Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 25

Corridor Crew

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    Niko is joined by stuntmen Malay Kim and Gui DaSilva to break down some of the craziest stunts in your favorite Hollywood films.

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    1. Abel Patino

      Anyone else experience audio cut off around 13:00, in this video? It's annoying me and I would really like to hear the video.

    2. Jakeball

      The Raid 2 Prison Fight is mostly one shot if i remember correctly!

    3. euphoriapotion

      how about for vfx react you react to the loki series? particulary the one long shot scene at the end of episode 3?

    4. Nobody

      Holy shit fuck that audio cut-out

    5. Nate Biddle

      Iron Fist had good old style kung fu action

    6. bastardjustice

      Why chuck is not yet parodied in street fighter like bruce lee is beyond me now.

    7. Dovid Staples

      The audio cuts out at 11:22

    8. Kenneth Schipper

      11:22 Where's the sound. 12:09 And again. 12:28 Aaand agaaain

    9. Tim Avram

      I would love to see a breakdown of the final battle in The Last of the Mohicans!!

    10. Cat Lover

      Has any director ever managed a one shot action sequence without the digital assist?

    11. Gal Naim

      Please react to the boat chase from "Face/Off" 🙏🏽

    12. Man Eating Tree

      do the long take from barry

    13. Sean Hoban

      one take fight scene: atomic blonde. holy hell its amazing

    14. Travis Cansler

      You guys remake stuff all the time, and SHOULD DO IT WITH STUNTS AS WELL!!!!

      1. Travis Cansler

        Lol I typed that before I even got to the part where you advertised a stunt video coming

    15. Expendable Indigo

      Does Niko know he looks exactly like Iron Fist?

    16. Expendable Indigo

      Who else thinks they should do The Road Warrior?

    17. Daniel Kirk-Hall


    18. Filip Pančík

      I would like to see fight between Nola and Burton from Banshee.

    19. Hannah

      I think the duel in Prince Caspian between Peter Pevensie and Miraz is a one shot fight, or at least a decent portion of it is.

    20. Hjalmar T

      U should watch this it is a documentary on the making of hooper

    21. Paul Goldberg

      Break down what made the fight sequences in The World's End so dynamic and interesting

    22. GeoLitz

      Why does the audio keep dropping out in your videos?

    23. Sam Lives Here

      16:13 to be fair not the hardest hit gary busey has taken

    24. Benjamin Raber

      Daredevil s3 one take

    25. M-L:-

      You should check out the fight scenes in "See"

    26. Benedikt Schott

      How about a react to Equalizer & Equalizer 2? There are some really strong sequences in these movies :-)

    27. Glow!

      Hot DAMN that leg cut was intense

    28. Roland Lidander

      Haywire! Fight in the hotelroom. Check that out please.

    29. Keano

      The one take scene from Children of Men is brilliant, pure masterpiece in my opinion

    30. the wolf studio

      7:10 Ahhh, I remember Sync, Loved that one. lol

    31. Wanderer

      I would love to see a breakdown of some Buster Keaton stunts from way back.

    32. Sugarflowerpancake

      Children of Men: There is a nice long scene, that is actually kind of slow, but still very nerve racking: They are trying to get away in a car that refuses to work in the beginning and are kind of fighting on the way rolling down a hill. Its nice

    33. Jasmine Hopkin

      What's up with the bit with like no audio?

    34. Robert Childress

      Would love to see coverage of Drunken Master specifically, as it's one of his preferred styles. Also, gonna keep commenting Dragon Tiger Gate til its covered 🤣

    35. Bob Sacamano

      Totally dug the energy with you three. Super funny and fun!

    36. lionrence

      no Mad Max : fury road yet?? I would to see that

    37. Corridor Crew

      Sorry guys & gals, there are a few moments in the Jackie Chan sequences that are silent because of YT Copyright. We're working to make sure we don't have to do this on any other videos!

      1. Jack Darrow

        I need your dialogue or atleast get it done with the caption. At least we know what you talking about.

      2. Cadde

        Don't do that... I though something went wrong with my PC. Re-release the video instead with your dialog intact and substitute the copyrighted sound with moos and youtube shaming.

