We Remade the STAR WARS Trench Run in 1 Day

Corridor Crew

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    THIS EPISODE ► Niko and the Crew decide to take a deep dive into old-school Star Wars VFX and recreate the famous trench run scene with modern CGi techniques.

    X-Wing 3D Model Footage by Stefan Ulrich ► www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5nhq...

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    1. Logan_ Irrelevant

      Everything is great, except for the lasers.

    2. Tar Alacrin

      One of the only issues I with the Corridor Crew's version was that they put too many turbolaser shots in. Too many shots already makes the guns seem wimpier, but then when its combined with the amazing sound effects which have a definite slow rhythm; swapping to the turbo laser streams is super jarring.

    3. Tar Alacrin

      I would LOVE for you guys to try to practically recreate the trench run.

    4. WillyBeeProductions

      I'm with many of those here in the comments... Nothing against you and your FX crew guys, but the original still looks the best to my eye. Sure yours is more "realistic" from a physics and light standard, but it's FAR too busy and distracting from the core point of the scene itself. Too much flash! Like a Transformers movie...so much flying at the camera that you can't tell what's going on.

    5. Amadeus XLO

      And the recreation looks terrible.

    6. F22ERaptor

      Great work! Really impressive! The attention to detail - the residual glow of the lasers against the X-Wings and RD, also the reflection of the trench on the windows is a great touch. The slightly shaky camera gives the sense of the speed and the chaos that the X-Wings are going through. The realism improves upon the sequence - but I think that there is still a special connection most fans have to the original effects which is why they still prefer the original.

    7. Ryzza5

      Just redo the whole movie

    8. ATypicalDude


    9. Bru Dog

      yes I would like to see a redo

    10. Filip Pfeifer

      I don't know, this ain't it chief. No disrespect, but it's too much and looks like hyperstylized videogame cutscene.

    11. Zarimi

      The remade look like PS4 video game graphics.

    12. brainplay

      The blaster bolts coming in are waaaaay to overdone. It was a pair of dual turbolasers not a machine gun. Due to the range it was easy to avoid them coming your way. In the recreating if looks like an automatic weapon firing. The shinyness of the A-wings also makes it look cheap. They're spacecraft. They are a dull matte color for a reason. The Xwings flying above? Why? The pass over was useless. The Xwings were holding station above to give cover from any fighters. Passing over the trench didn't help anyone in the trench and just drew unnecessary fired from the surface guns adding extra risk. When the A-wing explodes, the trench walls suddenly took on a cheap painted cardboard look. What happened there? How did you manage to make it look cheaper than the original? Why the shakey-cam? They're in space, there is no turbulence. Movement on Luke's Xwing is due to his minute control corrections. In this it's like he's on truck on a rough road.

      1. Devon

        They recreated it in a day, like cut them some slack

    13. magunra3k

      Now go back and remake it using 1970s tech

    14. TytoAlbaSoren

      14:01 Is it just me or does Sam sounds like Chris Evans a little?

    15. WoodyBLike


    16. uk82

      looks extremely digital. fail!

    17. Raptor Nerd

      If Disney were smart, they'd hire you guys. But then again, I'm talking about Disney who bought the rights to Alien. Haha

    18. andymouse123

      All that bullshit stuff the ginger guy added just made it look like CGI, oooh thats my bit of spicy lens flary crap , It didn't look any better at all, I think you guys sometimes miss the point when you tell us about nodes and math and copy and paste.....we know, we can see it, seems that a lot of people are trying to say this but are to fucking polite, interesting stuff....cheers.

    19. Create Creations

      You should remake the Luke vs Vader Return of the Jedi

    20. ashdoglsu

      I think the best part were the fighters up top banking left.

    21. Karl Wagner

      Bro do the full run and some other starship combat scenes you guys have a nack for the cgi and it looks amazing...


      Looks like a Saturday morning cartoon

    23. Alex Williams

      Do you have a video of your version or...?

    24. Daniel Rosa

      Weirdly, when Vader showed up in our new version, I did not feel tension --and I don't know why! Perhaps (truly, just a guess), the old version's simplicity helped with the _"Here's the hero! Now here is the villain!"_ clarity. *An wild experiment* this was! I loved it!

    25. MAX CORP

      You all remade Star Wars trilogy?

    26. Tycho1.4.9

      Is it me or are the two screens at 15:42 mislabeled?

