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  1. zep909

    "we fooled Joe Rogan" - that is not saying much. ;-) Love you guys.

  2. 011_ M. Naufal A. Adnani

    What if you make it cgi from Boston dynamics?

  3. hafiz sehbaan abbasi

    4:42 goddam goosebumps

  4. Deady4u

    When stupid ppl think they know shit

  5. Progi

    I love the "WOW" at 0:00

  6. AM 87

    Please do Apex Twin wondowlicker 🥰

  7. D i l u c G i o v a n n a

    3:20 I knew this was coming

  8. flippert0

    Whoa, I didn't know human beings could laugh this way.

  9. butterflybrain100

    Guys you gotta talk about Gemini Man, the CGI Face is sometimes amazing, and sometimes just wierd, plus they animated some of the fighting scenes, and it looks so wierd. Take a look at this please ;) Great Show as always Guys! Keep Going!

  10. Mr Someone

    Please get Captain Disillusion on the show!😁

  11. Jeppe Kjær

    Love you guys

  12. Toadal Chaos

    In order to replicate that kind of motion realistically, you would need to physically simulate it to very high fidelity. Which in turn means you need a controller to make the simulated robot move without falling over. At that point, you've done the majority of the work involved in making these robots in the first place, so it's easier to just build the damn things!

  13. That Guy

    5:33 Is nobody gonna talk about the topic of "proportions" when it comes to face swaps? As someone who draws for a living, the Deepfake stuff is kinda off-putting, simply because the face is not properly scaled onto the head of the body double. It looks like the dude doubling for Hamill got a bigger head than him which makes the face swap look iffy.

  14. solar thunder

    Imo there is another reason, the old video was debunked fake, so people will tend to think the new one is fake too.

  15. DarkRed

    Yes The BigFoot Video!!!!!!!

  16. Taran wisniewski

    Still looks fake to me

  17. Fre Sch

    Please react to european movies. For example italian movie Pinocchio or german movie dreamship surprise by Bully herbig. Thank you

  18. KarateEmil

    I would love if you guys looked at more scenes from Transformers. like the scenes from the first movie where the actors interacted with the autobots.

  19. TheArNoir

    02:46 yo whats the name of that sound effect

  20. Sandra L

    React to any Fate/zero or Fate/stay night animations, my personal favorite is saber alter vs rider, that animation was C L E A N.

  21. Arc Neo Masato

    Like... I'm not gonna say these things are fake, cause they clearly aren't, but I personally don't feel your argument of "it couldn't be mocap" explanation is that good, cause couldn't I just put a weighted backpack on the mocap actor and change their center of gravity? And with this thing haven't no actual "hands", it's not like it'd be hard to put something over the actors arms to extend them and shift their proportions. IDK, I'm nitpicking, but when you explained everything else as well as you did, that part just felt.... weak I guess.

  22. Pyrrha Nikos

    "Why do people think this is fake and ours is real?" Simple answer: Reality is unrealistic. (TVtropes) Example: If, in a movie, people could see the muzzle flash of a sniper and hear the 'bang' a second later; they would not believe it's real because movies haven't done it like that, ever. Movies have conditioned us to believe that we hear the bang at the same time the gun is fired. Let's not even begin to talk about the bullet hitting BEFORE the bang is heard...

  23. Kevin Jarret Serra

    4:33 they emphasize on the texture and scratches. 4:34. bye bye scratch

  24. Flowbe

    I don't think it looks fake, but it does look ireel 😁

  25. Filip Pfeifer

    I don't know, this ain't it chief. No disrespect, but it's too much and looks like hyperstylized videogame cutscene.

  26. Kiran Rajpurohit

    The way Wren explained Inertia gets the point across but with the wrong reasons! It's not inertia of the controller but rather of the air. It is harder for air to stop/resist the movement of heavy objects than it is to resist the motion of lighter ones. Amazing video though, some great insights!

  27. msclrhd

    I think the main reason people think it is fake is that there are parts of the video that trip the uncanny valley sense. The motion looks so natural and real (i.e. motions that a human would do) that you think that it must be done by a human. Rationalizing that, you then conclude that it must be faked (i.e. that a person is behind the motion, not the robots) even though it is really the robots doing the motions themselves. That's a testament to how good the Boston Dynamics robots have become.

