Wren Competes to Win Clint's CGi Contest

Corridor Crew

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    Wren decides to create a special wrender for Clint's next VFX challenge. Hopefully he can place in the top 100 so their friendship doesn't get really awkward.

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    1. sammuelkain

      All hail to Wren of Der, the man who faced his daemons & won valiantly against day-by-day monsters of modernas days, bosses & friends alike 😉... as I don't know the winners @ this moment 😏 I hope top 3 is & be renewed its title into the Wrender (alas the Wrender 👑 Challenger of Dungeon Dragon)! ✌️😁

    2. Sally Nguyen

      When i saw clint's top 100 video and saw "by Wren and Jordan" I thought it was producer Jordan and was like Wow Jordan's learning VFX?? Good for her xD

    3. D-Emprah Expects

      You guys are amazing and what you do looks sick. So glad I found your channel

    4. JC

      Ooof. Now this is a story. It’ll go into my Favorites AND Likes!!!

    5. Luis Alegría

      Love you guys 💙👉



    7. Gamer Shenanigans

      What app did Wren use to make the scan of the room?

    8. Jacov Rescobillo

      14:43 why is his feet glitching lmao

    9. Ivan Pirsic

      ....can we take a moment to ask why Clint is wearing two sets of the over-ear phones during the viewing...? ;P

    10. Jared Poirier

      So nice of Clint to come on and support a small channel

    11. Buryog And Burlogs KaHifcK MotoVlogs

      Nice work wren and jordan..

    12. Dmitry Oksen

      best episode

    13. Charles YT

      wait! Clint started that challenge?? I've been seeing it on Facebook without any credit!

    14. Sky_kun

      So no one is gonna comment how Jordan was wearing the Sennies backwards?

    15. Stephen Klein

      4:15 face of pure fear

    16. A.I. Duet 3D - JavaScript Music Animation

      Soo anyone have an update? How did he end up doing in the contest?

    17. Eric Karczewski

      You made it! It put a smile on my face to see your human bowling track in the set.

    18. Aaron Fleming

      Wren is the man!

    19. Queue

      Why is clint wearing 2 pears of Aftershokz?

    20. ButlerWho

      16:18 You guys should buy Clint a pack of envelopes as a thank-you.

    21. JuiceBox


    22. Sloth

      Fun fact the whole corridor Crew is actualy all cgi

    23. hafiz sehbaan abbasi

      2:46 yo wren who doesn't know about LOTR and for an artist

    24. Shan Jansen

      This is one of the best episodes of corridor crew to come out; it's almost like hilarious reality TV.

    25. Lumibear

      Why two headphones?

    26. Jay Russell

      Guys the app is POLYCAM , LIDAR

    27. Xuan Honza Do

      I love these corridor crew videos, it felt like a real life lord of the rings :D, with stakes of the contest an obstacles of a shoot, friendship in danger xD

    28. Chloe Alden

      Wren, I’m so happy to find out you also play Gold Bowser! I play Gold Bowser and Blue Piranha Plant.

    29. Job Nonnekens

      16:35 this man is listening to extra extra audio

    30. Jaelin Sandoval

      Clint: Wren… Wren: yes my lord 🗡🙇🏼

    31. Bryce Beckett

      I always thought Wren was small, like 5'6" at most. Now that I know he's tall I can't stop seeing him as a giant!

    32. Mire

      6:00 whoa who's using the smashbox

    33. DesignByMatt

      For the life of me I can't figure out which show is using the same music as the one played at 10:41

    34. Nick Swain

      Good to know I'm not the only person abusing Parsec

    35. LuxDragon

      I think what hurts the most is that Wren practically beat Clint at Smash with his arm tied... to his chest.

    36. Del Richex

      Am i he only one crying?😪😪 That letter 😥

    37. Ben Madrid

      Good video, but the silly acting and costume is just cringe.

    38. ImmortalDuke

      I belived this was real all the way to the point where Wren was trying to use the mouse with his operated hand. He is a man of internet and can for sure use his other hand for mouse operation, Just saying,

    39. Shyam Sunder Lakesar

      I don't know why, but your videos and your work makes me feel so alive and happy, really love your work, corridor crew❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    40. Abbas

      all hail to one-handed knight wren

    41. Zach

      Through these challenges Clint can easily generate video content to put out. It's a great example of one hand washing the other. It's the best sort of audience/creator engagement. A creator having the audience participate in the creating and in return they learn and get better and get to see their work showcased to the world. Great way to get repeat business because so many people want to get in on it.

    42. Phat_T

      This video made me realize that Corridor Crew is the modern reality show. It's like wholesome American Chopper.

    43. Luka 2000

      Miss Clint... but at least we keep seeing him here and there

    44. pixel2plastic

      Double Aftershocks headphones from Clint is next level

    45. DirtyCasual36

      9:23 for a moment there, i thought that was Dan Avidan from Game Grumps

    46. Enriched

      I have a sweet idea. How about an optical illusion render contest? I’ve always wondered how they would even be rendered.

    47. Will Blackburn

      Does anyone know what’s lidar app he is using to make the 3D model?

    48. Junior Jones

      Love what your doing however you need to right an injustice that as marred a legend, besmirched his character and ultimately defiled his legacy. I'm taking Christopher Reeve's Superman, more specifically, the abomination that was Superman: The Quest for Peace. We can just about accept that he played second fiddle in Superman saved somewhat by the evil superman, a non swearing Richard Pryor (who really wanted that?!) and some very doggy looking 8 bit graphics. Your challenge is to make Superman: The Quest for Peace barley watchable and give us a sense of what should have been and restore Superman the legend. Truth, Justice and the American Way!!

