Every James Bond DEATH in 3 Minutes

Corridor Crew

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    We decided to compile every James Bond death into this neat lil' video, so you don't have to!

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    1. Chris Partridge

      Knock, knock, bitches! :D

    2. abigail calanog

      I love that villains have a switch for "Dramatically slow down" to "Get it over with" 😆

    3. ComradeAlex007

      What was the music at the beginning?

    4. НИЧЕГО из пластилина

      1:31 this has so much meme potential

    5. zach 8

      I love how many tombstones there are of bond, James Bond

    6. Najwan Syahmi

      Yoo my mind is melting

    7. W A R I S A R A


    8. K Hossain

      Nice video. Murder on the Orient Express 1974 4K Blu Ray. hraero.info/contact/pqlylaSEzaimnbY/video

    9. Nick Gorski

      beyond superb

    10. Katrina LeFaye

      Thank you.

    11. Roman BRuni

      hey corridorCrew ! that is so funny ! unexpected reversal... killing bond w laser in goldfinger was using 'burning cigar' as fx ? cheers from Rio

    12. TESLA CODM

      ' PERFECT '

    13. Hidden Red

      1:24 Spawn kill

    14. Mekquakermen

      Is that jake

    15. ajem131

      Say me who has played the goldeneye game

    16. Robyn Heavner

      Great work! I laughed till I cried! Enjoyed it! But who said you only live twice! Bond has 9 lives and holding! The Cool Cat that he is😎😆❤

    17. VooXoo

      Some people watch the camera view from inside the gun chamber and see 007, I see Metal Slug.

    18. TheChaosilator

      the bob sled done was really bad. The cg character to the grave was way too obvious.

    19. Edwin De Paz

      Sean Connery survived getting cut in half, lung cancer, and getting his head blown off, but even he couldn't defeat getting cancelled.

    20. Conor Stapleton

      "Moneypenny save me!"

    21. Andrew Horner

      Loved the video, and then the Carpenter Brut T-shirt

    22. L Sur

      This was great.

    23. Mark DiBuo

      This sounds the Premise of a rouge-like game.

    24. Apple Monkey

      Damn that's gruesome 😂

    25. monsieur adu darkwa

      Damn im still wondering did they really died


      So is this their way of retirement?? ... sorry i didn't watch any James Bonds movies

    27. Apancho Samurai

      Love that one was cancelled instead of dying

    28. juicyNathan

      Спасибо за видео, коммент в поддержку вашей работы

    29. Rishav Sarkar

      I legit used this video to convinced my cousins and friends that they have been missing the most important parts of the Bond movies, ie, the Death of the previous Bonds, because they didn't pay attention or went to pee during the opening credits or because they were late at the theater.

    30. Franz Marcos

      This must be a remake of those hilarious "alternate ending" videos of multiple James Bond films.

    31. Hjalmar T

      U should watch this hraero.info/contact/2G53kaipttK62dg/video it is a documentary on the making of hoops

    32. Renegade

      Beware of the TVA.

    33. Ganesh Raj K

      Wow. As I person who hasn't seen the Bond films which released before 2000, I thought all of this was real until "I just tweeted an apology". Damn! Really amazing work

    34. VK's ASDgaming

      Very short resurrected life of Sir Sean cut short by Sir Roger made me laugh. It really sucks to be woken from dead only to be shot so fast they don't even need to move your corpse to bury it again.

    35. petfroggy dbm

      so many james bonds

    36. Mighty MOSA

      You only live twice... or thrice... or sometime 4 or 5 or 7 times.

    37. Brave 4 Jesus

      My name is James Bond... James... Bond... (he's really new)

    38. Minecrafter Pictures

      After adding all James Bond's deaths, he basically is like The Doctor from Doctor Who, getting replaced by another himself

    39. Lukas Paro


    40. Gaming Time with Adrian Wolff

      yeah no time to die more like always time to die!

    41. Kyle Wilson


    42. Kirtikumar Kadam


    43. ZGTH

      1:11 subtitles said my name is bob 😂

    44. Matrydom

      This feels like a High quality youtube poop

    45. MarcBossYT


    46. Jennifer Murphy

      Bro, don’t fool me, I watched almost every single 007 movie

    47. Joshua Minnix

      Goddammit, Casino Royale was so FUCKING good!

    48. Chewy V

      They finally killed Sean Connery Bond in 2020

    49. Ruben Anda

      Is the corridor channel dead?

