VFX Artists React to THE MUMMY Bad & Great CGi

Corridor Crew

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    Niko and Wren are joined by former ILM Visual Effects Art Director Alex Laurant to break down the best VFX from Stephen Sommers' 1999 Horror/Adventure: "The Mummy."

    Alex would like to shout out the ILM Mummy team, including:
    VFX Supervisors John Berton and Scott Farrar, the whole ILM Art Dept. and Creative Director Mark Moore, also Ben Snow, Michael Bauer, Danielle Jeanette, Dennis Turner, Scott Frankel, Marshall Krasser, Catherine Craig, Barbara Affonso and all the rest who he couldn't list here.

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    1. LeakyBoat22

      I'm a bit late to the party, but I've said before that I'll subscribe when you react to The Mummy. This was a great episode, and it was wonderful to listen to Alex.

    2. JT Garcia

      Good book recommendation

    3. TheBirb

      the guy on the left is so fake and annoying

    4. Fuyu_Seishin12

      I have begun my journey around the Cosmere thanks to Wren.


      Hey guys I wold like you guys to say something about this African shot film called log out njyb studios

    6. Nobody

      Fraser is a god

    7. Don Lee

      @Wren thanks for the book suggestion "Warbreaker" really enjoying it.

    8. Lily Bean

      Space jam (the original)

    9. Jimmy P

      React to the movie ghost in the machine 1993

    10. Murdermatics

      13:33 What did they just come in from that has Wren smirking so hard?

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    12. Rich Castle

      I really miss practical

    13. praneeth ruthprabhu

      I like how Mr.Wren acts like a kid showing his toy collection 😘

    14. Mir Ajij

      The Mummy is one of my favourites ❤️...love from Kolkata

    15. Guns against Ants

      Please do love death + robots :)

    16. Danielle Hayes


    17. William Purvis

      The Mummy is one of my favourite movies. This episode is awesome.

    18. hunterd78

      wow, nick looks just like his dad when he was younger.

    19. hunterd78

      what is the movie at 1:30? i don't recognize it.

    20. Mimsy

      I love it when people say “Batman doesn’t kill people.” Uhhhhhhh heheheheheeeeeeee yeaaaaa

    21. Mimsy

      I really do love this movie. I remember my parents watching it and me just watching it in the background and thinking it was so cool. Also, Rachel Weiss is so gorgeous. Also, I LOVE THIS GUY! He’s one of my favorite guests you’ve had. Also, I love that he knows Adam savage who is legit one of my fave celebs ever.

    22. J0K3RN

      Please for the love of god, have I missed the Jurassic Park episode or did you forget about it?

    23. The PANACHE MODE Show

      10:23 is terrifying!!

    24. SamWallace Art

      So THAT'S why the opening shot of the movie looks jank. It's not bad CG, it's the lighting that's the issue

    25. Bruce Wayne

      A breakdown of the CGI planes used on the 9/11 tapes would be amazing

      1. soiboi

        thats so funny.

    26. Sammy Ngaue

      Can you guys do the movie small soldiers or my favorite martian

    27. Minder

      Cgi from the ’90s? Jurassic park.

    28. STheTeller

      I'm surprised cr1tikal isn't here in the comments

    29. Nilesh Pawar

      I just love how Wren is a fan of Dr. Brian Sanders!

    30. Santiago

      Do Cruella and 101 Dalmatians

    31. everett smith

      I absolutely love starship troopers. Any scene from that would be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    32. AlisAquilae92

      The Buffalo hunt form Dances With Wolfs

    33. MrChristianGB

      React to The Edge!

    34. Just Anubis

      We are trying to make a community where we help out fellow filmmakers, and also an open forum for discussion regarding cinema. Invite your friends to join too :) (at least 100) facebook.com/groups/895687177826384/about

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      Have you reacted to the Tintin movie yet?

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      Please do Stargate

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      Personally for me the best era of movies is early 2000s as in 2000-2010

    38. Agust Edvardsson

      Please make a breakdown off the Warcraft movie!

    39. Golfen

      I found these movies absolutely ridiculous, and always made my day every time I watch them.

    40. Daniele Besana

      What a great episode! Loved it!

    41. Zack Anderson


    42. No one

      React to the chocolate medic next

    43. Caiã Padilla

      Hey guys, react to The werewolf, 1987s werewolf tv series... it is amazing!

    44. Vincent Serrano

      Wren , cool your jets

    45. Aaron.B

      Ok ok, starship troopers reaction is a must

    46. R.Lola.

      love the mummy, great movie

    47. Nakamura65

      You know what has to come next,... Adam Savage reacts

    48. That Guy

      Imagine your dad being cool Imagine a dad...

    49. Jack

      Why is Wren so freaking extra? His reactions are always so overblown and exaggerated. Like, chill out, dude. This is just HRaero, you don’t have to ham it up 🙄

    50. Hey Bob Guy

      Would love to see Alex come back for more of these. Really great

    51. Beyond Reality [CD10]

      6:20 It's amusing how correct he was about that: hraero.info/contact/t6J3p6WQpr_VpbI/video

    52. Chelsea Moseley

      How did I not know Wren was into Brandosando? Yes bro, preach it.

    53. Andrew Zhang

      that's a man who loves his job and is proud of his work. I'm jealous.

    54. Parapeito Voador

      seeing sanderson's books being mentioned is so great man

    55. Guillaume Barbier

      90's movie Deep Rising.