    27. robert boucher

      one thing the original will be that your CGI can never be? it was done by hand using models and miniatures! something you probably will never know anything about,,, the "blood, sweat, n tears" put into building a model and making it as lifelike as you can, using only paintbrushes and glue! THAT is what will ALWAYS make the 1977 version of anything starwars related BETTER than your computer generated stuff

    28. Mr. Guy Dude

      BIGGEST MISTAKE: They used clean models. Which makes them look artificial. The OG-models were dirty af. Imperfections make for a more believable look. Guess who taught me that!

    29. Darrell Hall

      The only problem I saw was the three x-wing flying over Luke on his run. There were down to four ships at the time. 3 x-wings and 1 Y-wing.

    30. bryan hodges

      Nahhhh. It will take more than that to unseat the original :)

    31. Nick Morris

      Errr... this looks like crap compared to the original?

    32. baylith katan


    33. Harrisln

      That's a sick impact blue shirt

    34. Kebs

      Well ofc it going to look and be better. Tech hads moved on since 1977! Make it look better with the same tech that was around in 1977

    35. Paul Gloor

      My only complaint is the lasers are too fuzzy :)

    36. Walter W

      Old looks way better, it just does. New version has that uncanny valley CGI uglyness to it, where everything lacks a sense of presence.

    37. Joms Homeless

      I like original more

    38. Darko Jukic

      I really appreciate the work you guys at Corridor Crew do, but with no disrespect, it will never beat what was already done. For many, this film changed our lives forever and it because of those nostalgic scenes and beyond imaginable visual effects. But for what it’s worth, it deserves your treatments.

    39. Ian Liddy

      This was awesome!

    40. Raegorz

      I think it looks great, but I also think it doesn't fit the campy 70's style of the original. However, I think this remake looks great. Fantastic work!

    41. thomas barrett

      Plz redo the stop motion ED-209 from the original Robocop!! You guys rock!

    42. BrokenCurtain

      Disney: "Bibbidi-Bobbidi, your fan content is now my property."

    43. Brendan L

      Looks like some Halo content you showed us when you introduced Fenner. That Falcon looked SHARP! 👌

    44. SK8fourL1F3

      I would love to see you practically recreate the trench run

    45. Ryan Nilsen

      Wow I click a random video and see an old classmate of mine DEAN HUGHES

    46. Daniel Allen Butler

      "So, we're going to throw a shit-ton of digital technology that not only didn't exist in 1977 but wasn't even in the conceptual stage at the time at recreating the trench run scenes, and then pat ourselves on the back for a half-assed job done half-assed." Big fucking deal.

      1. Brandon Sargent

        "We Remade the Star Wars Trench Run in One Day" (proceeds to accomplish what they wanted) You : "Bro why are you even using modern technology and modernizing the scene bro they should be coding this on computers from the 70's and spending months on this" do you realize how fuckin dumb you sound? They wanted to remake the scene with modern CGI, so they remade the scene. Fuck off.

    47. John Gabriel Vergel

      Do it!

    48. Bosco26726

      still prefer the original. the CGI remade one looks too clean and overproduced. The original models looked grungy and used and they took up real 3D space so they automatically register in my brain as being part of a real world The overly clean and flashy CGI is almost too much to accept. With the original theres less flashing and stimuli in the shot so its easy to take in and process, the CGI remake is overwhelming and i feel like thats where a lot of CGI goes bad in movies today. Let me just process what is important to the story and not be bombarded with lights and shit flying across the screen

    49. CandidCartoon

      My problem with these always, is that they just add to much to it. I feel like they layer so much on it, that it makes it look worse then the original.

    50. Tats Sacs

      This is like when somebody made a model car out of paper and worked really hard to make it look real over 40 years ago with limited paint and brush and then you just airbrush over it in a day. Still looks bad.

    51. MrThunderwing

      I appreciate that this was only made in a day and also that Niko goes into so much detail explaining what a painstaking process the original version involved, but this new version just doesn't look good. The CGI additions to the first 1990's special edition looked better using computer technology that's about 25 years old. Maybe instead of doing a video that involves trying to rush out an effect as quickly as possible, you guys should take some time to really get something you're working on looking as good as possible?

    52. nathan Joslin

      There's been a lot of Dragon ball Z fan made film that have been incredible. I.e. The Fall of Men. Could you make an episode to show Hollywood how they could do a Dragonball film with a Super Sayain transformation with a Kamahamaha, using real life individuals?

    53. Griffin Edwards

      could you do the neo vs smiths fight from matrix reloaded or is that too much?

    54. Tim Carter

      This is one of my favourite videos from yall. Loved Niko going through all the steps. Was awesome.

