VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 47

Corridor Crew

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    Sam, Niko, and Wren sit down to break down the best (and worst) VFX in your favorite Hollywood movies!

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    1. Corridor Crew

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      1. NinjaNezumi

        The tornado is so frightening! One of the main things is the howling of the wind. It's so easy to fuck up the sound of a wind storm. That wind is just haunting :O

      2. Bradley 422

        Yes hraero.info/contact/02V5qX14xJiay8g/video

      3. Orion Vegas

        Will you react to love death and robots?

      4. Zane Yarbrough

        Hey Corridor Crew I am a story artist working at Disney Animation. Would you guys be interested in doing an episode of Animators react story artist edition? I can bring story boards and talk about different types of scenes.

      5. Ryan West

        You could do a vfx breakdown (and you may have done some shots already) for almost EVERY shot from Citizen Kane, ha. That film had more “invisible” vfx than almost anything else at the time!

    2. beyblade Bros

      There is a Korean space movie called space sweepers try that

    3. Buckeye216

      Can you please breakdown Disney’s Darby O’Gill and the little people… some crazy eye trickery for back in the day.

    4. Kevin Sison


    5. Ali Rahmani

      12:41, man... Jake looks like Gordon Freeman!

    6. DanteM youtuber

      The wizard of oz people died and I don’t remember the actress name but it was the girl and she was abused she couldn’t eat to much sad also the actress was 16 years old

    7. Nobody

      sometimes I can't tell if you guys are actually pros or just some rando on the street who have never seen a moving picture so everything is surprising and unreal. WOW your favorite gag was the obviously funny gag that they put into the trailers, crazy and original stuff.

    8. Mr. M

      Another great episode....how about looking at the underwater submarine effects from Wolfgang Peterson's Das Boot.

    9. Vhan Chua

      Even in VFX Artists Reacts, live action resident evil is extremely awful to watch. God I hate those discount matrix movies.

    10. Charles White

      you should react to new Paul McCartney Music video hraero.info/contact/1WqClZt4spnIqdg/video&ab_channel=PaulMcCartneyVEVO

    11. typetrouble

      For the narrow depth of field shots: is there a reason a tilt-shift lens couldn't be used to create that effect practically?

    12. Adam Floro

      Review Jerry Mouse and Gene Kelly dancing together in Anchor's Away, and then the Family Guy version that replaces Jerry Mouse with Stewie.

    13. Hugo The Dog

      How many Kevins are in this comment section

    14. Andrea White

      Please react to the tomorrow war. Love you guys by the way.

    15. Cezar Rogerio De Moura Felippe

      My god, I have ZERO respect for these resident evil movies. I prefer to think they don't even exist. Good thing they're finally doing the FIRST EVER Resident Evil movie this year.

    16. Mike Boas

      Now that you’ve looked at Honey I Shrunk the Kids, how about Honey I Blew Up the Kid? They did a fun mix of tricks to get a giant toddler to run around the house.

    17. Caleb Carlton

      The freaking alarm had me panicking

    18. Kevin West

      This is like the second or third time they've called us Kevin's out, and it always excites me but freaks me out! haha anyways! hey everyone! don't forget to subsribe!

    19. Rachelle A.

      All the Kevins in the comments😂😂

    20. dukeironfist01

      freaked me out when you called to me by name...Kevin

    21. Hjalmar T

      U should watch this hraero.info/contact/2G53kaipttK62dg/video it is a documentary on the making of hoops

    22. Agust Edvardsson

      Please make a breakdown off the Warcraft movie!

    23. Kevin Corkery


    24. Raven Mocker

      Idk if you’ve done it yet but bedknobs and broomsticks always amazed me as a kid

    25. patrick kuhne

      Can you react to Bett and Dot from American Horror story Freak show

    26. johnfm4

      Hey all! I've been dying to know all the details of this local commercial for Harris Hotel in San Diego. I think of you guys everytime I see it. hraero.info/contact/y4eGmKKBmZWslsg/video Let me know what you think! PLEASE!

    27. Ollie Pugh

      Do Bed Knobs and Broomsticks or Time Bandits

    28. Gabreya Bradley

      To this day, “The Wizard of Oz” has THE ABSOLUTE BEST tornado effects that I’ve seen in any film with tornadoes. It’s genuinely intimidating and creepy due to the way it looks and its movement. It actually made me really scared for Dorothy and Toto.

    29. E-Sager

      Here’s more of one for Stuntmen react rather than VFX react. But the scene in Back To The Future 3, where Marty is being dragged by the horse. And hitting hills and wood and stuff…. just what…

    30. Lucca Aldana

      Don't know if you've ever done this one, but the 1956 movie Forbidden Planet has some pretty cool shots.

