VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 51

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    Niko and Wren are joined by former ILM Visual Effects Art Director Alex Laurant to break down the best and worst VFX that Hollywood has to offer.

    Alex would like to shout out to the ILM teams mentioned in this video, including:

    Saving Private Ryan:
    VFX Supervisor Steffan Fangmeier, Compositing Lead Pablo Helman, and many more...

    The Mummy Returns:
    VFX Supervisor John Andrew Berton, Animation Supervisor Daniel Jeanette, Maquette sculptors Richard Miller and Danny Wagner, Concept Artists Carlos Huante, Derek Thompson, Benton jew, Brian O'Connell, Previs Artists Larry Chandler and Louis Katz, Compositing Supervisor Scott Frankel, and many more...

    Minority Report:
    VFX Supervisor Scott Farrar, Lead Concept Artist Aaron McBride, Previs Artists Larry Chandler & Daniel Slavin, Warren Fu, the whole ILM Art Dept, also Producer Dana Friedman....

    plus, (outside of ILM) again Production Designer Alex McDowell, and studio Concept Artist Mark Goener.

    ...and all the rest who he couldn't list here.

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    1. Sam Miller

      Check out the plane crash and bank robbery scenes from Superman Returns.

    2. eqits animate

      I've probably seen every single VFX Artists React video since the very beginning and Alex Laurant is hands down my most favourite guest of all. Such a cool guy with amazing behind the scenes insights!

      1. eqits animate

        pls like, Lol. Jk. This is just A stupid joke.

    3. Joonha Shcal

      I clicked because on the thumbnail he looks like Spielberg.

    4. RandyFistburgers

      I was rewatching this episode cuz youtube autoplay and got thinking about Niko saying that such bullets don't interact with water like that, that they explode when they hit the water, referring to the bullets in the water in the Omaha beach scene. I believe it would in certain circumstances not be the case for them to break apart on contact with water. Some of the landing areas at Omaha beach were nearly 1500m from the closest german strongpoints. 8mm Mauser fired out of a rifle has about the same energy left in it as a 9x19mm fired from a handgun, at around 350-400ft/lbs. As per various #murica videos on youtube and even the Mythbusters, 9x19mm doesn't explode when it hits the water point blank. So I would say it's not out of the question for machine gun fire at that range to zip through the water like that and still be lethal.

    5. Jake Sanders

      I'm pretty sure mythbusters did the underwater bullet when slow mo guys were still kids. Does his dad know adam savage from ILM?

    6. Emily Seddon

      I love Minority Report, and I'm so excited for more on that, you guys should definitely talk about how they did the "spiders" and all the eye reading stuff

    7. Dewald Coetzee

      Hmmmmm, the guest artist looks a lot like Ryan Reynolds

    8. Zakkary Jenkins

      Chop suey music video has some early cg that would be worth looking at

    9. Jelte Hoogterp

      Please react to the car destruction shot of the Netflix Series "Ragnarok", last episode of series two. It looks really sweet!!!

    10. Universe Creator

      react to the effects of the CW's Legacies hraero.info/contact/2KWAx4WexJW0q7o/video hraero.info/contact/l4t9qWSbqJKzqcg/video hraero.info/contact/zKSI1oyF0c2wz9g/video hraero.info/contact/r6B2somHmtvJm5U/video Legacies 2x15 Hope Fights Josie, Lizzie Saves Hope

    11. Universe Creator

      react to the effects of the CW's Legacies hraero.info/contact/2KWAx4WexJW0q7o/video hraero.info/contact/l4t9qWSbqJKzqcg/video hraero.info/contact/zKSI1oyF0c2wz9g/video hraero.info/contact/r6B2somHmtvJm5U/video Legacies 2x15 Hope Fights Josie, Lizzie Saves Hope

    12. Xander

      Human centipede?! Really? Was that needed?

    13. tmage23

      6:25 The Mummy Returns was released the same year as Fellowship of the Ring. You can't blame bad VFX on technological limitations in this case.

    14. Y K

      This guy is so interesting to listen to. He’s also great on the Mummy episode

    15. Cezar Rogerio De Moura Felippe

      This is truly the best channel in HRaero, this is just amazing

    16. Life Of Alex

      Saving privet ryan made me cry for days

    17. Life Of Alex

      0:21 Female wren????

