Hollywood Stuntmen Throw VFX Artist Off Roof

Corridor Crew

834 tis. pregleda238

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    Niko wants to gain some credibility in the professional stunt community, so he enlists the help of Stunt Coordinator Travis Wong and team to teach him how to do a real high-fall!

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    1. Mauro Degrossoli

      Imagine these guys collabing with Jujimufu

    2. A LLegendly

      It is always hysterical watching these nerds try to do anything athletic at all. Could the teachers jeans get any tighter? Jesus man, lose the nut huggers and get a regular pair of jeans. Is is just me or is the “wet hair” look just beyond bizarre. This dude and Roman Reigns, why is your hair always “wet”?!?’!?!

    3. sammuelkain

      And like in every movie (well done coordinator) there will be a 2nd or 3rd character that saves U'r @ss 4 U, just 4 U to look good doing it... 10x to Soloman, we saw what U did there 😉 & hail 2 Jake's sponsored bit 😆 that was 👑 funny @ss h3ll 🤣! ✌️😃

    4. gmunay420

      where is the vfx suit?

    5. Enrique Nangüe

      I just realized that Wren is secretly hidden in the sponsored segment. That makes it ebmven more funnier! 😂

    6. Jeet Bahadur Walangcha Lingden

      Respect, man.

    7. Jonas Brok

      Niko is doing so well in his practice rounds, even if he have tried some of that before. That takes a lot of getting used to before it gets easier.

    8. servant of God

      Nikos a natty at this.

    9. Marshall Thomas

      That title and thumbnail are priceless

    10. Ayush Viren

      Clint lit himself on fire, Niko jumped off a building. What next ???

    11. kyla bacerdo

      travis is like that one math teacher that can make the hardest problem easy for everyone. such a good teacher/mentor

    12. Niall

      Man that sponsored segment was genius. Jake is the best.

    13. Jackson Giddens

      I went sandboarding once and they do the pushing test to see which foot to lead with. I didn't know what I was supposed to do so I didn't put a leg out and just fell flat on my face.

    14. MrVipitis

      This is one of those genuine great episodes. Want more of those

    15. didyoudothat tv

      Yeeting is a sport now

    16. Priyanshu Mallick

      Niko is making the flips look so easy.... Man

    17. T-ROY

      “Just fall into it” Me just falling into it would be a face plant and an unpublished video

    18. Santa Claus

      Now he cant kill himself by jumping off building 🤣

    19. John Swanson

      That sponsored segment 👌

    20. PenguinDeffender

      This is one of my favorite vids y'all done. I loved seeing these professionals and they were So Nice!!

    21. Juan Diego Ramirez Valencia

      Niko looks like modern Jesus

    22. Juan Carlos Muñoz Del Rio

      I should contract Travis and have him around me in my day by day life. Just hear him say I´m doing awesome would do wondes for selfsteem

    23. Javian Torres

      I thought it was hilarious how jakes accent went in and out during his ad

    24. Ben Cheevers

      How to make an 18 minute video out of 30 seconds of what people want to see, not gonna lie I skipped to the end.

    25. Devin Games

      First, the thumbnail changed, now the title changed.

    26. AJ The Anomaly

      What a great teacher

    27. Grg Frmn VA

      I can’t believe they got Wren from the future to help set everything up!

    28. Primo Schnevi

      Sam with the Perturbator Shirt fashionable as usual

    29. Eko Fever

      *Hi I’m Niko and welcome to Corridor. This is a high fall*

    30. Sachin Animatormer 2.O

      Please react indian movie vfx . Reaction to bolliwood 4 2.o 6 K.G.F 7 simbha 8 Race 1 9 Race 2 10Flight 11 koi mil Gaya . 12. Uri: the serjical strike 13 tanhaji 14 Jallikattu . 15 tik tik tik 16 Rabta 17 ms Dhoni's Please one more reaction .

    31. Sachin Animatormer 2.O

      Please react indian movie vfx . Reaction to bolliwood 1.i(aai) 2 kriss 3 Kriss 3 4 2.o 5 Doom 3 6 K.G.F 7 simbha 8 Race 1 9 Race 2 10Flight 11 koi mil Gaya . 12. Uri: the serjical strike 13 tanhaji 14 Jallikattu . 15 tik tik tik 16 Rabta 17 ms Dhoni's Please one more reaction .

    32. Bradley 422

      Review hraero.info/contact/02V5qX14xJiay8g/video

    33. Cifer Null

      Now make an R-rated edit where the cardboard boxes are cinderblocks.

    34. Slightly Dirty Steve

      Lol you spelled Solomon wrong.

    35. Mushfiqur Rahman

      we used to do this on haystack back then

    36. Edwin Tomane

      You guys could totally use this for a short film

    37. sportykev


    38. Yashvardhan Pandey

      I love how at 9:00 Soloman covers the edge of the ladder so that Niko doesn't hurt his head.

    39. SuchRush

      Niko is honestly just a true filmmaker, experiencing everything in the film world. Bless this man.

    40. Postdotfuzz

      I just wish this video had the Brail guys yelling "FIRST TRY!!!111!!!" after each fall. But besides that, enlightening!

    41. ilia hidari


    42. TheFlutefreak

      he is such a good educator!

    43. Beach

      Jesus this is a dumb idea

    44. Enamul Haque Nayeem

      React on some Satyajit Ray's films please

    45. Diana Liashchenko

      Jake created a masterpiece again 😂

    46. Civil Villain

      Can you guys check out the stunts in the 2008 Indonesian film Chocolate? They show some of the on set accidents at the end.

