Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Sword Fights 2

Corridor Crew

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    Niko is joined by sword combat expert Luke LaFontaine and stuntwoman Jessica Medina to break down the best (and worst) fight sequences in Hollywood films!

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    1. jessica medina

      Hey guys thank you for the love.I love you guys so much.The Video was actually cut in two Videos.This Video focus on Luke and the next video is Focusing on me.Thank you for the support 🥰😘🤗

      1. The Mighty Sparrow

        Seriously why is the lady there? This guy takes all the limelight.

      2. garrett odonnell

        @Josef de Joanelli stinky

      3. Josef de Joanelli

        Ah good 😊

      4. Jan Negrey

        @garrett odonnell And you're still here. Call it a bait - but what you have is unhealthy obsession. She wasn't boring. I wonder how much expertise would Luke have on the subject that he isn't an expert of. Corridor Crew simply screwed up (and that is assuming good faith - which quickly evaporates) by showing more "sword" videos to 2 guests, one of which is an expert on the stuff and while the other might also be knowledgeable - well it's hard to top an expert. Or perhaps they just edited it this way thinking of 2 parter (but not telling us that for some reason) and realized that there wasn't enough material for part 2 after they released it? There are many possibilities and regardless of what you think CC screwed up. Question is whether it was small or big screw up. Do you always assume something is Woman's fault or is it just your obsession towards Jessica Medina?

      5. garrett odonnell

        😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 still nothing

    2. D-MF-L

      Nope. F that. The Princess Bride sword was a life changing sword fight moment only rivaled by Episode III. I don’t care what anybody says because IT MADE ME FEEL something I can’t express with words or swords. Respectfully.

    3. Enkii Muto

      This guy is basically every medieval youtuber into a stuntman. I'd love to see him go in-depth with more stuff like this

    4. sammuelkain

      Oh, that's a relief 😊 bcs I thought that I saw 3 words of Jessica & that's all folks 😁... but part 2 is coming 🤗! 👌😉

    5. Izzy Turner-Hicks

      Did you guys ever react to the Butcher of Blaviken fight in The Witcher? It’s one of my favourite fight scenes ever, I love how it demonstrated Geralt’s skills and was shot all in one take.

    6. s Hill

      Achilles did moves VERY similar to Darth Maul and his Wushu style. Ray Park watched this fight and smiled I'm sure.

    7. Rivelino Phillip

      Would like to hear your views on highlander best episodes. jessoca sup you shy?

    8. SuperGene

      4:27 I get what he's saying about random spins but what anakin and obi wan are doing in this clip are actual techniques not just random spins and he said

    9. See Thomas Howl

      I disagree with the Chinese martial arts comment in the Troy spear fight. He made that observation simply because he has more modern eastern martial arts observations and instances to draw upon to make comparisons. We have no evidence to imply the movements were more eastern if for no other reason than eastern martial arts are the only live action source to draw upon both for him and the choreographer. No reason to believe that the style represented of Trojan spear fighting (outside of a shield wall) would be closer to eastern weapon martial arts for exactly the same reason he indicated - there was no modern examples of Trojan spear fighting other than pottery/art. I am frankly tired of Western martial arts being thrown out the window when choregraphing or breaking down such scenes.

    10. ChileanIggy

      "Pedantic" doesn't begin to describe this guy. Clearly knowledgeable and very happy to share it which is nice, but fuck man... one can impart a good deal of knowledge and be succinct at the same time.

    11. Nathaniel Edward

      Anyone else specifically waiting for part 2 of this video, which still doesn't seem to exist?

    12. Stephen Strange

      Didn't have a problem so much with the spinning and flipping in Revenge of the sith since jedis have heightened abilities

    13. Frank Boogaard

      When stabbed in the lower abdomen your body "Planks", every muscle cramps up to prevent massive bloodloss. I can tell you from experience that is NOT something nice, or heroic. No hero stuff involved...I cried like a little baby.

    14. Frank Boogaard

      The big difference between blanks and airsoft is: Blanks Can Actually Kill Someone

    15. Sabiq Rusydi

      Dang, the duelist felt so gritty and raw, I guess because that's how life is

    16. Quanah LeCornu

      achilles and petriclis were lovers. i dunno how to spell.

    17. Alfred Lear

      I love the dualists. Many great scenes and some fantastic characters acting to perfection. Great script, great story, great direction, great cinematography, excellent score. Can't recommend it highly enough

    18. Di Ramirez

      As someone who shoots i can tell you the more you train the less you flinch. In fact you train to suppress the flinch, a John Wick type will not flinch during a gunfight.

