Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 27 (ft. SCOTT ADKINS)

Corridor Crew

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    ONCE AGAIN! Niko and Freddie are joined by the legendary Martial Artist, Actor, and Filmmaker Scott Adkins to break down some of the best fight scenes ever committed to film!

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    1. Ryan MacArthur

      I love having Scott on the show. He's so cool, and funny AF

    2. Ankit Dubey

      He's such a gentleman looking guy who works ACTION movies and is VERY HILARIOUS.

    3. thedman0310

      I just thought about this, but I don’t think you guys reacted to The Russian fight in Punisher. Kevin Nash actually got stabbed with a dull knife and finished the scene, and Thomas Jane got thrown through a wall. No wires, Nash just hucked him through a wall

    4. native newyorker

      I NEEEEED you guys to react to the Supergirl vs Reign fight. It was literally amazing. Probably the peak of the show.

    5. 46

      3:56 Probably because its with Tony Jaa

    6. Oscar Plange

      you should react to: Monster Hunters”. Really funny as in janky fight scenes. Camera shake and millions of cuts.

    7. J J Biruli

      Rurouni kenshin live action please!!

    8. prototipe91 Saucedo

      Invite Scott Adkins to tell he's scenes on wolf warriors movie that would be awesome

    9. ose traceur

      ask Michelle C. Smith to come to the show! She's awesome!

    10. FlippRipp

      I would like to see a react to the mortal combat movie.

    11. Ronan O'Reilly

      anything from into the badlands honestly

    12. Montse G

      scott should react to anything from Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky !

    13. Ryan Ervin

      Can we get a stuntperson that does vehicle work? I'd love to see some stuff with car chase scenes. I'd also love to specifically see someone talk about the helicopter chase scene from Terminator 2.

    14. MightyCaine

      Scott adkins for Captain Britain please marvel.

    15. MightyCaine

      Can we get a crew/art of action crossover too. Love seeing you guys together.

    16. Non-Sense-Digital

      Hi guys I know this is a little late but any chance of some stuntmen react to Brad Allan, the incredible martial artist from Jackie Chan's Gorgeous.

    17. Mitch Adams

      You guys should do the party scene from the great race

    18. Julian Beesley

      Geena Davis in Cut throat island, crashes through a window, rolls down a roof and lands perfectly blind in the driver seat of a charging horse drawn carriage passing below, one shot, and hurtles towards camera, clearly is Geena Davis. How was it done ?

    19. That one dude

      You guys should do the shots for Shang-Chi

    20. Log

      You guys should react to the 2004 punisher movie stunts

    21. Kampinis Žaidžia

      rurouni kenshin react fight scenes please

    22. Allen’s Gaming Paradise

      I’d like to see you guys react to the sparing scene between Brom and Eragon from Eragon.

    23. RemediedYawn

      Scott was an amazing guest. These episodes were awesome!

    24. Danny Hodson

      Iko Uwais needs to come on! although I believe he lives in Indonesia

    25. Kurtis Speer

      Let's see some Chris Farley stunts/physical comedy. Black Sheep and Beverly Hills Ninja have a few

    26. danny1991gib

      You should definitely check out Blindsided on HRaero some amazing flights and stunts

    27. Sam Rogers

      Dude this guy was just cool

    28. John Campbell

      Stuntmen React to Final in HOOPER would be amazing!

    29. Carlton Silvestro

      React to the underwater bar fight from Top Secret

    30. stevenjacarr

      You should look at the movie Stone Cold, not the best action movie from the time but some of the stunts they pull off. Especially in the final act is unreal! The helicopter: low flying/taken out by a motorbike

    31. Tom Hansson

      Scott is the most underestimated actor in da world!

    32. tykszeto

      Stuntman react to: Getting tossed into garbage dumps in Dirty Work (RIP Norm McDonald)

    33. Zaydan Abrahams

      Scott Adkins rules

    34. Badai K. Saputra

      If Corridor Digital make movie with Scott Adkins its gonna be great even shorts are adequate for first time collaboration

    35. Angry Potato

      Scott is an awesome f#cking guest!

    36. x4osw0n

      As far as Scotts charisma it's partially because he sounds almost exactly like David Bowie, and looks like a clean cut Keanu with better facial hair. So.....

