Animators React to Bad & Great ANIME

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    Niko and Wren sit down once again with Veteran Animator and Director Alexander Snow of Dreamworks Animation, to break down some of the best and worst anime in pop culture today.

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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 mjeseci


    1. Evander Slamet

      anyone mention fate here ? 🤣

    2. Yovng Soldier

      Dragon ball Z Goku vs Frieza

    3. PhoenixKnight74

      The new Berserk anime is absolutely groundbreaking! In that it sinks so much lower than the ground to the point of breaking the hearts of fans everywhere... Check it out to see what anime should never do (i.e. poorly mix CG and traditional animation and terrible noise selection)

    4. Valkyrja Vakre

      the fact that you watch dub pisses me off

    5. Goblin

      You should react to Violet Evergarden.


      People who haven't saw Anime Their reaction Would Be Like:Best Animation Ever made

    7. 呂彥德

      How about talking to “Land of Lustrous”? It feel quite different to other Japanese studios product

    8. ruben reacts

      jojos bizarre adventure because the cgi intros crossed with the 2d stuff is beautiful

    9. Aleira_:^

      No es por hate ni nda solo es mi teoria. Que en el momento que Eren intenta empujar a El titan colosal se ve mas pequeño por que era la segunda o tercera vez que se transformaba y perdio energia por eso su titan es mas pequeño como 10m, me gusta pensar que lo hicieron para seguir con los datos que ya an dado en el anime pero algunas vecez tambien exageran las proporciones. (Perdon por los erorres de ortografia)

    10. Crazed

      Dragon Ball Super Episode 130, hands down the best animated episode in all of dragon ball and is some of the best animation in all of the anime industry. The episode features so many legendary animators Naotoshi Shida, Naoki Tate, Yuya Takahashi, Ryo Onishi and that's just to name a few

    11. A guy who comments

      Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train: Akaza vs Rengoku

    12. Blythe Oblivion

      Really want to see them react to stuff from ufotable (Fate/Zero, Fate UBW, and yes, Demon Slayer), where they have basically perfected combining CGI with 2D animation. Dynamic camera angles, with great sound design to boot, they are some of the best. Another interesting studio would be Shaft (Madoka Magica, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Bakemonogatari, ef a tale of memories); though they don't have a lot of action anime and mostly do stuff with romance or drama, they have a very interesting artistic style that is so unique to them that you can recognise a Shaft anime just by its first scene. But if they prefer action scenes, Madoka Magica is full of them, especially the Homura v Mami gun fight in the Rebellion movie that is basically one of the best gun fights in anime history. One more great studio to react to is Kyoto Animation (which had a really world-shaking tragedy a few years ago), with really great animation techniques. Once again, it is not a studio that does a lot of action stuff (they focus more on drama and slice of life stories), but the quality of their animation is some of the best in the industry.

    13. Ethan Gould

      naruto vs. pain fight!

    14. Bluespaceboat

      Ground breaking anime: The Fate series because it has amazing animation with cgi that’s sometimes barely perceptible, especially the ones done by Ufotable. It’s a masterclass in the use cgi to save time, money and add effects without drawing the eye and focus away from the story elements. Highlights are by Ufotable, A-1 pictures and CloverWorks from fate stay night UBW, fate zero, fate heavens feel 1, 2 & 3, Apocrypha and Grand Order Babylonia. Scenes to look for are: saber vs lancer (fate zero and stay night ubw), saber vs assassin (stay night ubw), saber kills caster (fate zero), Gilgamesh vs berserker (zero and ubw), lancer vs assassin chase (heavens feel 1) saber vs berserker (ubw and heavens feel 2) and saber vs rider (heavens feel 3), Servants vs Dracula (Apocrypha), Jeanne vs Atalanta (Apocrypha), Achilles vs Atalanta (Apocrypha), Achilles vs Chiron (Apocrypha), Mordred vs Semiramis (Apocrypha), Karna vs sieg (Apocrypha), and anything with Quetzalcoatl (Fate Babylonia). To be honest there’s more to mention, the entire franchise is littered with excellence. Violet Evergarden by Kyoto Animation because the entire anime is the studio’s animators showing off just how beautiful and smooth their animation is and how they can unapologetically tug your heartstrings with sadness then upbuilding joy. Nichijou by Kyoto Animation again but the animators were given far too much caffeine and let off the reigns. Evangelion it’s quite simply a classic. Ahsuka vs the units is amazing. Your Name by CoMix Wave Films. I don’t know what else to say just watch it. A Silent Voice by Kyoto Animation. Not sure what’s left to say about KyoAni.