    19. Peter the Peter

      7:25 what is that the end of the video? If not then why the fuck would you interrupt it with meaningless begging for subscribing? Why would i subscribe to channel that will just put stupid random shit in middle of it's videos?

    20. gr3yh4wk1

      Always thought the Princess Bride fight was great at depicting two opponents being flashy but neither opponent in actual fact wanted to kill the other, hence it was more for show than anything else. Thats why it works I think.

    21. Haverja Marosi

      1:06 "Alright, lets take a little look at, one of the most - i think - icoinic swordfights scenes" While two guys are fighting with shields and spears .... Great start!

    22. wolfrainexxx

      9:25 - Wait... so fighting shirtless would actually be more sane because a shirt will guarantee you'll die?

    23. JJ FRENZY

      Can you guys look at Rwby’s fight choreography ?

    24. Mike Sparrow

      You should check this scene out with this sword expert :) Best regards.

    25. RCady33

      The Duelist is fantastic, highly underrated and under seen.

    26. Capti0nem

      The obi wan vs anakins fight was phenomenal

    27. C. Music

      I found the comments very insightful and interesting! maybe not the smartest thing to have invited jessica too. The things discussed just suited Luke way better.

    28. saturn Steel

      Hey guys please react jet li fearless sword fight with the bald guy 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    29. saturn Steel

      Hey guys please react jet li fearless sword fight with the bald guy

    30. Felipe S. Rojas

      React to Stargirl Season 2 Episode 6 fight scene

    31. LazyMrShikamaru

      To be fair about the Princess Bride fight was thought up by those two. They trained to fight but they only had a few days to come up with the fight.

    32. korv korv

      "Hector is fighting in place of his brother" No he isn't? That was the "fight" with Helena's husband and that was over pretty damn quick.

    33. dtulip1

      The Princess Bride is BRILLIANT..never DIS The PB :D

    34. Bobby Clarkson

      You guys should really do some stop motion reaction. I think that would be cool

    35. Gilfishy

      Well, I would say that Westly's sword is based on a meyer rapier, which doesn't have a riccasso

    36. PongoXBongo

      I wish more movie fights included shields. You can actually swing directly at your opponent that way, without the typical safety concerns that explain why people are always swinging over heads, stabbing the air next to someone, and endlessly clanging swords together. Edit: I just demonstrated said safety concerns by injuring myself during a brief proof-of-concept in my kitchen (no blood drawn, just a bruised bone). Wish I had been using a shield, lol.

    37. fapnawb

      He's absolutely correct about Achilles and Hector's fight not only being amazingly well choreographed and shot but that it makes it all the better for the story behind it all, the reason why they are fighting. Love the movie and that scene.

    38. Kaleb Bryan

      Please react to The King from Netflix! I personally love the fighting in that movie!

    39. sajib sjb

      Nope, it's not the motivation. Achilles had better plot armour for millennia.

    40. landon shea

      not real? you sir have no idea the history of this planet

      1. landon shea

        @Rhizz K ok

    41. Aaryan Wadekar

      Next time in swordsmen react, please do 3 sword style of zoro, from the anime of One piece. I want to know how is 3 swords efficient

    42. Josef de Joanelli

      This comment section is super wholesome. We have a bunch of raising issue with the equality of input from both guests which is great. Of course we find out from other commenters, including Jessica and Luke themselves, that each have essentially their own part in two seperate videos.

    43. Alex Costa

      This shot literally looks like a Victorian painting it is otterly breathing 8:07

    44. Dane Parsons

      Yes! Troy has one of the best sword fights in history.

    45. Nathan Drake

      I've never heard the fight scene in Troy broken down in such detail so beautifully 😯. Just found yourself a new sub 👍

    46. Gary Howard

      Are you also using Gas blowback guns with flash mods?

    47. Amy

      Hey, doubt anyone will read this and if they do I fully expect to be attacked by men for having made this observation, but from a woman's perspective, this segment is sooo incredibly cringy boysclub. It's highly too bad because I really want to be able to watch this channel without feeling this so often, but for what it's worth, it's something that's there if you ever feel like addressing it. I'll continue to watch because I like learning about all the stuff you talk about and i really genuinely like the corridor crew guys, but I as a fem watching this channel, I always feel like an outsider.

    48. M.E. YA4P

      It did happen that people got stabbed and just killed you afterwards, The British have accounts of it and in France, dueling got banned because usually both parties died, and George Silver writes about the thrusts efficacy in killing, arguing that the cut is preferrable because the thrust is not always immediately lethal.