  28. Paulo (We make a game)

    will you try to replicate that in CG? same dance I mean :P

  29. Dale Wylde

    Wren and Nico are obviously CGI!

  30. Jim Dingle

    When the robots you make are so incomprehensibly incredible people don't think they're real...like even I know they're real but at the same time it just seems impossible.

  31. JTM

    I'd love to see you "bunk" videos of North Korean military parades. Watching these makes me feel like the "animators" just used the clone stamp tool and head replacement in After Effects. Could a team with the budget of a small country pull off such precision fakery? hraero.info/contact/toV91Z6nlaaoz8Q/video

  32. Crist San

    They just do better CGI.

  33. Markus Wallin

    Thunderfoot has been going through this stuff and debunking it for years. And he is NOT charitable to the people who get fooled by this stuff, birds, bokeh etc.

  34. Adam Olszewski

    Now that you said it about the helmet reflections, I can't unsee it 😂

  35. Michele Frusi

    Such a legend! You guys are killing it!!!

  36. jay travers

    See it's weird for me. I believed it was real. However, I believe it because don't think it's good enough. I don't think making robots follow a literal scripted dance is a good enough progress. I guess it's just for PR tho.

  37. DON_T Panic 🅥

    That laugh

  38. Chris Vicera

    People so confidently being wrong is so fucking cringe

  39. Dhruv Gedia

    Come guys....do love death and robots

  40. Arlynne Cumberbatch

    remember: if someone is saying boston is a hoax, always keep in mind they believe its due to how they think robots would end humanity by 2100, when in reality, its just religion slowly going to be debunked by logic and science

  41. GreatSkull00

    Noo please no🥺 They haf to br real

  42. Matthew Henbest

    would love to see a paranormal videos VFX or not debunking episode.

  43. Victor Ferger

    Take a look at the old Dune from 1984 and compare it to the footage available from the remake! I don't think the old one holds up at all but the comparison is very interesting, as they're very different interpretations made in different eras of filmmaking. Also please talk about IMAX regarding the new one, it's such a huge difference!

  44. JW

    I remember seeing Big Dog for the first time in 2008 , so when I saw this I immediately thought it was real. Not that hard to believe in innovation over nearly 15 years.

  45. TopikBAGUS

    we need more videos like this!

  46. rhad333

    one thing that kinda goes in the favor of it being real, is when' they're dancing, the floor vibrates from the weight and in consequence, the windows shake accordingly ( the windows with the yellow framing).

  47. Fenton Read-Smith

    You guys are clearly in the pocket of big robot.

  48. SpAd n0mad

    It's like the moon landing, way too hard to fake.

  49. Arthur Kristmann

    Do you guys mispronounce things on purpose like "Stewen Spelburg" or is this some kind of inside joke that we don't get? ;D

  50. Jael Jermann

    The thing is: Boston Dynamics is actually a secret government institution which is just for developing the best CGI ever. And takes the robots as the facade

  51. Jack Irven

    Please react to the Japanese movie Inuyashiki (2018), it's a live action adaptation of an anime series and features some surprisingly believable CG

  52. Jiehfeng

    Most of this comment section is people who claimed it was fake before and are now trying to cope and reason instead of coming to terms that they were just wrong lol.

  53. Salve ASMR

    Please don't cut the episodes :( I don't have money for subscriptions

  54. jamesnavarro00

    Can we get the IchigoXUlquiorra fight?!?!

  55. Kevan

    Honestly, I think recreating this in CGI is possible, but the question is, is it really financially possible? some of the stuff they talked about here, like making completely completely custom textured floors, yeah it definitely can be done, but there's a reason it's usually not, it takes so much time and effort, and time is money, same with all the lighting and clipping issues, sure they could be worked out and fixed...but what you're talking about there is going frame by frame and individually fixing everything, and then stitching it all together seamlessly, you're talking doing loads of simulations and tests to find things like the center of gravity for a robot of that size and weight distribution, getting not just the textures and lighting and reflections on everything absolutely perfect, but also the deformation of materials. This is definitely "technically" possible to fake, but its not the technical problems that stop something like this, its the time and money that would need to be invested to do it, we're at the point in technology where it's actually cheaper to literally build robots that can do this than it would be to hire thousands of different artists just to make the images alone, then adding all of the motion capture, the space to do this all in, the processing power required to render everything, all of the other technical staff required behind the scenes...this would be so insanely expensive to fake, that doesn't mean it couldn't be done, but when its vastly cheaper to just build the robots to do it...you do that instead.