    49. Timelapse Moose

      Cant wait for that dnd show. I like the idea of love action interactions pf thier character.

    50. PipeRat

      I miss Clint so much on the channel

    51. Davi Akira

      clint using 2 bone headphones at one time is such a flex

    52. Roni

      3:25 The lick

    53. Damian Daniel

      React to Ghost rider Cgi

    54. Willisthehy

      Lmao bro it’s going to be like 50 people who sent in videos

    55. DarknessCalling

      i hate that clint left, he was my favorite corridor guy :(

    56. HarmonicGray

      I originally started watching these because I was wanting to spew some criticism about yet another '___ reacts to ___' series but I ended up loving all these guys. Wholesome content all around.

    57. matthew smitz

      i am exactly the 640,600th viewer. nice.

    58. Abdul Aleem Shekhani

      I love Wren, it's epic how he goes all of three steps before opening the letter :D

    59. YES! Einstein

      Wren could really benefit from a Logitech MX Ergo.. took me about a day to get used to it and I'll never go back to a normal mouse. Trackball baby!

    60. Bastyy

      I love that they seem to miss their own deadlines everytime^^ so stressfull

    61. HIpigoRE1

      And how did Wren beat him up literally single-handedly :D

    62. Peter Allely

      Too good. What was the iOS app used for the photo scan capture?

    63. Derek C

      @10:10 The more time passes, the more I enjoy references to a pre-instagram internet and show my age... Did Wren just reference Badger Badger Snake with the quarter squaaat

    64. E

      wow. that is a beautiful render

    65. Bonzer

      I like Wren and my most favorite thing about him is his solid determination. I am a "Wrenster" for life.

    66. Pirosbor

      The Wrender was pretty sick, actually. I thought it was going to be half-baked but ended up looking amazing. Is there a finalist's compilation video yet, like previously?

    67. fergee01 gaming

      hey why isn't anyone saying anything about that beautiful bearded boi cmike

    68. Jimmy Puppet

      Wren with the wig is Walmart Rambo

    69. Chris Green

      Wren: pls giv Preferential CHeatment CLint: no

    70. Adam Heywood

      _preserved our essences_

    71. Samuel Asare

      Cosmos Neil Degrasse Tyson. PLEASE!!!!!

    72. Jaime L

      Please add crowds to the Olympic venues. Preferably for the events with more party atmospheres, like Beach Volleyball, Rugby 7s (in the huge Tokyo Stadium), etc.

    73. Brandon Toy

      Jordan seems like the kind of guy who would sing you to sleep with a glorious lullaby, then scan your face while you sleep and render a smile on his digital recreation of you.

    74. Sozo Bear Films

      Yooooo I hope we get to see more BTS from “Son of a Dungeon” soon because that looked so cool! 👏

    75. Whi te

      That’s a dope render

    76. pandu vandal


    77. nobody

      I’m so glad they added the impromptu smash match at the beginning so we got what would be an inside joke at the end

    78. ajaydivakar kalarickal

      You guys must need to watch KGF movie and make a videoa...

    79. cameron s

      the bro-mance of the rendering

    80. Milk gang gaming

      how was this made? hraero.info/contact/1ZdppoKRrZzOx9A/video

    81. Mr_Dawgo

      You guys should try to make a Pod Racing scene from “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”

    82. Mark Potter

      This is why I am not entering this time. I don't have thousands of dollars of equipment and software and professionals to help me. I do really like what Wren has put together, fantastic. I have enjoyed the video's of the last compatition and the wonderful creative people that did not make it into the top 100. Some year I will be able to enter with the tools needed to compete. Love all you people that can enter.

    83. SwordTune

      Is this the bully Wren video?

    84. The King

      You are definitely on the top 100

    85. Ian Collins

      Good vid

    86. bakshi (ronbakshi)

      did everybody just forget about the main channel

    87. NomNomNom

      Here's a react suggestion: at the very end of Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 1, there's a scene with two hitmen walking away from an exploding truck, and I can't tell whether the actors are walking away in a seperate plate or whether two shots have been been mixed together

    88. Pedro Paulo Castello


    89. Blueberry Comics

      ok I am going to recommend a movie and a tv show to do a vfx reaction: RIPD department and flash ( specifically ) season 7 episode 11 ( it will blow your mind and not in a good way )

    90. n

      React on Stranger things CGI

    91. NARLY

      Can you guys do a video where you remake or edit the digital VFX scene thing for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

    92. Super Soldier 7

      Wren is looking so ............. 😂😂😂

    93. Ka_Ekim

      At 3:08 It looks like Jordan is using windows 11, good to see

    94. Gabriel Gonzalez

      Loved this video JUST for the sponsored segment. lol

    95. Mcziti

      you should do nerf red dead redemption!!!!

    96. Trollmaster studios

      I wish they made Austin powers r rated

    97. Kane Blust


    98. TheHamburgerGoD

      I love this channel, so wholesome and good vibes!

    99. Ow3n the Horror

      For the next stuntmen react can you react to the karate kid (2010) scene where Jackie chan fights the karate bullies in the back alley, very interesting and Jackie-like choreography

    100. goodplz hero fan

      can you tell us how did they do Captain America's Shield