    15. Mico Escorp

      *People keep complaining without realizing the works animators have to do just to entertain them.*

    16. Mico Escorp

      *I like how professional people talks about animes*

    17. Feelingplains

      Dragon Ball super pls 🐉

    18. HELLios6

      Japanese animators are so talented

    19. Royan N.H

      Try monogatari, there's a lot of new wave influence

    20. Luck幸

      I don't understand a sh*t what they're talkimg about but they surely looks like a pro

    21. Yadsan FF

      / Anime Breakdown

    22. P ASD

      I was waiting for the fate series 😩

    23. Guritchi Kurieitā


    24. jesus antia

      Next one should react to chainsaw man trailer, jujutsu kaisen and mob psycho

    25. NekoHennuli

      Groundbreaking in the bad category: Berserk 2016

    26. Warhammered

      This reminds me of the potato chip scene in Death Note

    27. Danny Muhammad

      I'm still waiting for they reaction for: rider vs saber alter - fate stay night:heavens feel III (ufotable studio) Naruto, sasuke vs momoshiki - boruto (studio pierrot)

    28. Jota Pe

      I was a little confuse, the name said "animators react to anime" but it was just shingeki no kyojin and a few seconds of boku no hero, there are other amazing and interesting (from an animation point of view) animes out there, there are some "new ones" (kimetsu no jaiba, dr.stone, jujutsu kaisen, vinland saga, one punch man) or you can react to the changes and art directions in the production of nanatsu no taizai. Also, there are some "old-ish" animes that have interesting things, like the diferent methods of animating naruto and naruto Shippuden (mostly pierrot studio), the evolution of the animation in one piece thanks to better budget, there are some interesting desitions in the Berserk cgi movies. And those are just shonen, if you look for expanding into japanese animations, there are some very cool movies. there are seinen and shojo animes too. I would love to see you guys reacting to some of that. I know i didnt give you especifics scenes, but trust me, if you look, you will find awesome (and not that awesome) things. That hopefully will do for another animators react video.

    29. Claire Eyles

      Not sure about ground breaking in terms of animation, but the use of colour in Ai City (1986) and the use of colour and cinematic style lighting in Demon City Shinjuku (1988) and Wicked City (1987) is just breathtakingly good to watch (imo). Also the overall back ground detail work in the world building of Urotsukidoji, along with art style in general is just *mwah* (seriously, look at the ending scene of Birth of the Overfiend, when the Chojin rises for the first time, that is some seriously gorgeous animation art.

    30. Marvel James

      Naruto and Sasuke vs momoshiki

    31. Mr Doggo

      Demon slayer would be a cool one to react too

    32. Felix Milito

      React to fate series

    33. GOODデザート

      We should have show those masterpieces in the Olympic…….why….

    34. Zach Eversole

      Ground breaking anime animation: Sword of the Stranger final fight. Its almost always considered the #1 animated fight in the anime community

    35. digisenshi

      Okay, let's see, super late, but heck why not. I would think that Dragon Ball would probably be one of the first anime that had actual Martial Arts choreography that wasn't just blurred arms and yelling (it had that and actual choreography). 1995 and Ghost in the Shell is probably the first big success with CGI in anime with later shows like Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop that had 3D CG background effects. Of course, the Miyazaki stuff. I'd say that Gundam Unicorn (the movies) is probably the best to showcase full 3D CGI 'characters' battling. Cell Shading and applying cell shading to Mocap or complex hand drawn sequences would probably be best shown with things like Love Live. Full CGI would probably be Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and then contrasting that 4 years later is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children for a similar approach, but they learned from their mistakes and had more stylized designs rather than attempting photo real. Kyoto Animation probably has a ton of 'base model' animation in the mid to late 2000s. Where they seem to use similar... designs? or rigs for their anime which kind of is a good example of the whole 'six faces' trope in anime. Since well, if you take Shana, Index, Familiar of Zero or any of the dozen romcoms they churned out, they all have the same design style. A funny clip that may be an example of how a pilot with maybe budget and time being misplaced is Magical Girl Nanoha. There's a scene where the main character is eating a meal with her family and there is just so many frames for things like their clothes moving organically as they gesture and move around. cinematography Finally, something that I would love to see a discussion would be Pokemon. The X and Y series was done with a 3D CGI background. This allowed them to do dynamic camera motions and really complex choreography in the battles. Greninja vs Sceptile being my favorite for that series.

    36. Christopher Garcia

      you guys should look at Gorillaz music videos.

    37. Johann Lingauer

      Saitama vs genos?