  56. reg1m0n Z

    i think the thing that makes the Boston dynamics video so unreal looking is that a real physical object is moving around with the same inputted animations a 3D model would use. my eyes want so badly to see a humanoid figure that exists in reality move with hyper human motions like its a guy in a robot suit. but seeing that video is like watching a fortnite model dancing irl, my brain can't make sense of it.

  57. Athens_1 PSVR

    What if the area that the robots are coming in contact with are CG also? Wouldn’t that take care of the shadow issue?

  58. Edward Corke

    My artificial intelligence lecturer showed us Corridor's Bosstowm Dynamics video, smh

  59. craig mabbith

    Now make the spiderman wfh leak

  60. dion marrevee

    Please do life from 2017. It was amazing


    i would have loved to see peters full render

  62. Daveycrocker44

    The real scary thing is they dont show the current robots. How old are these?

  63. bri pertplus

    Center of mass, guys...

  64. KKMpullad

    9:11 that jump was lit 🔥

  65. Ross Botoulas

    Please do Van Hesling the movie the werewolf and vampire fight scene

  66. Antoine West

    Please do Beowulf the CGI in that movie was amazing

  67. Argal von Bregev

    Wasn't there some joke about the US government asking Stanley Kubrick to fake the Moon Landing and after careful consideration deciding that it would be cheaper to actually go to the moon than to fake it to such a level of perfection? Judging from your explanations, this feels kinda similar as in "it would technically be possible with CGI, but it would be easier as a practical effect" EDIT: To me, the reason the Boston Dynamics clip looks "off" is the motion or more precisely, I guess, the center of mass. It has the rough shape of a human, but the movement is totally wrong. One could probably fake that for motion capture with a heavy backpack, but I just looked it up and Atlas weighs about 90kg at 1,50m, and you just won't get a human with that size:weight ratio to move like that. Some of it looks like he is suspended and they edited out the support ropes coming from the ceiling but it all comes together if you consider how heavy that thing is and how far up and back the center of mass is compared to humans. Btw, what is that parkour inertia clip at 09:08 from? I'd love to see more of that, it just looks so wrong and confusing :D

  68. awmperry

    Another thing worth noting in the clip at 2:52 is that the human camera operators are visible reflected in the plexiglass wall - and the reflections can be easily compared to the reflections of the robots. Matching them that closely would have been a real pain to do in CG.

  69. Rashad Anabtawi

    Please do a vfx breakdown on ghost videos that are "caught on camera" and the kind of pre-production, production, and post production required for some of the more mainstream viral ghost videos

  70. LaMelon

    can you guys please react to sharknado? i honestly dont care which scene because they are all bad lmfao

  71. The Cowboy Magician

    When they were talking about the shadows you can also see the "toes" of the robot indent the foam pad as well, not clipping or anything. I imagine animating that dip in the pad is hard, given how much they freaked out over the stick in Justice League 😁

  72. Ankit Dubey

    He's such a gentleman looking guy who works ACTION movies and is VERY HILARIOUS.

  73. Corey M

    I am a time traveler and AI and Robots won't take over the world. They will only help us take over the universe and conquer reality. It's already beginning.

  74. Dhiar Syahputra

    come on man give Pigmie some love, no credits at 8:37 😠

  75. Gibran Reyes

    please react to shadow on the sky and tom and Jerry the movie

  76. vaska

    I used to love buying DVDs and couldn't wait till the movie was over to watch how it was made in the extras. I would do this same thing and guess how they did it while watching. Still do

  77. Mathias Monstrey

    We have a Spot here at my company, and the first time I saw it getting up, it was so uncanny. It felt like CGI even though I was standing right next to it in real life. So I get why people think this is CGI.

  78. Joe Duke

    The supposed 'humans' in this video... are the 'renders'.