How We Made REAL Attack on Titan

Corridor Crew

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    1. Mimsy

      It’s weird to conceive that Wren is married when he reminds me of an ADHD gremlin child. Then again, I could just be self projecting…

    2. Mimsy

      “This doesn’t-” *grunts in pain* “hurt.”

    3. Mimsy

      Wren has always been my fave lol

    4. Mimsy


    5. Mimsy

      Lmao poor wren

    6. Nathan Stotts

      I need a friend like Wren

    7. Cyanoxile

      I really love when you people make this kind of content.

    8. Vito C

      Throughout the video you should have added steam rising from your broken arm and just not mentioned it at all

    9. sammuelkain

      It's funny in a way bcs it's like that old overrated saying, be careful what you wish for cuz it might happen 😁, like Wren has become the work itself... in all possible ways, I can say this was a beautiful team work like no one has ever lived ☺️! ✌️😁

    10. 0lemus 0lent0

      Umm wheres the titan product?

    11. Lacey Ann

      Sam is so funny omg looool King Pose 🙌

    12. Lacey Ann

      I've only gotten a hairline fracture on my coat bone, which isn't a full break... and holy crap the amount of pain I was in was unreal.. I literally couldn't move any part of my body without feeling intense pain. I feel really bad for Wren, I know that is a seriously painful injury.

      1. Lacey Ann

        I would ask how strong his pain killers were but he's just like this lol 🥰

    13. LegoBoy 3258

      Wren is the most wholesome being on earth.

    14. Matias Kalari

      Check check 123 titans eat ...😳 1:54

    15. Midnight Bounty

      i want to have there job... to bad i cant go to college

    16. Zed games

      Ohh😟😟😟its harder than arcitech im a kido so my work if i go big is arcitech

    17. MrVipitis

      This. The BTS I want, and it's done more beautifully than ever. More of this and more like this! Perhaps a VFX breakdown as well. Why would you paywall it this horrible, maybe paywall the "show" instead.

    18. Adam Jones

      This is how many people skipped to the end ⤵️

      1. Adam Jones

        Dam it it didn’t work


      these guys be acting like wren died

    20. Ashley Burks

      This was just so gosh darn beautiful, especially at the ending. I loved it!! An with that cinematic sweet closure?!?! Wowz man. Just WOWZ!!

    21. Enamul Haque Nayeem

      React on some Satyajit Ray's films please

    22. Iamlettuce

      These don't look like the titans at all. The titans were hand drawn these are 3d models.

    23. Davide Barni

      Wren you an amazing human being - good for the soul kind of video - great content aside

    24. Asraful Ribat

      He is like the mash up of Zack Snyder and Hawkeye :')

    25. Raziel Hafta'ah

      I thought the reason you had a cast was because you bit your hand🤣

    26. Raziel Hafta'ah

      1:55 they do because they don't cut it off

    27. John Canniff

      really long hoodie string

    28. Bhaswati Talukdar

      What did this happen to you and this happened to me right now

    29. Elijah

      man made a whole documentary on himself

    30. Omar Bautista

      I have no idea why but at 9:40 I couldn't stop looking at the detail on Wrens face, the pores do steach

    31. nathan marc mejia

      bruh da fight

    32. Jesse Lilly

      You are so good

    33. Niranjanaadhya Niranjan

      Titen of attack is on free fire its event is gine you misses😂

    34. PotatoNado

      I feel like wren does a lot more than anybody else at corridor. He edits, creates vfx, and is basically the mascot of corridor.

    35. KhalilurRehman Rehmani

      You should also react to Attack on Titan the movie.. a japenese movie from 2015 and it has 2 parts released same year...

    36. Bobson Dugnutt

      I can't wait to see all the cool things this wonderful man will make in the future

    37. Old Soul

      This was like an inspirational video

    38. Mwengwe Nkamba

      can you make a vedeo of you as a titan

    39. T. Huang

      Wren can act so silly sometimes but I respect him so much

    40. alonso lomas


    41. CapAbyss

      I broke my collar bone a month ago I know what it feels like get better soon

    42. Sally Nguyen

      of course peter is a whovian what a king

    43. ELzY

      Wren: Keep moving forward Every aot fan: Until I exterminate the enemy

    44. Aaron Alexander

      Try making the crew members transform into some characters from Ben10!!

    45. Danny Bueno

      Man I haven’t really watched this channel in a couple months and their production quality is like 1000x better, it’s nuts. This video feels like an actual documentary

    46. Fernanda Carvalho

      Wren you bring such a great energy to everything you do :)

    47. Amir Beanie

      You’re a hard bastard, you’ll make it

    48. Lelouch Lamperouge

      this is a dream team. that was a good vid.

    49. Lelouch Lamperouge

      thge long haired ginger has levi ackerman energy.

    50. Lelouch Lamperouge

      this man is the real scot pilgram ... micheal cera just got a vision from the paths...

    51. Nixx

      That ending..

    52. A B

      I really liked that. Ty

    53. Jaden Autry

      This was a really cool and funny project 😅😅😅😊😊😊😅😅😅😅😅😅😊😅😅😅😊😊😊😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂

    54. Jaden Autry

      This guy is so smart WoW 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    55. Jashanpreet Singh

      How about an anime on mecha :D

    56. Georgi Georgiev

      Wren gives me some Armin vibes.

