VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 48

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    Niko and Wren are joined by former ILM Visual Effects Art Director Alex Laurant to break down the best VFX from HBO Max!

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    1. Æthelred the Unready

      My hot take is that is Season 8 is unironically a masterpiece of a Shakespearean tragedy if you take out the Last of the Starks episode, which most simpletons conditioned by cliched tropes and expectations would never understand and I’m willing to go down on that hill anyday.

    2. Steand.

      I am still waiting for the episode on Netflix’s The Dark Crystal

    3. Markus Eikenberry

      hraero.info/contact/jn6euKh6yK_P3NA/video Venom 2 2nd Trailer?

    4. Andres Connors

      Gotta do LOKI!!!!

    5. Muanlian Hatlang YT

      Can you guys please react and breakdown to King Shark from the new Suicide Squad movie. 😀

    6. Funko Galleries

      "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, an' hide yo husband cause they rapin every body out here." - *Antoine Dodson*

    7. Elite Mook

      Wait those things are supposed to be shoggoths? That's not what a shoggoth looks like.

    8. Martijn van Weeghel

      React to Owl Kitty trailers!!

    9. Scully

      Oh man I remember when I was Team Jon Snow and then it became Team Oh No (How did it end up like this). Love this episode, the Battle is incredible and the Chernobyl series is amazing. I want to rewatch it now, it's so well made in terms of visual style, cinematography and storytelling.

    10. CKaY

      they just yanked the head of the horse back to make it fall? isn't that like highly dangerous for the horse?

    11. Vegeta DBZA

      Wish hbo would come to the uk

    12. NoCultist

      I don't know why you call GoT battle flawless... The CGI elements move and "smear" in a way real things don't. It's not to say it's not impressive.

    13. Caelan Hunter

      Correction about the Chernobyl explosion. Two explosions occur, the first is a steam explosion from the cooling channels which became steam instantly as soon as the reactor went prompt critical. The second explosion is the graphite moderators which had become superheated by the nuclear fuel that had just gone prompt critical. The now superheated graphite moderators then made contact with atmospheric oxygen, which then combusted.

    14. TheKsalad

      An entire episode dedicated to HBO properties and they DIDN'T cover Band of Brothers????

    15. TheImpeca

      Chernobyl cgi looks amazing, but a lot of facts about people involved were twisted for purposes or storytelling. So this show isn't really about the respect of the dramatic events that happened not so long ago.

    16. DocHolliday 2

      You guys need to do a react on Band of Brothers!

    17. Nick Gillotti

      There's a subtle VFX error in the Shoggoth scene from Lovecraft Country. Can anyone else find it? They don't show it here so you will have to watch the scene uncut but I'll give you a hint; it involves one of the cops.

    18. Jonathan Bodiford

      Can y'all review 2007 Ghost Rider

    19. Commom Consumer

      Art of computer animation cgi 1988 pleaaaase

    20. madspike21

      I feel like they are being generous with the good reviews.

    21. apri79

      Eventually it‘s all because of the youtube conversion, but for me all the clips you showed looked visibly fake. But i‘m old and for me good practical effects were the best. ;-)

    22. Darshil Malviya

      React to Chinese movies vfx coz they are awesome like "league of gods", journey to the west, etc.

    23. Moryakov

      The accents and language on Chernobyl ruin it for me

    24. Bel B

      can't wait for them to react at the CGI of the last of us when the show airs

    25. Jay Jay

      The great thing about HBO is that u can do a whole comercial/analysis episode of those shows and still being totally honest about it, cause they are truly the KINGS of original content, so it's just watching and enjoying.

    26. iceescape

      LoveCraft Country is probably HBO's most inconsistent show in terms of VFX and story. Some shots/episodes look great and others look pretty bad.

    27. Fleshbotify

      As always Ricki-Oh contains such ridiculous fight scenes, both classic and extremely ridiculous. Just watch this and you can see what I mean hraero.info/contact/1YelqYBuppi82qo/video

    28. Ozijak

      There are a few scenes in Gone in 60 seconds I've always wondered how they did, in particular how on earth they had the giant pressure canister flying around through walls and hitting things. Was it practical or VFX? It looks like both, but the practical components would be terrifying haha.

