I Spent 1 Year Trying to Make a Film in Unreal Engine... Here's What Happened

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    Sam embarks on a journey to make the first Corridor video entirely in Unreal Engine. If he fails, his motion capture suit will be taken forever.

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    1. Corridor

      Click here to watch THE CUTSCENE! hraero.info/contact/saCVmn2bzcyV3LI/video

      1. HiPER_FX

        2:57 ok, someone please answer me, That XSENS was a million dollar Mocap suit?

      2. First name Last name


      3. Vincent Alpie Pedrozo

        Please do gundam thunderbolt.

      4. YesterdaysMoose

        React Suggestions: 1) *Dance Money | Tone and I | Baby Dance Version* | Music Video | Digital VFX 2) *Faust | Directed by Jan Svankmajer* | Movie | Practical and Stop-Motion VFX

      5. Tobin Shekhar

        Hey corridor digital check out no logic films another HRaero creators based in india

    2. sammuelkain

      And the new Unreal employed guy watching from home be like: 🤯😳😑... I got 2 on my Pc & deleted my Unreal Tournament game icon from my desktop... 😁 this is so f 🤭 funny 2 see 😅! ✌️😜

    3. Anton Shilo

      Shock is when you watch another video of your favorite channel - and then your music starts playing) Incredible sensations) It's very nice to hear my music in your video! Thank you)

    4. Keez Designs

      yooo! Where can i find that handsome Squidward video?

    5. CG

      Nanomachines Son

    6. Doug Chitwood

      I wanna work doing this

      1. Doug Chitwood

        Just the action figure part.

    7. Doug Chitwood

      Do your thang jellybean, let's do this.

    8. Mujtaba Arfat Syed

      Says uninstall , but deletes a desktop icon . LOL

    9. JaXu

      epic games has the money and market to heavily invest into AI motion tracking. lets hope they work behind the curtains on this stuff.

    10. EmilTorge

      I mean, if the bad acting in the end is intentional, then it's good acting.. right? xD


      Hello Please I want to learn more about the your style


      How did you do to that motion characters


      Please give me a tutorial video editing



    15. Stephen Hutchison

      Yeeh "NFT" -- combining vaporware, pyramid schemes and outright fraud ... that's very disappointing.

    16. HiPER_FX

      2:57 ok, someone please answer me, That XSENS was a million dollar Mocap suit?

    17. MrVipitis

      What is this? The content I subscribed for? Love BTS. Also you never uploaded the video where you visited the light stage

    18. shawnwade302

      When I watch a video without subscribing its because I may only like one or two videos on a channel and don't want the channel in question always on my screen

    19. Diffraction

      11:00 oh lord, why

    20. thunder man

      get a sacrafical phone dismantale that bad boy and cut a slit for ribbon cable and put the camera on a extention and mount the phone to a central point on helmet. the camera unit on a arm will weigh next to nothing.

    21. phlave

      tbh this video was better than the actual cutscene video.

    22. Michael Reed

      Patiently waiting for the 'Jobs and Internships' contact to open up. ;) Guys you are so rad! Please...just...an email...a phone call...lemme esplain myself!!

    23. Cassiano Studzinski


    24. Not Interested

      So its a new game?

    25. Infuriated Jurijcorn

      That was the nicest segway into a sponsor i've ever seen haha

    26. Eliott Tremblay

      Whenever you do a character with big muscle you should put something under you arm pit so the bicep don’t go through the body

    27. Tiago Pesce

      the detail driven ones never are hired to watch the backs of the great artists, thats why twiking had become the real art behind the camera

    28. Epic Harry Gamer Presents

      love your video

    29. Richard Evans

      A more important question needs to be answered. How do you keep the whites of your eyes so white?

    30. Kelly Mulligan


    31. Green Lantern

      i feel like i owe you guys this then doesn't show it on the channel lmao

    32. poop breath

      4.93 million subs? really? this is crap. 2021 my phone can do anything DERP.

    33. Leonardo Martins

      You could just had used Sequencer inside ue4

    34. Leonardo Martins

      Can you make a video about this mocap setup? Do you need iphones for facial capture?

    35. dragon's op

      They look like notch and jeb

    36. RushNReady

      what i just skipped through and you never see it

    37. Esrom

      Soooooo since this looks like a cut out bin ps3 cut scene and NOT a movie...you're done right?

    38. Ejian

      Why don just put the iPhone support above the head instead below?

    39. Salvage Monster

      I always feel bad for gingers. The Sun is soooo dangerous to them they have to do things inside.

      1. Sketchygaz

        Thank you

      2. SkiRaven


    40. Jeandre F

      where can i watch your avatar 2?

    41. Mike Grrr

      try to do your take on this! AI simulation paper hraero.info/contact/xqOksJqPlNvDx9Q/video

    42. Manjushri

      Imagine what theyll do with UE5...

    43. Unknown


    44. Sleman Gerdy

      10 years from noe and they are gonna make real movies from video game engines, 20 and Hollywood will make it

    45. José Luis

      You have a bedroom in the office to sleep there, in your workplace? That's sad.

