We Made JAMES BOND R-Rated

Corridor Crew

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    Confused by the elaborate history of the 007 franchise, Jake, Matt and Nick decide to use VFX to present the world with their version of the "Bond Cinematic Universe - a version, they hope, that will hold the attention of Zoomers everwhere.

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    1. Kia Smith

      After this, I need you guys to do Cars 2 R Rated. PLEASE!

    2. Dawid Ir

      what a fine group of self-admiring folks

    3. MrRu

      Why is nat wearing a female wig?

    4. Daniel Grove Photo

      So Skillshare... I'm looking for a platform to sell photo, video, and Blender courses. Is it profitable?

    5. Obsidiux

      As a kid, I was used to the Nintendo 64 game "Golden Eye", with that james bond. So when they switched to the guy that was in the recent movies, it never felt like... treacherous.

    6. Kai Sizzlink

      I hate marvel and I'm a zoomer so dont stereotype

    7. DK’s secret layer

      I remember the laser scene from when I was a small bean :,| bruh how old is James Bond I’ve been watching it since I was a baby and my parents have been since they were kids :|

    8. frost of ice

      You guys should do a spiderman film next! I love this series of turning movies r rated. So good. Any of them would be cool but if i had to pick prolly the orignal spiderman trillogy

    9. Jonah Howey

      Should make an animated Disney film or something R-rated could tie in with your animators react series

    10. Kurt

      Make lord of the rings r rated

    11. Kurtis Lawler

      Make an R rated horror movie, like Freddy Krueger, a G rated movie.

    12. sammuelkain

      Great work guys & hail 2 Shine Connery 🌞 so 4 a challenge I would say 2 movies 2 chose ftom... Tit@nic &/or Fast & Furious series 😜! ✌️😌

    13. Nick Colonello

      I think with the new Spider-Man movie on the horizon, you guys gotta do Spider-Man Rated R. A more brutal scene of Doc Ock in the hospital would be so fun.

    14. Kronaz邪児

      spot the diversity hire

    15. Steven Moeller

      Did you guys actually include a clip from the '67 parody "Casino Royale"? Now, that's what I call going the extra mile to sell this vid.

    16. Tower of Murder Inc

      I'd like to see you guys turn Gremlins into a gore-fest. Like gremlins, but the gremlins win.

    17. Casey Bledsoe

      It was cool seeing some of the artists in the group that I normally don't see doing stuff.

    18. Witness

      Ice Age

    19. Henry Halvorson

      The funniest thing for me was the Barrel Sequence.

    20. poksi360

      One dude needs to cut it´s hair.

    21. ShadowKnight RC

      I have another suggestion for your "R-Rated" Series! Just saw this scene from the original Raimi Spider-Man movies... hraero.info/contact/lWukymyqmNrOuZk/video

    22. Typo

      james bond isnt a code name, its cannon that he had the same name before he joined mi6

      1. Typo

        fun video though

    23. james14294

      Would be interesting to see how you guys would go about G-Rating some horror movies

    24. SkyFN

      Do Tom and jerry

    25. Stephen Brouwer

      Cloudy with a chance of meatballs - the snowball scene is BEGGING to be R-rated. Please Please Please! hraero.info/contact/tK2ix5uuuqbMtaY/video&ab_channel=JustTheGoodParts also, well done - another amazing video Corridow Crew :D

    26. sirShade

      Can't wait for them to tokenize another franchise! So exciting!

    27. channel name here

      R-rated is poggers

    28. Cinema in Grey

      PLEASE Do the Fast and Furious movies. Those stunts are so ridiculous lol most of the crew should be dead by now lol

    29. Mr 0li

      I hated this video so much

    30. Mr 0li

      I speak for the bond fans when I say this video was annoying

    31. LordLimburger

      12:53 James "Bond"

    32. GamerKids0516

      Ok Boomer

    33. Carter Cerretani

      The hospital scene in Spider-Man 2 is pretty horrifying as it is, but what an R-Rating would do?