    29. Classified

      Hey just saying mad max fury road has some great vfx and stunts

    30. MR FLEA

      Yanking the horse with a rope to get it to fall on film doesn't sit right with me 🤔

    31. Diego Contreras

      OMG what is the name of the song used from second 23

    32. Ryan

      So I was just watching some music videos and I came across this one that I was curious as to how they did. hraero.info/contact/xaKHkmSPw8iblZU/video Also I think if you did a whole episode with music video visual effects that would be awesome!

    33. Darth KEK

      Fun Fact : Hildur Guðnadóttir who scored Chernobyl went to a real power plant to record the various ambient sounds and creeks and groans, albeit of a conventional power plant not a nuclear one. hraero.info/contact/w4yokmCl2Jq1mKI/video

    34. Charles White

      you should react to new Paul McCartney Music video hraero.info/contact/1WqClZt4spnIqdg/video&ab_channel=PaulMcCartneyVEVO

    35. Bigg Papa Clay

      The monster at 9:06 looks liked ass but they didn’t wannna say anything lol

    36. Andreth

      The things that GOT never let me down: Production values, Music, Costumes, Design, CGI, Locations, Actors (for the most part), Directors, Extras. Absolutely fantastic work.

      1. jacklxv

        the only problem with GOT was the writers. The rest was excellent.

    37. Andy Cantu

      The HBO Max Original "Raised by Wolves" has some interesting VFX worth checking out.

    38. Jenna Mason

      HBO Max Ready Player One the opening scene to the shinning where they are walking down the stairs

    39. danielkavanagh1994

      PLEASE Do a break down of The Tomorrow War Aliens - specifically the first reveal in the stair case! Maybe the sound design of the alien too?

    40. swepht

      Sir Alex you are a natural 🙏🥰

    41. Dreadnaught Digital

      You should get the stunt guys in and review Deadwood episode 5, season 3 - A Two-Headed Beast. One of the most vicious fights on film.

    42. Douglas Thompson

      So they actually yanked that horses head around like that?...

      1. Douglas Thompson

        @Mac S that's horrible if they really did that... especially knowing they could have easily done that in post production considering the entire scene was fake...

      2. Mac S

        Right? That can't feel very nice for the horse. My neck hurts knowing that.

    43. blake moniz

      Hey check out the blood on Gunpowder Milkshake

    44. brightmatter -

      Too bad the Chernobyl facts were skewed up to six orders of magnitude for the sake of creating drama and tension. All that time spent being true to the history of the area, and the look of the effects only for the writers to ruin it with nonsensical representation. Isn't it bad enough the way it actually went down? Why can't you just use the real drama and suspense from the actual events. Sadly, people watch this show and thought that it was representing something remotely close to the truth.

    45. Aled Owen

      To prove they're really reacting and not just being nice to their sponsor, I'd love to see them react to the SOPRANOS scene they shot of Livia Soprano after the actress had died.

      1. jacklxv

        they have already done it, and they had a good laugh about that shot

    46. Eman Portugal

      In Australia, we have Binge.

    47. Vadoksam

      Battle of the Bastards is the best depiction of a medieval battle I've ever seen.

    48. Azee Shah

      Niko, Please make an episode on Band of Brothers.

    49. MovieMadness

      Can you guys review the Planet Earth II city hyperlapse? It’s very mesmerizing and trippy

    50. mtandscav

      the hair simulation for the girl with the afro looks like ohare from the lorax

    51. Viktor Hierta Gustafsson

      This is great but you guys should do an indepth review of the Battle of Winterfel too, when the white walkers attack. Woof... It was just black, so dark and honestly probably to cover up aweful and rushed CGI

    52. Philip R

      Please react to Viking

    53. Dreamz Dziner

      Chernobyl is the most realistic chilling series I have ever seen. VFX enhanced it to another level.

