We put Superman's MUSTACHE back into Justice League

Corridor Crew

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    Unsatisfied by the controversial CGi coverup of Superman's Mustache in "The Justice League," the VFX Crew decides to use cutting-edge technology to restore Henry Cavill's mouth mop to it's true glory. If they succeed, it may just start a global movement to
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    1. Dayton _

      they shoudve juts put him with a beard in the movie but ik that wouldnt make sense but they coudve said HO HES WAS STILL GROWING IDK

    2. Mefisto_TV

      omg this made me laugh so bad LOLOLOL

    3. Duc Nguyen

      superman w mustache = Omni-Man xD p/s: laptop with eGPU stonkZ

    4. sammuelkain

      That was so Must-ached League ever 🧔. If Justice is blind, folded up... get rich mustache or dye trying off U'r bold @ ss 🍑💨😆! ✌️😁🧔👍

    5. Wizzy



      "With great power comes great responsibility." - Batman.

      1. Bread

        @UPSIDE-DOWN uncle Ben's quote was the one you posted, which you attributed to Batman

      2. UPSIDE-DOWN

        @Bread No,it's uncle ben's quote

      3. Bread

        No, it''s "with great responsibility comes great power" - Joker To which Batman responds "I'm Batman"

    7. pineconequeen

      I saw your t shirt, Niko and my theories are confirmed! You are from Minnesota! Congrats on all your amazing work, my fellow Minnesotan.

    8. Egg Sample

      how about no body hair at all? that would make lex Luthor a champ.

    9. CutEmUp187


    10. Mark Nealon

      So... Omni Man

    11. Jared Lind

      Now deepfake Ron Swanson's face on Superman!!!!

    12. DØØM

      Just remember, "as good as military grade deep fakes." When you are aware, You can see.

      1. Cat Lover

        so thats how they mike Biden look human on teevee

    13. PH Song


    14. All Movie World's


    15. Williamdaboss

      He looks like freddie mercury XD

    16. Juan Daniel Torres Zuñiga

      omniman :o

    17. Valjasheen Whaley

      If Freddie Mercury and Omni-Man fused

    18. B. McAllister

      Justice was shaved.

    19. Legolightbulb

      Go team mustache go go go👨🏽

    20. Reynaldo Luna Jr.

      Superman needs a stache and chrome aviator sunglasses.

    21. ian Puso Raboroko

      Now, all that's missing, is for that Superman suit to be turned into an Omni-Man suit

    22. Pascal Aarts

      Stroopwafel? Srsly?

    23. Daniel Zimmer

      Love how superman Matthew made his teacher ate her word. After she called his mom. Told her that he needed to stop living fantasy land his uncle isn't superman. His mom lol reply back he tells the true. Next day his uncle came to school him

    24. Ziguen

      Omni-man is very jealous about henry's mustache.

    25. Nick Messina

      "Release the mustache cut"!

    26. RED DZN

      13:58 14:03 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    27. Suy Nghĩ Người

      You'll need a blade made from Kryptonite to shave off Superman's moustache

    28. SomeRyeBread

      Next are you guys gonna give the world the #ButtholeCut of Cats.

    29. to ja

      he look's like a Freddie Mercury

    30. CAMELOT331

      Why couldn't they just have let him keep the mustache in the movie? Just make a joke about him having a mustache and roll with it. "Nah let's make nightmare fuel."

      1. Whitney Pyant

        Because he was cleaned shaven in Batman vs Superman. It wouldn’t have made any sense to have mustache after he died in Batman vs Superman. What they should have done was scheduled his reshoots after he was finished filming Mission Impossible Fallout.

      2. Yoshi Gameboy

        Yes good point Snyder originally wanted a resureccted Supes with a beard and the recovery suit so idk why WB was unhappy about it. They could have just kept the mustache but idk man... We could have seen better shit lol

    31. Keith Kemper

      Seriously these guys really suck at this

    32. Levelonesucks

      Change him into omnimam

    33. Levelonesucks

      With great responsibility, great power

    34. WaiAreYouGaming


    35. Ndow Roccus

      Henry Cavills funks’ given for DC Superheroes = Zero. His character, is going through his most iconic period in his creation (Superman is dead was comic book shattering), in the live adaptation of his comics… …and he says, nope. I’m not shaving my face, if I play the character. The studio says, nah, it’ll be fine. DC Sucks

    36. Ndow Roccus

      There are literally actors that would shave their heads, risk death by weight loss, pump up their bodies in crazy diet and workout schedules…. But this guy couldn’t shave his mustache, for a movie where he was the most powerful creature ever. If you ask me, I don’t think Henry cavil has much faith in the DC World. Hahahahahahhahahahaha DC SUCKS!!!! (Still, 50 years later)

    37. Deputy Van Halen

      I want to see the Zack Snyder 10 hour version of this....in suuuuuuuuuuperrrrrrrr sllllllllllllllow moooooooooootttttiiiiiooooooon.🙄

    38. Torpedo Kickboxing & MMA

      It's basically Omniman with a superman suit.

    39. Torpedo Kickboxing & MMA

      It felt more like a Razer blade ad.