    49. provenelk

      If you do swords again you should react to the sabre duel in the Polish movie, The Deluge

    50. MizzardLetsPlay

      I wouldn't say Hector and Achilles weren't ever real. They might be, the whole being helped by the gods and being invincible part is kinda sus though. Achilles was perhaps a great fighter so people started believing he was invincible.

    51. MrLordMooMoo

      I watched Highlander again the other day and was immediately struck with how awful the swordfights were. Cool music though.

    52. Sinclair

      Why don’t you list the names of the movies?

    53. Kryptik

      C'mon cc. Do better. It was an interesting episode sure, but very clearly poorly managed and questionably edited.

    54. Ross McLeod

      I'd love to hear Luke break down the final fight scene in "Rob Roy".

    55. Calamity

      yo still no second episode... just saying. Unsubscribe.

    56. Thrxll

      Hector!!!!!!!!!!! That was epic

    57. Ham Bone

      This guy looks like the Hot Wings host's little brother

    58. Earl P

      Half ads. at some point just run a video with no other purpose than selling square space for like 8 minutes with 6 ad breaks for those stupid celphone games.

    59. rcc

      Jesus that fucking guy talks a lot.

    60. Rusty Shackleford

      Achilles and Hector aren't real? lmao ok

    61. Alyssa J.

      I love how when critiquing the Princess Bride fight the guy's like "there's so much wrong with this fight...but it's great...but there's this little thing...but no really it's a work of art...but there's this that's wrong with it...but it's a classic seriously I like the fight all the Princess Bride fans dont hate me! it's a thing of beauty! but also that other part doesn't make sense."😂😂😂

    62. Tarn 113

      As a person who’s been stab and cut, stabbing hurts awhile later but longer. Getting cut hurts instantly but it’s shorter period of pain. Not sure which is better.

    63. maximus kek

      “we don't have lots of evidence of how the Greeks fought with spears" Alexander has entered the chat


        Alexander wasnt greek, was macedonian. And the Troy-Greek war was suposed to happen almost a 1000 years before Alexander

    64. Þórir Már Jónsson

      Awesome video. I clearly need to check out The Duellists. I would have loved to get some comments on Seven Samurai, but this was still great.

    65. Alita Road

      Wow lol I haven't seen Troy but having this fight scene told to me shows how far from the source they went. It was Achilles lover that died and Achilles was a spoiled brat who wouldn't come out and fight until his lover stole his armor and died in his place. Then he slaughtered Hector and desecrated the corpse by dragging it around Troy behind his horse and refusing Hector a proper burial. Paris never once comes out of the city.

    66. Ben Zuckier

      Where's the part two??????

      1. Kryptik

        Very likely not coming. It seems to me they were just scrambling for any form of damage control after poor management of the episode. Unfortunate, as I really would have loved to see more from Medina.

    67. Leroy Russell

      Hector losing to Achilles was one of the only times I truly hated that somebody lost the sword fight. I really liked Hector. He was a truly likeable person in that movie. Even though we all knew he was going to lose that fight, I couldn't help but root for him to win. That was definitely one time where the good guy did not win.

      1. Noah Miller

        Hector was fighting for his family and city!

    68. P Cochran

      Who says Achilles and Hector aren’t real people?!? Just because they’ve been mythologized doesn’t mean that they never existed. They used to say Troy didn’t exist. We don’t say that anymore.

    69. mrgrand26

      I feel like I’ve seen Jessica in Robocop and Robocop 2 🤔

    70. Orchidilia

      So where is that part 2 with Jessica??? Still waiting....

    71. Somebody stole my Toast ̊— ̊

      From the things he is explaining (the man or guy i dont now what to name him the movie guy) he would probaly hate the new clone wars series because it starts with a sword fight or lighsaber fight if you prefere and i dont think they tell you why they want to kill them and who made them do it and ect.

    72. #theAutumnal cyclist

      To be honest there movies and we wouldn't want to pay to watch two people scared shitless about going near each other due to the fear of death!

    73. steven Lowe

      Can we mention the fact that in movies armour never seems to stop weapons? So why bother wearing it? It's heavy and clumsy. Except that people did - for thousands of years. Maybe it did actually protect people? Hmmm?

    74. Marek Aureliusz

      Do polish movie "Potop" sword duel

    75. narrastreet

      still cringing when they say achilles' "family member" got killed I DRAW THE LINE AT ACHILLES BEING STRAIGHT

    76. GM J

      Good content, fun to watch, too

    77. michael espinoza

      Where is Zoro homies?

    78. Monothefox

      How about the double (2 on 2) off-brand lightsaber fight between Marjo Gortner, David Hasselhoff and two awesomely poorly stop-motion animated golems in Starcrash?