    50. sasha chornyi

      well/ that makes sence)

    51. death13a

      I suspect there like 20 James Bonds sitting in a lounge and P.A. says "Next James Bond please proceed though the door. You are deployed immediately in 5 minutes. You were trained your whole life for this. Please last longer then your predecessor."

    52. Anthony Vitera

      Sean Connery getting "Cancelled" was a little weird. Lol. But kudos otherwise.

    53. Thanzil Nihmath

      Minions R-Rated.That would be cool!!

    54. Ginger Goat!

      5 666

    55. Ginger Goat!


    56. Ginger Goat!


    57. Ginger Goat!


    58. RMG

      "Agent Who, You Might Say"

    59. Steve Ngu

      Cool deep fakes!

    60. Red Panda

      Never watched a bond movie before... do they all die in every single movie?

    61. NxT Tech


    62. Mayur Shirsath

      I like how everyone knows his name still asks mr? So that he can say my name is bond,james bond

    63. Voltage

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Just awesome

    64. thestray

      You should make Fast and Furious R rated.

    65. greg beachim

      One of the best to date! Superb work

    66. glitch gamer

      0:51 hand no 1 goes off. 0:54 still two hands. i guess bond got 3 hands.

    67. TrxshyGame

      Thats Cardos brother

    68. Dean Blue

      How does James Bond work guys? I thought there was only one guy


      It took me a while to figure out this was a joke

    70. Costa Papa

      Why kill Sean Connery like 6 times though?

    71. Marcus Pheonix

      Sean Connery's Bond is still the best by far! Love how you made him keep coming back 🤣

    72. ShadowManV3

      Yeah, honestly this was probably the worst one you guys have done to date. Not funny, not really entertaining. All over the place and the deaths made little to no sense.

    73. Michael Vang

      Makes sense now for that one JB vs AP

    74. isaac kiemle

      What song did they use the the James Bond theme

    75. xXxTHxXx


    76. Resoyushi

      It’ s so good that I can hardly understand what’s original.

    77. Njplayz 42

      Is this real

    78. Kunal Tanwar

      y only 240k views?

    79. Juan José Guzmán

      I'm sorry, but the effects were awful. When Bond is coming out of his grave and gets shot in the head, there is no way the blood would splatter like that.... And WTF with the legs at the end? Did somebody rotoscoped that in 1923?

    80. Cabal Mobile

      Torque y2k bike duel pls 😗👍

    81. Taylor Clovis Gilbert

      You guys should try to mimic vfx from harry potter and the sorcerer's stone but with today’s tech!

    82. Shriyansh Khare

      Plz.....K.G.F.... 🙏 Love ❤️ from India

    83. JcTYT

      I actually thought this was legit. Didn't see CC did this till the outro

      1. JcTYT

        @Lulzalex Imagine how amazed I was when I saw old bond movies with ragdolls

      2. Lulzalex

        Come on man.

    84. Godsillah88

      Hey! It's Saturday, and I'm in the hospital. where tf is the Saturday video?

    85. Vilhjalmr Edmundson

      His character was assassinated in the press, for those too young to understand the reference. No, being cancelled isn't new, it's just never been a mainstream or particularly acceptable way to achieve "justice."

    86. Ismail Ajha

      Next every Jason Bourne DEATH in 3 minutes.

    87. homiefromfl

      That Connery impression was........... bad.

    88. Ryan S

      When Brosnan’s head just pops off I fucking lost it. LOL

    89. karma bad

      Word around the water-cooler is there's a large gov. facility mass producing 007 clones. The warhouse staff work around the clock shipping fresh bonds to Mi6 and can barely keep up with demand. They say the leading cause of death for the James's is sexualy transmitted disease and alcohol poisoning from martinis.

    90. MIDIT

      Now do it so that we actually see his regenerations

    91. Lucas Parkinson

      You guys need to do a reaction video on Oleg Vdovenko. His CGI is insane.

    92. Bradley TheBodyCount29 Adshead

      You guys need to cover the first gun fight in "Guns Akimbo"

    93. Lonehawk2k4

      feels like a misopportunity to not sure the torture scene from casino royale or the aston martin flipping over a million times

    94. Zaha Wolfe

      Bond cancelled is perfect. That sauna scene would never fly today

    95. Sentinel

      Do dinosaur sizes in real life using VFX video plzzz

    96. Oh, It Burns (6urn5)

      Y'all should turn the original Predator movie into a G rated film.

    97. Spooks

      Execute order 007.

    98. 7015_Sajid

      React to Fast and furious 9 and Black Widow....👈

    99. Keeva Grace

      Poggers for God

    100. TMX1138

      Can you do R-Rated Bond Villain Deaths?