VFX Artists EXPLAIN Evolution of Lightsabers

Corridor Crew

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    In order to pull off their latest short "Lightsabers for Men," Niko sits down with the VFX Crew to break down the evolution of lightsaber CGi.

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    1. Bryon Verdone

      Hopefully the computer behind Niko is alright, looks like they were running mem test :)

    2. TheBrutal95

      if Josh says "like" or "just" one more time i stg

    3. Jarik C-Bol

      Me watching you talk about brown lightsabers having flashbacks to Technology Connections’ video about how brown does not exist.

    4. Great White Hype

      Wasn't that great!!! Josh should be fired. Lol

    5. Christina Parissi

      "Fringe Star Wars Canon" makes it sound like a bad thing, there is nothing bad about Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda is more Star Wars than Jar Jar Binks...mic drop!

    6. Christina Parissi

      Purple is my favorite color so I don't like when people hate on the purple light saber. They need to hate on the fact that Samuel L. Jackson got it because he's Samuel L. Jackson.

    7. Lynn Gatrell

      A hairy light-saber! Urge...to make...dirty...jokes...RISING!!

    8. Maggie McFee

      Ryan vs Dorkman. Respect.

    9. Defec Tec

      Bruh seeing last Jedi Luke still hurts years after the movie released

    10. Ripper Blades

      I have made a practical dark saber prop for about 10 years. I now make one with Neopixel. I would love to get ur opinion. Rip of Ripper Blades. Ps LOVE LOVE this show!!

    11. reedofwater

      "Stealth" sabers are brilliant!

    12. Toweri Li

      Working in the printing industry on early 90's, I tried to create a "laser-kind-of" effect using CMYK colours. Yes, the subtractive ones. Wasn't very successful...

    13. Matheus Madureira

      The problem with brown is that brown does not actually exist, brown is just a dark orange, so when you try to make brown glow, it would just look like orange, or yellow, or even just white, it's like trying to make a really bright black light saber, in reality it's just not possible lmao

    14. Stephen Cunningham

      Ryan Vs Dorkman! That's a deep cut! I remember those guys

    15. Admiral Walker

      Will never respect anything made by the husky dude that doesn't like Star Wars.

    16. ghostdog2041

      A friend and I wanted to do a black light saber. We were thinking along the lines of the blade just being this, like, void in the film, and all the elements around the saber bend in as the light bends into the black. Almost like black hole pseudo physics. So as we wave it around, it is bending and distorting the background behind it, a la Predator.

    17. Ay Star

      I love how well Sam embraced his inner Dr. Squach spokesperson to do this ad lmao.

    18. Caleb

      You guys should watch some “knights of the old republic” cinematics

    19. fredadhbit

      yadda yadda lightsabre, yadda yadda Brown... Technology Connections has entered the chat.

    20. TheMasonX

      Having followed you guys for over a decade now, it's amazing to see how far you've come and to see you bringing new talent into the industry with your amazing crew. Keep up the awesome work guys!

    21. Neon Havok

      please react To HALI WARS 1 CUTSCENES

    22. butstuffer

      Funny how they point out the garbage while drinking a cup of McDonald's.

    23. Fardawg

      Ironic when Sam calls something "super obnoxious" and "cringey."

    24. GeoGianni

      Now they have a starwars Dr. Squatch

    25. CleS0v

      Seeing as a brown light doesn't exist it'll just be dark orange lightsaber which btw lights can't produce darkness lmao George Lucas is kinda dumb lol

    26. LP Jones

      4:30 is that music from Lemmino?

    27. Gary Postlethwaite

      What is that thing at 11:36 that Sam is playing to make music with?

    28. Aaron Reitz

      I totally got a Dr. Squatch ad at the end of this video.

    29. Andrew Looney

      Hey guys, I hope you see this. @TheFightBible on youtube are ripping you guys off. They do some reaction videos with your thumbnail design. The whole thing is pretty much a complete rip off from your “Stuntmen React” videos, even down to the movies they react too. And they are BRAGGING about it, saying “their plan worked” after being called out in comments by Corridor Crew supporters. I dont want to copy+paste a link from them bc i dont want to spread their videos but its a blatant rip off.

    30. Adriyan Slavchev

      Guys you still cannot make the same effect that the new hope does I definitely dont like the rest of new version of lightsaber

    31. Mr 0li

      Original better cgi poo

    32. double T

      I feel like you might have missed one of the most "manliest" lightsaber designs. A lightsaber that is a super muscular arm w/ veins and all. Maybe it has a tattoo on it ('I Love Mom' or barbed wire???). Also, a feature to the SMA (super muscular arm) lightsaber is that if two SMA lightsabers jab toward each other, they will 'bump fists'. Maybe there are even sports team or fraternity editions!

