models. So no King Kong, but a giant Robot made using multiple rigid objects.

    85. wolf

      6:34 a hand on other side ?

    86. Pierre L

      Shout outs Chris D’elia

    87. sonikboom

      I wonder what blompkamps oats studios is going to do with unreal 5 dayum

    88. TheBlackMarket336

      Sams teeth look so yellow with the great resolution & lighting cgi those things white next time guys that's what yalk should react too.

    89. Richard Quintero

      Take a look at the Resident Evil CGI movies , Damnation,Vendetta,Degeneration!

    90. Mario Pérez

      Can you do a special for stop motion pictures, maybe mr. Anderson can come to the video.

    91. Ribless

      0:27 whoa you had the same intro sound as Neilogical (or he has the same as you?)

    92. thenorup

      Did a lot of the main channel Corridor videos suddenly get deleted, I went to the channel and there are only 3 videos posted in the last year!

    93. Lutian Films

      Matthias Schweighöfer 😁💪 Go Deutschland!

    94. Henry Ruiz

      @Corridor Crew you missed at 5:55 RDJs hand clips through the dragon on the left side of the dragons snout

    95. Drip.Inf*

      Them shoes look weak asl

    96. Ramses Amon RA


    97. StreetBeagleKz

      Sometimes i click on these of these videos, just to enjoy Jake's sponsor segments

    98. Lucrin Arthur

      now that someone *has* mentioned "Final Fantasy spirits within", does anyone think that it would look more amazing if we remake it~??

    99. Mimsy

      Lmao that one actress who replaced the other one, poor thing had to do all of her lines in front of a green screen or something and not talk to the actual person she’s interacting with.

    100. isaiah

      So crazy to see gaming graphics evolve over the year now it’s so good it’s being used in movies 🤯