    34. SeaTehNoobWorld

      Saw being PG-13, so as Sin City.

    35. MrVipitis

      Been movie R rated.

    36. Charlotte is Trying Maybe

      What if you made your own old videos R-Rated. Like every time someone gets hit or smth they just explode

    37. Job van Youtube

      Why don't you guys make Narnia R-Rated? I'd watch the shit outta that

    38. Jenny Ruusala

      This was so cool :000 👌

    39. Dill Billy

      Do R rated cat in the hat movie people just wont die in that movie

    40. Joseph Haines

      Now do the same thing with Batman!!!

    41. Trilla-D

      Please make a Rated R Power Rangers 🙏🏽😂

    42. Larry

      More Nat!

    43. YeetBomb

      @4:55 YIFY spotted

    44. Miguel Zuniga

      Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    45. Gergő Piroska

      Wait is that a guy or a chick?

      1. Gergő Piroska

        @WILLIS SHARTMOUTH so it's a guy dressed as a girl?


        They refer to Nat as she/her :)

    46. Donny Shields

      0:57 Nick looks like a walmart Post Malone

    47. Pokerface

      Man, that voodoo guy was so weird. I remember a scene where Bond shoots a chunk of his head off and his eyes roll back as if to look at the damage, but he doesn't die. They kinda jumped the shark with that one, implying the supernatural is real in the Bond universe.

    48. Singing Simplified

      I'd love to see a rated R Jurassic park compilation! Great job on this one btw.

    49. Brendandestruction

      Why do I feel like Peter died

    50. Peekofwar

      -Screw with the 2017 My Little Pony movie/-

    51. BeatleSpock

      What it'll be cool is each Bond regenerating into their next incarnation Doctor Who style.

    52. NapATC

      That deepfake Bond looks like Jake😂

    53. Wyatt C

      its sad that Sean Connery is dead

    54. Shosetsum

      Sorry I don't agree what you are saying I watch every James Bond movie and James Bond is his real name not a code name that's what I have seen

    55. ethrez

      What is Nat?

      1. Iamatim


    56. PonyCentral 2.0

      Love your videos!

    57. Paul leonard

      Uhhhh, wtf is with the dude in the wig?

      1. Paul leonard

        @flammgo oh right, one of those, thought it was a joke at first...still a dude in a wig

      2. flammgo

        pretty sure its a mtf transgender

    58. Dampierre

      Through this video I realized that that iconic james bond circle scene is actually a gun barrel,,,, I thought it was a straw or something honestly

    59. RH Game On!

      you guys should make marry poppins rated r

    60. Dante Walton

      You should try making Batman R-Rated, from the 1966 series all the way through present day Batman movies.

    61. Jackie Feller

      you guys should do r rated pirates of the caribbean

    62. qtim

      I miss clint and peter reaction to these

    63. hoipexn

      The Jurassic Parc series is only PG-12 dudes... Come on crew; fix it already! :)

    64. Jorick Sephis

      All these R-Rated creations are super great lol. But it might be fun to try making a different type of movie R-rated, like VeggieTales or something like that.

    65. PurpleLightning6was9

      13:45 Jordan is about uninterested as you can get

    66. ItzMayday-_

      You should do mr bean r rated

    67. Nicolas Inguanti

      5:13 He used V.A.T.S.

    68. Aiden Vanderwal

      R-rated Jurassic park/world

    69. Chancelama343

      007 is simply just a timelord...

      1. CaJoel

        14:10 Rassilon to be specific

    70. Fitlex Yt

      12:23 thank me later



    72. redonefifty


    73. Levi Tinker

      This video is So freaking stupid.first Dr. No came out in 1962,so 007 is not a 50s man. And James Bond isn’t a codename. Each movie, even the ones with the same actors are standalone films all the way through from Connery to Brosnan sure a few threads pop up occasionally, but It wasn’t until Daniel Craig that they gave an actual continuity through a segment of films in the series.In all likelihood the next bond will be his own standalone films.even if the supporting actors continue through from the craig films. Also skeleton guy Seriously?