    57. Brandon Ledford

      I want to see that video of Wren wreckin!!! lol ...

    58. spydergs07

      Could you not request permission to fly in that area? I get temp permits instantly on B4UFLY in most restricted areas. Except for above federal buildings, prisons, and airports.

    59. Rowen Vincent Gallardo

      Can you make the worth of things scale

    60. Malika Fisher

      I’m moving to Mars if Titans become real no buts 😗✌🏽

    61. Evan Smith

      I really really wanna hear you guys talk about Disney's Treasure Planet

    62. fatih =/

      12:57 😂

    63. Pugz_ Xgaming

      I love this documentary type video

    64. Ron Saunders

      Sorry wren but I know how you feel I tore my acl tendon popped the cartilage sack in my knee cap this the worst thing I've ever gone through

    65. S X U L Gaming

      I honestly think that if you wanted it better, have a normal human, enlarge them (with or without makeup or whatnot applied), then the CGi. Idk if that's how the live action did it but it's worth a shot

    66. Oliver

      can you guys just post the final product please we dont need to see the whole process and the nerds backstories

    67. ygalion

      i really need to buy sub, but i am so used to youtube

    68. 悲しいangel生活

      emotional videp i almost cryed

    69. lilPopper

      Awee man. $100 for new bones. Nice reference to your Figit Spinner anime video

    70. Cameron Rowe

      Easily my favorite video in the years I’ve followed this channel. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for anime recovery subplots. Or maybe because these are my favorite dudes on HRaero. Meh. Who knows

    71. ElectricMotorWerks

      you ever gonna make a part 2 to the aot vfx?

    72. Ninja Master

      How much do those titan models cost 👀👀👀

    73. Just A Guy

      As someone who has had limited arm movement for years due to a c4/c5 partial spinal severence, I can empathise with your issues with being able to do things like walk the arm using fingers etc, and something is easy, but the next super-easy movement is instead really hard to wrangle somehow.

    74. Jack Le

      "And what's your statement on that?" Wren: **C H O M P**

    75. Scribbling Turtle

      I initially came here just because of the AoT video, but seeing how you all work is what makes me stay. As a hobby 3d artist I am very inspired by what you do. Thank you.

    76. Timothy Christimmy


    77. Silent Gamer


    78. mugen

      Berserk: Golden Age (three parts)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    79. Emulius

      This behind the scenes video tells such a great story, message and all. I love it. Also is no one going to mention Peter's reference at 5:26 because that was hilarious.

    80. Herzition

      i wish i had friends like these. These guys are the best.

    81. Indiana Porter

      I broke my collarbone coming off a skateboard earlier this year. Definitely feel for your struggle Wren. A few months of pain, the actual nightmare of lying down to put on a t-shirt and stuff but I'm all better now. Hang in there!

    82. ChananaBips

      Wait I don't really watch the other vids except the VFX artists or stunt men react, what happened to Wren?

      1. Emulius

        He fell on his one wheel and broke a collar bone. I think he is doing better now

    83. JustGoPan

      This had way more heart than I thought it did and I have a new appreciation for Crew Cuts. I'm planning on subscribing to the site because of this one. Thank you for putting it on HRaero.

    84. HawksNest

      The wren injury subplot added so much to this video

      1. Noob CODM


      2. Noob CODM

        why is botsnest here noah bobby and ferg are the best , just kidding youre content is great

      3. American Bulldog

        The freak you doing here hahahaha

      4. Gaming Point


      5. Shashi Rawat


    85. Matthew Zaloudek

      13:30 the eyebrow raise got me

    86. Jeanray Gonzales

      Keep its up wren

    87. Gede Angga Ardya Dewangga

      You guys need to check jalex VFX video. He turn himself into titan 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    88. Iam Ava

      Interesting i went to FINN5TER skyblock playlist and this appeard hm

    89. Graidy Fitzgerald

      4:07 D O G

    90. Akniy

      Why are the proportions so wack?

    91. TrillPaint

      Castlevania Trevor vs. Death. Or Trevor vs. Dragan. Or when the three reunite. All in episode 9. Honestly just react to the whole episode lmao. Season 4 episode 9. Castlevania

    92. the wolf studio

      BLOODY, that was EMOTIONAL.

    93. Eduardo Martins Motion

      The titan video was amazing, but this video is a masterpiece.

    94. Zackarias Vinterhed


    95. DC Voices

      Clint on the desktop

    96. Sketch Emmerian

      Not gonna lie, I'd like to see more behind the scenes videos like this!

    97. Star Blaze

      A QUALITY video about making a video- whoever did this one, you the goat. Absolute god.

    98. Saf S

      I love the video in general bc behind the scenes videos are something this channel does best but Peter was on the same wavelength as me when he imitated a Dalek while using that massage gun 😂

    99. Daniel Rubinton

      Love the Metal Gear shirt. That explains who the fan is and why the alert noise gets used in some videos

    100. Cocky Lockridge

      FYI it's Okami (Oh-Kam-mee