    54. Beckett Ferguson

      react to his dark materials it’s got the greatest animal cgi i’ve ever seen

    55. Bejoy Sen

      Imo Battle of Winterfell is very visually impressive, which is obviously what y'all care about, but it makes no sense logically. Jon is wearing nothing but a leather vest and charging through a rain of arrows, several of which hit his horse but miraculously don't touch him. Second, the cavalry formations instantly break and somehow Jon and the other soldiers know exactly which of the soldiers are their friends and which are their enemies amidst the chaos. The impressive production quality and inattention to logic remind me of Gladiator

    56. D Boyd

      Nicks Dad is an awesome guest!! also please do Band of Brothers, Possibly the Battle of the Bulge action sequence, the scene where all the trees are exploding from artillery barrage.

    57. Volvo For Life

      You guys.. Van Helsing. There’s a part in the beginning when Dracula emerges from a chimney on fire and morphs back to ‘humanoid’ form. It’s in black and white which helps hide the detail but it looks amazing regardless.

    58. Kyle Ray

      The explosion in Chernobyl kinda bothered me because I'm not entirely sure there would be an actual fireball. The explosion was a steam explosion. A nuclear meltdown isn't an explosion. It's simply the fuel becoming so hot that it melts. The explosion at Chernobyl was caused by the water, cooling the fuel, to becoming so hot that it boils. Now we are talking boiling at pressures over 2000° psig. That is some intense heat. Probably what happening was the closure head or the safety rods were lifted high enough that it better that pressure to atmosphere, which would be an explosion in itself but would then cause the remaining water in the reactor to flash to steam causing an even larger explosion. While yes it's a literal bomb at that point or an explosion, I'm not sure if there would be an actual fireball. I'm not saying that there wasn't one, I just don't know. We do know there was fire from the core after the explosion though. But that could be caused by the radioactive lava from the melted fuel igniting everything around it and itself on fire.

    59. Kenneth Daniels

      You should do more HBO shows in general

    60. Tenn Seven

      Sucks that they canceled Lovecraft Country.

    61. JC

      Do the tomorrow war

    62. yurikolovsky

      The woman who's husband was the firefighter in the Chernobyl miniseries was angry with them because they didn't contact her while making the movie.

    63. Judah Paulsen

      React to the tomorrow war, time travel scene and queen Alie reveal scene.

    64. Mederic Burlet

      Best battle scene is Lord Of The Rings.

    65. Gurren Rodan

      If you need more traditional animation contnet for the future, HBO Max should still be streaming Tartarovsky's PRIMAL; plus I think they have a lot of Looney Tunes content. ....And, speaking of Looney Tunes, there's the new SPACE JAM movie...

    66. Pug Gamerbt

      Hide your kids and wifes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. Kyler Dillon

      It would be really cool if you looked at some of the effects they did on an HBO max show called "Raised by Wolves" Not only is it really cool but it's trippy as hell.

    68. Bonelessbeef

      My first time commentating. I hope you see this. Please check out the movie Coma (2019) some really amazing CGI.

    69. yungjoemighty

      fuck hbo for hurting that horse. totally unnecessary

    70. Bazookatone1

      The remarks about how hard the effects team tried to ensure that the Chernobyl ws historically accurate throws Transformers 3 into stark releif, where an old steel mill or something was used.

    71. Lily Bean

      Night at the museum, any of them

    72. d teachout

      Could you react to the first Lost in Space episode? The original Irwin Allen one. It's really old from like the1960s but they have a scene where the robinsons are floating in space and I have no idea how they made it look so good.

    73. Félix-Arthur Grenier

      More HBO MAX? Raised by Wolves please

    74. Cold Conclusion

      Because of this video I went and watched Lovecraft Country. I have to say the visuals in that show are on point, but damn is it white bashing at its finest. I was ok with it due to the era of Americas history and the horrible things done to our fellow countrymen of color but it showed its true face in the last episode with one line. "You bound me from magic? Not just you.... every white person in the world. Magic belongs to us now." That was the final straw for me. Even when Hippolyta said she wanted to kill white people I overlooked it but damn! Enough! Lets fight racism with racism is what I ended up getting from this show. It's a damn shame too. I really liked it and think it would have had a second season if it wasn't for the blatant racism shown in the show. Black good white bad....yeah yeah yeah we get it.

