Can VFX Artists Follow BoB Ross in REAL TIME?

Corridor Crew

1,3 mil. pregleda612

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    The VFX Crew competes to see who can take home the title of "Office Bob Ross" by following along with a "Joy of painting" episode in real time! The only difference is that instead of Paint, they have CGi.

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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 mjeseci


    1. The Real OJ Simpson

      Genuinely don’t know who wins

    2. Lunastifalia Wyld

      Just imagine dying, having your goal remembered by millions, no, BILLIONS of people of you making art in the most nicest and calmest way possible... Only to have a crew of them turn it into an intense race against who can win...

    3. Saedris

      ''this is my world, we can do anything in it'' *they forgot this step*

    4. Science in Engineering

      What i got out of this. 3d software is not as ergonomic as a brush. 3d software needs to become faster and more stabil Still the result was really impressive

    5. Miguel Alejandria

      nice challenge

    6. ☯𝐈𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐠𝐢𝐘𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐨𝐟𝐋𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭☯

      The Greatest Commandment 34 Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. 35 One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question: 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[c] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[d] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    7. TheBestAuthor

      2:40 is that… No… it can’t be… _it is_

    8. Haldun Bucak

      Nice Evangelion reference with that "can (not) undo" message!

    9. 46

      What about a Thomas Kinkade round? Give yourselves a time limit pick a famous Kinkade painting and replicate the lighting he’s famous for

    10. 46

      Niko had that imo

    11. 46

      12:11 my nan is a massive fan of Thomas Kinkade (I think you meant Thomas) she has his art up in every room in her house

    12. Luis Angel

      10:08 *Laugh in pain*

    13. kjell kriminell

      Sam is always in the background but he is seriously talented. He reliably produces some of the best results in almost every video he features in.

    14. Gmertz

      This is our world, we can do anything. Damn!

    15. HelmenHjelmen

      OKAY OKAY OKAY.., i just assumed to be hit with some happy calm bob ross vibes but is hit with fucking an epic battle of thrones or something. wasn't expecting it to be this epic

    16. Maxime Deschesnes

      The trees just like pop in... Hahaha!

    17. Cycling CMDR

      Don't support the company Bob Ross Inc. They're misusing Bob's name and stole his son Steve Ross's inheritance.

    18. James Pruitt

      the world needs another Bob Ross

    19. Seth

      Could you make star wars hunter fast and fun.

    20. Toomany Francis

      Wren's would have won with more time.

    21. Tommy Hellberg

      It's a shame he is dead. I think he would have loved to see this.

    22. Mister Nakkerhoofd


    23. Ryan Robinson

      Need more Bob Ross, need more landscapes to see the worlds he created. It's amazing

    24. eldo eulsam

      sam looks like a dad bod version of joseph seed with those glasses

    25. Hamza Trabelsi

      I wish I was there competing with you , I would also use a game engine , Unity Engine , I can easily create better looking result :p

    26. Diaz Reza

      megascans makes the competition unfair 🙃

    27. YAK

      We seriously NEED another one!

    28. D-Emprah Expects

      Really really nice

    29. Praise Asonye

      Please what software did each if you guys use??🙏🙏

    30. Corato Laga

      idea that is bad: VFX artists try SFM. looking up stuff and asking for help in stuff like the SFM discord/reddit/etc. edit: to make this clear, i mean SFM, not S2FM, aka the better version

    31. xxVeidxx

      Grease Pencil users: hold my mouse

    32. Darren DeGroodt

      Can you guys do a video to support or spread awareness about Steve Ross (Bob Ross’s son)

    33. MinNyeAccount

      unreal engine has a big penaiii

    34. sammuelkain

      Sam - easy way out 😎 Niko - game on the set 🖼️ Wren - what this button do 💥 oh cute 💐 Guest - helping all & crashing things but managed 2 do almost like Bob 🥬🏡🌄🥦

    35. Caleb

      You guys should watch some “knights of the old republic” cinematics

    36. Lie Detecter

      1:34 that's what she said

    37. Beto Olivera

      I feel with the detail invested in bob ross paintings, like what if used to kill people and these drawings represent where he buried them

    38. Aaron Hamden


    39. Jordan Malmgren

      I dig the Evangelion reference in the program's pop up window.

    40. Deqster

      Bob didn't paint what he did on camera spontaneously. He had another copy of the painting off camera he referred to, but he was good at making it seem like he was making decisions on the fly.

    41. Jackal1412

      These were all really amazing! Congrats to each of you!!

    42. Lazarus Cain

      gorski cheated, he undid the bushes on the roof lol. his accident wasnt happy at all lol

    43. Mark Krawczyk

      I love you guys, but Niko…who the hell ever said Kinkaid was the master of light?

    44. Betty-Alexandria Pride

      It's hard for me to pick a winner knowing how many times their computers crashed. I feel like I couldn't witness everyone's full potential. Alas, a contest is a contest.

    45. Ansheric Vertron

      a comment

    46. Nexu Jin

      Massive flex 💪🏼 showing off a game level from a painting

    47. AlbertonBeastmaster

      Unreal is incredible. Nice work guys!

    48. Thiruvishnu.V BCA

      Cg geek fan

    49. DaUltimateShape

      Please do it again this was so peaceful

    50. Manafront

      yall are dope

    51. Daniel Astillero

      All are amazing but Wren's work is artistry at its finest. Because art is creating the most of what little you have. And that's what a masterpiece is.