    55. -Attack of the youtube copyright bots-

      i always skip to the end

    56. Gretchen Peery

      🤩 wow


      When all charm is removed the result is this. Looks messy rather than clean

    58. Ken Gabora


    59. Dan Lockhart

      Original still looks better. This looks way to animated - like a video game quality at best. Sorry.

    60. jean michel

      I know that your concern is to be realistic, but in space you should'nt see the lasers lightbeam as there is no particule to diffuse it. So no reflexions also. And about the explosions: as you said about the Moon dust, we should'nt see the fire turbulences and smokes as they were in the air. Do somebody knows how looks like an explosion in empty space?

    61. mjdt

      With all you super tech and stuff I dare you to do RHCP - Californication music video "but better" :) You can also make it R-rated. And put 3d models of the Crew inside. Or even your own song Corridornication? Seems like a cool idea to me :)

    62. Shinobu Tezuka

      Nice Initial D Shirt tho

    63. DJB3lfry

      The Y-Wing getting destroyed looks pretty lame in the remake, ngl. The way the one in the original was destroyed felt more raw and brutal - the cockpit wobbling around like an animal with a broken neck, the plume of fire billowing off the rear of the cockpit, the way that the head and body move in different directions but are still being hurtled forward by the velocity. The CGI one is too stiff, and doesn't look like it got destroyed. It just looks like someone fired a sparkler from the back, which has enough propulsion to somehow angle the ship up without changing its direction.

    64. Hawaiian Gecko

      So basically cheating and using current day technology lmao 🤡

    65. Robert Koch

      Original looks better, the cgi one looks cartoony, like it was made for Rebels.

    66. Luis Hernandez

      Guys are obviously geniuses but I have to be honest ilm did it best even with the older equipment the altered version looks like a video game. Pre edited star wars are the best they were butchered with all the new scenes in it.

    67. Joshua Fattarini

      It's good, but there's some quirks in this like the lasers looking fuzzy and too much metallic reflection on the death star surface. While I think the original trilogy in its unaltered state should be preserved and available for purchase, I think it really could use a copy with a make over. There's definitely some bad Star Wars edits, but not all Star Wars edits are bad. Scenes like the Battle of Endor would look so much better if it had the CGI quality that you see in recent films like Rouge One. Also, EP4's lack of Empire theme is kind of a weird split in feel between EP4 and EP5.

    68. Fury

      I just don't really see the point of doing this. Like, it won't never be as realistic as actual miniatures, and it's already done in CGI in various feature films. It could have been way more interesting if you guys did this with miniatures or some other methods. "We did this in one day!" is just a pure nonsense when you are doing art.

      1. Fury

        @Brandon Sargent Seems like you didn't like your favorite channel was trash-talked? Lmao Yeah, it's fine for pointless videos like this to exist. They can do whatever they want. I just expected something new or interesting from their channels as they seem to be savvy about CGI, and yet the video was pretty disappointing. So as a viewer, I placed my feedback, expecting I'd get to see more interesting videos than this in the future.

      2. Brandon Sargent

        @Fury You can literally say that a youtube video is pointless for about 99% of youtube videos, and that they didnt bring anything new to the table. The reasoning for this video existing is explained in the title, THEY wanted to recreate a scene from a movie they enjoy with modern CGI in a day. It's not about reinventing the wheel or making a groundbreaking discovery. It was a personal project they did for fun

      3. Fury

        @Brandon Sargent Where did I say it's not allowed? Lmao They are free to make videos like this because this is their channel, but I'm just pointing out this video was pointless as it didn't bring anything new to the table.

      4. Brandon Sargent

        What a ridiculous statement. This is a group of friends who wanted to remake a classic scene with modern technology for the fun of it. They don't have the time/money to do this with miniatures when they are clearly doing this for fun, but according to you that's not allowed.

    69. sideskroll

      The original is better. CGI cant touch practical.

    70. krist fallon

      The action goes by too fast. I'd like to see the regular speed run (on approach) suddenly interrupted by dramatic slow motion shots (*mid scene where ALL of the elements can be appreciated), then pick up to normal speed again. And within the trench, have a shot where stunned troopers (in a large room on either side of the trench, & sporting a large picture window) watch both X-Wings & Ties fly by. (So close to the window they could see the pilots faces)

    71. Claudio Chamorro

      parece un video juego mejor la original

    72. DDaneskieZZ

      American Pewdiepie is pretty good at what he does

    73. Proletariat

      This one re-edited clip of a movie we’ve all seen hundreds of times is 1000x better than the entirety of Rise of Skywalker.