    75. James Hannam

      Who wants to see the muppets bicycle scene reacted to?

    76. Moses Matsepane

      When they didn't mention your favourite part from Chernobyl. Comment Section: Completely Normal Phenomenon.

    77. Jess Hart

      Hell yes to the return of Alex!

    78. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots-

      glad lovecraft country got cancelled for many reasons

    79. Deetsitmeister

      Most of the battles in Band of Brothers blow anything that Game of Thrones did out of the water

    80. Travis Cansler

      Niiice! I really enjoy when y’all bring Alex on!

    81. O. S.

      Man;; yanking the horse's head like that while it's at a full sprint seems so cruel; would rather be looking at weird, gummy cgi.

    82. Nolan Poirier

      German TV Series 'DARK' VFX that shit boys

    83. falcon9gxgc

      I love how they sponsor shit, so naturally. Mad creative

    84. Perry Layne

      Nikos intelligence in each episode never ceases to amaze me.

    85. FullmetalSP1

      Sure would be nice to subscribe to HBO Max in Aus. Unfortunately, they keep selling their content to fucking Rupert Murdoch.

    86. GAMER L22

      You guys have to look at the last of us HBO show when it comes ouy

    87. VimWolf

      Please stop referring to Chernobyl as history, I was in my teens when it happened.

    88. Pedro Sousa

      It would be really interesting to see some kind of costumes expert compare things like GoT and janky medieval series from like Sci fy channel and talk about why it looks so much better/worse.

    89. Trippy Blob

      Justice League Snyder Cut. It's from HBOMAX. A 4 hour CGI fest. Enjoy Guys.

    90. Dooker T

      @14:54 While I know what Alex means as far as visual accuracy with regards to the plant, "Historical Accuracy" in HBO's Chernobyl is about as oxymoronic as you can get. Almost nothing with regards to the dangers the plant posed to the surrounding countryside and Europe, in general, is accurate. They laughably exaggerated the explosive potential of the plant after the initial explosion and meltdown (via the water tanks potentially exploding) as well as the actual threat from radioactive contamination. Why they chose to wildly distort the actual event, in my opinion, betrays a deeply comprimised tendency of climate activists and climate change hysterics in demonizing nuclear power. Anyone who does not acknowledge the vital roll nuclear power must play in dramatically cutting humanities CO2 emissions can be instantly dismissed as an unserious activist zealot who has no clue what theyre talking about.

    91. Dooker T

      @3:00 I would say that the first time I saw this technique used was in the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan. The shakey, handheld camera, documentary feel shots that moves between the characters was super effective. That scene was so powerful and disturbing, it left me thinking about it for months after I saw it.

    92. Wilson Ho

      Do a react on raise by wolves.

    93. עופרי ברק

      There's a show on HBO MAX called The Valley of tears and it has tank battles. Whenever you see more than two tanks the camera is static but in the last battle the camera moves a lot. Can you explain it to me?

    94. ReelOneFilms

      Please react to Johnny Mnemonic since one of my relatives worked on the vfx for the "hack your own brain" scene

    95. bageled_meme

      HBOmax Warrior is my favorite show as of RN. I just hope S3 comes sooner rather than later.

    96. flibble89

      You guys really got down on your knees for hbo. They must have paid you well.

    97. huexley Yannick

      I watched Battle of the Bastards without breathing once I think.

    98. tangled like an octopus

      I know you guys reacted to HDM before but damn I'd like to see more scenes from that series, especially deamons

    99. Christopher Neal

      I’d love to see a breakdown of the Liberty Mutual emu commercials. I’ve read that they’re a mix of a real emu and digital, but it’s difficult to spot the difference. Very impressive, especially for a commercial.

    100. Airsoft Unlimited

      Dude they really got HBO Max to sponsor this video...