    47. PantsuMann

      What a time to be alive and work for Corridor. Workers getting lit on fire, knocked off roofs. Whats next? Sam getting hit by a car? Best channel on YT. How far you guys have come. Love it! Cheers!

    48. James Deyton

      Niko you killed it. Keep taking risks brother!!

    49. Rorobear19

      Sick Perturbator shirt Sam, these guys have such good taste in music

    50. beau danner

      Travis is a great teacher. I enjoyed watching him work

    51. Pudgy Buns

      *Sigh* oh.... Jake

    52. Danielle Harkness

      I loved Jake's skit, they're getting so good. I'll watch them all if they're always this funny.

    53. Lollipopper


    54. TheDeconstructivist

      Can we talk about how Soloman shielded the ladder with his hand when Niko first jumped off it, to protect Niko's head if he screwed up? That is some gosh darn professionalism right there.

      1. Louis Tang

        @El Sergio El Echalar 8:53

      2. El Sergio El Echalar

        Time stamp?

    55. FaithfulMC

      That looks scary

    56. AC

      "hey everybody, today is a big day for me because i'm going to be jumping off the roof of this building" -Niko (Corridor Digital)

    57. Amy Piero

      I really want to do this for a video I want to make. But I suppose I better not just tie a bunch of boxes together lol

    58. 5

      It was really cool watching Solomon cover the top of the ladder to protect Niko's head when he jumped off.

    59. ShadowManV3

      Anyone else ALWAYS skip over the Jake Sponsored parts?

    60. Cameron Lawson

      WELCOME TO MY SQUARE SPACE *square boxes go flying*

    61. Hiski Hämäläinen

      I would never do this!

    62. Vokun Vulon

      Niko: "You make it look so clean" *Proceeds to make it look clean af 1st try*

    63. Ashley Burks

      He is officially apart of the baddest one's around.

    64. MerryWeasel Ride0back

      Respect!! 👍

    65. Mohd Shayan Baig

      5:16 - So we're gonna eliminate your hands now. *CHAINSAW STARTS*

    66. Nicholas Sinis

      Me: Eh, imma skip the sponsor Corridor: Nope! We will make you watch! It will be the most interesting sponsor segment ever! Me: Oh I like this, good sponsor segment, imma watch this, not skip

    67. EVERY NEXT

      pls do wandavision

    68. EVERY NEXT

      pls do wandavision

    69. Graham Pearson

      Soloman instinctively putting his hand over the ladder hinge just as Nico jumped 'just in case' his head didn't clear, makes me feel like I am not over reacting when I do that every time my kid jumps of something...Stunt guys are the coolest guys, also top bombing Nico!

    70. Solution Ghost Simple

      0:42 When you accidentally called the teacher Mom

    71. GibElttil

      I did the same thing with my friends from garages into snowpiles, we were 7 or 8 years old, that was cool.

    72. Lyone

      0:42 for the meme format

    73. Studio Tatsu

      You guys missed a perfect opportunity with using a Digital Double of Niko missing the boxes completely. It would have caught us completely off guard. Still love the vid!

    74. 1c3 sLy1

      I think I'd be more scared jumping off that building then skydiving lol

    75. JOSUAH M.

      "which arms" nice hahahahahahah

    76. Yan Filipe

      I wonder what Niko's wife thought when he said "babe, I'm gonna jump off of a roof"

    77. Xhan

      When I saw Jake setting up the sponsor segment on instagram I really thought it was for RAID Shadow Legends but this man on another level with SQUARE space

    78. Syed Ijlal

    79. MarcBossYT


    80. Afm Afm

      “Deathsport” motorcycle stunts are funny as hell and the glass sword fight in the end is something else. I guess they couldn’t have the swords touching on account of them being made of clear plastic. 😂

    81. MahrCheen

      Ukemi Waza! Hajime! Sensei always told me to make a strong palm slap to the ground while landing. It helps to brake whole weight split second before hitting ground.

    82. Albert Bache

      It's real cool to see niko multiclass into stuntman

    83. Jzon P

      9:46 me when I do something embarrassing

    84. Orange Chair

      The meme is at 0:42 thank me later

    85. TheSorrowOfTheReaper

      Damn, Sam with the Perturbator shirt, Nico with the Carpenter Brut shirt .... you guys have some great taste in music!

    86. Luminous paradox

      One of the box builders look like Zack Snyder 🤣.. from making dc movies to stunt crews

    87. MystixRix

      0:42 - 0:47 when you accidentally called your teacher "mom"

    88. PRyM 758

      Anxiety doing this shit on their jeans, yet stuntmen do this on any outfit tho, so... respect.

    89. Trap Johnson

      Now he just needs to do one of such height that the course correction leg flail kicks in!

    90. Ye Ye


    91. Thomas Windfeld

      Did u ever do a segment of Night at the museum?

    92. Adam Burke

      Travis is a great instructor. His step by step approach and break down of skills was of course expected of any good teacher but his demonstrations and explanations and overall approach (which Im finding hard to articulate after a few shots)is fantastic. Travis makes it seem like he could teach anyone to do this.

    93. TheChitownKnight

      Ya know what, even tho the sponsor segments are easily skipped, Jake ingenuity and creativeness makes me watch. He put genuine effort into a short video inside a video.

    94. Nazorith Morgath

      best square space ad ever!

    95. Gunho- -

      Great ad XD

    96. scard

      at 8:53 Soloman literally did a good job, he cover the edge of the ladder as if Niko’s head hits it

    97. Wisp Studios

      0:42 and so a meme was born

    98. TheHamburgerGoD

      This is awesome!

    99. karuga1

      niko is now part of the brotherhood

    100. Daltoniusz

      8:54, that safety hand :) Nice