      1. Jordan A

        Grow up

    74. The Library

      I want to see a full recreation of at LEAST the trench run, if not the entire battle, but at the same time I _REALLY_ don’t want Disney to sue you guys…

    75. CodeName Grizzly

      Recreate Star Wars. Ty.

    76. Nick Turner

      I thought the goal was to look better than the original? It was a hell of a job for just one day, but not better than the original. No disrespect, but practical effects beat CGI always. As evidenced by the footage from the 1970s looking better than the CGI from 2021.

    77. Shawn Matthews

      Looked amazing. Great job!

    78. Richie Reeves

      Re do the entire movie please

    79. Drake E

      Start commenting chess moves... please... it might make a difference. I will not ask this here again. You all are smart; figure out why. Qh5#

    80. Kyle Ost

      I’m just saying you guys really prove how people in movies and Hollywood are literally mailing it in and not giving us the best outcome possible.. I like this style!!

    81. Clara Brandão

      The CG version looks a lot like Clone Wars (the tv show)

    82. DrMaxwell and MineCD DP

      ✝️ Fellowship invite

    83. AshMatrix

      just the trench run? how about the whole movie as a colab with and starwarstheory since hes done so well with his vader fan series and fixitinpost since they redid the vader obiwan fight scene so well?

    84. PrivateUsername

      Yeah, redo the whole trench run. Actually, do from the start of the attack thru the DS blowing up.

    85. Jackson Britton

      yall should do the scene where the Iron Giant goes ballistic and turns into the alien killing amchine

    86. starscythe2099

      Please, redo the trench run. However, if that’s too tough, why not try to redo the speeder bike chase on the forest moon of Endor.

    87. Christina Parissi

      This may be a silly question but did you still have to keyframe all of those scenes that you were changing things?

    88. Brett Wohlford

      New one doesn’t look realistic, and it’s too dusty. The lens is too flush, it’s nothing special just a foggy glaze over the original video

    89. Ardya Dipta Nandaviri

      the result is at 14:56

    90. Hank Andrews

      I think you guys should re-create the Death Blossom from The Last Starfigher.

    91. Frederic Dahm

      Please do the Nostromo Destruction Sequence with the Shuttle fly-away (in the original Alien movie).

    92. Happi Axxident

      Terrific job, gang! I’d love to see you recreate an iconic scene in Stan Winston’s, “Pumpkinhead,” - - Pumpkinhead enters extremely dilapidated/ burnt down church as the creature seeks its next mark! Thank you for the vids and thanks for considering this killer request! Your pal, Happi Axxident.

    93. Patrick Fitzpatrick

      😆 That was actually pretty cool. I killed the comparisons. I mean wow Lucas went thru 5 days for like 5 minutes .... Work of love..... I really like how you showed the how's it done today Depth light There's a fullness of feeling of being surrounded by the trench guns. Definitely looks better. And adds a whole new experience. Intensity. And the windows lights. 😆 I learned alot Thanks!!!! I

    94. 30 And Hating It

      The space battle over Endor was created solely with practical effects and to this day remains the greatest space battle ever put to film. One scene was the most layered shot ever made. Truly insane.

      1. MrThunderwing

        Right??? The Endor space battle still looks draw droppingly good nearly 40 years later and doesn't get anywhere near enough respect in my opinion. The only modern space battle that comes anywhere near to replicating it is the one from Rogue One.

    95. ViaLouie

      With Matrix 4 dropping in a few months; could you guys tackle/ fix Neo vs Agent Clones?

    96. arrow guard

      If you made the whole movie into DVD I’d buy it, you guys did so good!

    97. calming ambiences

      Kind of liked the original more lol

    98. 3y35poihjpn

      Bruh what's all this hate in the comments.. 😂 Looks spectacular gotta say I prefer this than the original, they added so mutch colour and depth unlike in the original trench run it just looks like a toy that's not interacting with the environment and looks kinda out of place, plus the lasers is such a nice touch... P.S. Now I wait for all of the hate from the Star Wars nerds :(

    99. 3y35poihjpn

      There must be a lot of OG star wars fans because I always thought the original vfx.. Even though is revolutionary at the time always looked so fake and tacky to me.. No disrespect to it and obviously the technology would improve but corridor digital version is definitely more impressive.. Reminds me of the mandalorian

    100. Daniel Gjörwell

      The new version looks way worse. It just looks fake.