    37. x4osw0n

      Tsui Hark - Time and Tide. Full stop.

    38. saturn Steel

      Please react let li fearless sword fight with the bald guy 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    39. saturn Steel

      Please react let li fearless sword fight with the bald guy 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    40. Felipe S. Rojas

      React to Stargirl Season 2 Episode 6 fight scene

    41. sad _

      Please react to The bootleg universe’s power rangers

    42. Gürkan AKA

      Maybe you could react the stunts in Kate (2021) in the upcoming episodes?

    43. Buui Uiu

      A Knight's tale ....

    44. Freddy Savr

      Can you guys please get Simu Liu to react to Shang Chi stunts !!

    45. Agar


    46. KitsuneSennin05

      I'd love to see you guys go over June Preisser's acrobatic scene in "Babes In Arms"

    47. Duke Silver

      I love that Scott Adkins has become a recurring guest on this show. You guys willed it into existence and we’ve gotten to hear some awesome takes.

    48. Bret Lineberry

      Future watch if you haven't talked about it and I missed it... Chocolate (2009), not the Italian love story I thought it was when I saw the tittle but instead this>>> Zen is a mute teenage girl with an autism-like disorder who spent her childhood watching Bruce Lee movies. When her family is threatened by Yakuza villains, Zen goes ballistic, having gleaned superhuman fighting prowess from all those movies she watched. Goes to great lengths to say No wires, no CGI. Bloopers reported to be painful after movie. Amazon Prime Stumbled on this though Lifehacker.

    49. PinkySter

      I must hear what your thoughts on jack chans dragon lord shuttle cock game

    50. Romnick Francisco

      Guys, I recommend you to react to the movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. They have sick stunts and choreo moves with a camera angle that is so on the spot.

    51. Caden Firth

      It is sort of weird to see that huge hunky man speak with a mild mannered, slightly posh British accent

    52. iam_ heroic_art

      You guys didn't want to talk about Xmen wolverine

    53. Alexander Gauffin

      well hes actually not wrong there LOL, getting 2 people in the same combo is called "happy birthday" in fighting game terminology xD

    54. KoldenSauer

      American horror stories EP. 2 opening. Where the maid falls off the stairs. Looks so cool. 😁

    55. TheMengoMango

      React to Paper Tigers!!!

    56. Wilson Edler

      The hot air balloon scene from rat race

    57. Boston Ko

    58. Donker

      Please react to the Hong Kong style fights from Sheng Chi!

    59. Raus von Reus

      God he sounds like David Bowie

    60. RPM

      Pleaseee do Pokémon but John Wick style and have a trainer with monsters fighting team rocket terrorists

    61. Blaire Wisteria

      Scott Adkins is so rad! I just watched Avengement last night and god damn was he brutal, lmao.

    62. Dale Mccafferty

      Can you do the rafter fight scene from Mission Impossible Rogue nation, from the section in the opera house?? 😁 also! Watching these episodes has changed my appreciation for TV and Film, I notice the nuiances! Amazing videos! 😁

    63. DJ McCracking

      I have a great stunt for you, in the remake of “The A Team” with Liam Neison there is a scene in the beginning were Murdock jump starts an ambulance with a defibrillator… how does he flip and land without breaking his legs… like how Eric

    64. Joe Bourget

      React to that Netflix show "Kate"!

    65. Jay Cook

      Here's my action scene submission for Scott Adkins. I just thought it was relevant because we only shot for about 6 hours to make this. Huge fan.

    66. Ethereal Condor

      I'd love to see you react to the knife fight scene from the movie Kate (at around 30 mins in)

    67. LIONHEART Entertainment

      Scott Adkins is awesome!!. Love his films!!. Also been watching his brilliant "Art Of Action" series since it started!.

    68. Armand Hebert

      Kings man church scene!!!!! Please!

    69. vHvlo

      Please react to the daredevil one take hallway fight scene!!! Such a good scene!

    70. Nidorino Alliance

      I love Scott Adkins as a b-movie star. I hope he gets the role of Johnny Cage.

    71. Knarvik

      React to kate please :D Its really really good and I think you would love it. The camera work is fucking incredible. Trigger warning brutal as all hell.