    46. Payton Nelson


    47. Moin Zalori

      Can you give me motion capture device free?

    48. Triune Self

      Wow you spent a year on that, it's complete shit...Looks like a shitty video game...Just thought you might like some honest feedback instead of hundreds of comments from fanboys just blowing wind up your asses...

    49. TheComposer1979

      i think there is somthing weird in your setting unreal engine in the import section you need to calibrat with the suit in my opinion good job

    50. Tripsitter Games

      Everyone telling them not to do nfts, let them do their thing. If they wanna they are gonna. If not then they won’t. It’s their choice 💀

    51. Eddie Shannon

      Nice ad! Very well made

    52. Ion Busman


    53. GenJko _

      i started feeling bad skipping ad reads cause the fellow who does them is such a nice guy so i started watching them all the way through. please forgive me ad guy for not watching them before

    54. Stuff Stuff

      The realization when Sam is wearing the MoCap suit lmao

    55. MRCYBE

      You should of used the 360 go2 camera as it is small and steady.

    56. April Abbott

      I would like to see yall recreate ted movie that has marknwahlberg in it with your macinery

    57. Josh Pearce

      guy richie?

    58. ChangeProductions

      I've said it before and I'll say it again. You guys NEED to do a collab on motioncapture with CodeMiku!!!

    59. SuperMarioGolden64

      I saw unreal engine and I was like: *Y E S*

    60. GreyDintZ

      TV drama...

    61. Dominic Stone Kaiser

      A few weeks later still laughing! Thanks Sam. You can not buy that amount joy.

    62. lucawario 27

      You guys should work with SoKrispyMedia, they're getting into VR production as well.

    63. J H

      Jank or not I love these videos. Keep it up

    64. UnholyDoDo

      he should make games on roblox

    65. BlooHoots

      When you eat too much taco bell 7:00

    66. The Youth culture

      Amazing Fuddu Work 👍🏻

    67. JacobHappyGames

      My God this is an amazing I want to say animation but I mean performance wow!

    68. Dixie Normous

      "The problem is the character is like a foot taller." Marvel: *Laughs in Hulk-Head-On-A-Stick on Mark Ruffalo's shoulders*

    69. Christopher Souza

      Sam running away in the mocap suit got me laughing!

    70. Borszeki Gergely

      2:03 is that the guy from vsauce?

    71. Jame D

      The end was hilarious

    72. super dragon

      possible video idea: guy is wearing a mo-cap suit while going on a john wick-style rampage and the bad guys are trying to estimate his location based on the real time mo-cap they can see on screen

    73. Atirek Bajpai

      Does anyone know the background music in the outro, I heard it in Cereberusarms videos as well🤔

    74. James Winn


    75. Nahid Parvez

      Sam is the coolest guy on the corridor crew.

    76. Niranjan sahoo

      Watch KRRISH 3

    77. Ghostyscarab 372

      You guys should use the vive facial tracker instead of the iPhones!!

    78. Pugs_Will_riseYeah

      Oi josuke

    79. james scott

      mount the phone to you helmet and put a light weight mirror where the phone used to go.

    80. Akshay Bisht

      Alright, Scene 1A Rainbow...3...2...1.....Hi, Do you want to be a Software engineer at google...

    81. matt schwartz

      For your next stuntman video, you should look at Jackie Chan’s glue factory fight in The Myth

    82. Gold Groudon

      uhh, that last scene with the kid and old man awesome, did you get advice or help from Cool 3D world? seems VERY familiar, not complain though awesome if you did

    83. Mimsy

      that is one muscular little boy

    84. Maroš Valentík


    85. CowFPV

      Just an idea, but why not put the heavy phone on your forehead and a lightweight mirror out front. Periscope style. Then the weight is on your head, directly. You should try rigging that and see if it would work.

    86. Cookies N’ Cream Gaming

      Okay so Avatar 2 is coming out Pog

    87. gamesdisk

      I would love to see something that wasn't just silly

    88. The Official Harsh Mahadik!

      You should to Robot 2.0 movie's last fight scene on Bollywood reactions those are some really good ass fx.

    89. The Official Harsh Mahadik!

      You should to Robot 2.0 movie's last fight scene on Bollywood reactions those are some really good ass fx.

    90. Luke

      Make clint be in corridor crew using motion capture

    91. Jeri


    92. Ast0lfo

      POV ur paid by valve to make a game short film for the next half life game using unreal engine

    93. Lil Perkyyy

      Nooo keep going

    94. SceptNinja

      ⁱᵐ ˢᵘᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ👍

    95. Preal Productions

      Sam the funniest 😂

    96. Tony Jones


    97. Sean Hurley

      Wheres D?

    98. fthebuyer

      Great. Big. Brass. Balls.

    99. Sam Cm

      Super 😘

    100. Rajvin2119

      React to 24 movie VFX… they won national award for VFX…