    31. Brett Lukert

      VIDEO IDEA: Do a video(s) about characters who were CGI in films or TV shows that should have been done by practical effects/makeup. My example that sparked this idea is from Avengers: Infinity War. Proxima Midnight was a CGI character but I felt like she should have been done with practical makeup and costume design rather than CG the whole character. Since she interacted with so many characters who weren’t CG, it just seemed unnecessary and kind of took me out of those moments.

    32. FAN BOYZ


    33. moikee

      Please review 'Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness'

    34. Meow Meow

      please do a vfx react to the penguins in mr. poppins penguins, and the trailer for the new space jam: a new legacy

    35. Chetan Patil

      Next reaction video on Bollywood vfx please! Suggest - 2.0, Padmaavat, Tanhaji, WAR, Saaho, Tumbbad, Aladin, Total Dhamaal, Manikarnika, Housefull 4, Bulbbul 👍

    36. AlexPrime9

      do a small segment on some video games cinematics.. my fav is diablo 4 trailer, by three they come

    37. New52Superman

      Apologies if this is a dumb question, but why do movie VFX almost always look better than TV shows?

    38. Exself

      Me: Life's just ... i don't want it anymore Therapist: Have you taken your VFX Artists React video? Me: Well... no, but.. Therapist: No buts, go take it now. Remember to like the video.

    39. Mario Trujillo

      You guys should do “Resident Evil infinite darkness”a lot of it looks derpy 🤣🤣

      1. moikee

        Came here to ask this too. Watched it last night and it's hilariously bad

    40. Kyle Halliburton

      'The Pagemaster' from Disney - blew my freaking mind as a kid, loved that movie.

    41. Poisoned Ivysaur

      I got a movie for you. It's called Chronicle. It's about 3 kids who get psychokinesis powers. The graphics aged ok but i think a few scenes desire a watch and break down. I think it was one of Michael B Jordan first movie.

    42. Chris Foster

      That woman in purple looks so awkward and unconvincing

    43. veke hur

      Could you guys please react to the arrow splitting scene in the Disneys Brave animation movie? That scene is soooo well done, and the movie itself looks amazing!

    44. Kevin Nolan

      verifiable Kevin here, you need to subscribe

    45. Bradley 422

      Ok hraero.info/contact/02V5qX14xJiay8g/video

    46. Eric Kummerer

      Gantz (2010) Live Action

    47. ActingLime Gaming

      Please, do Cannibal Holocaust. I still can't figure out the woman on the pole!

    48. Kevin

      BTW everybody should subscribe.

    49. Kevin

      Good morning guys

    50. kevinSprize

      you guys should subscribe!

    51. Kdoggystyles

      I am named Kevin and everyone should subscribe. I've been watching since the beginning lol.

    52. Brawler Ho

      React to Real Steel

    53. Isaac Reed

      The Navigator a medieval odyssey is another old movie you should look at, especially the angel of death scene...Let Him Go remake Young Kevin Costner's face is mindblowing but maybe you guys might find a flaw?? Love the content!!

    54. Ramblin Saint

      For an older movie, you should look at Bedknobs and Broomsticks!

    55. Samuel Skeith

      You should react to the Kia Soul commercials, the effects are good

    56. Calabino

      There is a new song in Poland and I think you should react to that clip. It is 3:32 long, but it's a one shot. At least it looks like that... ;) I wonder if you could break down the magic behind it. The song is called "I Ciebie też, bardzo" by Męskie Granie Orkiestra.

    57. Jason Hanrahan

      Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix, please review

    58. Vishal Vinod Kumar

      Hey guys!! Can you guys please react to "my dear kuttichathan" it's a very old malayalam south indian movie and there is song the movie which has some good vfx love the videos ❤️

    59. Luisa Cools

      Bedknobs and Broomsticks!!!!!!


      cmon kevin wya

    61. Walter Brown

      Small Soldiers

    62. Mikki Petersen

      u should try watch some of the newer world of warcrafts cinematics

    63. Kaitlyn Higgins

      Darby O'Gill and the Little People. It's a Disney movie with a very, very young Sean Connery. Darby goes and interacts with Leprechauns, people 1/4 his size. He goes into their cave and has a dance party in their court, with little people on ALL sides of him. Also, the castle is fake. Completely. It's a blank hill. The Banshee is a little laughable, but all of the Leprechauns look amazing, because they're PRACTICAL. Full size human actors shrunk down to 1/4 of the size and interacting with another full size human, and full size cups.