    40. Mœ

      Superman in mustache is pretty much just omni man 😂

    41. Skull M.

      Now he went from super-man to omni-man.

    42. Paolo M

      This just opens up a can of worms in the continuity. How does superman even shave? If 50 caliber bullets deflect off his eye balls then what the hell is strong enough to shave his face everyday? Does he shave with his eye lasers in a room full of mirrors?

    43. Touch Me Slow

      I feel fine when I hear someone with an American English accent speak with a UK English accent..... but when someone from the UK speaks with an American accent in a movie and then speak with their UK accent in a interview..... it always freaks me out. Idk why 1:30

    44. Blue

      its like OmniMan

    45. MARTE

      please tellme the song on the minute 13:43

    46. Coaster Life

      Oh shut, ur the guys who did the like skywalker thing

    47. Alex Tuduran

      No. Just no. Superman with mustache looks bad.

    48. Walter walter

      Youre great guys 🤣👍

    49. Dirga Senpai

      omni man

    50. Nika xizanishvili

      Send me RTX3090 :D :D :D

    51. Manchester UK : A brief video of time

      Wow it's super Frodo .. How does Superman have a shave he'd need a lazer that would be a fun scene in DC movie using laser eyes to shave in a mirror. I don't even get paid 😂

    52. Milla Gamer

      Omni Man

    53. Андрей

      Чем дальше смотрю тем больше поражаюсь. Монтаж делает на ряженке и рекламирует ее. И тут же вставки рекламы интела. Да что они курят)))

    54. Андрей

      Я чёт не понял в WB работают россияне? Я ток один заметил что на складе плёнок надпись 4 ряд?)

    55. Aldi Bachtiar

      Goddamit, Barry.

    56. EL_NicO

      He looks like The Invisible animation hero jajaja

    57. Hayden Lebel-Latter

      superman with a mustache looks like Freddy Mercury if he was a superhero.

    58. BloodShank

      6:41 "I kinda like Superman with a mustache". Then you may like Omni man.

    59. John Cruise

      With mustache on...it will no longer be Superman but Omniman wearing superman suit. By the way, Henry can also portray as Man at Arms.

    60. way469

      He looks like Omni Man now.

    61. AlasdairShutt


    62. Alterss Bot

      Disneyfy superman

    63. Yuush

      8:28 Here Superman looks like Kemal Sunal, an old turkish comedy actor

    64. Hridoy Ahmed Rafin

      That's Omni man

    65. Jimi Andersen

      Just how does Superman shave? Is his hair and beard not super?

    66. Al Roi Benavidez

      Your so so so close of making an omniman live action.

    67. jefte cartagena


    68. Александр Вишняков

      Mustache it’s a power of Superman 🥸

    69. BJJMTF


    70. slayer 116

      Give everyone a mustache

    71. Amit Padhan

      Good editing

    72. Enrique Guillen

      It be awesome if he has mustache, like why does warner bros is so reserved.

    73. Ziaul Karim

      They shoulda given him the beard with mustache, with longer hair. The animated version has it.

    74. Ahkar010

      OMNI MAN

    75. Andrew Kavanagh

      Video starts at 5:18

    76. Aslam Syed

      great now put that on every character

    77. Yr. T.

      Omni man?

    78. Trieu Le

      superman with a mustache is just omni man right?

    79. Fady Rfky

      wanna see superman with omni man's mustache

    80. Zavithūn

      It's cause with a mustache He's Omni-Man

    81. Ahillone

      Let's put mo back in the moment

    82. Danny Benhur

      Basically Omniman...

    83. DatChernobylGuy

      People: Wow! CGI artists must make super cool films! CGI artists:

    84. MrVipitis

      Is it Movember already?

    85. M N

      I am still waiting for the Hitler moustache

    86. Dy Bat

      Superman with a mustache kinda looks like a drunk uncle version of Superman 😂

    87. Aidan Kelley

      when i saw the scene of his mustache being chopped off then him breaking down crying, i fucking lost it, couldnt stop laughing after that

    88. OddTomato

      *Dad mode activated*

    89. Luketh 87

      Funniest part is Superman had a beard and long hair after coming back from fight with Doomsday in the comics. Missed opportunity DC 🙄

    90. Ghost Legs

      Super man with stache is omni man

    91. Torab Abdullah

      i would actually stand behind the #releasethemustachecut if the mustache you guys made was realistic. :P but tbh i didn't expect the mustache cut trailer be this funny. i laughed real hard. thanks for that.

    92. Z Omega

      Yo what game is this mod for?

    93. Fahad HC

      You had the chance of using the iconic Freddie Mercury stache too!!!!!!!!!!!

    94. Jet Abyss

      Viltrumite Supes

    95. Necor Vartem

      Mustache removes alien vibes. Not good.

    96. passively impassive

      With Great Responsibility, comes Great Power. True and insightful words. Welcome to Top Management.

    97. thicccboimichael Johnson

      The "True Snyder cut" where all the characters are replaced with a deep fake of Zach himself.

    98. Angie Maestre

      You guys are insane, I love it

    99. Muhammad Nurrahman

      All kryptonian male actually can grow beard.

    100. Mike Martinez

      Superman with a moustache Or Omniman