    56. Mark Clase

      The one

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      I Robot??

    58. Ramsey Elmachtoub


    59. R.C. Jones

      Sanderson!!! Yes. All of his magic systems are so good. The gateway book is Mistborn. It's Ocean's 11 in a crazy fantasy world.

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      VFX/animators artists react to Legend of the Guardians

    61. TytoAlbaSoren

      VFX artists react to Black Hawk Down

    62. TytoAlbaSoren

      VFX artists react to Starship Troopers

    63. Shania Washington

      I love this I’m a really big fan I still watch all the mummy movies I love Brendan Fraser and I always loved how in the mummy him and evy always stayed together and they didn’t like stop her character or anything because they love was a big part of it hell a mummy was always tryna get her

    64. Anthony Merchant

      When I was in Iraq in the Army we all referenced The Mummy after seeing our first real sandstorm. There is some real good visual creations in the 90's that don't get as much appreciation as they deserve this was definitely one of them. I suggest something like The Frighteners, Mimic, Dark City, The Fifth Element, Army of Darkness, Saving Pvt Ryan, and City of Lost Children.

    65. Zack Spencer

      Oh Wren. It makes me so happy to watch you be excited about the Cosmere

    66. MidnightToker

      would love to see Brendan Fraser on here. even if he is not a artist

    67. Jordan Perekopskiy

      Young Alex looks like Todd Howard.

    68. jonskywalker

      Speaking of sand you guys should check out how they did the sandman in spiderman 3. I remembered being blown away from that back then!

    69. jonskywalker

      Dragonheart 1997,loved the cg of draco back in the day!

    70. Trippiemikee _

      He brought all the recipts

    71. It's Akile

      My Favorite Movie at that age, and Rachel Weisz. I think this movie had a lot to do with my artistic traits when I think about it

    72. Nathan Buraiha

      Alex feels like the VFX react version of Scott Adkins on stuntmen react. Both absolute experts in their field with insanely high-level work and experience with industry legends

    73. HighSpeed Nerf

      Wren's favorite author is also a huge MTG player and appeared on The Command Zone youtube channel!

    74. Nimisha Chowdhury

      The mummy 1 and 2 was so good! They dont make timeless amazing movies like that anymore. The best adventure movie i have ever seen

    75. DigitalMstrMind

      Man i wish i could have those concept art of the mummy on my wall

    76. TayTay

      could you do the Bio-raptors from the 2000 movie Pitch Black

    77. Eric Swenson

      Alex sounds quite a bit like J K Simmons!

    78. Lilly Tenshi

      Nick s dad looks a lot like an older ryan reynolds. Or is that just me?? So much valuable input btw i really appreciated this video

    79. WildZick

      Try Russian Cyberpunk Farm m.hraero.info/contact/mYCLlXelt8u5vbI/video

    80. Vitor Grosskopf

      Since Adam Savage was mentioned in this video, why not invite him to the next VFX react?

    81. Natasha Evans

      It’s my favourite movie of all time. Watched so many times recite the lines same time the characters are speaking them.

    82. J -Motions

      Im not sure if they already did this but I think a great clip would be the quicksilver scene from apocalypse where he saves the entire mansion during an explosion, if they haven't already done this is think it would be a great idea

    83. Nicholas Gray

      90s oddballs worth a look: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Coppola’s Dracula, Dark City, The Big Lebowski(!!!), Being John Malkovich, The Fifth Element

      1. Anthony Merchant

        Nice to see someone else suggesting The Fifth Element and Dark City. I gave a few suggestions of my own including Mimic, Army of Darkness, The Frighteners, and City of Lost Children. I hope that Alex tells us more about working on Saving Pvt Ryan. It's the film that inspired me to join the Army. I saw sandstorms that looked just like what you see in The Mummy. I use this film to describe it to people to this day.

    84. DyNaStY

      Please react to Animusic!!!! I would love to see the animation get more praise!!

    85. Luke

      It would be really funny to see your reactions to; Birds with Arms. hraero.info/contact/xYNj06uGt8iql5k/video

    86. NINETOES

      can we invite Zack Snyder next?

    87. James Rice

      I’d love to see you do vfx react to the Planet of the Apes series the one with the Andy sirkis

    88. Roxanne Castro

      August 28 is National Power Ranger day, y'all should do CGI in Power Rangers throughout the years. Saban era (beginning) - Disney era - Hasbro (now)

    89. Rhino _XCVI

      World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria or Warlords of Draenor Cinematics

    90. The Finer Things in Life

      Corridor Crew, would love to see the janky VFX of "Deep Blue Sea" added to a future episode. Keep up the great work!

    91. danbuda


    92. Viv Kaupish

      "VFX Artists React to the Mummy" or as the episode will be known "Wren fanboying for 18 minutes straight"

    93. streglof

      Are you guys going to get Adam Savage on one day? He used to do a lot of model work for ILM

    94. MeekGroundhog21

      atleast one of the scary faces videos by daneboe

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      Check out the "The Ice Road" VFX (Liam Neeson, 2021). I trully wanna know, mostly.... "why?"

    96. Jenx

      Ok I haven't had much luck getting to you guys but please watch the opening sequence of black summer season 2 episode 1 on Netflix and tell me how they go from a handycam, to an in car cam, back to a handycam, to a chase cam, to a drone cam, back to a chase cam and back to a handycam In one shot

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