Animators React to Bad & Great Cartoons 5

Corridor Crew

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    Niko and Wren are back with Veteran Animator and Director Eric Koenig to break down some of the best and worst animations throughout history.

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    1. Alec D

      Please react to neon genesis evangelion

    2. Brandon Roderick

      Pickle Rick

    3. MXRod101

      Matt just subbed

    4. RonTrez Beaugard

      Naruto and sasuke vs momoshiki reaction pls

    5. Outis Nemo

      One could make the case that even little children could watch and enjoy _Redline_ greatly. Now _Genocyber_ on the other hand...

    6. Move along

      15:00 literally every movie night lol

    7. ConManNetwork

      Can you guys do south park. Their progression is quite interesting for a simple style

    8. Dr Archon

      React to Mumin!

    9. STKS Mix

      That LOTR and Hobbit would make Joel proud

    10. jackson ;

      Not sure it's a cartoon but The Trapdoor was some phenomenal early stop motion/claymation, not as refined as Ardman studios works but still so good for the time, as far as i know it's a relatively unknown show but sits at 7.9 on imdb

    11. OldAge

      Review 'One Punch Man'

    12. Kokmed Film

      Marcell Jankovics's "The Tragedy of Man from " 2011 was a long cartoon process and Marcell's last work before he died

    13. jamesnavarro00

      Can we get the IchigoXUlquiorra fight?!?!

    14. Diogo Baixeras G

      Was there any episode on soviet animation? If no, i'd love to see the take on it

    15. Iyaihn

      Hello, if someone of importance can read this, Corridor Crew needs to do a breakdown/reaction to Thunderbolt Fantasy immediately.

    16. Filip Krasilnikoff

      REACT TO YUKI 7 - GO!

    17. GenXer

      yeah MORE REDLINE !!!

    18. Rodger Henderson

      Wren You were 100% correct. Because of your suggestion my wife and I listen to the audible version of project hail mary. The ending was upsettingly beautiful the book was great thank you for the suggestion from my wife and me. You're looking forward to the movie. Then your subsequent breakdown of the movies visual effects

    19. Ricky Perez

      Space jam, when daffy and bugs bunny get Micheal Jordan’s stuff at his house

    20. The Don-E

      Hey Guys, Would love you to look at Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. It has some early CGI that is not too janky. But, I would like you to talk about how to anthropomorphise a horse with just its eyebrows!! Since this movie I have noticed many animated horses have the same characteristic humanised eyebrows to allow them to be expressive, Centaurworld being just the latest. Or while I am on about horses, how Anime horses now all look like the ones in Attack onTitan!

    21. sebastian ugalde hurtado

      PLEASE !!! Look at the short films of Zelda's Majora's mask Terrible fate !!! PLEASE !!!

    22. Some Epic Nerd

      You need to talk more about the iron giant. that movie is the shit. I was born in 2003 so it was kinda old when i was born but i watched it as a kid and i have never seen anything really compare. its so good.

    23. Абубакар Ахмаров

      pls react to cat shit one

    24. macross_56

      Rotoscope animation always looks cheap and uncanny to me. Not really taking advantage of what can be done in animation

    25. Diego Freire

      Finally some one acknowledges the Hobbit movie I grew up watching. 10,000 times better Imo.

    26. AROLd

      If you dare insult iron giant i will break u

    27. AGEmail

      Wait Clint left?

    28. Liam Hyland

      thank god their coming back to Redline

    29. David Bazire

      Nice video. You might want to take a look to the japanese anime Mushoku Tensei, it felt do nicely animated

    30. Bee-N

      I'm so late for this, but please take a look at Heavy Metal!! So much rotoscoping...

    31. Kronosz Olen

      The Incredibles is the best, and still holds to the very day. It's my bro. Don't mess with my bro. 😂

    32. EpIcChEeSeMaN

      Gotta check out E ve's music videos, they have incredible animation, my favorites are We are Still Underground, and Living Idly and Dying as if Dreaming

    33. giuliana cesca


      1. giuliana cesca

        ghibli movies, mappa's latest productions (especially the chainsaw man trailer), your name, demon slayer.....

    34. Rensin Redjaw

      Legit excited to see you guys go in depth for Redline. I was blown away by it the first time I saw it.

    35. Mathyou

      10:58 .........sure thing!

    36. halo1011998

      F for the legends that made redline

    37. Steven McCarthy

      I’d love to see you react to p1 and 2 of my favourite animated movies, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’! I think it’s a hugely underrated movie with some of the best voice casting & score I’ve seen. I also think the action is fantastic and both fight scenes between the Mutant leader and bats are iconic. Not to mention how much better they did the whole BVS storyline!

    38. JT Garcia

      Can y’all do one on jiu jutsu kaizen! Those battles are amazing 😻

    39. Alejandro Guevara

      Havent been following the videos. Have they reviewed Klaus' animation style?

    40. budokava

      A.I. Artificial Intelligence. I rewatched it recently, a vision of the future imagined before smart phone and tablet technology existed, that and the Manhattan scene....

    41. Christopher Borne

      Fleischer studios Superman shorts

    42. Ricky Bobby

      Only two movies have made me tear up. Iron giant & Marley and me

    43. M H


    44. Daniel Hawkins

      ❤☠🤖 please do all of these as well as more short stories. Amazing content as ever, thanks!!!

    45. Timothy A Cowin


    46. Karimi

      Please do Aeon Flux

    47. Ayan Das


    48. Vizkus

      watch hazbin hotel

    49. 30noir

      Seen Incredibles 2 but not the original? Da FUQ?

