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  1. Luke Smetzer

    Someone tell Arcadum

  2. zero11010

    Great idea. Can’t wait to see the final product of the session played. Most of this has nothing to do with D&D and watching people mess with cameras and complain about technical problems isn’t fun or related to the title. If I was invested in the game then watching the behind the scenes for how it got made may be more interesting. Without that investment a lot of this is watching people struggle with things I know nothing about and am not invested in … and they’re miserable while they do it which makes it worse. No one starts a movie by watching the behind the scenes and the struggle getting something filmed right.

  3. Johnny Joseph

    4:48 wow such VFX, it's a floating head and arms!

  4. Confused Raccoon

    Ohh just imagin if they had a big budget and worked with Critical Roll... <3

  5. Max Jeanmenne

    I love DnD

  6. EyesOfByes

    Get an RTX A6000 😁

  7. AL

    Riffs beards and.. ? Alright!..

  8. Aaron Hawkins

    Love it! Can't wait to watch the show!

  9. dojin sama


  10. C Bu

    i had this concept 20 years ago, but my lazy friends didn't want to do it.

  11. Nerfunkal

    Reality Show "Mocap riggers" intro had me dead.

  12. awmperry

    How on earth did Sam end up with a vest with a very close approximation of Swedish m/90 camo? :-D

  13. Ryujin

    Probably should have a quick edit/re-upload to emphasize that this is a 2-parter with Jessica as the focus for the next.

  14. c_weir75

    Love seeing sam and niko working together

  15. Vision & Transformation

    10 seasons of stargate! 220 episodes!

  16. Rednaxela Robert

    On the shoot for Avatar 2? Did he help on that?

  17. Chris Green

    Wren: pls giv Preferential CHeatment CLint: no

  18. Luis Jimenez

    hey check this one out one of my favorite sword fights in Jet Li's Fearless! hraero.info/contact/jq-E1XaJpLvZqtA/video

  19. Goblin

    You should react to Violet Evergarden.

  20. Protestor Abnocuum


  21. Carla Sparks

    16:21 OOF yep finish in time

  22. AliceDee25

    Omg I can't wait

  23. Johnny Joseph

    Now that Freddie's Dungeons and Daddies is ending, I NEED THIS TO REPLACE MY FIX

  24. Phil Morris

    Is this not going to be on youtube?

  25. MuyBoy

    Gunna be hard to top Harmons Quest

  26. Nathan Simmons

    Could you breakdown some scenes from Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets?

  27. AJ Sabin

    React to Hollow Man please

  28. Duck _

    Watching this makes me feel smart :) Thanks i don't usually get this feeling.

  29. Dr 0ctagonapus5

    "The game you wish you could play" is the key phrase here. Not many people can actually afford dwarven forge.

  30. Donny Stanley

    I can't wait to watch this. As much as I love DnD I don't really watch any of the other shows, but this one? This is the one.

  31. Jack Meoff

    tf in that kidpix folder

  32. 雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者

    Very cool Sam and Niko. Cutting edge, just like you were with early HRaero.

  33. Watch Me Fight

    Hollly shiiiitttt If y’all made a dnd show

  34. super luigi mask

    How do people think beast wars looks good

  35. LazyBoi

    How can I watch son of a dungeon?

  36. Deji D

    So corridor basically has all the assets to make a VR DnD game.

  37. Henzo88

    Troy was my favorite movie it was fucking epic. Hector dying is still a scene i skip because i fucking loved his character

  38. Benebi

    George Lucas

  39. Brent Murray

    Hold up. What was that stellar guitar lick at 5:50 ??

  40. Aura

    Vlog type content like this and you guys just enjoying what it is you guys do is so much more fun to watch than endless react videos. I love watching you guys develop this virtual film set technique and can't wait to see what you guys do with it. DnD might be pretty low on the list of TTRPGs I like, but the show you guys are gonna be putting on will absolutely get me to watch. Looking forward to it!

  41. Jacob Baker

    So glad D is making an appearance

  42. Andandopalteatro conlospies

    That wasn’t actually Achilles cousin, but his lover… But you know, Hollywood didn’t find homosexuality profitable back then

  43. Adrian L

    This sounds awesome

  44. Jesse Ross

    I’ve been waiting sooo long for this!!!

