VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 44

Corridor Crew

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    Sam, Niko, and Wren sit down to break down the best (and worst) VFX in your favorite Hollywood movies!

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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 mjeseci


    1. Joshua Santos

      Do Crank: High Voltage

    2. FragmentedShardz

      Ay can we get the 2008 max Payne Movie?

    3. Andrew Campbell

      You guys should do absorbing man from agents of shield(or just agents of shield in general)

    4. Mimsy

      Anyone else having audio cut out randomly?

    5. nanquan491


    6. Murdermatics

      I agree that double drop kick is something I've fantasized about. I've drawn characters doing it for decades. That and the M. Bison kick 🤣🤣

    7. Liam J. McMars

      I wanna see some of the Parkour scenes from Brick Mansions film with Paul Walker

    8. Danny Boiii

      Amazing Spider-Man 2 time square

    9. Lewis Wood

      Is Sam the dude from orange is the new black?

    10. Lover Film

      Have you guys done inception?

    11. Jeffrey Mongcog

      Some parts of this vids are missing sounds

    12. TheAlacrion

      Is there random audio drops for anyone else?

    13. Rohit Lall

      Please react to IT [ 1&2 ]


      Why does my audio kept stopping during the end of the video?

    15. Agust Edvardsson

      Please make a breakdown off the Warcraft movie!

    16. Carson Dodd

      I just became so much happuer I didnt watch the AOT movie

    17. That Guy

      Bloody Kevin... always unsubscribed

    18. Vanessa Thomas

      I lost got injuiwhen he said "the mainga"

    19. FootPlaysStuff

      Kinda weird no? they show comments with next to ZERO support meanwhile thousands of people are supporting good requests in comments

    20. Katsumi Skytower

      wren... manga is pronounced "mon-gah" ^.~

    21. Electro Potato

      You guys should compare Escape From New York (1981) and Escape From L.A. (1996). The VFX in the '81 movie looks on pair with the later one, except when the later one uses CGi. Then it's much worse. :D

    22. SSA CHAN

      React to Victor Magtangol

    23. MrVipitis

      Peter providing some b Roll is great.

    24. Edward Fletcher

      Screw the shakey camera bullshit !!

    25. Sumanta Maity

      You guys are really awesome. Guys what's wrong about Kong vs Godzilla?

    26. mmichael1221

      Is it just me or Sam looks like the crazy Kevin dude in tick

    27. Gabriel Edwards

      Transformers when sam killed Megatron in the first movie

    28. Vano Peradze

      bruh whats wrong with the sound?

      1. Le Phenix

        Copyright owners are to blame here

    29. Ay Star

      Not sure if HRaero bug or the video but anyone else getting random audio dropouts at specific time stamps after 11 minutes???

      1. Gabriel's Logic

        copyright claims.

    30. Emm38

      Yes! Niko gets it. That AOT movie would've been so much better if it had been true to the original story, doesn't matter if the action and effects were either good or bad.

    31. Teigan Allen

      Can you guys please show us how they did the animation on the 7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958!?!?!?

    32. HawksNest

      6:11 hey das me 👋

    33. FootPlaysStuff

      Well I feel like I'm now qualified to alter high end VFX shots for hollywood

    34. Asteck 113


    35. Alistocracy

      What was up with the audio cutting out in the last half of the video

    36. Andrea Aspe

      Hi guys, love your work!! can you watch the movie Sleepless Night and break down the scenes? I think the stunt work and the action scenes are amazing!. also I read long time ago the it was a low budget movie. Or any Terry Gilliam movie I would love to see your reactions. hraero.info/contact/tGmasoaQrL_aqtg/video

    37. Doug The Moleman

      Resident Evil has always been a comedy series. The movies at least.

    38. Armando C

      God I hate all those resident evil movies so much

    39. Pavetharen Vijaydran

      Can you react godzilla king of monsters

    40. Catinthehat

      You guys should react to Rurouni Kenshin: The legend ends final fight scene -bouytt guyt

      1. Khaan Sulu

        They looked at on Stuntmen react, can't remember which one

    41. Catinthehat

      There’s so many one liners in resident evil It feels like it’s a joke like community with troy and abed

    42. Mytru Mara

      I'm not the only person noticing the bad audio in the "The Day the Earth Stood Still" portion, am I?

      1. Braddah Leeks

        I thought my Raycons were disconnecting #RayconsSendMeMoney!!!

      2. David Walker

        I thought my phone was messing up lmao

      3. Integral Groove

        Right there with you

      4. Head Quarters

        Thank you. I thought I was nuts

      5. Ian Harmening

        They probably got a copyright claim and cut the audio from some of that portion instead of losing all the ad revenue money for the video.

    43. King 595

      The audio gets janky after the 11:00 mark.

    44. King 595

      Truth is. I think they did a hellava job on wesker in the flick. The sunglasses bit was a perfect nod

    45. Dovahkiin Septim

      I'm not gonna lie... Seeing Sam's head selling a hawaiin shirt feels kind of weird.