      3. Adam Floro

        I hope you've appealed to HRaero for your fair use of the content.

      4. Themadoutbacker

        Son of a biscuit, damn youtube..

      5. Teh Lazer Pikle

        you should pin this comment so it is the first comment to be seen, and keep up the good work this is so entertaining to watch when i got nothing to do

    38. martinez Sanchez

      You should get Rob Nich, he recently did the stunt coordination for Black Widow

    39. Edward Fletcher

      Dunno who the Director was, but those fight scenes in the dark were an incredible waste of time and talent ! What's with all the audio drop outs in this video ??

    40. Larry Gomez

      Hey gusy, can you react to any Rocky or Creed movies? There's great boxing scenes

    41. The Earth Is Bread

      Do the one shot fight scene in the beginning of aquaman, its totally Awesome.

    42. ColeTrain316

      Starting at the Jackie Chan parts, there is a bunch of audio missing.

    43. Servan Castillo

      Watch great sword fights on Screen by watching the Rurouni Kenshin film series 1-4 guys please. and You're welcome. Takeru Sotoh is a very dedicated actor for his role, and so are every one in those film

    44. Zelly

      Have you guys ever done Power Rangers? Like the 90s version

    45. Adam Haas

      There's a long epic fight seen in the movie "Brotherhood of the Wolf"

    46. DragonKamran24

      Iron Fist fight scenes were the worst fighting scenes I've senn in my life mostly because they were a jucking jump-cut fest.

    47. Subin Sankar

      React to kings men

    48. GalactiK Titan

      the fight in inception

    49. BlueBionic

      Gotta see a break down of the kingsman church scene

    50. Brian Heinrich

      Iron Fist held way back on story and made it feel like a really long intro so they could put the rest into the Defenders. The fight scenes were good though.

    51. pineconequeen

      Any hallway fight scene from Daredevil (even though you probably already did them....they are just so good!)

    52. lilPopper

      You guys should react to the final stunt in the drama, Painted Faces (based on the Chinese Peking Opera school where Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Yuen Wah and Corey Yuen grew up and studied. Sammo plays their teacher).

    53. The Nerdy Alien


    54. Alex Flores Jr.

      No audio on shanghai knights scene opening

    55. Sc1re

      A great one take fight scene is in the protector when Tony ja goes through the restaurant. its almost 4 minutes of fights across 5 or 6 floors without a cut or a pause.

    56. Str4vv

      David Baker is not "some dude", Niko. You are some dude. Dave Baker is a MAN!

    57. Barbatos

      what happened to the sound from 11:21 to 11:42 ? and the same thing happens from 12:10 to 12:16

    58. Prismo Plays

      emc monkeys

    59. Simon Sheets

      TRUE DETECTIVE! That have the best action one take ever!

    60. ShloKing

      For some reason the video's audio just cut out at 11:22 for me... Gonna refresh. Guessing it's some really obscure HRaero bug.

    61. Matthew Stas This fight for sure! There's so much to unpack.

    62. sn00pyg

      Talk about “Nobody” ! Not only is the action fun, but I’d love to hear about working with non-action actors.

      1. DragonKamran24

        That's bascially John Wick. Even the same writer

    63. Adam1349

      The operator vs two assassins fight scene from The Night Comes for Us would be an excellent scene to look at imo:

    64. CaptureFreakz

      bruh its the Roundhousekick lmao

    65. Gareth Morgan

      You Guys Steven Seagal fans? I think he’s a human turd but I watched “Marked for death” other night and the action holds up, why not check out some of the stunts preformed in it?

    66. Markus Alexander

      Would love to see clips from Hong Kong's God of Gamblers 1 and 2(or some old Chow Yun Fat movies) where goons get thrown of buildings without a crashmat😂 That breakdown would be very interesting

    67. Papa Trull

      OK, I haven't watched all your videos yet, but I am loving everything so far. Just found your channel. Have you done a Jeff Speakman movie? I recall something about him being a pain in the butt with the editors. He insisted that they "respect his art" he was a die hard Ed Parker Kenpo guy.

    68. Mr Mestizo

      I mentioned it before but I would still like you guys to check out Ninjas in the Dragon's Den. And another interesting movie would be Crying Freeman.

