VFX Artist Reveals TRUE Scale of Attack on Titan!

Corridor Crew

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    Wren dives deep into exploring the sense of scale in the anime Attack on Titan. The Corridor Crew put a lot of effort and long hours into making this one, as you can tell by the large amount of VFX.

    Shoutout to two artists who helped make it happen!!
    Lucas Knepper provided the Armored Titan and you can find him on twitter at LucasTom21
    ChunkkaDraws provided us with a Colossal Titan! He made more too but we unfortunately couldn't fit them in the video. SketchDasher

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    1. mrs_ park13

      Rod Reiss : hold my tea

    2. Zany Nanny

      Colossal titan: I'm the biggest titan. Rod reiss titan: No, I'm the biggest titan. Spoiler Eren founding titan form: AMATEURS

    3. Dragons

      And can he talk about the God of titans he is 1500

    4. Dragons

      And why did Levi almost kill Eren

    5. The one guy with the big hairline

      Him: says it’s a cartoon Me: loads shotgun

    6. Rebecca Howell


    7. Araceli Perez

      Actually the they wouldn’t look like that irn

    8. Ido Bar-Haim

      I would like to see some fish bones though. ***spoiler*** . . . . Maybe do a video simulating the rumbling. Maybe even in VR

    9. Ido Bar-Haim

      The difference between cube and square does not increase exponentially

    10. Sebastien Boudrias

      5:15 Not the largest the god of titan is 1000 meter

    11. Strangleyourfriend

      NGL I was slightly confused in the last shot when he had his arm wrapped up. Like ”Dang he hurt himself during filming?” but I soon realised he did a Reiner. Nice one.

    12. Adren Nenobesi

      Let's just let this guys make the new Attack on Titan live action movie 😇

    13. Harshil Barfiwala Roll no 15 3 A

      I play titan I blockman GO

    14. Tzadok Lloyd

      That's not true goliath (from the David and goliath story) was 10 feet tall.

    15. S S

      aot is honestly overrated

    16. Deathemotion 4

      POV:you thought the titan in the intro was the colossal titan

    17. 紙の上の王女


    18. I AmKind

      I was so confused I thought it said Italian😂😂

    19. ♐︎ Nostxlgia ¥

      Yo, this should be taught in my science class: I’d love to see non-weebs say anime isn’t scary again

    20. Aiden_plays

      “Colossal titan is the tallest in the anime Sad Founding titan noises:(

    21. Arianne Izquierdo

      3:52 Happy family

    22. Grace Riley

      me wundering isnt the tallest titan erens cowordunent titan thing its like 1000m tall

    23. Krijn Sneyers

      What about all the goddamn founders? Or Rod Reiss' titan?

    24. Wolf team

      All the titan are fat but eren titan is in good shape

    25. ダニエル・スリネック

      you forgot about Rod Reiss

    26. The famous goat

      8:33 he broke this arm!?

    27. Phil Swift

      "Last of humanity." heh

    28. Drocela Ramores

      It's my favorate too

    29. yeetamous3,000

      Largest titan Collosal titan rod reiss: what

    30. xxxxdakotaaaa

      Imagine him making erens founding titan hehe 😥🥲

    31. Mimsy

      The mispronunciation of Okami is bugging me lol. Or maybe the last name is pronounced differently than Okami for the Japanese word for Wolf

    32. Beel Beel

      Who else binging aot all weekend😋

    33. Christen Sterling

      theyre naked

    34. RandyAndFriends69

      The scene when Eren was next to the colossal foot and was only as big as his toe made no sense.I thought Eren was 15 meter and the colossal was 60 meters so that should’ve made the colossal titan over 200+ meters.

    35. Çrybãby

      Okay now I understand how terrifying it is for people in aot like if I saw that irl I would scream

    36. m msm

      6:11 that's cool, cuttin a rug

    37. Spirits

      Size? 5:30 - 5:34

    38. oofihatedc

      0:35 HES SO CREEPY

    39. Fahrian Rahman

      Founding titan (eren) be like: Amateur smol

    40. kaneki

      Ik ik eren founding titan is big but what about rod reiss he was shown in anime whymisnt he here

    41. Lancelot Vox

      Great vid! But, that pronunciation of Yushin Okami's surname was cringe af :D

    42. alvar lahtinen

      8:33 freddiew aimbot video

    43. Ryan Kats

      The colossal Titan is not the biggest titan The Rodregres titan is5:12

    44. Lama

      STOP SPOILING in the comments...

    45. Ars Notory

      Awesome animation

    46. Sanford

      5:12 oh yeah totally it's not Eren founding titan or anything yah

    47. Botchokoy TV

      I thought we were talking about imagine titans were real (not scales

    48. Amy Rose

      i thought the founder titan were the bigest

    49. Kaei Ann Rodriguez

      Is right about the titan being that the collasol titan is the biggest or the founding titan

    50. Quackcooldude

      When he said wall I just wanna note the small wall is actually the little D type shape on the circle wall

    51. CreepyPlayerz Gaming-Online

      We not gonna talk about him shifting into an irrational titan?????

    52. sherwin tendilla

      No the tallest titan is rod reiss is 120 meters

    53. Da boi KQ

      I feel like I’m in school


      The biggest titan Me:founding titan Him:colossal titan Me:?