    79. Nick Haynie

      I really liked the Achilles vs Hector fight. I always thought it looked amazing

    80. Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!

      Hector when dueling Achilles wasn't fighting for his brother. That fight was against Menelaus and Hector let Paris defend his own honor until the moment Manelaus was going to kill him Hector's motivation was to defend Troy. He accepted Achilles duel because he went to the gates to call for him. It would've been dishonorable to not accept the duel, even though he could've just ordered the archers to shoot @ Achilles Yes Achilles was a better warrior, but Hector wasn't far behind, and was a better strategist and military commander than Achilles. Plus there's the fact Achilles is a demigod while hector is a human Also concerning the hand grip, those pottery and paintings depict military formations. This was 1v1 duel, and they were in a league above normal people

    81. Adam Baker

      Only caveat I would add about the gunfire and facial reactions bit is that when you've trained with weapons for a long enough period of time, you get used to that loudness and that recoil, so it is not as surprising. The first time I fired a weapon? Absolutely took me by surprise... After 6 years in the military as combat arms and firing handfuls of different weapons hundreds if not thousands of times... It's a little different. There is less of the involuntary shock to the firing because you're so accustomed to it. Your eyes won't instinctively close or shut after every round fired. You don't recoil in surprise at the sound or sudden recoil in your hands. But the weapon still will have that recoil and move your body. So to replicate that I would definitely still 100% go for blanks over airsoft because of the recoil element, and for the additional effect of the "chaos" the noise and smoke provides over that of an airsoft weapon. Firing a real round has a much different recoil than a blank, and it's even further than airsoft. So if you're looking to make things as "real as possible" without using "real ammunition", then go for the blanks, and just watch out for that muzzle blast (which can still be dangerous, or deadly). And that gunshot sound is very different using a blank with real gunpowder, compared to compressed air. Which adds to the chaos element immensely. Now you have smoke filling the air from the powder, everything is loud, everyone is yelling, and just like real combat "controlled chaos" is what ensues. You're thinking about where the enemy is, where your friendlies are, when to shoot, when to take cover, you're yelling information back and forth (Contact report: Distance, direction, description) "Contact, 12 o'clock, 300 meters! 4 Men, top of the hill!" You're hearing this, relaying it to other people. You're yelling commands to your team (if you're a leader) telling them to move, provide cover.. So much is happening every single second, and that is chaos. And if you can capture that chaos in movies like Lone Survivor or Black Hawk Down, you're going to have an amazing movie.

    82. Lucas Vinicius

      My Name Is Inigo Montoya,you killed my father,prepare to die!

    83. Fox Sky

      Luke Lafontaine for a long time I did not hear good explanations and pointed out some things. I liked point of view on some things he had

    84. Obi wan Shinobi

      Westley's sword looks like what Meyer refers to as a rapier in his Art of Combat (accept with a ring guard on both sides). although it's more like a side sword really.

    85. Chris Hayes-Kossmann

      Still hyped for part 2!

    86. TheFlutefreak

      I also hope they will title their videos "stuntpeople react" instead of "stuntmen react" when they have women guests.

    87. Josh Land

      If you do enough shooting you don't really flinch like that.

    88. Faith Black

      Great shout out to the golden oldies and the ardous task of choregraphing swordplay. I'm assuming it was more about looks and performance. Real swordplay is not comfortable at all. So we can be forgiving so long as it was safe.

    89. Kalevipoeg

      I always liked the Achilles fight scene in Troy. Can't say I bought very anglo-saxon Brad Pitt as Greek, but then, I suppose there are some blonder Greeks too (I got married there and our family friend is from Crete, so I've been around the country). Still. A movie set in ancient Greece and not one actor of Greek descent that I could see.

    90. CamsEyeView

      Still waiting for part 2 of this real excuses right now...

      1. Kryptik

        Same. It seems like it was just a lie at this point though. Disappointing, especially because it was so obviously damage control after backlash. Nothing in description or the video suggested a part two. Seems cc have already moved on with the series and are hoping people will just forget.