    33. double T

      Lovin the vid as always. Informative & entertaining! Couple things: Niko is always does an amazing job at explaining all the technological aspects of everything. Keep that coming! I'm not familiar with Josh in the vids yet, but BOOOOOO to him for not liking the original Star Wars. Lol; but seriously? Niko mentioned lighting a brown lightsaber & it instantly made me want to see a grey lightsaber. Thanks to my wife, our living room is now grey walls with slightly darker grey furniture. Grey is everywhere. I NOW MUST SEE A GREY LIGHTSABER!

    34. Zachary Kew-Denniss

      Shoutout to your Pixelbook at 7:04! I use one for all my journalist work. Great machine.

    35. K2

      Josh says he doesn’t like Star Wars Niko you know I don’t just shoot nerf guns

    36. A Boy

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    37. Doctor Batman

      “I didn’t really like Star Wars” Right so you need to get rid of josh

    38. る かし


    39. DaCrazyDingo

      In 2000 in my school we used Alam DV for lightsabers in video class. So no need to go to photo shop and do a shape layer. It was still frame by frame.

    40. Devin Mayfield

      They did have a brown lightsaber in the force unleashed video games

    41. Tru Keesey

      7:10 Real men carry doinkits. Scroll to 4m 36s in the linked videograph: hraero.info/contact/o4am1pywxbDOrZE/video

    42. Tru Keesey

      Why is illusion so much more important to the masses than reality?

      1. Tru Keesey

        @Macklin Navigation (metaphorically keyenin, since "navigation" means to travel on the sea). One man whom I knew took belladonna and after awhile arose to go upstairs. The buildin had but one storey. Bumped into wall. It could have been an oncomin horseless carriage, had he been near to one. . One critter whose likeness I saw in a videograph took pcp and sliced open his abdoman and went runnin down the sidewalk with his entrails draggin on the pavement. Illusion. . The corporations who have been the main illusionists are at war against us and mean to do to us harm, and have succeeded. Look to them for the blame for why we landed in such a pickle as we are in, but look to ourselves for allowin them to distract and to mislead us. . Can you answer the question now? . hraero.info/contact/rqeKtZaYpNS71ro/video

      2. Macklin

        Why not

    43. AgelessScroll 15

      12:02 He Speaking in Naruto

    44. PenguinLH

      I agree with Sam that dr squatch is just really good soap

    45. John Steele

      For the lightsabers in The Mandalorian they used Neopixel blades like what most of us nerds bought

    46. Crayon Eater

      Hearing you guys swearing makes you seem so much more human than the extremely family friendly sounding SFX reaction vids, I like it

    47. Brandon Rodgers

      Ironically i had a midtoll ad for the dr squatch soap right after they were talking about it. Lol

    48. Al J Vásquez

      3:26 i legit thought this was James Rolfe.

    49. Sebastian Rudolph

      Literally looked like they put a deadcat over a lightsaber 😂😂

    50. Hunter Wiley

      I absolutely love Star Wars… and I really love ya’lls work... but the saber stuff is just best as say “a basic” effect lol. Cool stuff none the less. Glad y’all are still making content.

    51. Jofloch

      The new lightsabers are pretty awesome I gotta say. Too bad the sequals are POODOO.

    52. Century CZX

      16:27 This Channel Feels Like the main channel to me...

    53. Rene Flores

      Josh wasn't impressed with Star Wars at age 12 because he saw it on a small screen in his house. He was robbed of the experience of a giant screen in a darkened theater with a community of fans.

    54. Planguy

      Lightsabers used to look good and now they look bad. The sequel trilogy really took the life out of them.

    55. Amrauz

      The axe drop at 08:13 made me cringe...

    56. ayylmao.mp3

      Could you have Peter do a dark saber in Blender because Blender can literally do _negative light values?_

    57. MatthewPlays_YT


    58. Keeva Grace

      God bless

    59. SilverHorizon

      Gosh, I love behind the scenes for VFX videos.

    60. Doctor Roboto

      These children working for you are heretics.

    61. Shane Pye

      I figured a brown lightsaber would look like a long thin beer bottle with a light inside it.

    62. Rafael Alódio

      One thing that always frustrated me in Star Wars is the lack of light saber colors variety, I think 99% of all sabers are red, blue and green, the only two exceptions is the purple one from Samuel L Jackson and Rey's yellow one that only shows up for three seconds. I always wish that there were a full rainbow of light sabers in the movies.