    50. Bikko

      TV Show Undone has the same effects and it's amazing

    51. prefixthesuffix

      Bob: I come from the net. Through systems, peoples and cities to this place: Mainframe. My format: Guardian; to mend and defend. To defend my new-found friends, their hopes and dreams. To defend them from their enemies. They say the user lives outside the net and inputs games for pleasure. No one knows for sure, but I intend to find out. [pause] Reboot! Please

    52. Alex Barger

      My vote for the next React series is Game Devs React to Bad & Great Games

    53. LUNY Tunez

      Dude. The maul v Ashoka fight in the finale of clone wars. That was gorgeous.

    54. Vic

      I can’t remember but an amazing example of animation is Violet Evergarden. It’s just a breathtaking show

    55. J B

      Iron Giant is the best animated movie ever.

    56. Hellboy

      Redline is my al time fav, the animation and style are soo perfect

    57. Seanoldio Sweatio

      Bakshi is a weirdo

    58. Eduardo A. Álvarez

      Damn I gotta watch Redline

    59. Npi13O7

      *Scrolling through HRaero* "Holy Shit, is that RedLine in a thumbnail, in the year of our lord 2021..." "...Nice"

    60. HellishGrin460

      Well I guess I should finally watch redline.

    61. Chris Germano

      Still waiting for Cowboy Bebop

    62. lotuk

      Huh. Just noticed the scene from Who framed Roger Rabbit didn't do any black reflections for the cartoon characters.

    63. pierre blanchon

      rotoscoping was use too for the classic he man.

    64. Talita Yera

      "The process is always easier when the vision is very clear" 👏👏

    65. ShinigamiSparda

      Thank you for talking about Redline. I wish more people knew about it.

    66. Shane Hawe

      If your looking for intresting animations The Secret of Kells is a good one the animation is very celtic scroll like

    67. geministate

      Cartoons to talk about: The Centurions Reboot Mega babies Mutant league Exo squad

    68. Áron Nemcsik

      I'd like to see them react to Samurai Jack

    69. Ryboomblatty5k


    70. Cory Avis

      Have you guys done the fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron in Transformers: The Movie (1984) yet? One of my favorite animated scenes!

    71. Conrad Roberts

      I don't know if it belongs in VFX Artists or Animators, but you guys should react to Beowulf (2007). It was a pivotal forerunner of modern 3D cinema, incorporating (for the time) groundbreaking motion capture performance, custom-made bespoke facial/body/cloth simulation software, and even new data management systems to handle the digital production pipeline. Definitely worth some attention!

    72. Midwinter

      "Bakshi was contracted to make one Lord of the Rings film". Bakshi has insisted for years that he was contracted to make two LOTR movies - but that Warner backed out of the second one.

    73. RedExo

      I love Batman but I have to say I would love to see your reactions and thoughts on the Fleischer Superman cartoons. I stumbled across them after watching old Batman shows and I have to say the animation from those 1941 Superman cartoons are insanely good. Seeing that the Fleischer Superman shorts inspired the Batman Animated series, I just have a new found respect for BTAS and cartoons similar to them.

    74. James Bootywolfe

      Redline: An animated movie so good is almost bankrupted it's own studio

    75. Kory Van Apeldoorn

      We need a redline series, i looooove that movie and the animation. If it can be re created i hope someone does it. In less than 7 years. 😭

    76. White Wolf

      I’ve met people who have never even heard of the Iron Giant... I just can’t even describe how sad that makes me. What an absolutely phenomenal film

    77. theDiscoRangers

      I need to see a break down of the Shippuden fight scene with Pain ... those smears!!

    78. Jon Marth

      I'd love to see someone discuss The Black Cauldron

    79. Hunter Tanberg

      Please do the berserk movies vs the show


      Animation? For children?. . .I guess I'll show my kids euphoria.

    81. DaCrazyDingo

      Redline is a top favorite of my house and it is amazing. That said The RB Hobbit will always have a special place in my heart. It was my favorite movie growing up.

    82. deadlylampshade

      I'd love to hear you guys talk about Titan AE! It's such a fun film, with a unique visual style that still holds up over 20 years on.

    83. Jordan Lee

      Rise of the guardians. Look at DragonBall and DragonBall z fights compared to DragonBall Super

    84. legitbread

      Another excellent episode guys!

    85. John Ivens

      Should look at the animation in “cliffside” “Liam vickers animations” is the channel

    86. mpenza10

      review southeast asian animation pls. Upin&ipin, Adit & Sopo Jarwo, Nusa&rara

    87. Cam Vaughan

      can y'all react to love death and robots

    88. Nido Ravensbeard

      I always love realizing how much I already know about animation by watching this and being like “... yup. Already knew every single one of those” I don’t know, it feels like my own progress is advancing

    89. Ryan Metcalf

      You guys should react to Akira!

    90. WHICK

      we want demon slayer

    91. Matthew Dyck

      Had to wait to subscribe until they called my name out specifically.

    92. An youtube

      Hopefully I havent missed an episode with it, but Demon slayer would be great to see.

    93. Ambrose Reed

      Some good overviews of a few of my absolute favorites. Loved this.

    94. Batão D'Almeida

      React to the animated movie "number 9"

    95. LolitaGaming

      idk why people shit on thief and the cobbler so much! I love that movie! and loved watching it all of the time growing up!

    96. fluffypugpepe

      does game trailer count? if so ff14 cinematic trailer

    97. SandBot

      I'd love to hear your guys' thoughts on more stop motion animation -- if you want o get really weird with it, Little Otik is a particularly strange and wonderful movie with a bunch of animation in one-to-one scale with the set and actors.

    98. F O S T

      React to anime

    99. Ryan MacArthur

      If you guys liked the animation in Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings you should check out another of his films called Wizards done in '77. Real trippy movie and it incorporates the same style of cartoon + real people

    100. QuantumJuice

      The Iron Giant is and always will be my favorite movie