    52. Cellar Studio Productions

      I feel like people would buy game experiences of Bob Ross paintings.

    53. Dark Cognitive

      Using unreal is way too OP for this….. Thats a bit cheaty imo!

    54. Jimmy Grant

      I felt like I was in Skyrim for a second...

    55. Misio Puchatek

      That was sicko! Great work! Really 😁

    56. All Waizeright

      BOB Ross could pain the MONA LISA with a paint roller.. Actually BOB ROSS hated his hair but he was so identified with he that he kept it.

    57. B D

      just goes to prove, computers are never as good as real thing.

    58. Arno Groenewald

      "I got that from you" Steal like an Art. Give it a read, it is fascinating.

    59. esteban collazo

      The cold garage logically comb because salmon coincidently owe notwithstanding a extra-large extra-small exuberant pipe. silent, hollow blanket

    60. BlastLander

      dude at least credit cg geek, this aint the first time you copied him.

    61. Grutar G

      I'd like to see you compete with a police sketch artist to recreate a human face.

    62. dillon uk

      BoB Ross was a legend well done guys

    63. Emil Klingberg

      this is like an add for Unreal

    64. Driveway STAR

      Nico: Just how Robert Ross preps his canvas with a white wash... Me: Its Liquid Hwite

    65. Isaac Miller

      See if you can make a mini movie of the Titanic sinking. Make it a challenge to make the video in a week.

    66. NotEvenSmoozed

      The baked in 2min+ shoe commercial killed my interest in this video. Bad form boys.

    67. Drizzy Edits Bad

      from Arrys stream

    68. Yoe

      "Oh my god it's perfect it's the exact same cabin... Oh my god, oh sh*t I just put bushes on the roof"😂

    69. john brooks

      Hello I know I am late but can someone please tell me what laptop Sam was using

    70. Pau Alemany

      I don't know how they can use Cinema4D. I used it during 1 semester in uni and hated every single second of it (and I love doing animation)

    71. Andre Aguilar

      2:05 that’s all you need to burn an image into your mind

    72. المنبع الصافي

      Which software you create these?

    73. Fil kearney

      I've got a slew of videos on my channel reproducing bob ross in digital paint apps. If you know anyone that's also colorblind and intimidated about painting in color without seeing it... I'm happy to lend help.

    74. Doc Donald

      If you watched his documentary on Netflix his son says he does yell or be aggressive because of other reasons. You should watch

    75. madhatten00

      Bob ross video game is epic

    76. Mekhi Smith

      2:04 is the best shot of all film

    77. Jack Hayes

      Please can you do this again?!

    78. Russell Thorburn

      WOW!!! All of those look great. In particular I loved the use of colour in the one at 14:39. Awesome job guys!

    79. JAC

      FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Thomas Kinkade, who described himself as a born again Christian and painter of a “morally superior art,” once pissed in public on a Winnie the Pooh figure at the Disneyland Hotel while saying, “This one’s for you, Walt.” He died from overdosing on alcohol and Valium in 2012. Also, Sam totally missed a perfect opportunity to make the player character look like Bob Ross.

    80. Peter Berden

      I left a comment.

    81. Simon Church

      When I hear the name Bob Ross I think about trees… he was a very talented artist :)

    82. Nicholas Smith

      Play exquisite corpse!

    83. Makai Pereira-Burke

      I like wren

    84. Nick Whitey

      I gotta give it to Sam, by using software and assets that made it easier, it gave him a massive advantage. I would play that game haha

    85. Eduardo Placeres

      If u Realize the whole video is an Unreal engine propaganda, because all the other programs were kinda slow, were having trouble or were hard to use, so u can noticed what they are doing

    86. Comrade Bunji

      Bob Ross was a treasure we lost much too early.

    87. Lewis Gelfand

      Imagine watching Bob Ross after he was your drill sergeant. Probably whiplash inducing

    88. BooneDavey

      I'm just gonna tell you now. Do _not_ put a sound effect, like that one for Wren trying to straighten his arm, *ever again.* I'm warning you.

    89. Rob Spence

      CG Geek did it first. 😬

    90. Brent Gardner

      I'm confused, is Matt working for Corridor Digital now? or was he a guest VFX artist?

    91. Moon

      Can you guys PLEASE make a series out of this? This was one of my favorite videos :))

    92. Cohen Resch

      This is just a really good ad for unreal engine

    93. Llance Swanston

      a really dope challenge would be taking peoples art and turning it into something via unreal or the other engines you use you could probably make them into nft's as well which would be FIRE

      1. Llance Swanston

        kinda like what Benny productions does EX here :

    94. RGRHarris

      I REALLY enjoyed watching this one. Such a great idea! The results were phenomenal! I loved everyone’s version. It really shows how talented each of you is, and how much diversity each of you brings to the table as a team member. I loved it! Thanks for sharing!

    95. Comfy Here

      Ok seriously, the painting feel of the first too makes up for any differences. amazing stuff.

    96. The Kilnor

      Recreate a CGI scene from your favorite movie scene.

    97. Pritesh Ruthun

      Computers seemed to have trouble Wren-dering the files...

    98. Rick Ames

      Sam wins by default. But personally, Niko’s lighting was spot on.

    99. Ryan Cummings

      If you shaved sam's beard and hair, he'd make for a convincing Gomer