    63. Connor Halleck

      is this not the main channel?

    64. Мария Шинкарева

      I mean the sequels are not for everybody but Clone Wars are George Lucas' baby. What's wrong with them 🤨

    65. KKay

      0:40 Niko : I wonder if we still have the guillotine

    66. Owellow

      Brah.... bacon light saber. I’m in.

    67. Spoon

      Omfg I got a star wars dr squatch ad while I was watching this with the same guy

    68. Prod. Michael

      Bruh they didn’t have to edit anything with the camo saber, because the camo saber IS the stealth saber. Duh.

    69. Nagranddan

      SWTOR actually has a bunch of different lightsaber looks, although they don't have brown. They have ones with multi colors, ones with black cores and ones with solid color cores.

    70. NeoFryBoy

      Running memtest86 in the background.

    71. Culture Chaos Music

      You guys should do a react video to your own personal best and worst vfx!

    72. smbfeliX

      14:50 new world record on how often a person can say "like" while explaining how to do a bear hair lightsaber

    73. The Hd Tv

      Sequel lightsabers look kinda wack

    74. Miro Markkula

      I actually thought the invisible lightsaber was the camo lightsaber

    75. DcLoki12

      Brown lightsaber the shitesaber

    76. Tom Gregory

      CONGRATS ON 5 MIL!!!!!

    77. Insanity On A Bun

      I AC’d on a commercial in February with that Dr Squatch guy lol

    78. Super Fire 64 Gaming

      Hey, I was right. I thought it looked like that soap ad

    79. Steven Paige

      That was like, really cool and like the like furry one was like wierd and the like camo one was i like, liked it.

    80. Jennifer OConnell-Brownrigg

      That soap company literally has Star Wars soap now.

      1. CaptCooldude

        I was just about to post that haha. It's a funny coincidence

    81. HarryMusuko

      James Schrader should make a parody of this.

    82. Aiden Baty

      Lol them making fun of the dr squanch guy

    83. AutoPoolGaming

      Corridor: What does a darker color lightsaber look like. Darksaber: Am I a joke to you?

    84. bigtree

      12:04 what. What do we need for peace????

    85. John Kristian Aasen

      Running memtest on a computer there, I see ;)

    86. Ethan ManMan

      Right after they got done making fun of the man soap I got an ad... For man soap

    87. Official Mecaton

      Wait…. So most of these lightsabers are cgi? Damn!! I thought you just attached random stuff to them lmao 😂😂😂 like that metal saber and hairy saber😂😂😂

    88. Kaitlyn Higgins

      Pstt. "The 'Trail' box" isn't a tackle box, it is a plastic ammo box. Which you can put anything you don't want wet in. Carry on. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT KNIFE, NICK!?! THAT IS NOT HOW SHARPEN A KNIFE. But considering most of the knives you guys are around (on camera) are props and you want them dull, I'll allow it. It just hurts.

    89. Madison McAllaster

      Wait the ad on this video is that exact soap company selling Star Wars soaps… that can’t be a coincidence…

    90. Mike

      "Camo is dark colors" Me: Huh? *Looks at winter camo, urban camo, and other camo that has mostly bright colors*

    91. Score Mix

      They look GREAT in ANH. Then shit for years and years (although okay in ESB)......then real good in TFA (eve though not a fan of the film - looked dangerous).

    92. GIBBSKIDS1

      "For that THIIIIICK slice!" 😅🤣😂

    93. Jumbleton

      Anyone know what Sam pulls out at 11:36? I've seen those things before but I have no idea what they're called

    94. Dessert GOOD

      AIKRA on Nico’s T-shirt

    95. ClockworkMan87

      Wouldn't a gun lightsaber just be a blaster?

    96. dragade101

      no. just no.

    97. Adam Jones

      Does Nick come in a Bespoke Post box? I'd pay for that anyday!

    98. Chris Wizardman

      I'm going to make a camo lightsaber in blender with only a Musgrave texture , color ramp and emission nodes ... I just wanna see that

    99. Chris Wizardman

      If I am correct , a light saber emits some sort of laser maybe plasma which to me seems most logical . Hacksmith industries I think even created one irl : hraero.info/contact/2Xtnq2eLwM23r8g/video and it makes me beg the question .... How does two beams of plasma clash and collide like they were made out of metal . How does two energic streams stop and like there are 2 solid materials colliding one another ?

    100. Ryan Hill

      Don't buy that Squatch manly soap. The dude is just drop shipping soap. He charges something like 10-20x what the soap is worth if you buy it straight from the wholesaler.