    38. Ayush Singh

      The most awesome amine now a days are jujutsu Kaisen it's most ground breaking anime VFX are many be twisted but it's an awesome anime and demon slayer it have many CG scenes

    39. M4NJI

      demon slayer aka kimetsu no yaiba is with the most beautiful animation

    40. sammuelkain

      OK 👌☺️. From the great Otomo, creator of Akira, U should try another masterpiece like Steamboy (2004)... warning: American voices are included 😉! ✌️😁

    41. PaytonPlayz

      I think atack on titan is one of the ground breaking animes ive ever seen i mean not only is there just one mood to the whole series i mean their is sadness exitement happyness and i think its just bizzar that people do that and plus the main charater is cool and got revenge

    42. Ujwal Jibhkate

      Madara vs Allied Shinobi force fight is one of the best choreographed fight sequence in anime

    43. Atheek Mowlana

      you guys should react to jojo's bizarre adventures

    44. Amogus

      I cringe when people watch anime in dub.

    45. Lord Admiral Chowder

      The attack titan is 50 standardly but we see later that eren can shift into smaller titans.

    46. jonas wojtas

      I think beastars or my favorite land of the lustrous would be great, some the best cg I’ve seen in anime. They take a very careful and artistic approach to cg that works wonders. I also love that they “save time” by using 2d in place of 3D opposed to vice versa. Studio orange is killing can’t wait to see what they do next.

      1. RampagePotato

        Nah Ufotable had the best CGI in anime.

    47. Will. S

      Raycons are trash

    48. kiet wilams

      Demon slayer

    49. Zenith

      Started wondering if that was Evanelion....then the song started lol

    50. Nakano Nino

      the scene when EVANGELION unit 01 runs to stop sahaquiel in Rebuild Of Evangelion 2:22 looks cool for the cgi animation

    51. Kacy Ledsinger

      Please break down the God Of War (2018) video game one of the best modern games.

    52. Antoni Bugaj

      Fate stay night UBW or fate zero

    53. Ahmad Faiz

      animators react to fog hill of five elements

    54. Michael Hart

      1970’s animated Lord of the Rings. Watch as people being filmed and animated characters interact!

    55. SammEater

      Some of the action scenes in Macross Plus and Macross Zero should definitelly appear on this show at some point, the jets flying through the air are so cool.

    56. Barratt Meyer

      If you want to react to more anime, please please PLEASE check out ufotable's work on the Fate Series, especially the Heaven's Feel movies. They have some the best animation out there

    57. BrickMotion

      make a video on Gundam Chars counter attack

    58. JellyFish For My Fans

      did they srz forgot mob psycho 100?? that anime is lit

    59. TravelPhilippines BeautifulPH

      Fate movie: heaven feels

    60. Kyo _

      Ngl most anime that that isn’t your mainstream shit like aot MHA one punch man etc has better animation. (Also you don’t understand how happy I was when there was a silent voice clip xD)

    61. Shockwave 7

      are they watching anime..... in d u b

    62. Elvirth24

      Unpopular opinion: Anime fans get WAAAAY too butthurt over CG in anime. I personally really like a lot of the CG I've seen integrated into anime, it makes it feel more modern and polished to me.

    63. Christian Conrad

      I actually like MAPPA's CGI titans. They certainly look better than the Colossal Titan did in seasons 2 and 3. I get that they chose to go CGI due to budget and time constraints, but they didn't let that detract from the quality of the animation.

    64. Rex932

      Re:Creators often blended a few Hollywood style directed action shots while being a very non-hollywood plot.

    65. Francisco Pérez

      Could be cool a comparation between old and new she-ra and he-man. Also react to Tales of Arcadia could be fun!

    66. Fridayyz

      PLEEEEAAASE react to Beastars. It's a CG anime and I think they done it very well

    67. Trey Weatherman

      I only read the AOT manga, but WOOF the post season 4 animation/drawing is rough

    68. random random

      People really need to learn how to appreciate things considering the way they are done and the possibilities available. I think everyone who watches anime should learn about the poor conditions of studio workers, how they are underpaid, overworked, short on time and how difficult it is to draw frame by frame, put color on it, then VFX etc. . If everyone understood this, no one would say that AoT season 4 decreased quality just because they used 3D on the Titans, they would see how inhumane work would be if it were done in full 2D with the quality of season 1 and with the money and time available, and they would understand that the way it was done was the best, otherwise season 4 would never be done.

      1. random random

        ​@RampagePotato But the result is not bad, and doesn't seems rushed either, it's just the art style that changed and people likes the full 2D style.

      2. RampagePotato

        @random random Hard disagree. Anyone with a good pair of eyes could see how rushed S4 was. Of course,we appreciate the effort these overworked but underpaid animators did for the series,but unfortunately effort =/= quality. People pay attention to the result,not the process.