    72. Denny Revolt

      Check out the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Movies !

    73. Deathstroke

      Please react to season 5 Arrow fight scenes

    74. Jontaylor Estey

      Just finished watching Rurouni Kenshin: The Final. The climax fights have great large-scale choreography as well as one on one sword fighting. I found that the camera movement was great and really added to the story they were trying to tell. I also found it really interesting that being from a manga and anime adaptation this did not jump a lot into the uncanny valley. The characters just felt that they were powerful enough to be superhuman. Director: Keishi Ōtomo Director of Photography: Takuro Ishizaka Action Director: Kenji Tanigaki

    75. Caleb Gonzalez

      y'all show the three way fight in "Who Am I" at 8:53. Y'all should review that fight some time. That movie was my childhood!

    76. mbick4d

      Can you guys and Storror make a parkour masterpiece already? They just reacted to some Jackie Chan clips and had a little film industry rant over on their channel. Plz talk!

    77. Robert Fletcher

      Hey guys! How did they do the stunt in the CRY MACHO trailer where the guy falls with his horse and it lands directly on his leg. About 1 minute 28 seconds in.

    78. The PotCast

      I loved that Scott acknowledge how underused Iko was In "Triple Threat" mans a beast, but serves the story/characters more. And that's beautiful.

    79. eveningdreamer music

      do I have a video for you guys :

    80. Digital Bath

      I'd like to see you react to the fight on the train in From Russia With Love.

    81. Baptiste Pfeuty

      You should react to the fights from season 2 episode 5 of Barry. The choreography of the first fight is so different than that we're use too, that's so good. And then there's a child fighter, so great. Also, there's a shot of the kid climbing on a tree and jumping off it, I don't know how they did it.

    82. Glyn Bowden

      Just saw this and thought of Stuntmen react. ;-)

    83. EB

      Oof feel bad for that guy who used to spam every video with Guardians legend of Ga'hoole suggestion haha

    84. RSX752

      You guys should review the death of the hitman in The French Connection. I rewatched it three times I think, he falls back and rolls right in the middle of a huge flight of stairs, doesn't seem to brace or anything. Looks pretty dangerous!

    85. luvz2reed

      Oh no, he's hooot!

    86. TheSNXWofficial

      You guys should react to some of the stunts done in blade 1997 one of my favorite movies by far

    87. Boffin

      I’d like see how the lethal fighting style in Rurouni Kenshin: The Beginning compares to the previous movies where Kenshin was fighting non-lethally.

    88. Tony Lucero

      Yo guys you should do stuntman reacts to book of Eli

      1. Tony Lucero

        I don’t know much about film but in my eyes it has some of the best fight scenes where the characters don’t just sit around and wait for their turn

    89. Jack Davis

      Do some fight scenes from the Netflix movie “Kate”

    90. 1 1

      Y’all might have some fun with Fist of Legend & True Legend

    91. Keywon Johnson

      You should react to the final fight from the night has comes for us

    92. Kallemall

      You guys should react to the Thomas Jane punisher film. The fight with the Russian is brilliant and the actor playing the Russian gets stabbed with a real knife and doesn't even notice.

    93. Fernando Raigoza

      Awesome! Now react to It’s Always Sunny, S9 Episode 6 “The Gang Saves the Day” where Mac fights the Yakuza!

    94. Lani Krystyna

      Scott. What a damn legend. I saw something a while ago that you guys should do the original RWBY mocap stuff which I think would be cool. Also the new Alex Rider series on Prime is pretty sweet for stunts just sayin

    95. Sankhadeep Ghosh

      This is the nerf dork..

    96. everything will be ok

      I actually hadn’t seen “nerf John wick” until now but my god that was an awesome video... so impressed.

    97. everything will be ok

      Iko Uwais is probably my favourite actor. Amazing combination of physical talent and acting ability. Would love to see him on the couch.

    98. Saheb Saha

      15:17 try Commando 3's last fight scene

    99. Lee

      Can you do the fight scene at the Black Lizard in Netflix’s Kate?

    100. bmwM3M5M6

      We wanna see Undisputed 5,6,7,8,9,10,…. And all with Scott Adkins as Yuri Boyka. It’s always exciting seeing Scott Adkins/Yuri Boyka fight. 💪