    74. Finn Tallahassee HTF

      2:05 what movie is that from

    75. Kartoffeln aus Bodenhaltung

      i think its not ideal to use obviously pirated videos for this ....

      1. Iamatim

        How are they pirated

    76. Nathan Fox Trabue

      I wanna see them do a speed racer one where they apply physics to when the cars are jumping around and make them actually crash or something along those lines.

    77. Junior Jones

      Love what your doing however you need to right an injustice that as marred a legend, besmirched his character and ultimately defiled his legacy. I'm taking Christopher Reeve's Superman, more specifically, the abomination that was Superman: The Quest for Peace. We can just about accept that he played second fiddle in Superman saved somewhat by the evil superman, a non swearing Richard Pryor (who really wanted that?!) and some very doggy looking 8 bit graphics. Your challenge is to make Superman: The Quest for Peace barley watchable and give us a sense of what should have been and restore Superman the legend. Truth, Justice and the American Way!!

    78. Omer Aamir Shah

      can i get NATs' pronouns ?!?! cuz i dont want to offend assuming .... you guys have no idea how much the secret Santa video with everyone wearing masks confused me abt NAT! is he a dude or is she a chick ?!?! cuz the voice is pure dude, but the hair is pure female plus it kinda looked like she/he had boobs so yeah. srsly no disrespect i really want to know

      1. Anton Back

        They referred to her by she/her pronouns.

    79. Hunter Rule

      This is funny because James Bond was played by different actors over the years.

    80. Zackary Cox the gamer and animator 100

      Could you make Easy Rider G-Rated?

    81. cyberman

      That was awesome! By far the best Bond movie I've ever seen!!!

    82. Jym Jesus Beljot

      When you see the arm flies off then you realize the body still has two arms

    83. Martin H

      Good job Nat

    84. Vfx king

      that was awesome as always

    85. John Anderson

      WRONG this was disproved in Skyfall

    86. cormac jordan

      Shine Connery - Decent!

    87. Highway_UK's Gaming channel

      Technically 'The Rock' has been shown to be Connery as a replaced 'James Bond' after being locked away for decades having failed a mission.... so this idea of the 007 James Bond passed on job title persona makes sense

    88. ZauzTheBlacksmith

      As someone who is a regular of the location the bobsled chase at 13:07 was filmed at, I absolutely loved that part of the video XD

    89. Just Making It

      Please make Chicken Run R Rated!

    90. Shawn4815162342

      Connery-Brosnan ARE the same 1 guy. Craig is also the same guy, but in a rebooted universe... However, it sounds like they will go with it being a code name when the next actor replaces Craig.

    91. Luisk

      When he says you have 2 seconds to live killed me he already dead lol

    92. PageDoesNot3xistOnRBLX

      come on corridor you have to make nerf james bond now!

    93. Darth Vader

      Rip Sean Connery irl

    94. ChillCosmos

      when terminator lifts that guy by the hair in t2, his whole head should've just detached

    95. NedBark

      You convert movies into R rating, now do the opposite and convert an R rated movie into a G rated movie.

    96. Ujaan Guha

      James bond isn't a code name. His parents were Andrew Bond and Monique Bond but he lost his parents at a young age....go watch Skyfall (2012).

    97. FishForce

      Anyone else notice they change the title

    98. ariesR6

      Wasn't this originally called we killed all the James bonds

    99. DanvsMedius

      You guys need to do your research going back to, maybe, before you were born? The opening titles of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", as explained by the producers ay the time were filmed as it was to let the audience know that while there is now a different actor playing James bond, the character of James Bond is ONE and the same guy as played by Sean Connery. James Bond is not a code name, nor is 007 a code number. As that was established in 1969, that makes it cannon to the series. This garbage about it being a code name is pure nonsense.

    100. Interested In Stuff

      That was so cool. The fact Sean just won't stay down, and the headstones, magic. I had a giggle at the snowmobile, tumble tumble blood trail, plop into grave. Superb.