      3. random random

        ​@RampagePotato Measuring quality is a subjective thing. If you measure it by the effort and dedication put into the product, the S4 is at the same quality level as previous seasons. The point is: S4 has changed the art style, and a lot of people prefer the normal style, and that's fine, but that doesn't mean the season is technically / visually worse, that they didn't put effort into it, that it was done with less care, it's the opposite, season 4 was the most difficult to be done, so difficult that they couldn't make it in full 2D with the budget and the time they had (which was probably the same used in the other seasons). Season 1-3 vs Season 4: Same high quality, different style and people prefer different styles.

      4. RampagePotato

        That doesn't change the fact that S4 is subpar compared to other seasons.

    69. Yasir Çakmak

      Fare movie : Saber vs Rider

    70. Spagettiagentti

      Jujutsu kaisen: gojo vs borot

    71. GameBreaker64

      Could you guys take a look at some of Tex Avery's cartoons at MGM? There's some really great, stylized animation in them.

    72. Bertho Mahendra

      You know the next attack on titan will use cgi a lot if you read the manga.

    73. Cayne Pandan

      Try reacting to the Castlevania Netflix Series. They have very good fighting animations there.

    74. Ben Dover

      kakashi vs obito

    75. MR Ghost

      That’s amazing, waiting for new episodes ❤️❤️

    76. Canivorous Valgaris

      Just example in term of perspective/cut handling: Gundum -> Macross ->Laputa -> Kurenai no buta (fly over the restaurant scene) -> Akira -> Millennium actress -> Garden of words -> Attack of titans

    77. Droks Gaming

      2d and 3d are deferent!

    78. Montserrat Trujillo

      please react to violet evergarden !!

    79. BonDoom

      Gundam Hathaway's Flash Solid Modern Gundam Movie :)

    80. Brett

      Honestly I don’t mind the look of cgi Titans at all it just took an episode or 2 to get used to the movement of them being a little more choppy

      1. Firecefire

        I agree! I don't particularly like how certain titans look with the cgi, like the Attack and Beast, but overall, Mappa is doing an excellent job!

    81. Mattias Larsson

      demon slayer epsiode 19

    82. 036 Sakam Manikanta Reddy

      You guys should do a reaction to "fire force".It has some really good fire animation and sound effects

    83. chameleon Kirby

      I wish they talked more about mha because it has some really good action

    84. Joy Williams


    85. John Bishop

      No seven deadly sins? The dropoff between season 1 and season 4 and 5 is absolutely insane

    86. Gavin Eachus

      I cannot say it enough, you GOTTA check out Gurren Lagann

    87. SammersM

      Not sure about Anime, but I'd love to see you guys take a look at some scenes from Over The Garden Wall for the next Animators React 👍

    88. BHAVY chaudhari

      Alternative title : reacting to great and more great anime

    89. Pacul

      the prime example of anime doesn't need a good drawing to be great is naruto vs pain scene lol

    90. Peta Parka

      The Fate Series or just the studio Ufotable in general does an insane job of meshing 2d drawings with 3d

    91. AndyMikeRust AndyMikeRust

      You guys should react to the Boros vs Saitama fight, that fight was absolutely crazy and very bombastic.

    92. Eleanor Biggs

      That time I was reincarnated as a slime, because of their amazing world building and attention to environmental damage and the time it would take to rebuild a road after it was destroyed ~6 ep prior and the road is not repaired yet

    93. LJ

      The movie Redline has some of the coolest animation I've ever seen. It kinda flew under the radar and isn't super well known

    94. PMH 000

      Anything from shinkai makoto, yutaka nakamura or keiichiro watanabe would be great

    95. Michael Then

      If you want groundbreaking anime look at land of the lustrous for its cgi which us the best in anime

    96. Don Juulio

      Absolutely on board with more anime breakdowns, a specific show I'd love for you guys to take a look at is Fire Force, more specifically Benimaru vs Demon Infernal!

    97. Pablo Guraieb

      Full metal alchemist brotherhood

    98. NOT HERE

      I heard Castle of Cagliostro is a good Miyazaki classic. Dawn of his career, and a lot of animators (both in Japan and the west) have done a lot of references/homages to the film throughout the years.

    99. TBoneTony

      Groundbreaking Anime would be 1972 Toei's version of Devilman. Taking the manga from Go Nagai and using characters from the original story but making their own Toei interpretation of the Devilman story. You can tell that Toei was going for a Monster of the Week situation with their version of Devilman that would later on be influential in their adaptation of the Sailor Moon series as well as Super Sentai shows. Considering that Kamen Rider and Super Sentai also started around the early 70s, you could say that Devilman was Toei's first Animation version of a Monster of the Week Hero series.