    46. Kevin Houlihan

      Ok......so I'm actually Kevin....and I'm not subscribed......HOW'D YOU DO THAT!

    47. Devillier Gaming

      Were there parts where the sound cut out or was it just my ear buds going out?

    48. Unknown_nub21

      Watch G.I.JOE

    49. MrEllyNEMT

      11:07 sound ??!

    50. Aeoxander

      Still not subscribed and not going to mwahahahahahahaha

    51. Benjamin Bø

      do the world of warcraft movie

    52. A is for Annihilation

      Definitely the 1st segment solidifies my choice to skip resident evil movies & feel 0% bad about it.

    53. Job Goodwater

      Please react to the Ultraman series and movies!!

    54. Too Fascinating

      time for another bollywood

    55. TheCommonGentry

      !@#$%%!!! you guys DID cover the AOT films (8'D

    56. Fallling Saturn


    57. Sorenkair

      First time I've seen them mute some audio. Surprised these get monetized I guess.

    58. kevin bergeron gentes

      how do you know i didnt subscribe!!!

    59. Asaad Musaitef

      Am I the only one with sound cut outs

      1. Phil Boswell

        No, what up with that?

    60. James Shelton


    61. K-Man Sports

      6:35 When they only casted people as titans you usually find at a nudists' beach...

    62. Dj none

      I don't want to be Kevin anymore so I subscribed... You can call me Paul

    63. Nolan Cruz

      React to the Clifford movie trailer !

    64. drag0nsc0rp

      what's with sound? it disappears several times for couple of seconds..

      1. Kyle Ciurczak


    65. MadKlauss

      11:22 why does the audio keep disappearing?

      1. Kyle Ciurczak


    66. W. BrittoG

      You should take a look at the Curupira in the last chapter of "Invisible city", on Netflix.

    67. jongon281

      Sound started messing up when the day the earth stood still.

    68. gamer 64009

      I'm eating cheerios when they said that. Not on the toilet

    69. dxrko

      do blade 2

    70. Cheesie

      i thought my headset kept disconnecting during some of this video xD

    71. Chris Horsfield

      Good CG: 5th element. Bad CG: Anaconda. Both made the same year.

    72. kRIOren1

      I think ur audio got partially cut by algorithm, on "The day Earth stood still" part

    73. KhaymanII

      Please do the zombie falling scene from The Gate

    74. Angler 48

      2:32 what movie is this?

      1. To Release is To Resolve

        Resident Evil Afterlife

    75. Sugarflowerpancake


    76. Kevin Luo


    77. cannon

      i cant watch taht Resident Evil scene without hearing Rich Evans' laugh

    78. Jeremy Karwoski

      The first movie of RE was good, the rest of them were trash

    79. bob101910

      I'm excited for the new casting of Wesker in the Netflix series

    80. MK PAYTM

      Did more bollywood review

    81. GLITCH

      I just clicked because of titan in thumbnail

    82. Shannon Rose

      The Villaness! Both vfx and stunts in the bus scene at the end

    83. KevCraft

      But...I am subscribed...

    84. Dominic Tinsley

      anyone actually called Kevin not subbed

    85. Trip On This Channel

      Y’all should dooo Kung POW

    86. umesh kamble

      Hey guys! Loved your videos. I'd love to see you guys do a series of react videos on 1. The Fifth Element - Luc Besson 2. The Maze Runner 3. The Walk - Robert Zemeckis

    87. TWO-KILO

      I know some Bollywood action movies where they fight they bounce on the streets and stuff like that. I want to know how do they do that 😅😅too bad I forgot the title of the movie 😣

    88. Chiagoziem chelsea Nwoko

      How is it that you guys have not talked about the bad CGI in Zack Snyder's justice league. Like flash's bad running scene. How can someone run so slow but is so fast at the same time.

    89. coilover cat

      When the borderlands movie comes out, it would be great if you guys would cover it. Edit: I don't remember leaving this comment 5 days ago I thought it was more like a month ago

      1. coilover cat

        @To Release is To Resolve ...and? Bad movie or not, vfx is vfx.

      2. To Release is To Resolve

        Going to be a garbage movie

    90. Legionnaire5

      You guys need to watch the first 15 min of Starman starring Jeff Bridges!

    91. Fallenspartan73

      Evangelion is closer to Attack On Titan (it’s the other way around I just don’t want to type it) because well, the mechs are organic

    92. Gilles Vanlommel

      that clip of peter running, thats cg right?


      More racing movies

    94. Kevin Roche

      Ok I subscribed.

    95. Alex McClellan

      you should react to video game cinematics

    96. Vlad Butcovan

      9:42 be like: go go power rangers!! 😂😂

    97. D No


    98. butters742

      10:10 Arn't we all Flesh Mechs. Since your brain is what makes you... you... The bone, organs, muscles are just surrounding the passenger being you. We are all walking flesh mechs

    99. FoolMeHardys

      EVERYTHING Made by Jalex Rosa, his VFX stuff is on point

    100. HoodMaguire

      I didn’t like resident evil afterlife because of that specific scene plus it was so weird and annoying of how people copying the matrix dodge