        I forgot the rod re

    55. Lec Caurel


    56. Amma Okami

      I tried Attack on Titan. Binge watched the first season just after it finished. I just couldn't stick with the story, especially with something so obviously important as "I'll show you what's in the basement once I get back!" Yet it gets completely overlooked for the entire season, and from what I heard, it takes a LONG time to get back to that plot point. When it comes to perseverance, the other show covered in the Animators React video, My Hero Academia, would be my first example. Gurren Lagann as well.


      Steve is a titan bro, 2 meters for that fact. Just a small titan. So you think the ender dragon would be able to face the colossal titan? Update: most likely not.

    58. Feet Fungus

      8:50 this should be on thanks i hate it

    59. Dr. Zulfiqur Ali

      Ya missed the founding titan bro

    60. ꧁•Runa-Yûma•꧂

      “The largest one,the colossal titan.” Historia’s Dad:Think again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      1. Minku bhadra

        Eren founding titan: Think again (Idk how to make that Imoji)

    61. wobbly_bubbly123

      Wheres the damn rodd reiss titan?

    62. Wowzo Evening

      Guess he didn’t make it to the part with the founding titan

    63. Vorpal Storm

      Some nice vore you guys made. :>

    64. X TheBladeDancer X

      these videos take a lot of hours to make we should aprecciate them more

    65. Romilito Turla

      i love attack on titan

    66. Marcus Channel

      make rod reiss titan in part2

    67. 千Ҝ2ㄒ

      The designs are so good, that it looks like 10x better than me lol

    68. Short Theory

      As a HUGE fan of AOT im so excited

      1. Short Theory

        Also ive completed the series

    69. Dhruv Kumar

      500M, I wouldn't say anything else.

    70. Reyman Plays

      of eren

    71. Reyman Plays

      the colossal titan is not the tallest titan its the fonding titan

    72. annie Leonhard


    73. bro potato

      Bruh the diggest is Ron rein 120 m

    74. Mike oxmaul

      God of all titans 80 m Rod reisses titan 120 m Ymir’s founding titan 240 m Erens founding titan 300 m

    75. AMV WORLD


    76. Rey Espady

      0:13 Heh heh heh. Or so they thought

    77. Tom Holmes

      Wren is 6ft2? WOW! How come you guys all use that style of headphones?

    78. sorraid

      such a good video dawg

    79. TheRaccoonGaming

      Corridor Crew: The Colossal Titan is the biggest titan Rod Reiss: Laughs in 120 meters

    80. Cheyenne Shelton

      How did he break his arm during this

    81. Eyemonster Studios

      Not sure if I've commented on this in the past, but my grandparents knew Robert Wadlow and told stories of what it was like to play cards with him. He made their living room look like a doll house. They said he was one of the kindest people they ever met in spite of the fact that he was in constant pain.

    82. Erdie Aquino

      The square-cube law is easily avoided by adding one simple rule, by strengthening them. Some titan skin are harder than rock, that's why they use *steel* blades, and it still *breaks* after killing like a bunch of titans or so. Their bones *must* be harder than steel to hold their weight. Imagining the largest titan ever (the colossal titan), it's bones must be harder than *diamond* to keep up with its weight!

    83. Soviet heavy

      First of all the Colossal Titan really isn't the tallest I don't know how to say it right but the rod rice I don't know if that's how you're supposed to say it is actually the biggest Titan of them so

    84. MartianLeo T. / Not_USA / Burger / USA_ball

      Lol the biggest titan is not as tall as Godzilla earth

      1. drone ant

        You're right... It's most likely taller

    85. chlairew

      Never want to see wren as a titan shifter again thanks

    86. Lee

      "Mindless titans" -- wouldn't that condemn them to not survive????????? What does "mindless" mean?

    87. Nazmul Hossain

      Eren and Wren...nice

    88. Just Ender

      i-ill have have night mares


      6:55 I am offended!!!! Apologize!!!! Apologize!!!!

    90. hafizanfuad

      O good you are so good

    91. Bobo Won

      I think the issue with the scale of the wall is probably more an issue with how hard it is to visualize 50 meters. If I asked you what one meter is you would probably be able to tell me within a few cm of accuracy with just your hands. But if i asked you 20 meters you would probably be off by a much larger %. At 50 meters? i doubt many people have a good reference for that.

    92. Alvaro Ardira

      Wow editions

    93. That One Megalomaniac

      8:42 "WE DOING THIS??!! RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW??!!" "Yes. Right here, right now."

    94. Marcio Agurcia

      that’s my favorite anomy

    95. Suzy heath

      9 or 10 seconds into the video the bottom Wrens shoe is transparent!!!!

    96. CuraCall.com

      One of the best RENDITIONS I have ever heard of this Song. If you like Anime you must check this out. You be the judge!~ My War - Attack on Titan Season 4 中文翻唱《进击的巨人》第四季Op《我的战争》 BOKU NO SENSOU (僕の戦争) - hraero.info/contact/zYloxIyJu7m70JE/video

    97. Kelvin Tan

      How do you do the Titans?

    98. Armin Arlert

      Hey you forgot about rod Reiss or ymir fritz or eren founding titan

      1. Armin Arlert

        @Just some guy fighting for his freedom oh true

      2. Just some guy fighting for his freedom

        They're trying to avoid spoilers

    99. Psycho Explanations

      Actually the colossal in the first scene when it breaks wall Maria is just half it's size It's actually 102 meter when it's fighting with eren's attack titan Colossal titan holders can decide whether they want to transform totally or just half the size

      1. drone ant

        The thing about him being a 102 meters is completely false. It's just that when he tries to kill armin by destroying the top of the wall with his hand he is actually quite far away since his arms are really long.