    18. th3giv3r

      So... Can I borrow that chicken socket? Asking for a friend...

    19. Jamie R. Cheney

      Please react to the movie The Halloween Party (especially the pig person). Amazon Prime has it. Thank you!

    20. Campusanis

      "Anonymous Futuristic Air Conditioning Units" is my next band.

    21. Bob's Fun

      You guys should check out some of the VFX from Reminiscence. Some of the city scapes don't quite work, but the machine interface stuff is awesome. It was nice to see a film noir again.

    22. Mark The Robot

      Can you look at the effects of the movie real steel? That’d be great!

    23. Storm T1mbre

      Please react to The Amazing Bulk!

    24. Its Always Funny in Sillydelphia

      2:42 Wait, wait, wait... has anyone ever tested this by shooting a gun FURTHER away from the water? All these experiments are either point blank range, or LITERALLY in the water. If the bullet can lose more of its velocity then the water will seem less dense to it. Think about jumping into water from the edge of your pool (you are moving slow where a bullet would be moving faster) and jumping off the golden gate bridge (you are moving fast) and when you hit the water it reacts like concrete. So perhaps if you gave the bullet a hundred yards or so with bigger longer sniper ammunition that you would see during that time period it may ACTUALLY be plausible. Yes I saw the episode of Myth Busters when it aired, they never got further from point blank range if I recall correctly. *EDIT:* Also the angle of penetration and they were shooting into moving waves that crest TOWARDS the bullet. Its not just a still large body of water.

    25. Van Rose

      For your next VFX Artists React, you should review the “same matter can’t occupy the same space” animation from “Timecop” (1994). hraero.info/contact/pWhizpd-uJ6Pvsg/video

    26. BattleGhul

      In case you are doing another Bollywood one, or I guess it would also work in a general CGI episode, there's a scene from the movie Om Shanti Om from 2007, where they tried to emulate the Forrest Gump effect, it's not as convincing, but they do some clever stuff to try and ground it in the scene. For context, it's the "Dhoom Taana" musical number. The protagonist is in a movie theater watching a movie with the actress he has a crush on. Throughout the song, the actress is shown singing and dancing of course, but also interacting with actors from older bollywood movies (thats where the effect comes in), that part of the movie takes place in the 70s or so btw. The protagonist then imagines himself in these scenes and joins in the singing and dancing. The actress interacts with 3 of those oldschool actors i think, you can tell, because they look a bit low-res in comparison, but they do some clever stuff, as mentioned, like her hand moving the necklace of the one, or crinkling the suit or sleeve. It was kinda mindblowing when I was younger and didn't understand vfx that well. ^-^

    27. Adithya Ganesan

      watch Sand Sharks, I'm think that's what inspired Sharknado 😂

    28. flowerpotbill

      Do an episode on cgi furniture on realtor websites

    29. Thomas Chadwick

      So The Matrix Resurrections trailer just dropped... I get that the vfx probably aren't finished but it still warrants a look!!!

    30. Marcos Gomez

      Can you guys look into or breakdown King Arthur: Legend of The Sword?? When he grabs the sword with both hands. Pretty cool shot.

    31. Christian Chandra

      guys, why you never invite Film Riot guy to episode VFX Artists React ?

    32. Merp Monster

      Did you guys ever react to Tim Burton Mars attack yet I don’t recall

    33. Omar Cordy

      You should definitely check out the Kylie Minogue video for Come Into My World.

    34. Peter DiBello

      A great short film that I recommend watching is Irradiation. It's an animation directed by Sava Zivkovic. It's about 10 minutes long, but it gets pretty tense. Definitely recommend

    35. Justin Chronemic

      I don’t know if you have covered it yet, but I’ve been thinking a lot about The Covenant lately and all the VFX they use including driving the vehicle off the cliff through the fog and the semi-truck breaking apart and reconstructing.

    36. Marc Pescod

      Do Constantine! Would love to hear your take on the demon scenes.

    37. Wil

      Could you check out "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.LD." season 4, episode 10 at ~41:05.... when Agent May checks the wound she got from her last mission and finds out she is not what she thought she was? Thanks!