    64. Sammy T


    65. TheRegret

      watching the witcher netflix series for the first time and i noticed that the blonde haired girl has practical contacts that change her eye color to a blue/green which is a surface change on the contacts and doesnt have subsurface light scattering. then in the very next scene with henry cavil they have a post production color change of his eyes and it does have the subsurface light scattering because the post processing changes the color underneath the lens of the eye making it looks better.... the close up with the contacts really does not do the character any favors, but i think the post processing of henry cavil's eyes to yellow is better than the physical contacts on the girl.

    66. Teigan Allen

      Can you guys please show us how they did the animation on the 7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958!?!?!?

    67. The Honthy Brothers

      Rock-A-Doodle when the boy is turned into a cat by the owl is one of the best scenes i watched as a kid and scarred me

    68. Espen Sande Larsen

      Who framed Roger Rabbit, The Abyss, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Planet of the Apes, Ben Hur, Empire Strikes Back (non-SE-edition), Tron all blew my mind and made me pursue VFX as a career - that flopped, but I still appreciate the craft :)

    69. N. Gibson Hyatt

      You guys should check out some of the effects in the 1931 Nosferatu--specifically the silent version, because it's way creepier without music.

    70. This Is How

      You guys please please PLEASE react to the new Resident Evil CGI show on Netflix it's actually amazing. More than a few times I was absolutely stunned at the visuals and I'm watching on a mobile device. Would love to see it.

    71. Kate Duke

      Night at the museum!

    72. Ian Zych

      I don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but as fellow Attack on Titan fans and as vfx artists, this is something you all need to see hraero.info/contact/lZyfuJRt27zF2JE/video This is made by Masashi Imagawa, who's a compositor at Framestore, and translates the essence of the anime into 3d animation with INCREDIBLE professional quality

    73. Ciaran Kreidler

      react to The Good Place !!!

    74. Emily Niedbala

      Me watching the dancing shoes: Oh yeah, those shadows look like dancers legs… Wren: I see shadows they must be puppet sticks Me: Fuck, I’m wrong… Niko: No puppets, real people Me: Yes! I’m a genius! (Probably just that I’m a dancer lol)

    75. Frederik Andersen

      Toy-Box - Best Friend (Official Music Video) .........................React!

    76. Ramflight

      2001 Space Odyssey in detail, you guys only mentioned it in the context of the Moon landing footage. Blade Runner, too!

    77. Lolzguyl

      It'd be awesome to see you guys take on Black Widow. Especially the last 40 minutes or so. It has a fair bit of CGI, and greenscreen work, some digital doubles (I think), some stunts, a large fight and some smaller stuff. It's a good time overall!

    78. Kevs N


    79. Z. B.

      Resident Evil also treats its' stunt crew like crap: www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-features/death-injuries-amputations-is-resident-evil-hollywoods-dangerous-franchise-1244726/

    80. Ren Cen

      Not sure if they count but you gotta react to this banned Irish car safety ads! hraero.info/contact/uK5i035_qMqvtsw/video The effect is so bad!!!

    81. smileyfacepencil

      react to loki...

    82. Kevin Larz

      Kevin here. Everyone! Don't forget to subscribe!

    83. TheDude

      Do the Neverending Story.

    84. Bryan D

      Robin Williams in Flubber!

    85. Bryan D


    86. Bryan D

      Explain Flubber!!! I have no idea how they did that

    87. GeorgeMKane

      Can you review Loki's VFX after the finale? That would be an awesome episode!

    88. Bruno Giless

      There's a great movie called Dr Cyclops where the actors are shrunk using miniature sets and other old timey effects, It looked amazing for 1940! How about reviewing this one ?

    89. Justin K

      Please for the love of god review the movie HAUSU

    90. Austin Hamby

      Have you guys reacted to star wars reimagined sc 38? hraero.info/contact/1adjtIClyJnXlcw/video

    91. Kevin Tupman

      Y’all should subscribe or something

    92. Big Nath


    93. Patch T. Panda

      Would be neat to see a review of the fx used in Pete’s Dragon. 🐉

    94. J T Shot's

      React our vid

    95. Calvin Lee

      Look at the minions from the movie The Gate. A zombie falls over, turns into a bunch of tiny monsters, and it's the most impressive practical effects shot I've ever seen.

    96. Noah Free

      Bed knobs and broom sticks!

    97. ttmylink

      Desperado (Robert Rodriguez) has no budget but some cool visual effects.

    98. Raekwon Hudson

      Check out how they had to CGI in the mother on the third season of the sopranos S3E2

    99. Onix feliciano

      The only show that I know it was The Best was done with green screen was teen wolf😌✌️✌️✌️

    100. Quinn Scarbrough

      You guys should react to the horrible cgi in the new Jungle Cruise trailer