We Made Famous Cartoons into REAL HUMANS

Corridor Crew

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    Niko shows the Crew how to turn their favorite characters from videogames and movies into real humans using cutting-edge a.i.!

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    Or Patashnik*, Zongze Wu*, Eli Shechtman, Daniel Cohen-Or, Dani Lischinski
    *Equal contribution, ordered alphabetically

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    1. Corridor Crew

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      1. Alex Shepherd

        20:21 I have error for some reason. " UnpicklingError: invalid load key, '

      2. EziosBladez

        I copied the file and it just straight up didn't work. First bit worked, I dragged the image into the file, typed the name and the second cell just has issues and errors.

      3. Viking Life

        Kind of like reverse caricature

      4. RAAD IRFAAN

        Make the shrimp brown or human face like color it may work.


        Oh I like Macarena!

    2. Justin Uyehara

      lol duke nukem's "human" form looks a lot like a really orange mark ruffalo

    3. DarkWithAStutter

      Kevin Spacey was in Advanced Warfare, neither modern, or infinite lol.

    4. tatum dubuque


    5. Samuel Luftensteiner

      14:49 this is basically what you get when you play Doc Ock the way Heath ledger played the joker...

      1. Samuel Luftensteiner

        Or, on second thought..... Mole Man.

    6. Jonathan Chunglo

      Nope I'm not watching this! Like I've seen it for like a week as a suggested video in my HRaero but... that thumbnail made say yeah fuck that!!!! LOL

    7. Heldlightning

      The sumerian was cool

    8. Joe Ferguson

      Heyyyyyyyy margaritas!

    9. Drew Farhart

      This needs to become a regular thing!!! I’m laughing so hard! 😆😂🤣🤣

    10. Roberto Chavez

      jajajajaja Thanos es el Perro Bermudez 😂

    11. branikkkk

      Thanos actually look like Vincent D'Onofrio’s kingpin from Daredevil. Probably tha AI was trained on his pictures :-)

    12. Xxorze

      Did they use Scar's timelapse music?

    13. Jonny Oyster

      I have a colleague that looks just like Mr Incredible

    14. DewDrizzleDrop

      Duke Nukem looks like current day Andrew Dice Clay

    15. DewDrizzleDrop

      Thanos looks like "You're not that guy" guy if he shaved his head

    16. yagoras

      21:23 Hashtcheg

    17. Elder_God

      Do it with goku and vegeta please

    18. TheBestAuthor

      Okay, now put the birds from Birdemic into it

    19. AUTISMO

      duke nukem looks like val fuckin kilmer lmao

    20. 70s man

      10:02 actually really looks like the person Alyx was based on.

    21. AGEmail

      Man I appreciate you putting the skip timer on the ad breaks. I genuinely don’t even remember that guys name anymore 😂

    22. Dave Capozzi

      Gary Busey IS Duke Nukem

    23. Neillusion

      THE FLOOP hahah

    24. mathartist Blaint2003

      shouldave included rick and morty and the whole family

    25. Eryk Rejner

      20:27 no it does not show it... it shows only my picture... no remodel side-by-side comparison...

    26. goatisdemen

      ok but what happens if you run the 'run once only' things twice though

    27. Judgy

      "it's Cloud.......from Smash....." I sighed so hard my soul came out with it...

    28. Yoara

      16:03 bro you can''t say that

    29. cheeseman cheesycheese

      George Washington is my favorite cartoon character

    30. Mimsy

      I thought the Miguel one was the ice age baby 😂

    31. Mimsy

      Aw man I wanted to see photorealistic Mr. Incredible

    32. Mimsy

      This is trending as a meme now lol

    33. Artful Gamers

      Ok so this is pretty much the COOLEST video ever. Major ups!!!

    34. Aidan Redd

      As a native Texan- Jake’s Boerne, Texas shirt makes me happy, not sure why lol

    35. White Wolf

      It's royally pissing me off how wrongly everyone keeps saying "Geralt"

    36. Dhruv Patel

      We can all sleep peacefully skynet have long way to go..!!

    37. Oxu

      Me getting all of the answers right on my first guess was the moment I realized it was time to touch grass for the first time in my life.

    38. Francuz Kal

      13:55 - it's president of Armenia?!

    39. CurlyFries

      That guy is obviously mr clean

    40. Dakotah Hayes

      Not working for me. I keep getting error codes when I run the e4e. Even when I try the photos that were in the video.

      1. Jizu16

        @Mario Unterberger i tried on September 10th and it didn't work, i tried again on the 16th and it worked and i played around with it until i got booted from the collab because there's a limit on how much you can use it. And i've been trying again since yesterday and the "ban" is lifted, but i'm still getting errors. My hypothesis is that its still a new thing that gets frequent updates, some thing get fixed and some other get broken. Also since this gained alot of popularity, there's alot of traffic and downloads, so sometimes the e4e thing fails to install properly because of that too

      2. Mario Unterberger

        same, seems like we are too dumb haha. Or did you figure it out?

    41. Shadow 10

      Mecharina thing was so funny

    42. EarlyMist

      Thanos becomes Rick from PStars 😅

    43. Victor Borges

      Keanu Reeves is looking like the guy from Lost

    44. Djie Kramer

      thanos looks straight up like a guy named bruce

    45. Anime short cuts


    46. d1rect_

      2:22 *FRANZJ PRESENTS*

    47. Root

      The fact that they could’ve “revealed” dream’s face by putting dream from mask in the ai thing

    48. Rich Hopkins

      Why does Thanos look like Rick from Pawn Stars?