    38. Petch85

      How are the shields made in Dune (1984)? How would you have made them in 1984? How would you make them today?

    39. Guitar Sidadi

      React to the vfx in war of the world

    40. Sweeping Time

      The chicken filled eye sockets grossed me more than the movie eye sockets.

    41. Vimal Screen

      React on Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

    42. TheRonaldMcDonaldOfficialYouTubeChannel

      These guys need to look at The Adventures of Tintin.

    43. SigmaZ


    44. liam callaghan

      ADAM SAVAGE! ADAM SAVAGE! Alex and Adam worked together, it would be great to see them both reunite Adam having his own channel Tested would be an amazing collaboration aswell

    45. Addison Works

      The last scene of children of the corn

    46. Anthony Gutierrez

      Army of darkness. Ash picking the necronomicon scene

    47. Stinkels Rules

      Is there any way you guys can put up a warning alert for trypophobia at the start for this video and for when the relevant scenes are about to come up? The eye and the stitches scenes was very unpleasant to see. Would be good for sufferers to click away if they knew it was about to be shown.

    48. William Schwarz

      Do Color Out of Space dudes

    49. Ivan Lecuit Simoes

      React to amazing bulk

    50. Anna Petrizzi

      You guys HAVE to do the sky diving scene from The Bucket List. It’s…. Wow.

    51. Jana Tan

      Would love to see you guys take a look at the water animation in Shang chi particularly the scene where the water floats in the air!

    52. arresting-gear-industries

      I don't know how you take messages but you guys definitely need to see this short that got put up a couple weeks ago. hraero.info/contact/zpCLlWiwrdXJlZU/video

    53. Robert Kemna

      Please check the 2020 movie Fukushima when the wave hits the building haha

    54. Philip Neill

      How did they do the face morph in Saving Private Ryan towards the end of the movie with Matt Damon??

    55. KarlLovellMusic

      Opinions on the CGI in the Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits Music Video? hraero.info/contact/0Kp7tH1-qc-ksKo/video

    56. Marcello Rubini Cano

      You should react to the fight between Spider-Man and Doc octopus in Spiderman 2. That scene is crazy !!!

    57. Ardit Hashimi

      How have you guys not The Mask yet???

    58. Nestor Ojeda

      React to Jurassic Hunt, it has bad effects from start to finish especially at the end, in terms of blood, acting, effects on weapons, and CGI even in scenes with dinosaurs missing.

    59. Unnecessarily Loud

      Review the slo mo scene in The One

    60. Johnathan Peart

      Have the boys ever done a vfx react to the morphing in the Michael Jackson black and white video?

    61. TurdleShell

      i'd love you guys to react to Kyanq: a Short Skate Film by Brett Novak! Everything in that video is reversed except for the person he's filming and it looks amazing.

    62. pyronmasters

      Vfx artists react to “Flight Of The Navigator” (1986) reflections on the ship

    63. Fulvio Maiorani

      Guys you really should take a look at this one... I found it a few days ago and it blew my mind. It's called irradiation hraero.info/contact/05dqx2SW253blbY/video

    64. daekrFINGERS

      You guys have GOT to see/react to the trailer for C.I.Ape Holy shit 😂

    65. ThbMzn

      You guys should definitely take a look at “AI Artificial Intelligence” from the 2000s, it has great robotic VFX like the first scene with the human like robot

    66. I I

      I would really like a breakdown of the nuclear bomb scene from the movie "the sum of all fears"

    67. St. Terre

      You guys should look at the video clip of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - HARAJUKU IYAHOI It's really absurd and green screening is really on point

    68. Ty Monk

      Clip for you to look at - The Grand Tour YT channel has a video called James May avoiding death, or something like that. In the video he drives across a train track and gets narrowly missed by a train, that's an easy one to explain. But at the end he gets into his car outside a hospital, and the car is immediately crushed by a falling skip. I cant see any cuts, the doors of the hospital continue closing throughout, and the window reflections are consistent too. This will probably get lost but I figured it was worth it. :)

    69. Ayo O


      1. Ayo O

        You have to review this............