    69. Myriam Zöller this one is realy funny ;-)

    70. Myriam Zöller

      the protector with tony yaa - good fight scene

    71. dante12219

      The parking garage car chase fight in Replicant with Jean Claude Van Damme and Michael Rooker. Where Rooker is hanging on the side of the ambulance.

    72. Jason Contreras

      So there's a scene from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where they jump through the portal and one of them fall flat on their face and gets right up like nothing happened. It seemless and its hard to see any cuts

    73. Zed

      How on earth does this not fall under fair use????????? For anybody wondering about audio issues it's these *bullshit* copyright claims.

    74. Kenneth Coe

      So I binge watched this whole series, I SAW NO "V FOR VENDETTA" Definitely need that!!!

    75. Damian Morales

      A one take fight scene that you should react to is Season 3 Daredevil prison fight. 11 minute shot that switches from fights to dialogue and then back to fights. It's INCREDIBLE

      1. Tom Bacon

        Yesssss. That long shot was impressive. Charlie looked exhausted as it keep going and going

    76. CoOkEd GLIZZY penuit

      nice racka racka shirt

    77. ZimMan2

      Not the whole scene, but there’s one super impressive shot in Ultraman Z episode 7, around the 16 minute mark. There’s also a behind the scenes video for it if you search “Making of Ultraman Z and Geed vs Skull Gomora.”

    78. nadine schmidt

      16:30 not noticed the stunt doubles?

    79. Jokingsoup

      I'd love to see a breakdown rise of the legend a Sammo hung film awesome fight scenes and crouching Tiger, Hidden dragon sword of destiny, good scenes with Donnie yen

    80. Bruh

      You guys need to do a whole episode dedicated to Power Rangers...

    81. YumYum Baskets Studio

      Could you do the family matter Episode where Steve Urkel becomes Bruce Lee

    82. cloudfootstudio

      Would be pretty fun to look at the stunts in Equilibrium (Christian Bale, Taye Diggs, Sean Bean)

    83. cloudfootstudio

      Audio cuts out several times, like at 11:21, 12:11, 12:31, and 13:14

    84. Birdman Foxglove

      Mad Max 2 needs a looking at

    85. Bearly Tolerated

      Do Ong Bak 1, the tree climbing scene at the beginning

    86. Michelle Chan

      You should react to Vampire Effect (or The Twin Effect). They have some good fighting choreography at the beginning of the movie and it features Jackie Chan as a special cameo

    87. Guxmen

      you shoult talk about "wigging" and "painting down". Might be interesting to hear the stuntmen and stuntwomen's oppinion on that.

    88. איתן זוסמן

      Was there a pirates of the carribean that I missed?

    89. Gunstick

      React to the spiral jump from James Bond (if not already done). Reveal: it was first simulated on a computer!

    90. Alex Barker

      I remember Walker on CBS! Yeah, that's right

    91. Csongor Varga

      Please react to this scene: How the hell did Adkins catch the bat?

    92. blaksword613

      I wish to put forward the skating away from the guards scene in The Silver Skates (2020) from Russia, the movie is really good but those skate stunts are on point

    93. matvey 1999

      I think the fight scene from the Pirates of the Carribbean (you know the one, with the big wheel and a 3-way key chase) would be awesome! The choreography is great and the stunts look mostly practical

    94. WunderBex

      Jackie Chan vs Benny "The Jet" Urquidez in Wheels on Meals. Adding: the follow up 'rematch with Benny' and/or the end match with Kenny, Jackie's real life bodyguard, in Drunken Master 2. LOVE that fight.

    95. Jonathan Dawson

      you guys need to try and get Damien Walters on the show, he is a crazy stunt man! check him out

    96. LudwigElric118

      Some dude out in the desert. *shows David Baker* Me: O.O

    97. Steven Borg


    98. Finlay Caldwell

      Next time Eric is on can you react to the bus fight from nobody

    99. ea0529

      You guys should ask Gui to invite Steven Ho. He was the stuntman for Donatello in the OG TMNT films and did hilarious bits on Conan. You can actually see Gui at 3:00 in this Conan/Steven Ho bit:

    100. Ben Egan

      The bus scene from Nobody.