  45. Angel Ayala

    Literally was just thinking of this yesterday, Hell yeah this is sick.

  46. Talon Stanley

    This was such an interesting Stunt People React. I feel like you don't always get the chance to hear this kind of expertise about sword fighting

  47. Luke Taylor

    Ever since I began watching Corridor I always wanted a friend like Niko. This only serves to confirm. We can all use a friend who helps support us when we're feeling stressed out and stuck. His uplifting personality is one of my favorite things about the channel and crew.

  48. Tom

    The shot at 0:28 reminds me of Spy Kids type greenscreen and I love it

  49. TheUnderDog

    Hmm, something's off about this too

  50. Muhammad the A1

    I wish I'd be on a Bachmann Thomas...

  51. user6479

    The only dissapointing part of this video is that they didn't 3d print D twice. (so they could have D and D)

  52. ZauzTheBlacksmith

    As someone who is a regular of the location the bobsled chase at 13:07 was filmed at, I absolutely loved that part of the video XD

  53. Twinkie Phobe

    I would like to get Luke’s perspective on the Rob Roy duel, it’s another great (I think it is) movie duel that isn’t like the throne room fight in the last Jedi.

  54. Ryan Duarte

    Danny Kays sword duel with basil rathbone in The Court Jester is also a classic IMO

  55. TheZapan99

    The French retro-gaming channel Joueur du Grenier has been successfully using a similar Unreal tracking rig for their latest videos. The call it the "Mandalo-shmuck" technology. Maybe you guys should try to retro-engineer what they did, or just hit them up.

  56. Steven Moffett

    Did anyone else notice Mando wearing a hoodie and jeans at 9:22

  57. Sondre Heien

    Sound levels where all over the place in the start of this video super annoying. Seriously, is it supposed to be Like back and forth with the sound levels while your ar talking and explaining. Maybe my ears are sensitive but it was almost unbearable.

  58. William Hardy

    This fricking channel man... I love it so muuuuuch

  59. 雪鷹魚 | 英語培訓的領航者

    You are wearing masks again? Gay.

  60. JesperMGHatcherArt

    This looks soo damn good!!!

  61. Miscast

    Absolutely killing it dudes

  62. Derrick Dickey

    @corridor crew - Why is the CGI in the Snowpiercer movie so bad? freeze frame it looks ok, but while running it looks... off.

  63. Bruise

    So lucky to meet Scott! Crazy stuff

  64. Jivan Pal

    Oh, man, this takes your _Call of the Wild_ series on Node to the next level.


    I miss Cmike ❤️

  66. camilo fernandez

    Will this be on youtube? Cant wait to see this new dnd campain

  67. Shadman Shahriar

    I missed Cmike

  68. SwordTune

    The Deluge? Do the Deluge.

  69. Jay Sengstacken

    Very excited!!!

  70. ExplosionChimp

    I didn't even know people used boards and pieces for d&d. Thought it was just character sheets, a dungeon master and dice.

  71. RIP Saebri

    the first time in a long time i didnt skip the ad, so tell jake to keep on keeping on xD . also this d&d thing is gonna be awesome but thats a given

  72. Juan Ramirez

    What a pointless excercise, boy special effects have really become a joyless uncreative bore in the age of cgi.

  73. reezlaw

    Holy shit, Luke is a walking encyclopedia

  74. Henry J PB

    The ship from the 80's movie The Flight of the Navigator!

  75. Pete Brown

    "D&D", not "DnD", unless you mean "Do not Disturb" :D

  76. Phil

    14:47 Boy Scout here. Can confirm. Poop hole exists at every camp

  77. Fernando Del Rio Garcia Peña

    We wanted more from her, she seemed a bit upset of being there without saying anything :(

    1. McOwen

      Or maybe it's because she isn't a sword expert and the next episode will be focused on her, you dunce.

  78. Jared Beehn

    This reminds me of Skylanders but DND

  79. NoVa60

    Amazing. ❤️.

  80. Giffy

    damn, Viva La Dirt League D&D gonna have some competition now? looks great