    70. Péter Tóth

      Do the ABBA reaction

    71. Peter Stoia

      There are so many VFX I'd love to see you guys talk about, but I particularly love the VFX in very bad movies like "The Room". But you've done that already, so I recommend "DOA: Dead Or Alive" and "Proteus"! Some wacky VFX in those movies.

    72. Andrew Baham

      When are you going to react to Kung Fury??


      React to the morphing scene in Michael Jackson’s “black and white”

    74. Simon Lavictoire

      The Matrix Resurrections os about to drop a teaser or a trailer soon. Be ready to react to it ;)

    75. Molly H

      Please do a CGI react video to The Irishman. My brother said the cgi on their faces was distracted. I felt it was pretty decent. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that! I know the movie is 3.5 hours long, but you don't have to watch the whole thing.

    76. Athul Sabarish

      react to the green knight vfx

    77. Sxmba

      you guys should react to David Fincher’s use of VFX

    78. Jayce Stewart

      PLEASE - Suicide Squad, how did they get all the mom's into the dance floor WITH the light from the disco ball matching so well too!?!?!?

    79. BRANDON

      DO “KING KONG” from 2005 with JACK BLACK.👈👈👈👈👈👈👈

    80. niefali

      For some really nice practical effects watch "Hellboy 2- the golden army" the first Hellboy movie also has some cool practical effects, but there is way more of it in the 2nd one. The elves, the chamberlain, the ogre, the ogre market, the goblin, death, Dr Krauss, Hellboy and Abe...it has cgi, but it blends really well with the other stuff. For old practical effects: "Legend" and "Dragon slayer". The first has amazing sets and costumes, while the 2nd one has the best non-cgi dragon.

    81. Perkle the Torkoal

      How about the scene from Detective Pikachu where the ground is revealed to be a giant Pokemon. I’d love to see you break down the creature designs, and how they did the parallax wave.

    82. James Gulapa

      please review the live action "Yamato" (Star Blazer) maiden lift-off/ wave motion gun scene... thanks

    83. TheFathusky

      Can someone add tails to the Van Helsing Werewolves PLEASE?!!

    84. Evan Larsen

      You should react to all the cool subtle visual effects in Zodiac. hraero.info/contact/25p-rXRsranBqZU/video

    85. Gabriel Shelton

      React to Pacific Rim!

    86. viiont eooiy

      her parachuting for 3 seconds at the end. Some uncanny physics when she hits the water. Again, you guys are the bomb!

    87. Gabe FTW

      Y’all should do The Nutty Professor

    88. primate924

      Can you please react to the new movie Annette (2021) at 26:00 you see Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard riding a motorcycle together with no helmet or safety gear. It looks like they're really on the bike in a wide shot. surely they're not. Please explain how they did that! (also that movie has some other fucked up visuals worth reacting to)

    89. Caleb

      You guys should watch some “knights of the old republic” cinematics

    90. tak2137

      VFX artist react suggestion: Dredd Slo Mo scenes: hraero.info/contact/uG-JuZp415LExqY/video&ab_channel=TheDollarTheater

      1. viiont eooiy

        You guys should talk about the scene in the Sopranos season 3 where they CGI Tony’s mom - bonus if you redo the scene with a deep fake!

    91. Pedro Henriques

      You guys should definitely do a Sam Rami's Spiderman trilogy vfx react

    92. WakoSmakos

      you guys should react to the bullet scene from wanted

    93. steven

      you should react to peaky blinders, season 2 episode 6, last minutes where tommy doesnt get shot but the other two do get shot, CGI in the head wounds is terrible

    94. ReSAMPLED

      Come to Daddy - Aphex Twin (Chris Cunningham) would be good for some music video VFX reactions? Anything by Michel Gondry.

    95. Adam

      You guys have great content and deserve twice as many subscribers.

    96. Krazy K

      I'd love for you to react to the Underworld movie franchise. They blend vxf and practical fx really well

    97. Kain Elliott

      Can ya’ll please do the new ABBA CGI film clip

    98. Joshua Terry

      Have you guys done the ending to Timecop?

    99. Samuel Saidel

      Can you please react to The Expanse

    100. Santeri Eilola

      can you do uncle it from the addams family movies and the new addams family tv show.