    91. faizaru pandesaru

      Pls react rorouni kenshin

    92. Apotheosis

      So… sword fights include Spears nowadays

    93. Cal Harding

      It's now a month later and the promised "Part 2" has yet to appear despite a completely different "Stuntmen React" video having since been uploaded. Can we just agree that there was 100% no intention of this being a "two-parter"? At no point was it mentioned or implied in the video, title, or description that there was going to be a part 2. Luke's comments were very interesting and insightful and he didn't seem to interrupt Jessica at all. He did the vast majority of the speaking, but mainly because CC ran mostly swordfight clips, so of course that solicits his input. The most awkward part is when they'd cut to an angle where all three of them are visible, and Jessica - entirely unengaged - is looking either bored or annoyed. It's actually really uncomfortable. This is the most unintentionally awkward Corridor Crew video I've seen, and I've watched most of them. I put the blame squarely with the Corridor Crew staff. They were the ones who edited Jessica almost entirely out of the video, then lied about some mythical "Part 2" (which is obvious at this point since they pinned and liked Jessica's comment to that effect) that never appeared in order to do damage control instead of just coming clean and saying "our bad". I'm almost entirely certain that Jessica will decline any future invitation to return. The fact that Luke was forced to enter the comment section to defend himself (with no support from Corridor Crew) from the fallout of bad planning and editing makes his future participation unlikely too. I may be making a big deal out of something unimportant, but as a long-time subscriber I really feel patronised, and the position you seem to have placed both Jessica and Luke in is, in a word, unprofessional. You guys have reached over 5 million subs because you know how to get things right. Don't let it go to shit because you don't know how to react when things go wrong. Maybe this is a misunderstanding, but CC aren't acknowledging or clarifying, which leaves the public to draw our own conclusions. Any PR person will tell you that that's a bad idea.

      1. Kryptik

        My feelings exactly. Truly disappointing regardless of how it's played. Strange too because, if they really had a part two, why edit them in this way? You really hit the nail on the head imo.

      2. Lacey Ann

        I don't like it either tbh. Pretty bummed they're not making right with this.

      3. Mike Payne

        Couldn't of put it better myself. Well said

    94. Bradley Sizemore

      No spoiler alert for telling me the pirate is Wesley! 😱😁

    95. PrimarySF

      That Troy fight is probably my favorite sword fight in all of history.

    96. Mike Payne

      Where's part 2? Whole thing seemed fishy before and that's getting worse as time goes on

    97. Caynon Artibee

      Yeah fuck Corridor. Maybe next time you bring on two guests you actually film two episodes? Or hell. Make a longer episode. 🖕

    98. Caleb

      You guys should watch some “knights of the old republic” cinematics

    99. Edilberto Rivera

      "We are talking about Mythology", uhmmm I think that guy needs an update regarding Troy. That modern studies suggests that it is not a complete Myth. Sure the ancients are talking about gods and everything. But that's how they are they tend to exaggerate things and make legends a myth overtime.

      1. Jan Negrey

        @Edilberto Rivera I agree completely.

      2. Edilberto Rivera

        @Jan Negrey that's exactly what I said. But despite all the circumstances Trojan war isn't a complete myth. It's about a legendary battle that the Greeks exaggerated. Achilles might be a real person and is a skilled warrior which invited Greeks to call him a "demi god", we don't know.

      3. Jan Negrey

        @Edilberto Rivera Yeah. The problem with oral history is that it changes faster etc. We know there were several other people (that we know of) that knew it. And their versions (at least small parts that were passed on) had differences. I don't remember if it was differences in some local stuff (every city probably had diverged a bit in 4 centuries) or changes by authors (that does happen quite often). The fact that it was a song (I thought it was poem, but indeed it could be singed - similar to Kalevala) on one hand strengthens it's resistance to divergence by error, but it might increase the chances of embellishing. My point is that it is a bit unreliable source of what happened in Troy exactly. Not only original poem probably was tad skewed (written by victors etc.), but in 4 centuries it probably changed (this isn't even up for debate - the question is how much did it change?) - hence why I allow this "mythological" status. Though I personally prefer the term "Legend" - mythology has too much religious connotations.

      4. Edilberto Rivera

        @Jan Negrey it's actually a song that got passed unto generations after the Trojan war before it was wrote down 4 centuries after.

      5. Jan Negrey

        @Edilberto Rivera I know. I wasn't arguing with you on that - but also wanted to point out that works of Homer in a way ARE mythology. Or rather oral histories with inaccuracies added over the centuries and of course people were telling it with explanation that gods were involved. So in a sense - he isn't wrong about it being "Mythology". Though I would call it more of a "Legend". Whether you're more correct or he is - depends on whether the movie tries to depict what really happened (and we know very little) or is more an adaptation of Homer's Iliad. You seem like an educated person, so you probably know this already. Only thing that rubbed me wrong was me thinking that you don't consider it "Mythology" (I don't argue that it is History as well). I was probably over-reacting. But so many people laugh at him for saying that or something else that isn't exactly or fully correct that I apparently picked up the least douche person of all - you - to write to and IDK why it seemed like an attack.

    100. Gabriel Trainer

      Luke knowledge about how important the technical aspect is to the drama is amazing! Make us feel inside the movies!