    49. A A

      when i try to do it i get the error The size of tensor a (4) must match the size of tensor b (3) at non-singleton dimension 0?

    50. Micah Sanders

      Thanos looks like the best he can do is 5 dollars

    51. Enrique Avilés

      AI thinks women are funny characters

    52. John Price

      My hat turned to hair and now I look like Adler. Life is strange...

    53. Dee Ess

      What’s the make / model of those Bluetooth headphones you guys are wearing? They look dope!

    54. Slvrbuu

      Probably a dead project, or under some kind of redesign. It doesn't seem to work anymore.

    55. Silent-Vortex _YT

      Goku and Vegeta from dbz

    56. Júlia MDP

      I was waiting for Shrek 😔

    57. MRinferNO

      Why did nobody do Dora?

    58. Alex Vargas

      I followed all steps and tried several imagens, but It really didnt work for me. There os always a Magic number error in step 3

    59. Khaanlive Music

      Everybody knows that Mr incredible is Harry Kane in real life. come on AI

    60. 35906googlesucks

      I really wish you had done Marvel's latest version of the Hulk, to see if it turned out looking like Mark Ruffalo.

    61. alex schultheiss

      Gollum looked like Ron Weasley

    62. Mia Rasmussen

      So many mentions of Geralt, and not one of them pronounced correctly

    63. Edwins1984

      Thumbs up for the intro alone, nice one!

    64. Tristan North

      I love Jordan, she is so beautiful!

    65. kraken skull

      14:10 I didn't get it

    66. A.G .Q

      Griffin laugh! dude!

    67. hound kill

      Do for Leon kennedy

    68. G MAN VR

      Should of put G Man in that algorithm

    69. Gorilla Thug Life

      Thanos like, Indian singer (Kerala) Jayachandran

    70. Louden Haga

      Who the hell says Geralt like that smh

    71. Mr.Goodman

      Why not use a new version of mister incredible

    72. Oshzak

      Nothing I do works XD

    73. A Wooden Crate

      "We made famous cartoons into real life people" Shows Niko Bellic

    74. The Demon goblion

      I feel like jason Statham would play niko in a live action GTA 4 movie

    75. keyvan ahmady

      at e4e complation part i get an eror the line "ckpt = torch.load(model_path, map_location='cpu')" gets highlated and there is three more eror subclass "UnpicklingError: invalid load key, '

      1. Roman Shevyakov


    76. Garlicbread

      Shrimp guy is pretty dope

    77. MongMong

      Yep, this code is broken

    78. Caio Portella

      for me always erro in e4e completion.

    79. jun Xia

      It looks more like jimmy Fallon rather than the Rock LMAO

    80. HForceClan

      Really cool! Another youtuber did all of the Escape from Tarkov faces with this guide, they looked really realistic!!

    81. Screw Youtube

      No matter what.... Link is a woman to everyone.... Such forced woke shit. Lmfao

    82. Deep

      For commander Shepard try searching for Mark Vanderloo

    83. Normandy


    84. HawksNest

      Y’all should do this but hire a crime artist (the ones that draw based on your description of someone) then run it through AI and see how close it is to the described person!

      1. Rayaluri Gowtham

        Tf bro never expected you to be here

      2. RYOKUBE

        These technology has been there long ago hraero.info/contact/mXyTlKWj1rmZmtg/video

      3. Pufferless

        why doesnt this have more likes wth

    85. REEKOIL

      I’m so surprised I got that toy story one like instantly lmao

    86. Capybara Random

      It’s called cartons and the thumbnail is live action thanos

    87. Jeff Martin

      tried with multiple images, all came back with several errors. UnpicklingError : invalid load key, '

      1. Oshzak


    88. Bagsy

      Like a lot of people I'm not getting the software to work, in my case when I run "e4e completion". It would be nice to see a fix or an explanation of how to fix it as it would be really cool if this worked.

    89. Insanity On A Bun

      Luca WAS amazing

    90. ValleURZ

      real Shepard already exists, you dont need a software for that. His name is Mark Vanderloo

    91. ZipTiedTogether Hopefully

      IS THAT… IS THAT YHE STATUE OF LIDERBY! I have no idea how he got that

    92. Z-Cubing

      I saw the title and just thought SHREK!

    93. Luis Alegría

      Where is Yoda ??

    94. BVZ Visuals

      shrips arnt human like but i find them very human like lmao

    95. Confused guy with a Guitar 2

      Bruh Miguel looks like Ryan’s toy review

    96. Qiwi Games


    97. Aj Nar

      anyone else getting this error? : 64 magic_number = pickle_module.load(f, **pickle_load_args) 765 if magic_number != MAGIC_NUMBER: 766 raise RuntimeError("Invalid magic number; corrupt file?") UnpicklingError: invalid load key, '

    98. Jeremy Beamer

      Trying to use the program, but when I hit Play on "Input Image", I get the following error message: NameError Traceback (most recent call last) in () 10 } 11 # Setup required image transformations ---> 12 EXPERIMENT_ARGS = EXPERIMENT_DATA_ARGS[experiment_type] 13 if experiment_type == 'cars_encode': 14 EXPERIMENT_ARGS['transform'] = transforms.Compose([ NameError: name 'experiment_type' is not defined Anyone know how to fix this? I have zero coding knowledge or experience.